Lady Gaga has been named the new face of Versace for the Spring 2014 campaign!

Saturday, 23 November 2013 16:29

Special treats For Her and for Him From Reiss

Is there anyone special that you want to treat this weekend? Or maybe it's time for you to treat yourself – it's totally up to you!

This Sunday, 24th November, Reiss is launching the gift card promotion for when you spend £250 online you get a free gift card, worth up to £50 to spend in one of Reiss stores across the UK. This offer will be available until 1st December – so grab it while you can!

But if you miss this great opportunity, you can now purchase Reiss Gift Cards by going to the website, there's always a way for you to show someone how much you care about them whatever your budget is with Reiss!

Also check out their Gift Guides for Her & for Him at Reiss.
Written Boonya Rodpunyar
Determined not to be known simply as "Beyoncé's little sister" Solange Knowles' has worn a number of hats such as fashionista, fashion designer, dancer, song writer and mother through various creative projects. I was far from surprised to hear that she has recently donned a new hat Art director and creative consultant for Puma.

It is in my new role that I am able to express my love for not only design but the conception of creative ideas, and the execution of them by curating amazingly talented teams. I've had so much fun producing special content, ad campaigns, events, and working alongside the awesome Puma team with some of my favourite emerging artist, photographers, graphic designers etc. to create activations that really celebrates both mine and Pumas approach and philosophies."

Solange's first project will be pairing artists such as like Gerlan Jeans, William Okpo, and Hisham Bharoocha of Soft Circle-- to interpret the Puma Disc shoe into their own individual styles.

The arrange could be out in February and I can't wait to see what they come up with.

Saturday, 16 November 2013 10:10

Tom Fords Guide on How to Make It in Fashion

Fashion Fund keynote speaker Tom Ford speaks about how to survive in the industry. 

Photo: Tevor Fogah Griffiths

1. "Never sell a controlling interest in your name. Ever. A few million dollars now will seem like a lot to you. But one day, when you're the success that you know you can be, you'll regret this. Unfortunately, there are far too many examples of this very sad tale."

2. "If you're designing your own label, then know yourself. When you become well-known as a designer, you give the world your taste. You sell your taste — it's no longer yours. You can only do this once. The DNA of your brand will become all your likes and dislikes. Once you hit the right chord, you'll then be typecast and often pegged into a certain slot. No matter what I do, I'm always pegged as the sexy designer who loves black. Miuccia [Prada] is the intelligent designer. Yves [Saint Laurent] was the delicate, suffering designer. And so on. So my point is, know what you want to say."

3. "Know your ideal client — the dream person you design for, your fantasy muse, so to speak. This will give your collection a point of view and a focus. Then know your real client, because he or she may be completely different than what you aspire to. Or your may not want to know them because in some cases when you meet your real clients they may actually scare the hell out of you. But on occasion, you will meet one that even exceeds your highest expectations and you'll be so proud."

4. "Decide for you if fashion is an art or an artistic business. This will affect how you set up your company. Some designers are true artists. Alexander McQueen, for me, was an absolute artist. Some are commercial designers who consider what they do artistic but not necessarily art. I would put myself into that category. Filmmaking for me was something that I attempted to do for art's sake."

5. "Choose your team carefully. So much of your success is due to the people who you surround yourself with. Your friends, your family, and the people that you work with — they all play an important role in inspiring you and supporting you and giving you stability. These are the people in your life who will be honest with you."

6. "If your brand is to have a strong identity, it must come from you and not from a committee. If you're ever in talks with a potential investor of financial backer and they bring in their wife's blouse to show you for inspiration, run. If a potential investor has a wife or daughter who just loves fashion and can't wait to come in and talk to you about the collection, run. If your president or CEO thinks they know the difference between a dark burgundy and an aubergine, fire them. Don't ever let yourself be swayed in terms of what you design by the outside. I don't mean that you shouldn't listen to the advice and thoughts of others because you should, but in the end it's you, and you alone, who must decide what path to forge."

7. "Have a five-year plan, a 10-year plan, even a 20-year plan. And possibly an exit strategy. You can always change that, but start with a vision. Where do you want to be, how big do you want to be, what context are you planning on designing in? I've personally always liked the idea of global domination. I never understood anyone who thought, "You know, I'm going to work really, really hard and I'm gonna be second best!"

8. "Think globally. And spend as much time outside the United States as possible. I'm an American and I'm very proud of being an American, but everything in the world today is global, and America can tend to be very inward-looking. I'm not sure I would have been as successful as a designer had I not left America. I had to leave my own culture in order to find my own design aesthetic."

9. "Remember that our customers do not need our clothes. They don't need another pair of shoes or a new jacket. We have to create that need by creating desire. I have at times in my life had a real problem with this, with the materialism and consumerism that is fashion. Part of me wants to rebel against this and move to the desert and live in a simple adobe hut and become a monk. The other part of me wants to enjoy the beauty of the way that a piece of silk velvet catches the light and takes color. Finally, I realized we live in a material world. We're material creatures. We are sensorial, we feel, and we touch. We're fortunate to live in the Western world where we do have luxury. And fashion is part of experiencing that material time that we have on earth. It really does add beauty and quality to our lives."

10. "Try to remain positive. I struggle with this one too. When our job is to constantly scrutinize things for what's wrong with them and to correct them and to remake them into our vision, it's easy to see the glass as half-empty. Think about it: All day long we say, "No, no, no—it's wrong!" It kind of a negative process. Our brain becomes critical. We have to always try to see the glass as half-full."

11. "Believe in what you do. If you don't believe in it, no one will. If you love something while you're designing it and you're excited, you can actually endow that psychical piece — whether it's a handbag or a shoe or a dress — with that feeling. So when a consumer is flicking through a rack of clothes, they'll stop. It will actually transmit your excitement to them."

12. "Find a great business partner and don't let them go. This is absolutely key. You'll need someone who believes in you completely and respects your judgment and vision. I'm lucky to have this in Domenico De Sole. These relationships do not come easy, they're marriages, really. I trust Domenico with my life, and I believe he feels the same. We love each other as if we were family."

13. "Be thankful to all those who help you on the way up. You won't get there without them. Cherish them, and don't forget them."

14. "Remember that we all have it in our power to simply say, 'Fuck it, I'm going to bed.' And somehow, the next morning, everything seems a lot better. This was my father's secret to staying calm and making it through anything that life threw at him, and it's given me a lot of strength over the years."
Tuesday, 12 November 2013 09:58

Cheeep for a Week

The Fragrance Shop are now in their Early Bird promotion, with up to 50% off selected lines – and as part of Early Bird, every week they will have a selection of products that are 'Cheeep for a Week!'

This week's Cheeep for a Week products below – offers end Sunday!

Hugo Boss
Boss Bottled Night
200ml EDT (huge bottle!)
Save £34


Dolce & Gabbana
The One Desire
Gift Set includes 50ml EDP & 100ml Body Lotion
Save £14


Red Delicious
100ml EDP
Save £37


100ml EDP
Save £39


The main Early Bird promotion runs from now until Sunday 1st December, and during that time they will have new Cheeep for a Weeek offers every Monday – Sunday.

Happy Christmas Shopping everyone!
Tuesday, 05 November 2013 17:26

Classic Bridal Look

Key words for a classic bridal look are "subtle" and "pretty"; an enhncement of the natural you.

These were my thoughts when designing the look for the Mahogany Bridal show.

My palette for the eyes were browns, bronzes and a hint of gold. Neutral tones which flatter any eye colour, with a touch of sparkle for that glamourous finish. The skin I kept fresh and dewy, this is easily achieved by adding a highlighter. I used "Strobe" by MAC under the foundation and then "Erase Paste" by Benefit under the eyes. A cheek tint or creme blush will add a natural flush to the cheeks, without being too dramatic. To finish the look I used a nude lipstick with a touch of clear gloss.

A couple of my favourites are "Cream Cup" and "Blankety" by MAC.

My advise for any bride to be is, keep it simple. You don't need a multitude of products and colours to look beautiful.

bridal_make_up_1a bridal_make_up_2a
Written by Rebecca-Fleur - Makeup Artist
Monday, 04 November 2013 22:08

Trending with leggings

We've become more and more fascinated with leggings than every before. More so 'treggings', but I'm really not so fussy about terms, especially when they only seem to keep evolving by one or two letters each time. But for the curious, treggings, in my opinion and in the most simple way, give a trouser fit but a leggings' feel. Its great really, no longer do we have to walk around with leggings that do nothing for the shape; the 'treggings' evolution now allows us to portray a slim, figure-hugging posture in the most flattering way.

But I'll keep it simple; we are loving the figure-flattering leggings! The patterns of what seems like a re-vamped wardrobe piece has been sculptured to fit unto the human body, in just the right places. And while we love to keep up with what's hot in fashion, its not always easy to find the right outfit for our leggings. Here are a few ways to keep recycling our fashion-favourite while looking chic and stylish every time!

Ofcourse, there are a lot more ways to wear your leggings (or skinnys), but I find these four ways to be pretty distinct and easy to create. So whether you are going for a smart/casual look for a semi-formal function (1), wanting the comfy, casual, yet chic look (2), up for a snazzy 'ready-to-hit-the-town' look (3), or just the retro girl on the block (4), its leggings all-day, every-day!
How would you style your leggings for a 5-day week?
Wednesday, 02 October 2013 00:00

Girl Meets Dress

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could wear a different designer dress for every special event in your calendar?

Girl Meets Dress allows you to hire designer dresses at a fraction of their retail price. They can lend you over 4,000 designer pieces from over 150 designer brands. They will deliver the dress to you – at your home, at your office, wherever you want it – and all you have to do is have fun in it and send it back to them when you're done.

It's like they're your new best friend with the massive designer wardrobe who is cool enough to let you borrow whatever you want!
  • Over 4,000 different designer dresses
  • Over 150 worldwide designer brands: Herve Leger / Marc Jacobs / Halston Heritage...
  • Try on 3 ahead of your event and pay for the one you choose to wear
  •  Next day delivery anywhere in the UK 
  • Same day delivery in London
  • They provide postage labels for when you return the dress
  • Prices from £29 for 2 night
...and they even take care of the dry cleaning!
Wednesday, 25 September 2013 00:05

Fashion Finest SS14 LFW highlights

It's been over a week since LFW took place in The Grand Connaught Rooms showcasing various S/S14 collections by amazing designers. If you were not there, I'll give you a quick round up of some of the collections.
Amis Designs

From trash the wedding dress to royal halo, Amis Designs introduced class in silk, frills and jewelled accessories to gothic with the use of lace and maroon colour (centre picture). Some of the designs were full body lace leotards with a vertebrae design at the back. I saw each design to be creatively edgy with an elegant twist.
Cassandra Amore

Each style spoke for itself, Cassandra Amore collection showcased bodycon style dresses, embellished with beaded rope embroidery. I noticed some of the outfits were styled with decorated corsets, showing off the feminine figure.
De Leon by Ricardo Ramos

A touch of ancient tradition and body painting art were visible in De Leon by Ricardo Ramos, with added Tribalistic patterns and fine leather. His collection is impressive, eye-catching , bold and suitable for everyday wear.
Debby African Stitches

Vibrant colours, fine details and patterns, Debby African Stitches brought the African style with use of richly printed fabrics. The collection showed an array of colours that's stood out brightly with a classic twist.
House of Caramel Jones

The womanly allure: from bright white to the palest petal pinks, the House of Caramel Jones drenched their collection in a flattering way with pretty colours. From head to toe the models gave off a warm vibe.
Kitty Ferreira

Bloom beautifully in floral prints. This line introduced elegant tailoring in blissful colours. Kitty Ferreira used ethical sustainable upside fabrics and eco hand dye to create such fascinating prints.
Ocansey Bianchi

Unlike the colourful dresses that were seen on the catwalk, Ocansey Bianchi brought the versatility in denim back with the use of zips and different denim shades. Futuristic double denim in style, suitable for any shape and any taste.

That was a quick run through of some of the collections on show. Would you wear any of the collections above? Were you at the show? I'd love to know your thoughts.

Photographs Michael Mba

Written by Blessing Aladetoun
Tuesday, 24 September 2013 23:34

My London Fashion Week Experience

On the 13th September, I and the other members of Fashions Finest team had the opportunity to work for Matthew O'Brien on his street walk show, which impressed a lot of the public as well as all the press at Somerset House. It was an eventful day, even though the weather could have been brighter. As we arrived back to where we have set off (KMS Salon), I was lucky to be given an invitation to see Bernard Chandran's show at Fashion Scout, where I was also given the chance to backstage privileges. I remember how hectic and busy it was with members of the public queuing outside in the rain, looking well presented and fancy whilst I walked in looking casual and being more pressured due to not feeling as welcome compared to others. As I had fifteen minutes before the show starts, I decided to take a quick visit to see what Fashion Scout's backstage was like. It was madness. All I had in my head was 'I want to leave', because I have never felt so confused in my life. I didn't know that answering a direct question like 'where do I have to go to be seated for Bernard Chandran's show?' would be so difficult. I had people (rudely) giving me directions by pointing their fingers at random places, and the worst thing was they were just standing around doing nothing - clearly can't be that busy to help someone out! There were other fashion journalists and photographers sat on the floor at backstage too, so I made a friendly approach asking if they were having a good time. Surprisingly, they replied with 'No, we are so bored! We've been doing this for the last three years, and it's not even exciting anymore!' It's interesting to know that not everyone enjoys their job isn't it!

It turned out that the 'main entrance' was round the other side of the building, which required going back outside in the rain and turning up late to the show. At that moment it felt like they expect you to know everything, including the venue and the area. Of course, London is a multi-cultured city so this would not make a good impression if they had someone very important turning up at the event from overseas.

Bernard Chandran's show though was really impressive. The entire collection involves a lot of metallic, holographic, sparkles and grid print. I thought it was clever how Chandran has used grid print and hologram to express the changes of colour on fabric, which was really attractive to look at. I liked how each outfit has their own colour scheme, where he uses colour that clashes together nicely for top and bottom half (for example green with orange, red with blue) and accessories such as shoes and head-gear that matches with one of the colour.

A quick preview of the exhibition area before going upstairs where the fashion shows were held
Written Boonya Rodpunyar