On Sunday I worked on a photo shoot with a photographer I have worked with many times before in Nottingham and a model I had been in contact with for a while over Facebook but had not yet met. As always I planned the hair and make-up looks I wanted to create before arriving at the studio in Nottingham by assessing the models features, skin colouring and hair through images only. I decided to use Mehron Make-up apart from the odd product here and there as I had had such fabulous results the weekend before using the brand at 'Renaissance' where Mehron had been the make-up sponsor. The make-up was provided by Treasure House of Make-up based in Stockport.

For this particular look on my photo shoot on Sunday I decided I wanted to create a classy, sultry beauty look on a red head. I had to make sure the products were right as my model was very fair skinned and anything too dramatic would be too much. I have to admit, that once again Mehron didn't let me down.

After skin prep I began by using 'Mehron's Velvet Finish Primer Serum'. I had previously tested this on my skin and my gosh my skin had never felt so silky smooth. This product is exactly what it says in the title a 'Velvet Serum'. It feels very much like a hair serum, and we all know how amazing hair serum is! It's a rich serum product that glides onto skin very easily leaving the skin looking matte, along with all the benefits of hydrating and protecting the skin and decreasing the appearance of fine lines and working as a primer I can promise you your skin will never feel so good. Being a make-up artist I have tried a lot of primers and I can honestly say from the heart this is the BEST I have ever used. This primer is perfect for dry skin but also perfect for oily as it absorbs oil. I recommend EVERYONE to go out and buy this product, whether you're a make-up artist or someone wanting to use an amazing product at home. This is more than a 10/10 is a 100/10 product. My professional kit and home care routine for myself will never be without this product again. £18.28

I created the base on my model using the 'Mehron Celebre HD Foundation' as spoke about on last week's blog only this time I set with 'Mehron Celebre Pressed Powder'. I absolutely loved the finish of this powder. It is so good at absorbing oil that I didn't have to top up my model's face once throughout the whole shoot from the many hot lights beaming down on her. The finish on her skin felt almost satin and gave an even finish all over. Perfect colour match and so easy to apply. I used a powder brush and swept over her skin giving perfect results. £11.88

I am a massive fan of cream blusher for many reasons. Personally I feel cream products on photo shoots under lights and flashes look better. They set better; they look better and apply better. The 'Mehron cheek cream palette' did not disappoint me. It contains 8 beautiful varied colour tones from warm, cool and rosy hues. I personally use a contour stipple brush (duo fibre) to apply cream blusher. By using this brush little colour is picked up and goes onto the models skin in small dots like an airbrush effect. I then use a clean stipple brush to blend and work that cream into the models skin. The Mehron palette gave incredible results. The product is a rich cream with a strong pigment and only one application of cream on your stipple brush is needed. This palette will last for so long because of the high pigment in the product. The colours will compliment every skin tone. On my model Rosa I used shade Bronze. £36.56

For my model's eye make-up I used an NYX Jumbo pencil in shade bronze and Mac scatter pigments over the top to give a slight glitter pigment affect. I finished off by using 'Mehron' mascara in black. It performed superb. My model's eyelashes were enhanced with no clumps and I think you will agree that those lashes look long! £7.31

To finish off the look I used 'Mehron Lip Night palette' it contains 8 rich colours that come in the form of a lip cream. The Mehron lip creams are an excellent product to apply colour to dry lips as the cream contains a conditioning formula to keep them smooth and supple. The product was so easy to apply and looked incredible. Throughout the shoot I did not need to top up the lips as the staying power of this product was strong. Mehron also do a 'day palette' again 8 different shades. These 2 palettes combined are all you need to have a variety of extreme fashion lip trends. On my model I used 'Oh Chocolate' from the night palette. £36.56

All of this make-up used on my look and the full Mehron professional make-up range can be bought from Treasure House of Make-up in Stockport. You can also order online at Treasure House of Make-up any questions feel free to comment and I shall get back to you.
Photographer: Rubicon Photography
Model: Rosa Dela
Make-up and Hair: Victoria Davies
Make-up: Mehron, NYX and Mac 
Thursday, 24 April 2014 17:31

Rooftop Shoot In Nottingham

A creative team joined forces for a shoot organised and co-ordinated by Fashions Finest on 20 April in Nottingham in collaboration with local designer Callecia J Brown and models Charlie Brook and Lily Hannah Appleton-Goldstraw. The location was the rooftop and courtyard of the Chaucer Street studio where the designer works.

Skin was prepped by using simple cleansers, toners, moisturiser. Lush lip scrubs and lip balms. Illamasqua hydra veil primer.

Make-up provided by our Renaissance make-up sponsors Mehron UK
Photograph Mikey San
Photograph Mikey San
Photograph Mikey San
Photograph Mikey San
Photograph Mikey San
Photograph Mikey San
Photograph Mikey San
Photograph Dayo Awe
Photograph Dayo Awe
Photograph Dayo Awe
Photograph Dayo Awe

Photography & art directors: Dayo Awe amd Mikey San
Assistant: Ava Rose
Models: Charlie Brook and Lily Hannah Appleton-Goldstraw
Designer: Callecia J Brown
MUA: Victoria Davies Mua
Asst MUA: Beth Sisson and Justine Vector Marshall 
Monday, 24 February 2014 18:27

Britain's Top Designer Winner

Congratulations to Zeeno Dee winner of the fist ever Britains Top Designer Season 2.

Britain's Top Designer is a cutting edge fashion designer competition which takes place during London Fashion Week that aims to find the best emerging designer in the UK.

Designer who took part were:
Sophia Dourvari
Simonetta Sabo
Cassandra Amore
Milina Imrichova
Monday, 31 March 2014 09:42

Lady’s Day

Ladies day; dating as far back as the 18th Century. We ladies must put in more effort than usual down at the races. The majority of us are aware of the grand fashion weeks in the world's most famous cities but aside from that; the elite have their own fashion show. It is as much about style as it is horse racing.

The Royal family are particularly well known for making a conscious style effort on these occasions. Some may choose a certified co-ordinating suit whilst others may slide more towards the classic 'lady-like knee-length dress'. However, one thing is for sure, hats are the ultimate style statement: the more ostentatious the better.

Besides the hats, one mustn't reveal too much skin, reservation is glorified and ladies, sensible footwear please. It is going to be a long day and sinking into the grass, getting caught tripping up and bruises are not allowed in 'Lady-dom'. To co-inside with this, there will be champagne and other alcoholic beverages available throughout the day and it is most advised that pace is key. This brings us into another matter or long, white dresses. No no no no no. Mud is an awful enemy of fashion and to be standing around all day trying to impose a 'Gone with the Wind' look is definitely off the cards. Or off the bets if you like.


Alongside fashion a pretty face is nothing without a brain. Know your horses! Do not turn up to a race without knowing what is actually racing. Whilst you are checking your ticket, check for dress codes! Fashion faux pas is intolerable.

Good luck!

written by Savannah Liu
Celebrities today have certainly become people to watch not only for their careers, but also for their fashion and lifestyle choices.

We certainly see them as trendsetters and one cannot deny that they definitely have a major impact on what we wear on a daily basis. Even if you don't like reading celebrity gossip and like to consider yourself superior to all this "stuff", you won't be very happy to hear that you will most likely own in your wardrobe at least one item that was originally brought to the masses by a singer or actress!

And their fashion influence does not only extend to us grown-ups, but it also includes their kids! What have Sarah Jessica Parker's daughters worn on their first day of school? What do Brangelina's children wear to appear on TV? I am sure these are questions that have crossed the mind of any new mum or mum-to-be.

At this time of the year all we are thinking about is Spring fashion for ourselves, but, not less importantly, what our little ones will be wearing too!

If you like to follow fashion also for your kids and need some inspiration, here are some trends that are emerging from Hollywood's darlings!

Colourful Leggings

Alyson Hannigan and husband Alexis Denisof with kids. Image via: allthingsgossip.com

Luna Leggings are quickly becoming the go-to tights company for the children of the A-Listers. The children of Sarah Jessica Parker, Alyson Hannigan and many others have been seen wearing these tights and, well, it's easy to understand why! Their bold patterns and very vivid colours make them not only trendy, but fun to wear and appealing to the kids.

Unfortunately, they come with a chunky price tag attached to them and if you find them a bit too expensive for your pockets right now, you will be happy to know that there are better ways! Debenhams offers a brilliant range of leggings that replicate the fun mood and style of the much adored Luna leggings. And the best thing is that the prices start from only £6! Shop with vouchers, if you want to get more for your money.
Floral Dresses

Gabriel Aubry and Alyson Hannigan with their daughters. Image via celebritybabies.people.com

You can never go wrong with florals in spring. A dress completely covered by flowers has a certain appeal for all ages but especially for little girls. This particular dress that you see in the picture worn by 2 different celebrity kids is the Ditsy Floral Dress by Splending Littles and it costs $64. You can find a great selection of the cutest floral dresses for kids also at Debenhams for a much more affordable price.

Pastel Colours

David Beckham with daughter. Image via uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com

Pastels are not only a huge spring trend for us mums, but they also run high in the list for our daughters! And guess which is the pastel shade that celebrity kids are preferring right now!? Pink, of course!

I don't know what it is with girls and the colour pink, but there seems to be a fatal attraction that starts from very young and carries on all through the teenage years. It is an attraction that has reached the celebs too, who simply love to buy pink pieces of clothing for their little ones.

Any pastel colour will do the trick and make your daughter look really trendy and girly this spring.
The Marks and Spencer spring/summer 2014 campaign, staring the following celebrities, singers and models  Emma Thompson, Annie Lennox, Rita Ora, Alek Wek, Doreen Lawrence, Lulu Kennedy, Rachel Khoo and Roma Agrawal.
Shot by Annie Leibovitz
Sunday, 23 March 2014 09:56

The perfect Skin you deserve

As a Make-up Artist you see and work with so many types of skin. It is essential to understand skin and be able to manage and control each skin type. As well as my make-up background I also trained in Beauty Therapy, which for me has really helped me to understand skin to a higher level and more fully. I am pleased to bring you this blog post based on my knowledge and experience working within the beauty and make-up industry along with the high training I have received.

Your skin is a blank canvas that you work on and if you look after it well, then your make-up will look better and last longer, the ageing process will be slower and your skin will look and feel better.

So how do we do that??

The first thing I recommend anyone to learn about skin is the difference between 'skin type' and 'skin condition'Skin Type' is what you're born with, 'Skin Condition' is something that can happen at any time.

For example;

Skin Types are; Oily, Normal, Dry and Combination

Skin Conditions are; Dehydrated, Mature, Sensitive and Seborrhoeic.

So, next time you're looking at the latest skin care products in Boots remember that cleansers, toners and moisturisers are made for 'skin types' and skin serums are made for treating 'skin conditions'.

I could write pages and pages of tips and information as being in the make-up industry I am in love with anything beauty related, but to make things easier and to keep these tips fresh in your mind I'm going to break things down into 10 steps.

Always begin your skin care routine with a cleanser. A cleanser will remove make-up, dirt and pollutions trapped in your skin, oil and dead skin cells cleaning and refreshing your skin. A mild cleanser may also be used on the eyes to remove eye make-up. Or facial wipes such as Simple work the same way.

A toner removes any last traces of dirt or make-up that the cleanser may have missed. It also makes pores less visible and prepares the skin for the next step.

Always choose your moisturiser to your correct 'skin type'. For 'Dry' skin always choose a moisturiser that is rich and creamy. For 'Oily' skin choose a light-hydrating formula that is designed to help close the pores and reduce the appearance of oil. Remember, even if your skin is oily, never think by applying a moisturiser you are making the skin greasier. A moisturiser has a purpose, no matter what the skin type.

As we grow older we develop fine lines and wrinkles. By adding an eye cream to our daily routine we can help slow the ageing process down. Always choose a firming treatment. These are packed with vitamins and silicone and work in the same sense as a primer by smoothing out the wrinkles as well as moisturising for a better appearance. Bring them into your daily skin care routine by using morning and night.

Serums are similar to moisturisers, but are designed to give a boost and work on 'Skin Conditions'. They treat dehydration, redness, discolouration, fine lines, breakouts on oily skin and much more. They contain ingredients that absorb into the skin more deeply to correct a problem, whether that be short or long term. You apply them before a moisturiser by massaging a small drop into the problem area morning and night.

The skin is constantly generating new skin cells which are sent to the surface of the skin. These cells build up and if not removed you're left with a dry, dull and rough looking skin appearance. By using an exfoliator you are removing the older skin cells making the skin look fresher as well as allowing the beauty serums previously mentioned to penetrate easier and deeper into the skin. However, never over exfoliate as by doing so you will cause the skin to dry out. I recommend 2-3 times a week as part of your skin care routine.

All of us at some point in our lives will suffer from dry, flaky, chapped lips. We can avoid this by using a lip exfloliant/scrub and lip balm. Simply apply a specialised lip scrub and scrub the product into the lips with a toothbrush. Remove and apply balm. Once a week is all that's needed, done too often will cause breakouts and remember lips are sensitive. Balm can be applied daily throughout the day.

A face mask can make a difference between good skin and great skin! Like all products, there is different ones and types for different skin types. They work by penetrating the vitamins deep into the skin, cleaning, exfoliating and removing the build-up of sluggish cells. Used alongside the other facial products they will help keep the skin clear and pores closed and unclogged.

A primer is a product used before you apply foundation. They are nearly all silicone based and help to fill in lines, plump the skin giving a more youthful look and help control shine and smooth over pores. Again there are different types for different skin types. For 'Dry' skin use a hydrating primer and for 'Oily' skin you need a mattifying primer. By using a primer you are helping the foundation last longer and settle better on the skin giving a more flawless look. As a make-up artist I never begin to create a look before using a primer on the skin.

We all know that by drinking water you are keeping your body healthy. But water also helps keep your skin radiant as well as helping make wrinkles less visible and hydrating the skin keeping your skin smooth.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog, please come back next week where I shall give you my favourite products with tips and how to use them in line with today's blog.

In the meantime if you have any questions or would like any advice, please send me a message below...
Thursday, 20 March 2014 20:54

The FF LFW Bus & After Party

Check out our guest having fun on the party bus and at Buddha Bar & Restauraunt Kensinton.

Photos: Holly Louise Thomas and Trevor Griffiths iDeLick Media
Combining technology with fashion has been the latest movement in technology and it seems that wearable tech is here to stay. Despite the common prejudice that wearable tech will only appeal to 'geeks', there are some available tech pieces that many women would wear as a part of their outfit.

However if technology and fashion combine, how will technology keep up with the ever-changing trends that the fashion industry dish out throughout the year? With iPhones updating their phones up to twice a year with the additional release of each model, it may be too difficult a task to constantly embed technology with the 'must-haves' of the season. Forbes.com look further into the debate of technology fusing with fashion whilst giving some fashion tips too.

Nicole Sherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls hit the headlines recently with her 'Twitter Dress' which was made up of 2,000 LED lights that flashed incoming tweets. Is this the start of a wearable tech craze in the fashion industry? Quite possibly as wearable tech clothing and even accessories lit up the catwalks this season.

Image from telegraph.co.uk

Phone companies seem to be missing out by not partnering with the big upmarket fashion brands as the women fashion industry are always open to new trends and with the influence of the catwalks and celebrities such as Nicole Scherzinger sporting wearable tech, it won't be long before everyone will want a piece of wearable clothing. To date the majority of partnerships have been fitness focussed with Oakley and Nike partnering with the wearable tech firms. Here are some examples of some wearable tech pieces that have become increasingly popular within the fashion industry.

MEMI Bracelets

Image from fastcompany.com

These fun bracelets from MEMI alert their users to incoming calls and text warrants. The bracelet can either flash or vibrate in order to get the attention of the owner. These bracelets will be popular amongst women because they look sleek, modern and they act as a regular bracelet so nobody will even notice the difference. See more examples of wearable tech that will appeal to women on fastcompany.com.

Google Glass

Image from seroundtable.com

These rather modern looking glasses present visual information on the lens in front of the wearer's eyes. They have become particularly popular amongst football fans and are thought to be a great way in which referees can make sure they don't misjudge a match as they can watch it in front of them as if they were viewing the match from home.


Image from phones4u.co.uk

These handy wrist accessories focus on your health and fitness as they are able to track both your movements and activity. By linking your smartband to your smartphone, you are given detailed information on your exercise management.
Fashions Finest is a leading fashion and entertainment lifestyle magazine and multi award winning Fashion event company who are renowned for discovering new talent and providing a platform where designers that may not normally be able to participate in London Fashion Week can showcase their collections.

Filmed and edited by Nuna Sandy