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Pretty Pastel Pieces

Summertime is the perfect season for injecting a boost of colour into your wardrobe, and this also means your jewellery collection too! We love the sugary sweet blue, pink and yellow shades that seem to be everywhere at the minute, helping you pick out the perfect outfits for your summer holiday. Take a look at some of our favourite pieces in these shades including gorgeous Ti Sento jewellery.

Pretty in pink

Bright blue

Yes to yellow

Items in the images are available from Jewellery and All That, New Look, River Island and ASOS. 
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The French Fancies with killer style …

One of the worst things about fashion nowadays is that no one has a mind of their own, instead people turn to high street stores and wear what the retail industry is telling them is 'in' to wear.

It is the fashion icons from decades ago, whose children you need to be looking at, as these are the people who ooze class, sophistication and timeless style – which you can't buy from any typical shop – you are born with it.

An example of some of these iconic children are the off-spring of the sensational beauty and 60s icon, Jane Birkin. Two of her girls, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon, are the epitome of style with their French femininity and edgy rocker looks.
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As you may be aware, Birkin was the 'IT' model of the 60s, not only known for her beauty, modelling and acting career, but also for her choice of men, whom over time fathered her three girls.

First of all it was the James Bond Composer, John Barry, whom she had the talented photographer Kate Barry with – which ended in tragedy as she sadly died earlier this year.

Then there was the magnificent, French God of music and sex appeal, the mighty Serge Gainsborough whom she had Charlotte with, and then came along Lou whose father, Jacques Doillon was a very famous director.
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With all the beauty, talent and reputable statuses each of the parents shared in the celebrity world, it was no shock that Charlotte and Lou would end up following in similar iconic footsteps to their mother and fathers.

This is shown today, as the sisters are often featured in the fashion Bible, Vogue and modelling for top end designers such as Givenchy. Their whole lifestyle and look will make any fashion day dreamer want to move to the star's homeland of Paris and swoon ...
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Charlotte who was born in the UK, was brought up in France, and is therefore fluent in both French and English – meaning her acting and singing is adored in both countries.

The natural beauty is rarely seen wearing make-up and she always looks as though she has thrown things together, but in a way that always looks effortlessly chic, a look which not many women can pull off.

Her extremely petite frame is often covered in jeans, Converse or boots and tailored shirts and jackets, a look which she describes as "not very fancy", which of course is extremely admirable considering her wealth.
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Charlottes younger sister Lou has carried on her mothers remarkable beauty, and even sports the same hair style her mother was known for in her hey day.

Lou, like her family, hasn't escaped their lucky streak of having sensational style, and when she isn't strutting the catwalk or playing her music, she can be found roaming the streets of Paris in a nonchalant fashionable manner.

Her style is similar to her sisters, except she has more of an indie, boho vibe as she often wears quirky hats, over sized jackets and braces with her jeans.
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Both sisters, like many Parisians, stick to the same colour palettes, which often consists of navy, black, white and grey and these colours are the ones to opt for if you want to mimic a look like theirs.

Ultimately though, the greatest thing about Charlotte and Lou's style is because they don't flash their wealth in their clothing and they don't show off and flaunt their figures, they wear 'regular' clothing, but in a way that when they team it together, they are just that cool, they make everything look superb.
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If you're looking for a touch of the French fancies look, then look at the footwear on Elia B – simple, classic and chic, just like Charlotte and Lou.
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Summer Styling for the Curvy Lady

For all of those fabulous curvy ladies out there, plus size fashion retailer, Elvi, has graced us with a gorgeous summer collection to get your summer wardrobe off to a flying start. With an aim to help plus size women express their inner confidence, Elvi cater for ladies sized between 14 and 26.

The summer collection is infused with a sterling range of pretty pastels, flattering cuts and luxury detail. We've put together three chic outfits to inspire your new summer wardrobe.

Brunch with Friends
Tuck a classic cami into this lovely coral A-line skirt and complete your attire with a further pop of colour with this mustard handbag for the perfect brunch ensemble. We would suggest wearing a pair of block heel sandals to help extend your pins.

A Day at the Races
As one of the most popular trips of the summer, an outfit for ladies day at the race is a must. Elvi has a beautiful collection of plus size dresses for you to choose from. Ooze elegance and be right on trend in this lilac dress with a black lace trim. Finish the look with a black fascinator and black accessories.

Shopping Trip in the City
Achieve comfortable yet stylish attire for a shopping trip by opting for a pair of soft jeans and a cute pastel top – we love this floral lace one from Elvi! Keep your look classic with a neutral tote and a pair of casual pumps.

Monday, 07 July 2014 15:04

Spend Summer With Clarks Shoes

With summer already upon us, most of you will have already sorted your wardrobes for the season. But for those who have booked a late summer holiday, now is time to organise that suitcase and start choosing outfits for your trip.

Clarks, a name that has been synonymous with the shoe industry for a number of years now, has a fantastic selection of summer staples which every girl should be adding to her footwear collection. With sandals, heels, wedges and more available in their current seasonal range, you would be forgiven for wanting the whole lot in your suitcase this summer.

So, what are you planning on wearing on your holidays? Well if you are stuck for ideas, fear no more! We have picked out some holiday perfect outfits that will add style to anyone looks. Spending the summer stylish has never been more simple.
Sophisticated Day Wear

Need to look smart in the heat? Want to add some sophistication to your day wear? Then why not layer a blazer over a vest and denim shorts combo and add a pair of Clarks Gin Crush Leather Shoes to your ensemble.
Summer Nights

Every girl needs to pack an outfit for a night out in her suitcase and this look is ideal. A cami dress will keep you cool, while a simple solid bangle and a prim clutch will add evening glam. The Clarks Ornate Jewel Leather sandals make the perfect finishing touch.
Poolside Attire

If you are looking for a stylish yet casual look, a maxi skirt if the way to go. Add a Cropped vest and a bold necklace to make your look standout. A pair of Clarks Romantic Moon Nude Leather sandals will keep you comfortable and stylish too. 
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The Make-up Artist's magic tool

If you follow my work or any other make-up artist's work then it's no secret how much us make-up artists love our brushes. A make-up brush to a make-up artist is a magic tool. I'm always asked on make-up jobs why I have so many brushes and I can honestly say that every single brush I own has a purpose. Without the right brush you couldn't acheive a certain look that you may be trying to create. For instance, how would you acheive the perfect cat eye eyeliner trend with a pot of gel eyeliner with out the right brush? Even the most experienced famous make-up artist's in the world would find it difficult.

So today i'm going to give you some info on some amazing new brushes from one of my favourute brush brands that are now nicely sitting in my expanding brush collection waiting to be used.

Crown Brush are by far one of my favourite brush brands. I have so many of their brushes in my kit and they never fail to dissapoint me. They have been manufacturing brushes for over 20 years and the quality, price and customer satisfaction is second to none. They offer many different ranges ensuring that everyone can find their perfect brush.

One of my favourite ranges is The Infinity Range.

The brush hair is so soft and feels silky smooth on your skin. The hair is made of vegan soft synthetic bristles that are designed to create a flawless make-up application. The brushes are perfect for a make-up artist to create high definition work essential for camera work in film, TV and photography or perfect for anyone at home wanting to create a flawless perfect make-up look everyday.

Because the bristles are synthetic they don't soak up the product meaning that your product, whether it be foundation, blusher, eyeshadow, lipstick will last much longer than if you were to use a natural hair brush. Overall verdict = the perfect brush range!!
Infinity C453 £12.99 (angle blusher brush)
Infinity C450 £16.99 (Foundation brush)
Infinity C456 £5.99 (Pointed blender)
Infinity C460 £4.99 (Blending fluff brush)
Infinity C463 £2.99 (Angle liner)
Infinity C465 £2.99 (Silicone glitter applicator)
All brushes can be bought online from Crownbrush Uk
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Zara's Print-on-the-run Sale!

New print campaign #afroprintspirebyk will share my LOVE for Afrocentric prints. Feast your eyes on these ankara-inspired prints in #Zara's 2014 Summer sale! Sometimes it can be hard to match your African print with your day-to-day clothing. But when it's summer, there really are no rules to matching bright colours!

How would you rate each piece? Comment below!

Casual slouch print

Day time chic print
Play date print
Boyfriend vest print
Diamonds are said to be a girl's best friend, whether they are real or fake when placed on accessories. When it comes to these gems and jewellery, the combination provides the perfect pieces to add to your bridal look. It doesn't matter if you have plenty of cash to splash or are limiting yourself to a tighter budget, you can get gorgeous bridal jewellery at a range of costs that will all look stunning.

Some of our favourite pieces are silver, as they have a clean and elegant appearance that work well when paired with traditional white and cream bridal gowns. Below are some of our favourite pieces from UK based brand Jon Richard. The name has everything from pretty dainty pieces for a subtle style, to some stand out jewellery that will bring any dress to life.

Fab florals

Flowery pieces are a must have choice when getting married during the spring/summer seasons. They give a look a really feminine feel, especially these earrings with the mix of a pearl and crystals.
Glitz and glam

If you love to be centre of attention and have all eyes on you, adding some standout jewellery will tie your outfit together perfectly.
Pretty pearls

This more traditional looking piece of jewellery is very ladylike and has a regal feel to it. You will feel really classy wearing pearls, and you can find coloured styles now too if you wanted a modern twist.
Crown of jewels

Whether you have chosen to wear a veil or not for your big day, adding some pretty jewels in the form of a tiara, headband or slide will look gorgeous. You can tie them in with so many different hair styles; they really stand out when placed in an up do.
We love what Jordan Dunn is wearing as she joins the A list of celebrities attending the Topman show on the first day of London Collection: Mens.

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Summer Fragrances to die for

Summer is officially upon us and what better way to enjoy the sun feeling and smelling fresh of floral fragrance.

I love fragrance, in fact I'm obsessed my shelf contains over 30 different bottles and I'm forever stocking up on the latest smells. Whilst out shopping at the weekend I took the chance to go and check out the latest and newest smells for summer. Here are my top 5.

Jimmy Choo Exotic £44.00 60ml

The main ingredients in this fragrance are blackcurrant sorbet, pink grapefruit, tiger orchid and passion flower. The smell is very exotic and fruity. Simply divine and even more so comes in a beautiful coral and snakeskin print looking fab on that shelf.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight £44.50 50ml

I'm a massive fan of the Marc Jacobs fragrances and this one hasn't let me down. Bursts of quince flowers and Iris with crisp red apple makes this fragrance smell delicious.

Juicy Couture Malibu £34.00 40ml

Get the glamour of Los Angeles with this fresh jasmine and pink passion fruit fragrance making you feel fresh.

Escada Born in Paradise £35.00 50ml

A beautiful exotic refreshed fruit fragrance made form delicious cocktail ingredients of pineapple, watermelon and guava to refresh.

Marc Jacobs Daisy £52.00 75ml

The Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So fresh is a lush fruity, floral fragrance that gives a twist to the original daisy by adding a rush of blood orange flourished with exotic tiare.
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Mercedes Benz StyleWeek Jamaica 2014

Mercedes Benz StyleWeek Jamaica is one of the premier fashion shows in Jamaica created by the model agency Saint International. Dweight Peters, CEO of Saint International in recognition of the sleek and slender build of Jamaican models built a platform that alerted the world's modeling agencies around the world of the talent held in Jamaica and showcased them with designers at Mercedes Benz StyleWeek Jamaica.
CEO Dweight Peters, Designer Kevin O'Brian and Business Development Manager Sloane Jackson

Saint International are proud of their many models located around the world and are featured at most of the Fashion Weeks held in Paris, London, Milan, New York just to name a few.

StyleWeek has been the platform for breaking new models and designers to give them the chance to show their talent to a multitude of fashion ambassadors from Model Agencies to Buyers and the general public.

iDeLick Media began their coverage of Mercedes Benz StyleWeek at there first event called Glam, Glits n Style:
International Super Model – Sosheba Griffiths (Cousin of Trevor Fogah Griffiths) Wearing Donovan DePass

Design by Donovan Depass worn by Muse Model Agency NY and a former Elite Model Agency, Shena Moulton

Day two of StyleWeek took us over to two venues to view and enjoy cocktails and entertainment which included breaking plates at Opa Restaurant on Old Hope Road, Kingston Jamaica. Yet, day three of took us to the ball of Mercedes Benz SyleWeek Jamaica where everyone dressed in white and enjoy bevarages from well known manufactures at an event called International Mecca of Style.
Designer: Neahlis

Designer: Donovan DePass
Avent Garde Designer: Kevin O'Brian from Paris

Mercedes Benz StyleWeek Jamaica 2014 concluded out in the streets of New Kingston Jamaica. It was conceived to involve the public in an event called FashionBlock with the longest runway known in the Caribbean that is 150 feet long.
Neahlis with International Hairstylist Desmond Murray
The Runway
New Saint International Male Models
Designs by Kevin O'Brian, Avent Garde Designer