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Haute Couture Week Highlights

Some may say couture is a thing of the past with no place in today's fast moving and versatile fashion. Yet this seasons spring/summer 2015 Haute Couture shows proved how breathtakingly beautiful this old custom truly is.

giambattista vali couture spring2015 runway 431

Haute Couture, generally translating to 'high fashion' in English, shows the skills and craftsmanship of seamstresses and tailors as they show off their most exquisite creations on the catwalk. The week started with Atelier Versace and a show pumped full of Italian glamour and daringly sexy cut-out dresses in electric blue and bright red. And with Kate Hudson and her mother Goldie Hawn sitting front row, this was a collection fit for the stars. Christian Dior and Giambattista Valli followed with jaw dropping collections full of sweeping dresses and puff ball skirts. Raf Simmons at Dior focused on the 1950's silhouette and the famous 'New Look' created in 1947, with cinched in waists and calf skimming dresses showing off the ankle. While Giambattista Valli stayed true to the perception of couture, complete with floral decorations, feathered coats in pastel green and pink as well as dramatic headpieces which covered the eyes. Chanel also opted for embellished beanie hats and netting masks for their show on Tuesday in what proved to be stunning show.
Kendall Jenner made another catwalk appearance for Karl Lagerfeld who opted for a spring garden as his opulent couture setting. There were even male models hired just to pretend to water the huge flowers dotted around the centre of the runway!

versace hc rs15 2878

British brand Ralph and Russo gave us one of the most beautiful shows of couture week. There were dresses dripping in precious jewels, appliquéd skirts with an astonishing amount of detail and pretty neutral colours which only reminded us of the spring to come. Elie Saab was another great highlight of the week, and as always presented the fashion pack with a collection of stunning ball gowns fit for the red carpet. With sweeping trains and a fantastic wedding dress to close the show, Elie Saab delivered everything couture should be; classy and elegant. At Jean Paul Gaultier, who last year announced that he would no longer be showing ready-to-wear womenswear, Naomi Campbell closed the show in a tiny leotard. The collection was fun and humorous, adding a lighter touch to proceedings but there was lots of equally impressive pieces including a beautifully tailored dress half made out of a mans' tuxedo and the other half a pretty ballerina skirt.

Armani Prive was another collection which captured imaginations. With an exotic, Japanese theme running throughout, tailored dinner jackets were paired with silk cigarette trousers, perfect for the jet set lifestyle Giorgio Armani loves. Valentino too was pure and angelic, with high necklines and romantic empire dresses covered in Aztec style prints. There was a 'folky' look to the show, especially the billowing silk shirts underneath cute a-line dresses. Overall, this couture week brought high fashion to life in only the most spectacular way – with lots of jewels, sequins and glamour!

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Written by Fashions Finest blogger Hannah Last
Tuesday, 06 January 2015 11:05

The Keys to Dressing Well At Work

Men have it easy when it comes to dressing nicely for work. A suit and a tie, some shined shoes—simple as that!

What about women? Dress codes can seem so confining to our individuality and fashionable tendencies. No need to imagine a terribly uncomfortable suit dress or poorly fitting slacks. There are other options; it just takes some effort to search in the right places.

Skirts are easy—you can find plenty of work-appropriate skirts in just about any store. Stick to longer lengths to avoid accidentally breaking the dress code.

Dresses are the same thing. You can find them all over the place. They're classic, comfy and great for an early morning when you can't convince yourself to get out of bed on the first ringing of the alarm clock.

Now, it's the long trousers that are hard to come by. On sites like Ginger&Smart, the selections of nice long trousers are abundant, but which should you choose? This is a big purchase, one you definitely want to consider before taking the plunge. You'll want to buy a nice pair that can last you ages.
2015-01-06 1106
What should you consider when you choose your next pair of long trousers? Read on to find out what the most important variables are.


One nice pair will go a long way, especially when you purchase something as simple as a pair of plain black dress trousers.

You're going to have to spend a bit of money to get the high quality you crave, but it will be worth it in the end when you're still wearing the same long trousers years down the line without any wear and tear in the fabric.

It will last long. You're going to get your money's worth out of a nice pair of long trousers. In fact, the general rule of thumb is that the more expensive it is, the better the quality. This is one of those rare occasions when splurging is necessary.

Plus, with great quality clothes, you'll be that much closer to a better fitting outfit that will keep you comfortable all day long.


You're going to want to go with something that leaves you many top options. For example, plain black is always a good choice of color because it matches with pretty much anything. This includes boldly colored heels you might choose to spice up an outfit.

You don't want to choose your long trousers in any colors that stand out too boldly because that limits what you can wear with it. Stick to blacks, whites and common shades of blue.


The very last thing to consider when trying to find the perfect pair of long trousers is the fit you want.

Do you want slim fitting long trousers? A tailored shape? Boot cut? Comfy yet professional shorts? The possibilities are endless. Just be sure to choose something you truly love and are comfortable in so you can wear your purchase often and get your money's worth.

Written by guest blogger Bella Gocher 
Tuesday, 30 December 2014 21:35

2014, A Year to Remember

For some 2014 has been a year full of joy, fun and laughter with some amazing memories to treasure forever. For others, this year will have flown by with little time to achieve all that you wanted - but hopefully there were some great moments too!
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In terms of fashion, 2014 was packed full of standout occasions. It was announced that John Galliano would make his big comeback at Maison Martin Margiela, Gucci's creative director Frida Giannini left the brand along with her CEO husband and sadly Oscar de la Renta passed away, leaving behind a fantastic legacy that will never be forgotten. The annual Victoria's Secret Show wowed audiences in London while the Met Gala in May was a night full of beautiful red carpet glamour.
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There have been some fabulous celebrity weddings: Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. As well as some amazing moments: Anna Wintour picking up lifetime achievement award at the British Fashion Council awards, the Duchess of Cambridge announcing her second pregnancy and Ellen DeGeneres' amazing selfie at the 2014 Academy Awards! The World Cup was won by Germany after a triumphant fight to the final and films such as Interstellar, Gone Girl and The Hunger Games 3 soared at the box office.

2014 was also the year we lost some of the brightest stars on the planet. Peaches Geldof, Lauren Bacall, Joan Rivers and Robin Williams all sadly passed away leaving life that little bit more duller.

Whatever your plans for 2015, make it a year of prosperity and fun! If you make New Year resolutions, try to stick to them! If not, celebrate life, go for that job opportunity, graduate university and make some special memories!

Happy New Year from everyone at Fashions Finest and all the best for 2015!

Written by Fashions Finest blogger Hannah Last 
Monday, 20 October 2014 09:03

A New Start for Galliano

It has been well documented over the past week the exciting news that designer John Galliano will be joining Maison Martin Margiela as creative director. After his infamous anti-Semitic rant in 2011, the previous designer of Christian Dior has been working on himself in a rehab centre in Arizona, getting himself healthy mentally and physically. And now, it seems as though the fashion industry is giving this phenomenal designer another chance at Margiela.

Renzo Russo, billionaire owner of Margiela as well as, Diesel and Marni, stated, ' I couldn't be happier. For the Maison Margiela, which deserves a new visionary leader; and for John Galliano, who is a talent beyond definition and time. I always believed in brave, unpredictable choices, and this one is no exception.'

Galliano, who first started at Dior in 1996, is known for his eccentric and flamboyant designs as he takes inspiration from history and culture. Martin Margiela, on the other hand, was a man who craved anonymity and never took a bow at the end of any of his catwalk shows. His edgy yet connectional shows always pushed the boundaries, focusing on exquisite tailoring and simple silhouettes. Two fashion designers with very different aesthetics. So Russo's decision to hire Galliano was, as you can imagine, a controversial decision. Either this design partnership will work, or it will likely crash and burn. Time will only tell.

Galliano will present his first collection for Margiela in January, but whether that will be to critical acclaim is still uncertain. Nevertheless, this is huge news for the industry and will have many waiting in anticipation for the first new collection under the rehabilitated John Galliano.
john-galliano-dior-haute-couture--large-msg-114087141622-2maison martin margiela 2011 2john-galliano-paris-haute-fashion-dresses
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Monday, 06 October 2014 13:40

John Gallianos return to Fashion

John Galliano is to return to the fashion industry as the creative director of French fashion house Maison Martin Margiela.
3 years on his Anti-Semitic Rants seem to have been forgotten and it's business as usual.

What are your thoughts in this? 
Monday, 06 October 2014 10:18

Essex Fashion Week 5th Annual Fashion Show

When we received the invitation to attend the 5th Annual Essex Fashion Show, there was a bit of apprehension as we had heard about it in the past, but we only knew as much that it existed. After a brief debate with our Editor at Fashions Finest we decided to visit in the capacity of a reporter with the intention to update our Blog.

On arriving in Fairlop Essex, oh yeah! That feeling of being in the open countryside confirmed good shoes was a must as the Lake View Marquee was accessed by what could only be deemed as a country lane. Any other shoe of a softer type might have needed a good scrubbing after wear.

We arrived a little early than norm just to see the organisation and transformation of the event for the attending public. As done when seeing something new, there is a pause in front of the Marquee and to say, it was admirable.

On entering into the registration, I would say that arriving early might have thrown the organisers a bit. I was promptly vetted and given the all clear VIP classification with a warm feeling that they understood why we attended and to ensure we had a great time. Knowing that this Fashion Week was apart from the London and other Fashion Weeks around the world, we didn't know what to expect from the attendees to this event. I am use to situating myself during fashion week around Somerset House with the droves of fashion seeking public dressed stylist, off the wall, bazaar, avant-garde, ect. But the view by most people attending a typical Fashion Week could be taken as dress to impress.

Well, did Essex Fashion Week deliver? That is for you to decide. We just made sure we captured the most stylish and fashionably dressed visitors.
Designer on the night were Dentelle Bleue, Jane Norman, Dirty Angels, Tresor, Freeport Braintree, Matthew Hubble, Tryme To Live, Confetti Couture, Kryolan.
Friday, 03 October 2014 12:35

Kaoska Fashion Show

After towing and froing to nail that agreement in place for iDeLick Media to become the principle media service for Kaoska Fashion House at this event. We arrived in the capacity of a Reporting to focus on various people that serviced this event.

If you haven't been to the Hilton Hotel or any of their many brands, The Double Tree was just a short jaunt from Marble Arch underground station. Entering the building, Nomy Khan the Director of Fashion at Kaoska, laid on for his guests an extra ordinary fruit-filled Champaign courtesy of John Squibb, Pommarina brand. The refreshment did not take long to work as the guests went fully into networking and the 'hello darling' kissy kissy. Pictures were taken on the Kaoska red carpet backdrop and photographers hustled and haggled to get their pictures of the finely fashionably dressed ladies and suited gents.

Our first encounter was with Fashion Designer Hirika Jagani a graduate from London College of Fashion. Hirika from India engaged us with her travels around India to produce a collection of evening wear. She took us through the steps taken to ensure the full process used in the production was ethical and sustainable. She laid emphasis on the production of the dye that was made using only organic material. Hirika informed us that her careful overseeing of the dye production process was to ensure no products or ingredient was used that would harm anyone or the environment.
We also managed to have a brief word with two other Fashion Designer who also had made garments that were shown on the runway. Aina Brence gave us a treat with her dresses designed to inspire confidence and empower women.
It was Fashion Designer Suzanne Nicolson who brought humour and ladishness to the show with her collection of man's scarfs and woolly cardigans. Aina had the guys take to bicycles to add a rememberable spectacle for her segment of the show.
Show Director of Fashion at Kaoska Nomy Khan giving a personal touch to the models before they entered the runway.
Thursday, 02 October 2014 09:53

Dear Frances


My first impressions of Dear Frances latest collection, SS15: Girl Of My Dreams were very sophisticated, modern and wearable. I've never heard of this brand before (but I have now, obviously!), so upon my arrival I spoke to the designer, Jane Frances, a little bit about her background, which Jane also explained that the brand is quite new. Actually, I was very surprised to hear that, as I can honestly say that the designs and the quality of the footwear are right at the top against many successful luxurious brands. I have to admit that it's very rare for me to go back home and constantly think about a brand, unless I was totally blown away by what I saw.

I've recently developed more interests in minimalism. And I'm currently searching for a perfect pair of shoes (most preferably a pair of boots) for autumn and winter seasons, which I already have my eyes set on a pair (or two) from Dear Frances. I don't really like online shopping either, unless I've seen that product with my own eyes before (then constantly dream about them, haha). I don't really get influenced to buy something online - retouched images does not persuade me well enough. I rather try things on and view them closely, you don't get that personal experience viewing them on the internet.
Of course, I picked up a few pairs of Dear Frances in the showroom and viewed them up-close. The most amazing part was when I found out how light they were! Usually, shoes that are made out of thick wooden heels or wooden platforms are meant to be quite heavy, but Frances did an amazing job as every pair were light-weight and the leather were soft. I can imagine myself wearing most of this collection next summer; the open toe clog-style heels (which you can choose between low or high), cute flats, sandals and even trainers. They are simple yet stylish pieces that any women should own, the neat and sharp cuts are combine elegantly with see-through glass or fabric. They are made for this era, very contemporary and most importantly so wearable! 

Written by Fashions Finest blogger Boonya Rodpunyar  
As I wandered around the city during London Fashion Week, I knew I was in for a big treat – street style! This season I had my eyes on outfits that are wearable, yet unusual. I'm always more into colour, patterns, textures and different combinations of layering. Although, I'm starting to feel more interested in minimalistic and sharp tailoring too, but when it comes to street-style, anything quirky grabs my attention straight away!
Photographs Boonya Rodpunyar

Written by Fashions Finest Blogger Boonya Rodpunyar 
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Pink Parcel

If you are like me and you have that one time in the month when you are not feeling one hundred per cent then Pink Parcel is available to pick you up and lift your spirits. Starting at only £5.95p for your first box and then going up to £9.95p a month should you choose to continue, Pink Parcel is indeed a bargain.

Your Pink Parcel will be delivered straight to your door so you will not have any reason to rush to the chemist every month. You will receive a supply of tampons of your brand choice in a small black bag ready to take out with you and another two boxes full of them. If that doesn't make you happy then I am sure the extra treats will.

Once you sign up and give information about your period and when the next one is due that will be all Pink Parcel need to track your period times as long as you are regular. Your box will be with you 2-3 days before.

I have just received my first Pink Parcel and I am over the moon. I received a chocolate bar from Doisy and Dam that was dark chocolate and orange, a peppermint Teapig's tea bag which is great to relieve cramps, an Elizabeth Arden Maximum Volume Mascara, a Witch anti-blemish moisturiser to get rid of your unwanted spots that may appear at this time and a Garnier 5 Second Blur Perfecting Primer. There was even a voucher for a glass of champagne at Café Rouge.

As you are going to buy sanitary products anyway Pink Parcel makes it easier for you and also thinks about what else you may need at that time.

Written by Fashions Finest blogger Hayley Sweeney  
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