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Saturday, 02 May 2015 12:36

Beauty trends with staying power

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In the world of Beauty things come and go but there are some trends that keeps on making a comeback. The following 5 beauty trends has been around for what seems forever and just keeps on coming back better and better.


This iconic hair feature dates all the way back to Louise Brooks an actress, made famous by the 1929 European film Pandora's Box. In the 50's it was worn by the glamor model Bettie Page, referred to as the Queen of Pinups, with her jet black hair, blue eyes and trademark bangs. The 80's and 90's brought us the curly teased bangs and then it was revived Kate Moss with a thick, deep and blunt cut bringing it back in vogue. Modern day bang icons are Rihanna and Taylor Swift giving it a more softer look.


bangs 1980 to now

The Cat Eye

Brigitte Bardot sex symbol of the 50's and 60's upped the sexy factor with her sultry cat-eye, combined with her flawless skin and nude pout, still a go to sexy look today. Then there was the 1960's mod queen Twiggy with her flicked out cat-eye liner and then there is our modern day cat-eye stars Lauren Conrad with her classic cat-eye liner and her signature flick, making the look super feminine.

cat eye

The Bob

The bob came to life in 1924 with the Shingle bob, a dome-shaped razor cut into a V shaped at the neck. It was Vidal Sassoon that made this cut more stylish in the 60's with artist like singer Cilla Black making it popular. It was Cyndi Lauper, in the 90's that breathed new life into it with her colourful bob then it was Uma Truman turns to make it popular in the film Pulp fiction. Then it was brought back to live by the layered cut of Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham with her angler bob and Katie Holmes short bob. The bob is truly a hairstyle that keeps on reinventing itself.

Shingle bob

modern bob

Red Lipstick

There is not a single women that does not love Red lipstick. Dark red lipstick was a popular shade in 1920 with ladies wearing it to represent their independence. Women started to move away from the dark red with Elizabeth Arden introducing lipsticks in different colours. It was only during the 1950's with Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor that women began wearing dark red lips again. Their look defined the 50's and women are still captivated by it today.

Red lips

The Smoky Eye

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra made this look memorable in the 1963 film. Today with the creativity of the make-up artist, it just keeps reinventing itself.

smokey eye

If these looks has been around so long just image the creative inventiveness with which it will reinvent itself over the next coming years.

breakfast 1

Denim on denim for breakfast, this is simple enough look but be aware or you might get it wrong so;

1) Never wear denim accessories, like handbags or denim shoes, with your look, because you do not want to look like a denim tree.

2) Use shades and shapes that flatters your skin tone and body shape, lighter shades draws the eye to the body parts they cover and darker shades has a slimming effect. So it is best to wear the lighter shade on top and the darker shade on the bottom.

3) Dress up your look with a pair of statement heels or flaming red lips


The Gingham trend is one of my favourites this season, made popular by style icons like Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn during the 50's and 60's. This preppy print is easy to wear with a ladylike feel. Pair it, for lunch with the girls, with a figure hugging pencil skirt and a flirty off the shoulder Bardot top for a Cute and sexy look.


Tropical Print

This floral Cami dress is perfect for a Diner date, outlines your curves and defines your waist while showing of just a bit of leg with the slight slit on the one side. Remember if you are wearing Tropical print, tone it down with neutral accessories like a belt, sandals or shoulder bag.

Featured items @

Wednesday, 29 April 2015 21:30

Summer’s Sizzling Colours

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Winter with her moody shades of olive greens, burgundy and plums are over, or well we hope!! Time to inject some brighter colours into your life and just maybe we can bring on some warmer temperatures.

Glittering Blues


Whether it is the ocean or the sky Blue has such a calming effect on us. Nail it or glitter your eyes with it Blue is a must for the coming summer season.

Sally Hansen- Making waves from the Hawaii Collection

NailsInc Baker Street, - gel effect for an ultra-glossy high shine


Not-Quite-Pure Red

Summer Reds   Revlon

Pure Red lipstick is always on top of every once list but it time to try a red with a hint of orange

I love Revlon Lipstick it does what it says on the box, and gives great colour. Their new Ultra HD Lipstick is a wax free gel lipstick giving a more intense colour and smooth application.

Colour Stay Moisture lipsticks soaks lips in glossy wet colour, with Vitamin E and Aloe

Moisturises without stickiness

Purple and Pinks

For the girly girl in you, pink gives your look a springy look and if you do not want to look to Barbie pink mix it up with a purple or lavender hue.



Nude or naturals for days when you do not want to show off to much. Essie – Bride to be is a soft caramel blush and Like Linen a soft and creamy neutral.


Creamy Pin

Tone down your blush and give your cheeks a dewy flush Maybelline's Master Glaze blush stick is a creamy blush with glazed pearls for natural colour and smooth and even application. It is also fragrance free and suitable for all skin types. The bonus is that it can also be used as a lip shade or eyeshadow.

maybelline blush

Mint and Greens

Mint gives that soft pastel feel and green for new growth and the new season.

OPI – That's Hula-rious from the Hawaii collection a pastel mint that making you dance with joy.

OPI- Green -wich -village a brilliant green that will make them green with envy.

Mints and greens


Lustrous Orange

Orange is a great pigment for everyday wear, let it pop by applying a few swipes to intensify the look.

orange lips

Luminous Coral

This is a new twist on the hot orange-red, but with a pink edge to create flawless coral it is bright and bold.

Get ready for a party on your nails with China Glaze's Red-Y To Rave coral from the Electric night collection.

china glaze

And lastly a Twist of Lime for those not afraid to go just a little neon crazy This might not be for everyone so go a bit slow with it, maybe start off by just Lime-ing your toes.

Neon _ American Apparel & Essie – the more the merrier – lime green

Zingy lime

I suggest we wake up the sun by introducing at least one of these colours into our beauty routine.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015 16:16

Bohemian Summer

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primarkuk 811321733356943

The bohemian look originated in the 1960's Hippie culture and is a popular today as it was then.

Drawing inspiration from all over the world adding texture and richness, it has something for every fashionista. With neutral colours as its base making is easy to add colours to key pieces. Layering is key so start with your basics and layer it with pieces like cardigans, jewellery or shawls.

But remember just because the elements of boho style is so relaxed and layered, it does not mean that you have to look like a sloppy hippie. It is always best to keep it simple and the layering to a minimum if you are unsure. Try to keep it feminine and chic by mixing oversized with fitted pieces to balance out your look

Layer on the accessories sunglasses, necklaces, belts and jewellery, a lavish amount of accessories are key to this look. Never combine more than four shades of colours, if your look is already eye catching tone it down with grey's, beige or brown colours. Be sure to add touches of your own style personality and have fun.

Bohemian summer is all about lazy and chilled out days going from music festival to the beach.

It's girly yet stylish!!!

primarkuk 81132657221866

Here are some of my favourite boho looks for summer.

Flower Power

The Boho look is all about being natural and earthy, so floral prints are always a winner, be it that you are wearing a flower crown or a flirty floral print top or the latest trends in floral print shorts or playsuits. Make sure to incorporate florals into your boho look and show your love for the earth.

flower power

Gypsy Nights

What is more bohemian then Gypsies, with their flowing sleeved tops, colourful scarfs, skimming skirts, lace, large dangling earrings and beaded jewellery. Show off your carefree side with flamboyant and vibrant colours. Let your hair flow naturally or tie a scarf loosely around it.


Crop Tops

Although not a traditional boho look. Showing just a little bit of skin making your look sexy but still keeping the signature laidback feeling. Go for a loose fitting or a super cute crochet crop top and pair it with a maxi skirt or a palazzo pants.

crochet Crop top


Tie-dye adds splashes of colour to your boho look, great with short shorts or over your bikini

tie dye

Crochet tops and summer knits

These lightweight knits are for layering and creates a casual and uninhibited vibe.

summer knits

Accessories and footwear

Head wraps, turbans colourful scarves, vintage style sunglasses and Indian style bangles and African style neckpieces as well as gypsy earrings are ideal pieces to finish of any bohemian look. Accessories can also be a great way to add splashes of colour to your look and to tie all the pieces together. It can be as simple as a flower crown paired with a fringed crochet top with a pair of shorts or a flowy maxi skirt.


This is defiantly not a look for stiletto style heels so keep it flat with ballet pumps, or Ethnic inspired sandals like Greek, Roman or African styles. Cowboy boots in matching shades to your look, are perfect.

Boho is not about throwing everything in your closet together that is fringed or tie-dyed, but is about mixing pieces together, so that it reflects your personality. Remember is all about a chilled "flower power" vibe and being you.

boho accessories

All items featured items are available at Primark UK/Ireland -

Monday, 27 April 2015 08:55

Why Walk The Line

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Do you walk the line Marthu

Modern day fashion has no rules and so often we see fashionista's crossing the borders between male and female fashion trends. The bowtie is traditionally worn by men and a man that wears it exudes class and sophistication.

The brand has its origins in Poland and was born out of a love story. Martha wanted something special for her fiancé but could not find what she was looking for and decided to create her own designs for bowties and Marthu men's wear was born.

Marthu's designs are leading the pack with their original and stylish handmade bowties. Their prints range for one of a kind quirky to the one-tone traditional designs.

They have also taken the hassle out of tie your bowtie with a wide selection of pre-tied bowties making it that much easier for you.
So whether you are pairing it with a shirt and jeans or a sexy Angelina Jolie tuxedo look Marthu Men's wears, bowties are both stylish and quirky making it an easy fit for the ultra-stylish fashionista that is not afraid of blurring the lines.

The number one rule of wearing a bow tie as with any accessories, is to wear it in proportion to your body size. You will find that like any clothing item bow ties comes in three sizes small, medium and large. Unsure of the right size for you always opt for the medium sizes.


Pair their Gingham pre-tied bow tie with boyfriend jeans and a denim shirt.


The Casual Look

When going for a casual stylish look make sure that your shirt and bow tie are two different colours, as wearing the same colour shirt as your bowtie will take the attention away from your bowtie. If you want your bowtie to attract more attention go for a neutral colour shirt. To get the perfect colour block combo choose colours that are close to each other on the colour spectrum such as blue and purple. If the colour block look is not for you and you want to create a look that has a lot of dimension and depth wear the same colours, for both your shirt and bow tie, but in different shades.

For example a light shade of green with a darker shade of green, this will create more volume to your outfit.


Create a stylish yet relaxed look for Him and Her and be the talk of the town.

Mixing Prints And Patterns

When you are mixing prints and patterns, there needs to be a balance, wear either thick stripes or small dots.

mixing prints

Solid Colours And Prints

With a huge variety of prints, from cars to glossy CD and QR code you can change up either your look or your man's look pairing it with a solid colour shirt allow the bow tie and you to be the centre of attraction.




Turn your man into a gentleman for that formal event with the pre-tied Bourbon bow tie.



Dare to be different and ditch the statement necklace and switch it for a floral print pre tied bow tie.


photo-by Eli defaria

Summer is on its way and by know we have started shopping for our summer wardrobe, and doubled up on exfoliating and moisturising our bodies. But what about spending some extra time on preparing your hair for your summer holidays. The exposure to sun, salt and chlorine can damage your hair leaving them dry, brittle and prone to breakage. Here are some tips to help you prepare your locks for those sunny days lounging by the pool or on a sunny beach

Prevent Damage

Prevention is better than a cure, deep conditioner once a week as this will keep your hair in good shape all summer long. Also get colour treatments before the summer and avoid heat styling as much as possible.

Macadamia natural oil Deep Repair Masque, rebuilds dry and damaged hair with its combination or macadamia and argan oil.
Available at

Macadamia natural oil Deep mask

Swim Care

Chlorine sucks the moisture out of your hair, so be sure to wet your hair before and after swimming to get rid of the salt and chlorine.
Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo clarifies and removes copper, iron, hard water and minerals as well as product build up and suits all hair types.

Available at

Redken cleasing cream

Sun Protection

Too much exposure to the sun can leave your tresses dry and lifeless so spray your hair with a SPF spray. Wella Professionals sun protection spray contains a double phase formula. Phase 1 helps to protect hair against UV rays while Phase 2 contains a vitamin complex that hydrates the hair leaving healthy and soft to the touch.

Available at

Wella professional sun care


Humidity brings out the frizz monster so you want to thoroughly moisturise your hair. Natural curly hair needs extra moisture, keep a spray bottle with a mixture of water and leave in conditioner to spritz your hair throughout the day.

I love the Naked Range and finds that the Naked Style Gorgeous Curls Taming Cream and their Leave-in conditioner helps to keep my natural curls defined and moisturised.

Available at Boots

naked style curl cream

No To Greasy Hair

Summer means everything is a bit oily so dry shampoo is great to keep oily hair at bay so spray your roots to absorb any oil and freshen up your locks.

Klorane gentle dry shampoo with oat milk softens and protects while cleaning.

Available at

Klorane dry shampoo

Colour Treated hHir

If you have coloured your hair before heading of on your summer holiday and want the same vibrant colour throughout use a treatment designed for colour treated and damage hair and use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners to keep it looking healthy.

Kérastase Reflection Chroma Riche Treatment Masque, protects and boosts radiance for dry, highlighted and colour treated hair.

Available at

Kerastase masque

After Summer Care

Three months of fun in the sun will leave your hair damaged. So you want to make sure that is not just your glowing tan you showing off when the sun fades but also fabulous looking hair. Get your hair back to its former glory with the Redken extreme strength builder fortifying mask for distressed Hair deep. It deep conditions and strengthens hair from the inside out.

Available at

Redken strenght builder masque

So before heading on your holidays make sure to give your hair some TLC so that it is not just your body and skin that is ready for all your summer frolics.

Thursday, 23 April 2015 21:08

Hellavagirl Collaboration: Shoot

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A couple of weeks back I was so honoured and proud to finally work with UK designer Hellavagirl. Hellavagirl was created by the talented Helen Woollams, not only a UK designer with her own brand but also an educator in fashion design. Helen showcased her last collection at LFW with Fashions Finest back in February and I have been dying to get my magic make-up brushes out ever since to create a unique avant garde make-up look to match her collection. I was so happy when she agreed.

So the date was set, Sunday 12th April 2015.

We teamed up with London photographer and magazine owner Zoe Michelle. The three of us spent hours discussing how we wanted the shoot to go and how the look of the models was of utmost importance for us to pull of an incredible editorial. After handfuls of applications we chose two models, Shola Nikitta from Dama Model Agency and actress/model Emily Haigh.

The two girls looked very similar, that they could be sisters. Beautiful long blonde tresses of hair which we plaited in small plaits to create a wave almost crimped effect.

I wanted the make-up to be different, a pale face was a priority in my make-up design. This would show off the intensity of the make-up as well as the designs from Hellavagirl.

As Helen was showing some of her new collection for the very first time in this photo shoot I wanted to do her proud. A lot of lace is used in Helens new collection, I thought a perfect look would be to combine the incredible Face.Lace with Helen's designs, what's more Face.Lace have just brought a fabulous new collection out too. The designs were perfect.

The lovely talented Phyllis and her team at Face.Lace sent out some designs for me to use. WOW...was my first word when I opened the package.. the new design 'Salome Mask' £29.95 is the prettiest edition I have seen yet. So that along with designs; 'Salome eye lace' £14, 'Mehndoodle designs 1' £17.95 and 'Beauty sparks illumonet' in shade orchid violet £4.95 were designed into my make-up looks.

I kept the look fairly simple in terms of products, using only a handful of products and 3 colours. The first set was white, black and lilac, the second set was white, black and gold. I created a different look on each model using the same three colours on both in each set. It worked, the images look great and I'm happy to say they are being published in a magazine very soon. But for you lucky readers here is a preview.

11139693 10206799496965384 2124954921 n

11156868 10206799497805405 777035431 n

Becca Cosmetics
Inglot UK
Face. Lace
Superstar Face paints
Clarins Skin Care
Lush lip care
Tigi Bed Head hair care

Tuesday, 14 April 2015 09:53

Dark Crows: Shoot

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This editorial used simple lighting with the sole aim of having the images in contrast black and white with varying texture.

 MG 0035

 MG 0098

 MG 0123

 MG 0152

Models: Floret Fauna & Dovile Paciauskaite
MUAS: Rosita baiamonte & Sheila Nessa
Designer: Helen Woollams @ Hellavagirl
Photography & art director: Dayo Awe
Assistant photographer: Amma Adjei

Sunday, 05 April 2015 18:08

Permanent Eyeliner

Written by

As my eyes water in this forever changing English weather, my eyeliner never stays on for long. I decided that it was time to go permanent. Having seen pictures of the work that Daisy had done recently, I knew that she was the right lady for the job. I wanted permanent eyeliner on the top and bottom of my eyelids.

On entering the salon I was asked to fill out a medical form, which took longer than expected as my hands I must admit were shaking. I was nervous about the procedure. After taking my form Daisy instructed me to lie down on the bed. I was asked what look I was going for with the eyeliner and then the pre-num was applied to my eyes.

Daisy told me that it would feel a little uncomfortable at first but then I would not feel anything. They say to never trust a bold barber but I felt safe trusting a beautiful beautician; I instantly relaxed after Daisy had talked me through it. When the pre-num had been on for 15 minutes Daisy began.

I could hear the hum of the needle and the music that was playing in the background. All I felt was a slight scratching at first and then nothing. When I say nothing it did feel like a wet cotton bud sliding from side to side over my eyelids which was a nice feeling. Three layers were added to my eyes, these are called passes.

After the procedure my eyes felt sore but this was to be expected. To say I was pleased with the results would be an understatement. I had to keep my eyes dry for a week after and I was told that I could loose up to 50% of the colour but would go back for a top up 4 to 6 weeks later.

To anyone out there that wears eyeliner on a daily basis, stop what you're doing and get in contact with Daisy. You will look fantastic and save yourself so much time and money. It is only two hundred and fifty pounds for what I had done.Permenant eyeliner

To contact Daisy click on the link:

Written by Fashions Finest blogger Hayley Sweeney

Tuesday, 31 March 2015 12:34

Ruby’s Corner at Chez Titine

Written by

I love to paint my nails, its quite thearaputic. The only problem I have is that they do not last more than two days before they chip. So when I heard about gel nails at Ruby's corner (that were on offer) I had to get them. With gels your polish could last up to a month, a date with Prince Harry could not keep me away. I decided to treat myself and have my fingernails and toes done.

On arriving at Chez Titine the nail technician who was extremely friendly and made me feel as if I was catching up with an old friend sat me down. She then proceeded to buff my nails and file them to achieve the perfect shape. Buffing I am told is an important part as it helps the gel polish to grip to the nail.

The colour choice was limited but I have been told that more colours are on order. I picked black and red. After putting the gel polish on which was called Geleration, I had to place both my hands and toes under a UV lamp to allow them to dry. After this process, a coat of finish was added to my nails.

Within a few minutes my nails were dry. I have had nothing but compliments about how they look. I have had them on for a few weeks now and I'm secretly hoping that they will chip so I can have them re-done. I cannot wait to see what exciting new colours will be available.

2015-03-31 1237

To perfect your nails click on the link: Ruby's Corner

Written by FF Blogger Hayley Sweeney

27 March witnessed the opening of the 30th Anniversary Season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. It was the maestro of the Russian fashion, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, who traditionally was the first to present his new Fall-Winter collection 2015-2016 Nocturne. The first block of the show featured female demi season coats that became the signature garments of the Fashion House. Principal core of the collection made the formal suits, slim fit jackets and straight dresses accomplished with massive accessories. There were silk wine-coloured skirts with mixed textures, combination of graphic and floral prints on the evening gowns, plenty of adornment - which still left the collection in harmony with the calm and compete colour palette and the choice of silhouettes. Little black dress with the asymmetric collar and bright insets performed in stained-glass technique was according to designer the major highlight of the collection. As for the male line - classic coats, straight-cut suits and shirts with prints made personally by hand of Vyacheslav Zaitsev took the catwalk.

Some of the designers who took part...


Alena Akhmadullina








Yulia Prokhorova Beloe Zoloto

More information about the designers who took part can be found on the MBFWR site here:

Thursday, 26 March 2015 14:26

Grazia & Diane von Furstenberg Event

Written by

I had the pleasure of being invited down to the Diane von Furstenberg Bruton Street store celebrate Grazia magazine 10th university (Has it really been that long?) and the launch of DVF's new S/S14 collection.

Brittany Hampton and Jessica Joffe at the event

I have always been a fan of DVF even if it's a little out of my price range so it was nice to get a look at the colour collection pretty prints bright colours sooo DVF darling.

Attendees were treated to lovely nibbles, cocktails and champagne and the opportunity to socialise with the events co-hosts Global Brand Ambassador (and winner of House of DVF on E!) Brittany Hampton and style editor, Jessica Joffe.
DVF also had its very own very own glittery photo booth for attendees to get their vogue on.

Thanks Grazia and DVF for having me.




You can check out the DVF SS13 collection on their website:

Thursday, 26 March 2015 09:27

Jordan Dunn to launch children clothing line

Written by

Supermodel and mum–of-one, Jourdan Dunn has announced she will design a clothing range for children and young adults.

Jourdan Dunn son

'I love kid's clothes and have been obsessed with them ever since my son was born,' Said the model, whose little boy Riley (5) is now a mini-style icon thanks to his mother's @officialjdunn account.

The Victoria's Secret model who was scouted in a Primark shop when she was 15 £2.4 million in the past year alone, working for the likes of Burberry and becoming the face of Maybelline cosmetics; has entered into a licensing deal with Fluid World (the company behind the Hello Kitty UK launch) and has confirmed at least two collections, for the moment.

Andrew Lane, CEO of Fluid World, said: 'Jourdan Dunn is a fashion icon who sets trends and influences style. I am delighted to be working with her on this exciting project and bringing her cool urban style to a wider audience.'


You go girl!!

Thursday, 19 March 2015 10:58

Stylish Destinations - Cape Town

Written by

1 South Africa Menswear Week February 2015

South Africa Menswear Week, February 2015 (Photos by SDR Photo)

South Africa is one of the most diverse and captivating countries in the world. Last month, I had a chance to spend three fabulous weeks travelling around the country and getting to know its vibrant and cosmopolitan cities.

Cape Town is the second-most populous city in South Africa and Africa's most popular tourist destination. It is a city of contrasts, where old colonial buildings stand side by side with architecture from the 1960s and contemporary designs. It is easy to get around on foot as most of
the major attractions are concentrated within the walking distance.

"Cape Town is the quintessential melting pot: it is a city alive with creativity, colour, sounds and tastes. While walking through the city's streets and meeting its people, you will fall in love with its natural beauty, creative freedom and incredible spirit. Cape Town is a city where
the unexpected is always just around the corner." (Source: Cape Town's tourism website)

2 - The Table Bay Hotel

The Table Bay Hotel (Photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)


In February 2015, Cape Town hosted inaugural South Africa Menswear Week (SAMW) featuring the collections of over 25 leading and most sought after menswear designers.

The line-up for the fashion showcase in February 2015 hosted an impressive list of South African and African fashion designers, ranging from emerging talent, Rich Mnisi, Jenevieve Lyons, to the up-andcoming,Lukhanyo Mdingi and the more established designers, Craig Port, CSquared, and Shaldon Kopman's Naked Ape.

This initiative was the first men's focused fashion platform in Africa,showcasing three days of menswear on the runway.

3 SA Menswear Week February 2015

SA Menswear Week, February 2015 (Photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)


Long Street is lined with fashionable shops, street cafés, dance clubs, and some of the best wine bars in the city. The area is constantly buzzing with activities and it's one of Cape Town's best spots for browsing during the day or for a big night out with friends. Try Mama Africa for tasty food and live music performed nightly by young local

Cape Town boasts many upmarket malls and shopping centres where shoppers are truly spoilt for choice. Adderley Street is not only the city's most historic main road, but also one of the busiest shopping areas. The Adderley Street Flower Market adds a splash of colour to the historical city centre. For the last 100 years, the flower market has sold an inexpensive selection of fresh blossoms to the people of Cape Town and has become a must-see attraction for visitors to the city.

4 Local jewellery label PICHULIK

Local jewellery label PICHULIK (Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

5 - Shopping at OR Tambo Airport Johannesburg

Shopping at O.R. Tambo Airport, Johannesburg (Photos by Eva Fydrych)

A nearby St Georges Mall, with a combination of street stalls, traders, art galleries and African souvenir shops, is an interesting shopping destination. Once a busy city street, it is now a comfortable pedestrian area with a wide range of live entertainment, stylish restaurants and
coffee shops.

Maya Prass is a young label offering bright colourful clothing and accessories. Their pumps are hand made locally and are available in a wide selection of prints and colours. Each shoe is made with a tan resin
sole, low heel, and functional ties. They are 100% cotton, comfortable, and what's really important, animal friendly. Maya Prass designs are available at upmarket retailers across the city.

6 The Bromwell Boutique Mall Albert Road Woodstock

The Bromwell Boutique Mall, Albert Road, Woodstock (Photos by Eva Fydrych)

Unique and captivating, The Bromwell Boutique Mall offers a great selection of limited edition and one-off pieces of art, jewellery and highend fashion and accessories from South Africa and abroad. Located in the up-and-coming Woodstock district - one of Cape Town's oldest suburbs - this fashionable place should be a must-see destination for every fashionista visiting the city.

Happy shopping!

Thursday, 19 March 2015 10:49

My French Palette Eye Palette By Lancome

Written by

Lancome have launched their new spring eye shadow palette 'My French Palette' and of course being a working make-up artist and loving Lancome products, I had to buy it. The compact contains a harmony of six matte and iridescent pinks ideal for creating a fresh light day smokey eye look along with three intense colour popping shades of greens and a pearly grey to give a bolder but elegant evening look.

What I love about this palette is that the colours are very pigmented and although some are iridescent they are still soft enough to create a beautiful shimmery pretty spring look.

My top tip with this palette for creating the perfect day look is to sweep shade 1 across the whole eyelid up to the brow and create an intensity of different shades across the whole lid, starting with shade 3 blending into shade 4 and then 5 and into the crease.

For that pop of colour, add shade 7 to the inner lid of the eye blending into the middle part of the lid and shade 8 to the outer part of the lid. Sweep shade 9 along the lower lash line. Perfect spring evening look.

The eye colours are presented in a beautiful and elegant silver mirror clasped palette engraved with spring flowers and the Eiffel Tower repressing the city of Paris where Lancome is made.



Lancome 1

Lancome 2

My French Palette by Lancome £42

It was an Allstar turnout of award winning emerging designers at the Catwalk Edit event over at The Old Chelsea Town Hall on 19th February 2015 with over 60 designers exhibiting their collection and showcasing them on the catwalk.

We took the timeout to start an early coverage of London Fashion Week A/W29015. We were very much spoilt for choice, as there were so much to look at in regards of women's wear, accessories and the current design trends in separate-able wear. This is where an outfit has multiple looks by removing such items as the sleeves or a part of the neckline to give the outfit a alternative look.

DePloy demi-couture of Marylebone showed a great example of separate-able wear on the catwalk.



The opening day of London Fashion Week A/W2015 was very much a surprise for us at iDeLick Media as we were put into a position of become a former of Fashion International Relationships. We just finished a video interview with a designer with many features and articles in Vogue which I recognised as the brand Vitussi.


Vitussi, who is the designer Vito along with Millinery/Hat Designer, Sinead Madden of from were very receptive to a 'Ah Ah' moment when they recognised there was a familiarity in their designs and I had the pleasure of capturing the moment when both of their designs were brought together for a little impromptu photoshoot with Sinead as the model.




For more videos on Catwalk Edit, visit iDeLick Media were we featured Vitussi and his handmade luxury handbags.

Thursday, 12 February 2015 13:30

Get Active, Get Stylish, Get Fit

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Staying in shape is important. It keeps you healthy and extends your life. But it also makes you feel better. Your physical, mental and emotional health is stronger when you are healthy. Of course, physical exercise is only part of the battle. You also need to eat well and get plenty of sleep.

But when it comes to being active, one of the biggest motivators is dressing the part. When you look good, you feel good, and you can things well. So to get yourself ready for a regular exercise routine, you need to get yourself some stylish activewear. It will help you achieve a better workout, and you'll also look younger. Think about it- most people who stay fit are young, right? So the association between activewear and physical activity is youth.
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Here are some other reasons to sport some stylish active attire:

• You can more easily see the progress your body has made.
Since activewear is usually tight fitting, you can watch as your flab gets fit and your skin gets thin. Choose tops that show off your stomach and bottoms that define your legs.

• You can see the areas that need the most work.
You don't want to pick yourself, or your body apart, but activewear helps you see which parts of your body might benefit from some tightening and toning.

• It pushes you to look good for potential suitors.
If you know that people are going to see you exercising, wearing stylish activewear is just one more way for you to push yourself to get fit.

Maybe you don't feel comfortable wearing exercise clothing that is tight, or that highlights the areas of your body that you want to work on. But if you really get a good workout, you're going to sweat and get your heart rate going. You want to make sure that you are wearing clothing that allows you to breathe and keeps you cool. Most activewear is made to serve that purpose, so it is beneficial to wear it instead of clothing that you might feel more comfortable in. You can always start your daily routine at home and then venture outside once you're more comfortable in your skin.

If you're a beginner at the whole exercise thing, or you want to start small, here are a few easy ways to get more physical in your daily routine:

• Take the stairs instead of the elevator
• Park your car far from where you need to go
• Eat your lunch outside if the weather is nice
• Cook dinner at home instead of eating out

You might wonder how the last two bullet points will help you get more fit. The truth is, the more time you spend outside, the more likely you are to keep spending time outside. It helps encourage you to get out and walk, or explore the outdoors through things like hiking or biking. Likewise, cooking at home encourages a healthier diet, and even the smallest bit of moving around your kitchen is better than sitting in your car to order less healthy food.

Once you've established a routine that you feel good about, get yourself some stylish activewear to go along with it. You'll look and feel younger, and you'll live much longer.

Written by guest blogger Bella Gocher 
Sunday, 08 February 2015 15:12

February Styling fix with SJ.

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'The fashionable woman wears clothes. The clothes don't wear her.' - Mary Quant.

The cold and bitter weather is not something that can hold a fashionable woman back. Coats, Hats and Scarfs tend to hide our figures and our amazing outfit underneath, but it is still possible to "rip the runway" in a snug coat and some cosy boots. Turtle necks, knitted jumpers and thigh-high boots are some of the latest trends this winter. Warm toned colours such as Brown, Gold and Camel are safe but oh so gorgeous colours to wear this year. So whether you are out for drinks in the evening, en route to work or shopping with your friends, my style board for this month will have heads turning when you enter the room! Remember that everything on this board can be purchased. Feel free to comment below!
2015 02 08 1528
February Fashion outfit:
1. Toast Agi Dress.
2. Turner stretch-leather thigh boots.
3. Oasis gold bracelet dial watch.
4. Jaegar wool wrap, camel coat.
5. Wide brim felt hat.

1. Nars white nail polish.
2. MAC 6 Lash.
3. Bobbi Brown makeup.
4. Naked eye shadow palette
5. Wonder'Lash mascara with argon oil.

Trendy Trends:
A Tassel is known for being a finishing feature in fabric decoration. Its versions vary in many different cultures around the world. For some cultures like in the Middle East, Tassels on hats were worn as a tradition for spiritual reasons. In other cultures the Tassel on hats symbolised ones prestigious status.

Popular in Europe – especially France, the style of the Tassel has changed over the years. Very often you would find Tassels on the end of scarfs, on shoes, clothing and even drapery. The trend has been around for some years but the Tassels are back in fashion this period, but on our bags! Whether the Tassels skirt is sown across the back or attached by a cord, you are sure to be in fashion this season.
Tassels on clothing have been worn by many celebrities last year, with the likes of Kim Kardashian and the Serbian pop singer, Jelena Karleusa Tosic. Just the simple addition of a Tassel can give any accessory or clothing the perfect finish. The Tassel is so versatile and can be a great addition to almost anything, giving even the most basic item a vibrant look. Below are Seven of my favourite Tassel bags this season, be sure to get yours!
Feb style fix 2.png
Kim Kardashian, Sept 2014.

Feb style fix 3.png
Pop singer, Jelena Karleusa Tosic, 2014.
Feb style fix 4
1. Rebecca Minkoff, Lexi Bucket Tote for £250.
2. Urbancode Leather Fringed Cross Body Bag for £69.
3. Black Five Tassel Detailed Shoulder Bag for £22.
4. ASOS Falt Bar and Chain Tassel Cross Body Bag for £25.
5. Nly Accessories Fringe Bag for £30.
6. Emilio Pucci, Leather Clutch With Fox Tassel for £434.
7. AX Paris Tassel Purse for £5.99.

Misguided Active:
Still getting rid of your Christmas belly? Well do it in style as Misguided have a new affordable fitness line Active, its time to run off the turkey slices and all the mince pies. Launched on the 20th January, Misguided describes their line as "Empowering" and "Confident" , sure to motivate you to get in the Gym and be active of course. Ranging from sports bras, leggings, hoodies and more who knew you could look so good running on a tredmil? The Misguided website is also showing Eleven fitness videos with the Skinny Bitch Collective, helping and inspiring women to get in shape. The Active foot wear will be lauching sometime this month, now we will be running in style!
2015 02 09 2346 

Written by FF blogger Simone James 
Monday, 02 February 2015 19:57

Haute Couture Week Highlights

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Some may say couture is a thing of the past with no place in today's fast moving and versatile fashion. Yet this seasons spring/summer 2015 Haute Couture shows proved how breathtakingly beautiful this old custom truly is.

giambattista vali couture spring2015 runway 431

Haute Couture, generally translating to 'high fashion' in English, shows the skills and craftsmanship of seamstresses and tailors as they show off their most exquisite creations on the catwalk. The week started with Atelier Versace and a show pumped full of Italian glamour and daringly sexy cut-out dresses in electric blue and bright red. And with Kate Hudson and her mother Goldie Hawn sitting front row, this was a collection fit for the stars. Christian Dior and Giambattista Valli followed with jaw dropping collections full of sweeping dresses and puff ball skirts. Raf Simmons at Dior focused on the 1950's silhouette and the famous 'New Look' created in 1947, with cinched in waists and calf skimming dresses showing off the ankle. While Giambattista Valli stayed true to the perception of couture, complete with floral decorations, feathered coats in pastel green and pink as well as dramatic headpieces which covered the eyes. Chanel also opted for embellished beanie hats and netting masks for their show on Tuesday in what proved to be stunning show.
Kendall Jenner made another catwalk appearance for Karl Lagerfeld who opted for a spring garden as his opulent couture setting. There were even male models hired just to pretend to water the huge flowers dotted around the centre of the runway!

versace hc rs15 2878

British brand Ralph and Russo gave us one of the most beautiful shows of couture week. There were dresses dripping in precious jewels, appliquéd skirts with an astonishing amount of detail and pretty neutral colours which only reminded us of the spring to come. Elie Saab was another great highlight of the week, and as always presented the fashion pack with a collection of stunning ball gowns fit for the red carpet. With sweeping trains and a fantastic wedding dress to close the show, Elie Saab delivered everything couture should be; classy and elegant. At Jean Paul Gaultier, who last year announced that he would no longer be showing ready-to-wear womenswear, Naomi Campbell closed the show in a tiny leotard. The collection was fun and humorous, adding a lighter touch to proceedings but there was lots of equally impressive pieces including a beautifully tailored dress half made out of a mans' tuxedo and the other half a pretty ballerina skirt.

Armani Prive was another collection which captured imaginations. With an exotic, Japanese theme running throughout, tailored dinner jackets were paired with silk cigarette trousers, perfect for the jet set lifestyle Giorgio Armani loves. Valentino too was pure and angelic, with high necklines and romantic empire dresses covered in Aztec style prints. There was a 'folky' look to the show, especially the billowing silk shirts underneath cute a-line dresses. Overall, this couture week brought high fashion to life in only the most spectacular way – with lots of jewels, sequins and glamour!

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Written by Fashions Finest blogger Hannah Last
Sunday, 01 February 2015 21:01

Keji Picks: Winter Greys

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Winter is stereotypically for dark and neutral colours. They can be minimal yet striking; easily accessorised; and flattering to a lot of body shapes. So while some people cannot wait for this 'brrrr' season to be over, it's great for style- and some of us look forward to digging out some winter love!

Our main pick today is River Island's Grey Draped Jacket; below are descriptions of how to complement this piece!


1. If you have a special do but do not want to brave the cold bare, try a midi body con dress which perfectly compliments the draped jacket. Why not add a funky clutch bag?
2. For the chick-girl-next-door look, sophisticated heel boots (which are great with skinnys) always puts a kick to any girl's step!
3. Adding print to your winter wardrobe can be pulled off well when minimal.
4. Add splash of colour in a simple yet striking way. You cannot really say no to lipstick prints (black tunic)!

What are your favourite winter pieces/accesories?
Wednesday, 28 January 2015 18:00

January Styling Fix With SJ

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Fashions fade, style is eternal.' - Yves Saint Laurent.

I find pleasure in helping my friends and family pick their outfits, for first dates, parties or for their birthday celebrations. I spend some of my most of tedious days browsing the web admiring some of my favourite Fashion icons.

I encourage anyone to express their eccentricities through their sense of style and to simply look at Fashion as a form of Art. So with that being said, check out my first two Fashion Style Boards that I have created on! Feel free to visit the website and look at some more of my boards, all of the items I choose from my board can be purchased. Comment below and let me know what you think!
styling by sj 1
"Falu Red" Outfit:
1. Wine Red Lapel Long Sleeve Knit Coat.
2. Open Stone Torque Necklace.
3. Sophia Textured Bandeau Crop Top.
4. Burgundy Ribbed Stripe Pencil Skirt.
5. Gianvito Rossi, Lace Up Cut Out Heels in Suede Bisque.
6. Nars, Audacious Lipstick Jeanne Cherry Red.
7. MAC 2 Lash.

styling by sj 2
"Dinner Date" Outfit:

1. Ritz Mini Dress.
2. Camel Pea Coat.
3. MAC Sized to Go Tinted Lipglass.
4. Gold Giuseppe Zanotti Design Women.
5. Stacey Metal Cage Hard Clutch.

The Vogue Festival 2015

"In Vogue We Trust!"
styling by sj 3
It's essential that you keep April 25th and 26th free as it is now official! Vogues fourth annual festival in association with Harrods is on its way, providing all fashion lovers and Vogue readers to the ultimate fun-filled day.
The Festival will be held in two venues, The Royal College of Art and The Royal Geographic Society. The spectacular line-up in the Royal College of Art venue will consist of masterclasses, cover shoots, makeovers, and makeup and hair tutorials with the help of the industries finest. In the Royal Geographic Society venue, there will be one-to-one opportunities to meet with professionals in the industry for career talks and advice. On stage there is a discussion held with some of the great faces in Fashion, Naomi Campbell, Alex Chung and Jourdan Dunn are amongst those who made an appearance during the festival last year. Modelling, styling, writing etc are just a few of the topics discussed, but as student or someone new to the industry, it is a great opportunity to gain inspiration or to allow the heaps of key points plant seeds to go on and do amazing things. With that being said, The Vogue Festivals seems like an ideal place to network, make friends and to gain inspiration and an insight of the Fashion industry.
styling by sj 4
Alexa Chung at The Vogue Festival 2014.

styling by sj 5
The editor & chief of Vogue Italia and Naomi Campbell, The Vogue Festival 2014

It is the second year Vogue has joined forces with Harrods for the festival, so I am sure that this event will be bigger and better than last years. Be sure to visit the famous Vogue gift shop. More information on The Vogue Festival will be revealed soon on their website, tickets go on sale in March.

Written by Fashions Finest blogger Simone James
Tuesday, 27 January 2015 20:19

Poppy London

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If you have been finding it hard to keep up with the latest fashions while trying to be warm and stylish at the same time then you have obviously never been introduced to Poppy London. Have you ever found yourself mesmerized while watching 'Made in Chelsea' and wondering how the ladies in it like Louise and Binky always seem to pull off that classic, graceful look on the coldest of days, the answer to that question is they wear the latest clothing from Poppy London.

You can find Poppy London online. Why not have a look and treat yourself to a checked wool cape with raccoon fur? Maybe even a Raccoon fur collar Parka jacket or even a natural raccoon fur collar scarf to keep you looking amazing on the way to meet the girls for lunch?
poppy London 1 poppy London 2

If you really want to make an impression then you may want to team one of these items with a Poppy London fur pom pom hat. The hats come in assorted colours so you will find one to match any outfit. Personally I would also buy a pom pom keying to keep your keys on or to use as a cute accessory to hang on your handbag.

While you're looking at the Poppy London site be sure to check out their natural gilets, just because you were not made in Chelsea that does not mean you can't dress like you were.

Written Fashions Finest blogger Hayley Sweeney
Sunday, 18 January 2015 13:37

Fashion Ballet Photoshoot

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Dance and it's fascination within the fashion world is still going strong. As we saw at New York and Paris fashion week early last year dancers took the stage in ballet inspired costumes designed by iconic designer's including Alexander McQueen. The showcase of designer Katrantzou designs showcased in a ballet dance routine was one of spring 15 London fashion week highlights, and the trend swept throughout the fashion world.

Back in December I joined fashion photographer Ryan James Davies of MonoColour Photography Ltd in the Scottish Highlands with principle Sara- Maria Barton of Ballet West ballet school for our very own fashion ballet photo shoot. I was also there providing make-up services to the students for their Romeo and Juliet video trailer for their upcoming tour around Scotland beginning on the 23rd of this month.

As this was a fashion inspired editorial I wanted to keep the make-up clean, fresh and minimal. I didn't want the audience's eye to be focused on the make-up, but instead on Sara and the beautiful tranquillity in Sara's ballet pose.
10750312 873995509291942 5026494399515421555 o
Ballet dancer: Sara-Maria Barton, Photographer: Ryan James Davies, Make-up artist: Victoria Davies

  1. Clarins skin care and primer
  2. Illamasqua skin base foundation
  3. YSL Highlighting concealer
  4. Mehron UK powder for brows
  5. Mehron UK cream blusher
  6. Illamasqua cream highlighter
  7. Urban Decay Naked 3 palette
  8. YSL 'Shocking' mascara
  9. Kryolan lip stain
Thursday, 15 January 2015 17:35

London Collections: Men 2015

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Friday 9th January marked the official start of the London Collections: Men. With brands such as Topman, Coach, Barbour and Todd Lynn showcasing their latest fashions, this fashion week only gets bigger and better.
LCM-HeaderThe Autumn/Winter 2015 fashion shows are always an important fixture on the fashion calendar, with the men's collections taking centre stage in recent years. Sunday sees the likes of Moschino, Alexander McQueen and JW Andersen do what they do best, followed by Tom Ford, Burberry and Paul Smith on Monday. But the news which everyone is talking about is the return of John Galliano. Now the creative director of Maison Martin Margiela, Galliano will show his first womens couture collection on Monday 12th January, instead of during the biannual couture shows in Paris. It's clear that Galliano wants to stand out from the crowd and will be sure to create quite a frenzy during the mens shows in London.

Even though it tends to be the womens ready-to-wear shows which draw the biggest fan base, the mens collections are slowly creeping up in terms of prestige and importance. On the front row we can expect to see celebrities such as Kate Moss, David Gandy, Olivier Cheshire and Nick Grimshaw who is one of the spokesmen of the fashion week. And of course, there will be number of glitzy parties held throughout London. Exquisite tailoring curtsey of Saville Row will be sure to stun, cool and urban looks from the likes of Moschino will surely inspire as well as the up town chic of designers like Burberry and Tom Ford. It's sure to be an unforgettable week.
london collections men01
On top of all that, the annual Golden Globes 2015 ceremony is taking place on Sunday evening in Los Angeles, which is always a great fashion show full of gorgeous couture dresses. Be sure to check out the winners and the celebrity fashion as it happens!

Written by Fashions Finest blogger Hannah Last. 
Tuesday, 06 January 2015 11:05

The Keys to Dressing Well At Work

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Men have it easy when it comes to dressing nicely for work. A suit and a tie, some shined shoes—simple as that!

What about women? Dress codes can seem so confining to our individuality and fashionable tendencies. No need to imagine a terribly uncomfortable suit dress or poorly fitting slacks. There are other options; it just takes some effort to search in the right places.

Skirts are easy—you can find plenty of work-appropriate skirts in just about any store. Stick to longer lengths to avoid accidentally breaking the dress code.

Dresses are the same thing. You can find them all over the place. They're classic, comfy and great for an early morning when you can't convince yourself to get out of bed on the first ringing of the alarm clock.

Now, it's the long trousers that are hard to come by. On sites like Ginger&Smart, the selections of nice long trousers are abundant, but which should you choose? This is a big purchase, one you definitely want to consider before taking the plunge. You'll want to buy a nice pair that can last you ages.
2015-01-06 1106
What should you consider when you choose your next pair of long trousers? Read on to find out what the most important variables are.


One nice pair will go a long way, especially when you purchase something as simple as a pair of plain black dress trousers.

You're going to have to spend a bit of money to get the high quality you crave, but it will be worth it in the end when you're still wearing the same long trousers years down the line without any wear and tear in the fabric.

It will last long. You're going to get your money's worth out of a nice pair of long trousers. In fact, the general rule of thumb is that the more expensive it is, the better the quality. This is one of those rare occasions when splurging is necessary.

Plus, with great quality clothes, you'll be that much closer to a better fitting outfit that will keep you comfortable all day long.


You're going to want to go with something that leaves you many top options. For example, plain black is always a good choice of color because it matches with pretty much anything. This includes boldly colored heels you might choose to spice up an outfit.

You don't want to choose your long trousers in any colors that stand out too boldly because that limits what you can wear with it. Stick to blacks, whites and common shades of blue.


The very last thing to consider when trying to find the perfect pair of long trousers is the fit you want.

Do you want slim fitting long trousers? A tailored shape? Boot cut? Comfy yet professional shorts? The possibilities are endless. Just be sure to choose something you truly love and are comfortable in so you can wear your purchase often and get your money's worth.

Written by guest blogger Bella Gocher 
Monday, 05 January 2015 22:17

Top Spring 2015 Ad Campaigns

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With a new year comes new ad campaigns. From Kim and Kanye for Balmain to Julia Roberts for Givenchy, fashion brands have really pulled out all the stops to make sure their spring/summer 2015 collection stands out.
10885321 10203366847588656 7174843791557918143 n
No doubt you've seen supermodel Gisele Bundchen in the new Chanel No5 adverts. Beautifully directed by Baz Luhrmann, Gisele frolics on the beach before hurrying into the busy city for a glitzy photo shoot. Gisele is now also the face of the spring 2015 Chanel campaign, which was shot by the legendary Karl Lagerfeld in Paris. With haunting monochrome effects, the photographs dazzle in a subtle elegance, perfectly matching the famous style of Chanel. Whereas, Christian Dior has chosen up and coming Australian model Julia Nobis to model their new collection, photographed by Willy Vanderperre. Floral and romantic, these images are stunning and capture the dainty, delicate skirts and dresses that feature for spring.
Dolce and Gabbana are another brand who has a fantastic spring campaign. With a emphasis on everlasting style and the fiery, matador image of Spain, Dolce focus on pose and movement in their photographs, with models looking as though they are ready to enter the bull ring themselves! The campaign even features the youngest ever bullfighter, Jose Maria Manzanares who started his hobby at the age of 12 as well as three adorable old ladies who look more than happy posing alongside embellished handbags.
This year is also the year of celebrity ads. Madonna models for Versace this season, Kim Kardashian and Kayne West for Balmain Menswear and supermodel Gemma Ward for Prada. Givenchy have also decided on a celebrity face to front their spring campaign with Julia Roberts taking the honour. While British brand Burberry have called in the help of Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn to get their spring underway. It's fair to say next season has never looked more fashionable!

Written by Fashions Finest blogger Hannah Last  
Friday, 02 January 2015 10:07

New Year, New You

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As another new year is upon we all feel eager to make changes in our lives and have a fresh start. Just remember to be realistic with what you would like to change and then never look back. Here are ten changes you may need to make in your life:

1. Diet
Eat the right food. Cut out salt and sugar from your diet. Eat out less and buy a cook book to make healthy delicious meals at home. Make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

2. Get Active

Join a gym and go at least three times a week. If you can afford a personal trainer then it would be beneficial. Go running with a friend or buy a fitness dvd and work out at home.

3. Quit Smoking

Cigarettes are costly and damage your lungs leading to cancer. They age you and remember that cigarettes do not smell of roses.

4. Cut Out Alcohol

Alcohol adds extra calories to your diet and it will increase the risks of you developing liver disease and high blood pressure. A glass or two on a special occasion is fine.

5. Sort Out Your Finances

Start saving for that rainy day, you never know when you may need some extra cash. If you are in debt then try to resolve the problem. Go to citizen's advice or get in touch with a debt management charity like StepChange.

6. Drive

If you do not drive, learn how to. Having your own way to get about can be a blessing.

7. Cut People Off

If you have certain friends that are stopping you from getting what you want out of life and just taking from you say good bye for good. You need positive people in your life.

8. Holidays

Make sure you go abroad and see the world. You can even go for a short weekend away if your finances will not stretch that far.

9. Take time out
Have a few minutes for yourself to have a relaxing hot bath, read a book, and reflect on what you have done with your day.

10. Career

If you are not where you want to be in your career then make a change. Are you in the wrong career or do you need a pay rise. Put a plan in action and make this happen, have a talk with your boss and see what can be done.

Written by Fashions Finest blogger Hayley Sweeney. 
Tuesday, 30 December 2014 21:35

2014, A Year to Remember

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For some 2014 has been a year full of joy, fun and laughter with some amazing memories to treasure forever. For others, this year will have flown by with little time to achieve all that you wanted - but hopefully there were some great moments too!
77f384be3c7562b5 poll2.xxxlarge
In terms of fashion, 2014 was packed full of standout occasions. It was announced that John Galliano would make his big comeback at Maison Martin Margiela, Gucci's creative director Frida Giannini left the brand along with her CEO husband and sadly Oscar de la Renta passed away, leaving behind a fantastic legacy that will never be forgotten. The annual Victoria's Secret Show wowed audiences in London while the Met Gala in May was a night full of beautiful red carpet glamour.
1386718 Germanys players celebrate with the World Cup trophy after the 2014 World Cup final against Argentina460173460rs 634x1024 140108134218 634.Ellen Degeneres Oscar Promo.jl.010814
There have been some fabulous celebrity weddings: Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. As well as some amazing moments: Anna Wintour picking up lifetime achievement award at the British Fashion Council awards, the Duchess of Cambridge announcing her second pregnancy and Ellen DeGeneres' amazing selfie at the 2014 Academy Awards! The World Cup was won by Germany after a triumphant fight to the final and films such as Interstellar, Gone Girl and The Hunger Games 3 soared at the box office.

2014 was also the year we lost some of the brightest stars on the planet. Peaches Geldof, Lauren Bacall, Joan Rivers and Robin Williams all sadly passed away leaving life that little bit more duller.

Whatever your plans for 2015, make it a year of prosperity and fun! If you make New Year resolutions, try to stick to them! If not, celebrate life, go for that job opportunity, graduate university and make some special memories!

Happy New Year from everyone at Fashions Finest and all the best for 2015!

Written by Fashions Finest blogger Hannah Last 
Friday, 26 December 2014 14:54

5 'Positives' Most Rising Models Have adopted

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Camilla Pagliarosi Rising star and our choice for the one to watch.
IDLK3522Photographer: Trevor Fogah Griffiths, iDeLick Media. Make up artist: Carmelina Nina Farrag

The coming of the New Year often brings in the wish to change a habit or bringing about of a new attitude in the form of a New Years Resolution. With all good intention, for some, this new habit or attitude normally last for about a couple of months. And then a return to the old debilitating habits that leaves a Model with potential way off the selection list.

1. Time Keeping

Attending a casting is very much the first hurdle for Models who travels to see the Organiser of an event that requires Models wishing to work or volunteer. Registering at the advertised time is the first opportunity a Model has to make an impression on an Organiser and put them in a strong position to make selection. Even if you are not selected, a great impression will be left with the Organiser and leave a positive message and experience for the next casting.

Advice: be on time for the casting and remember there will always be a next time.

2. Communication

Some times, especially on a Sunday, there are a lot of disruption to transportation and route in major cities. The disruption are sometimes advertised and some time not. A Model that is running late should always communicate promptly to the organiser that there is a problem and give an expected time of arrival.

Advise: If a Model really want to impress the organiser, keep in contact with the Organiser. Also, give the Organiser a call the night before the event to let them know how much you are looking forward to attend their event. Then, use that magical phrase, 'Thank You'.

3. Happy Face

Remind yourself to wear your 'happy face' before you even think about pressing the bell at the event's location. Always assume that everyone at the event is on a happy vibe and are ready and set to make the most out of the event. As a bonus, they extend their 'happiness to be here' attitude to everybody they meet. Even if there is a Lift Attendant or a Porter, they will so to say, spread their joy.

Attendees should note that there would be a few people running around fixing and asserting their will as they are the Organiser or part of the Organisational Team and they have a job to do.

Advice: Ask if a Team Member needs assistant. Or to say with no apology, stay where you have been allocated and sit down out of the way. But it is always a good thing to ask if help is need.

4. Respect

I believe that if a person wants respect, then they have to 'be respectful' to others. Most Organisers have a vision and look to put their plans in place well before the Model has even been selected. These plans have been agreed and might even have been rehearsed behind closed doors and all information extended only to those belonging to the Organisational Team.

Advise: There is belief that everyone is very much tied together in the fashion industry and whether known or unknown. It is also believed and a given that they have organisational ethics. Also, noting that there is a specific way to communicate with respect and in a 'warm-style' to the Organiser about any part of their plan. Anyone NOT involved at the Planning Stage of an event should be wise enough NOT to impose their plan or on any member of Organisation Team. My advice would be to find out what relationships exist before trying to enforce an expectation.

5. Do Not Gossip

Speaking well of everyone is the key to going further with your modeling career. When meeting someone at an event and having at least one or more good things to say about people and their craft is one of the most positive things a new Model can do.

There is a common assumption that when a Model has been selected, they have power to influence. This is a myth and can be assured a 'myth' just speaking to Organisers, Models or other Creative that are enjoying a great career. Most people entering into Modeling will not be aware of the sensitiveness of this industry and the investments that have been made were people have given great amount of time and effort to there craft. Also that most of the Specialist, Creatives and Generalist do not 'wear their credentials on their sleeves' so to say or in short 'boost' about themselves or their merits.

Advise: Remember that just because a person is not spoken about, does not mean that they are 'a body' and is open for sarcasm or ridicule. And remember, 'if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all'.
Sunday, 21 December 2014 17:44

Shop the Sales in Style

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It's that time of year again. After the stressful and exhausting lead up to Christmas and the joyful aftermath that follows, the Boxing Day sales kick off with a whole host of festive bargains!

With many high street stores such as H&M, French Connection and Whistles starting their sales before Christmas, this year looks sure to be big in regard to the amazing discounts on offer. And after the success of the Black Friday sales last month and the huge amount of money spent by consumers, this Christmas looks sure to be a dogfight for the best prices out there.

River Island have just launched their online sale, marking down much of their autumn stock to below the £30 mark while has a fantastic range of clothing in their clearance sale, with many sizes still available. For the best bargains, you've got to get shopping fast, with the popular 10,12 and 14 sizes selling out almost immediately. Topshop have also begun their sales early, marking down lots of cute, preppy dresses and stylish jewellery from their Freedom by Topshop range as have House of Fraser with a few selected items, but expect more pieces to follow after the first couple of days.

However, for most of the big department stores and main high street retailers, you'll have to wait for Boxing Day to start shopping. Debenhams, John Lewis, Harrods and Selfridges start their sales bright and early on the 26th December which is bound to cause a desperate scurry amongst excited bargain hunters as the doors open as do Zara, who never go on sale before the 25th. Expect lots of beautiful classic pieces such as skirts, coats and dresses to be reduced to amazing prices, as well as their practical and stylish leather bags - a staple of the brand.

The Next sale is also a hot favourite, with stores up and down the country opening at 7.00am sharp to make way for the hundreds of hungry shoppers. With mens, womens, kids and homewear all discounted it's easy to see why Next is so popular when it comes to their sales. If it's not fashion you're after, everything from toys, gadgets and phones to sofas and holidays will be discounted considerably so make sure you're ready to shop the Boxing Day sales in style!
article 0 07B541DE000005DC 503 634x422shopaholic
Written by Hannah Last
Thursday, 11 December 2014 20:47

Kerrie Luft SS15

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IMG 0040IMG 0046
I'm such a lunatic when it comes to shoes. I truly enjoy visiting the shoes department at the mall, where I like to treat them as 'a free admission art gallery'. I can wander around there for the whole day, literally. It feels unbelievably amazing to be able to lift them off the shelves, try them on, admire them but not technically buy them - Unless they were big sale signs next to them, which doesn't often exist for luxury brands. Anyway, I'm going off topic. I just wanted to share these elegantly designed heels by Kerrie Luft with you. Don't you just love the delicate heels and flower shaped details!? Although, I know that many women struggles with thin heels but don't give up... Practice makes perfect!

It is a safer option to wear these on a flat (and smooth) surface, as I know how irritating it is to get my heels stuck between gaps in the floor. The problem that occurs after that is when you actually notice that your new soles/heels has been scratched (even though you've bought them a month ago) – Ouch!
IMG 0041IMG 0047
I absolutely loved the black (and white) pairs when I saw them. They're so feminine and effortlessly chic! I do believe that I've already have a great list of footwear designers that I admire, but from now on these Kerrie Luft heels will be added to my wish list. They are my ideal types of heels, I like cut outs, bootie styled heels and of course any arty looking ones tends to take my breath away!

More about Kerrie Luft here:

Written by Fashions Finest blogger Boonya Rodpunyar
Tuesday, 09 December 2014 18:30

Chanel Metiers d’Art 2015

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While gorgeous Victoria Secret models paraded down the catwalk at Earls Court in London, Chanel hosted a very different show, full of delicate beauty in Salzburg.

The annual Chanel Metiers d'Art collection always delivers in elegance, poise and beauty. This year, Karl Lagerfeld went all Austrian, choosing the chocolate box town of Salzburg as the perfect location to show his latest designs – the same beautiful town The Sound of Music was filmed in.

As for the collection, it was stunning as always. With a traditional Victorian theme, Lagerfeld sent out boxy jackets decorated in intricate gold frogging, breeches in luxe satin and knee high boots with lace tie ups. Cute Austrian hats with feathers were perched romantically upon models heads while swinging mini dresses in festive red and black looked absolutely lovely.

Oversized knitted jumpers paired with skirts hinted at 70's chic as did the high neck silk shirts, complete with colourful floral patterns around the hems and cuffs. And with supermodels such as Lara Stone, Stella Tennent, Cara Delevingne and Aymeline Valade casually strutting their stuff, this was a show with just the right mix of classic cool and traditional heritage. Fantastic!

To hear Karl Lagerfeld talk you through his Chanel collection, check out the video below:

Writen by Fashions Finest blogger Hannah Last


Tuesday, 02 December 2014 10:23

A Fashionable Week

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Fasten your seat belts and hold on tight! We are in for a roller coaster ride of fashion treats with the annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Chanel's Metiers d'Art catwalk event and the prestigious British Fashion Awards 2014.

First up, on Monday evening, fashion's finest will descend upon the London Coliseum for the 2014 British Fashion Awards, hosted by comedian Jack Whitehall. With the likes of Christopher Kane, Cara Delevingne, Alexander McQueen and Louis Vuitton nominated for various awards, this promises to be an amazing night packed full of gorgeous red carpet gowns and a-list celebrities. Plus, this year American Vogue Editor Anna Wintour will receive the Outstanding Achievement award for her contribution to fashion over the years, which is something you won't want to miss!

On December 2nd, the Victoria Secret angels come to London for the first time ever, as the annual lingerie show moves in to Earls Court. Expect Twitter and Instagram to face a mini meltdown as supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Karlie Kloss and Izabel Goulart strut their stuff down the runway, accompanied by performances by Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and returning for a second year, Taylor Swift. Everyone will be talking about this show all year round, so it's defiantly worth tuning into the live stream to take in the extravaganza first hand.

Controversially, Karl Lagerfeld's Metier's d'Art show for Chanel will also be taking place on the same night as the VS fashion show, proving to be a dilemma for models and press alike. How do you choose between Chanel and Victoria's Secret? It's a tough one! Taking place at Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzberg, the Metier's d'Art show is an annual catwalk event which allows Chanel to show off their finery and opulence. Last year, the show was held in Dallas, with Navajo style ponchos and ranch outerwear taking centre stage. So who knows what to expect this year, but it will surely be great.

It might be getting colder outside, but things are defiantly heating up in the world of fashion! Get ready to sit back and enjoy the shows...
Writen by Fashions Finest blogger Hannah Last
Monday, 01 December 2014 11:55

Party Make-up Heaven

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The party season is soon approaching and so are the new make-up trends. This season it's all about the eyes with nails to match.

Fresh faced dewy highlighted skin teamed up with glammed up shimmer and glitter is this party seasons must have!

My advice is apply your normal foundation mixed with a highlighting cream like Mac Strobe Cream to create a healthy dewy base. Followed by Bobbi Brown Brightening finishing powder to give a quick brightening pick me up to the skin for all those after work parties.

Focus on the eyes keeping the lips nude and glossy. There's so many new luscious eye shimmering palettes out there on the market for this season that a girl is spoilt for choice. So lucky for you I spent the day testing new palettes to give you a list of my favourites...
299-85076589-EC2Y01 M
1) Bobbi Brown Warm Eye Palette – everything you need to make your eyes stand out. 6 warm shades to create a warm sultry effect with added sparkle and shimmer. £37.50
I 198403578 50 20140403
2) Lancome Hypnôse Drama Eyes Parisian Lights – limited edition palette of smokey shades of dark and golden. £37
359-84011246-F014840756 GOLDENREFLECTIONS M
3) Dior 5 Couleurs eyeshadow – bold colours in matte, satiny, iridescent and ultra-shimmery. £42
4) Mac glitter - high-level of loose glitter and sparkle effects which can be added to shadows or worn alone to create a more glitter effect. £18
5) Loreal La Palette Nude Rose – glamourous sophisticated nude eye shades. £ 14.99
329-81004873-MWM AMETHYST M
Team your make-up up with the perfect nails to match, I love this set from Mac. Neautral tomes and glitters to match this season party eye make-up. £26
Wednesday, 05 November 2014 13:16

Keshi Pearls by Yvel Take Center Stage

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The irregular shape, size, and color of Keshi pearls are part of what make them so unique.
When you put a strand on, give these pearls their due glory and let them take center stage in your outfit.

The Satin Sea Collection by Yvel was created to caress, curve, and accent the unique shape of the Keshi pearl. An organic aesthetic combined with simple sophistication is what makes this collection of pearls shine so brightly. The Keshi Pearl & Diamond Rose Gold Earrings and Keshi Fresh Water Pearl Necklace are the epitome of true luxury and sublime sophistication. Compliment these luxury items with solid colors and sleek silhouettes.

Keshi Pearl & Diamond Rose Gold Earrings

When wearing these earrings, avoid distracting from their beauty by opting for fabrics with minimal texture, solid colors from top to bottom, and either high or deep-V necklines.
keshi pearsl 1
Image source: Candid Online

For an evening look, try an elegant full-length silk gown in a jewel-tone color with a high neckline, or a fitted jumpsuit in a single color with a plunging neckline.

If you are attending a laid-back evening event, wear a long-sleeved sweater dress in a neutral color paired with black tights and booties, or wide-leg pants with a matching sheer blouse.
keshi pearsl 2
You can also transition these earrings into a day look with a solid-color jersey wrap dress or jeans, boots, and a solid-color blouse.
keshi pearsl 3

Keshi Freshwater Pearl & Gold Nugget Necklace

The Keshi pearl necklace is a more dramatic choice in jewelry that combines white Keshi fresh water pearls with 18K yellow gold pieces. As such, keep your other jewelry, accessories, and overall look minimal by selecting simple textures and non-patterned fabrics. In addition, since this necklace sits high up on the collar bone, the most important factor you'll need to consider when putting together an outfit is the neckline; for an ideal look choose a crew, u-neck, or strapless neckline. Whichever neckline you decide on, make sure that the neckline is either high enough or low enough to display the necklace without cutting it off.
keshi pearsl 4
Since this Keshi necklace incorporates gold, try pairing it with black or cream colors to let the full range of colors in the pearls and gold shine through.

These looks work well year-round; whatever outfit you choose, draw inspiration from the Keshi pieces and let the pearls shine through.

To check out all of Yvel's exotic collections of pearl jewelry visit their website – 
Monday, 20 October 2014 11:02

Rohmir SS15

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This season at London Fashion Week, Rohmir Spring/Summer 15 collection was showcased at Fashion Scout. I still remembered the first time Rohmir was introduced to me (AW14 collection) at Fashions Finest. Last season, each designs were individual. There were great balances between leather, faux fur and the use of sequins. The whole collection focused on the colour of deep blue, gold as well as pastels. Another thing that I thought bought the show together was the fact that a lot of the guests were dressed so amazingly. It was a good opportunity to be inspired by different sense of styles and characters before the show starts.

However, Spring/Summer 15 collection was completely different. Obviously, the designs were interesting but it was so different to the previous collection. I guess that fits perfectly with the fashion industry – constantly changing, and unpredictable. When I was watching this show, I had mixed emotions. At one point I thought the collection was inspired by travelling, then all of a sudden some models walked elegantly down the catwalk, all wearing glamorous evening dresses like they were about to attend a gala dinner. I made a rather wrinkly-face like a pug, as I was slightly confused. Personally, I feel that this collection was 'unfinished'. But I guess that could also be a positive thing, as quoted by the famous artist, Leonardo da Vinci, "Art is never finished, only abandoned."
IMG 0135IMG_0136
Each designs were individual though, the 'travelling inspired' designs were playful yet feminine. Almost like telling a story of a woman who has travelled the world, the bold print of belts against subtle tone of beige, with a hint of pleats blended into the skirt. The designs are very contemporary; sharp cuts, with strong structure. I feel like this collection was designed especially for independent women, as many designs looked rather mature and well-presented at the same time.
IMG 0143
IMG 0148
The evening dresses were stunning, but they were super difficult to capture (sharply) on camera. I adore the fuchsia dresses the most – the way they have been draped, layered and most importantly they looked so elegant on the models as they passes by. I think they were the perfect evening dresses to look and feel feminine in. As the material was so delicate, they were allowed to flow around freely as soon as the models stepped onto the runway. Last of all, I can happily say that I'm more excited to see darker and brighter shades of pink (and any other colours) heating up spring/summer next year. Because honestly I'm getting tired of that 'pastel pink' stuff now - it's so repetitive!
IMG 0150
The designer happily poses for the cameras with her most favourites dresses. It was so obvious; that beautiful fuchsia dress stepped out to the front! Gosh, I must have a good taste!

Written by FF blogger Boonya Rodpunyar 
Monday, 20 October 2014 09:30

On Set

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I'm very lucky to be a Make-up Artist, I don't just get to work on glamorous fashion shows making up beautiful models showcasing some of the best unique designs but I also get to work on film sets and also do one of my favourite areas of my job.... TEACH.

Teaching for me has got to be one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I get to teach learners all about my passion, develop their skills, and help bring out their inner passion for the same subject that I love. Seeing my students do well and talk openly about make-up gives me goose bumps. I reminisce on my learning days, the plans I had for my future, the nerves I had of taking that big step by moving to London to follow my dream of being a Make-up Artist. I see myself a lot in my students. If I can help them do as well as I am doing In such a short space of time then I know I have done a good job.

So for the past few days I have took 7 of my learners on work experience with me. Where? A film set! I can't tell you all too much about this film just yet, but what I will say is that myself and my team of learners had lots of fun with blood. They worked incredibly hard and I am very proud of them all. The film is released on Boxing Day in the UK and January for the rest of the world.

Of course the incredible MEHRON UK sponsored the film as I was the Make-up designer over the whole film.

Some of the products we used are shown below; lots of blood and gore and of course it's that time of year for Halloween... So come back next week for Halloween make-up looks.
on set with mehronon set with studensts 
Monday, 20 October 2014 09:14

Fashion Diary - New York

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Brooklyn impressions (Photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

During my recent trip to New York I managed to take some time off and do a little bit more than usual running from one fashion show to another... And I must admit it was such a refreshing experience! I had a chance to explore hip shopping scene in Williamsburg (Brooklyn), discover one of the coolest hotels in Manhattan and attend the opening reception of 'Killer Heels' exhibition at the impressive Brooklyn Museum.

All about Heels

Sharp stilettos, wedges and platforms inspired by architecture, historical and contemporary heels - you can see all of them at this amazing fashion exhibition that runs until 15 February 2015. The exhibition is divided in six thematic section and looks at the high-heeled shoe's rich history and its enduring place in popular culture.

Some of the designers featured at 'Killer Heels' include Chanel, Prada, Nicholas Kirkwood, Julian Hakes, Georgina Goodman, Masaya Kushino and Winde Rienstra. There are also some inspiring fashion movies including provocative 'La Douleur Exquise' (2014) by Nick Knight.

Highly recommended!
Winde Rienstra, Bamboo Heels, 2012 (Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

Manhattan's Most Futuristic Hotel

YOTEL is a trendy high-tech hotel located near Times Square. It has a vibrant atmosphere, modern design, and a very convenient location perfect for exploring Manhattan on foot.

YOTEL is all about innovative, flexible and smart design. Occupancy sensors automatically turn on/off the heating/lighting and cooling systems when the cabins (rooms) are empty. The colour palette is fresh and in tune with the latest fashion trends - radiant orchid is the official PANTONE Color of the Year 2014 and YOTEL has been featured on their social media website as one of the influencers. So it is hard to think of a more fashionable hotel for 2014 - YOTEL ticks all the boxes. 
YOTEL New York (Photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

First Impressions

First thing that strikes you after arriving at the hotel is its ultra-modern technology.

Innovative self-service kiosks (open 24/7) allow you to check in and check out quickly and without any hassle. They are located in the hotel's Ground Control area, which is also staffed with a team of helpful crew members around the clock.

There is also a robot that takes care of your luggage. You can see it in action here > 

YOBOT is the world's most radical approach to storing left luggage – it's fun, it's efficient, and it's the most modern baggage management system in the world. Very impressive indeed!
YOBOT at night (Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

Second thing that grabs your attention is YOTEL's unique vocabulary. There is Mission Control instead of your regular reception desk, guest rooms are called 'cabins' and all employees are 'crew members'. Welcome on board.


The hotel was designed by Rockwell Group of New York in collaboration with Softroom of London and features 20,000 sqft of flexible and dynamic entertainment space including the largest hotel terrace in the city.

"A key design challenge with YOTEL New York has been to develop a personality that strikes the right balance between efficiency and warmth" explains Softroom Director Oliver Salway, "This is not another designer 'boutique' hotel - it's more like product design on a giant scale than architecture or decorating. Every detail contributes towards the comfort and convenience of the guest, while at the same time being elegant and emotionally appealing".
Mission Control (Photo courtesy of YOTEL)
VIP Suite living space (Photo courtesy of YOTEL) 
Monday, 20 October 2014 09:03

A New Start for Galliano

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It has been well documented over the past week the exciting news that designer John Galliano will be joining Maison Martin Margiela as creative director. After his infamous anti-Semitic rant in 2011, the previous designer of Christian Dior has been working on himself in a rehab centre in Arizona, getting himself healthy mentally and physically. And now, it seems as though the fashion industry is giving this phenomenal designer another chance at Margiela.

Renzo Russo, billionaire owner of Margiela as well as, Diesel and Marni, stated, ' I couldn't be happier. For the Maison Margiela, which deserves a new visionary leader; and for John Galliano, who is a talent beyond definition and time. I always believed in brave, unpredictable choices, and this one is no exception.'

Galliano, who first started at Dior in 1996, is known for his eccentric and flamboyant designs as he takes inspiration from history and culture. Martin Margiela, on the other hand, was a man who craved anonymity and never took a bow at the end of any of his catwalk shows. His edgy yet connectional shows always pushed the boundaries, focusing on exquisite tailoring and simple silhouettes. Two fashion designers with very different aesthetics. So Russo's decision to hire Galliano was, as you can imagine, a controversial decision. Either this design partnership will work, or it will likely crash and burn. Time will only tell.

Galliano will present his first collection for Margiela in January, but whether that will be to critical acclaim is still uncertain. Nevertheless, this is huge news for the industry and will have many waiting in anticipation for the first new collection under the rehabilitated John Galliano.
john-galliano-dior-haute-couture--large-msg-114087141622-2maison martin margiela 2011 2john-galliano-paris-haute-fashion-dresses
Written by FF blogger Hannah Last 
Monday, 06 October 2014 13:40

John Gallianos return to Fashion

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John Galliano is to return to the fashion industry as the creative director of French fashion house Maison Martin Margiela.
3 years on his Anti-Semitic Rants seem to have been forgotten and it's business as usual.

What are your thoughts in this? 
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