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Monday, 06 October 2014 10:18

Essex Fashion Week 5th Annual Fashion Show

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When we received the invitation to attend the 5th Annual Essex Fashion Show, there was a bit of apprehension as we had heard about it in the past, but we only knew as much that it existed. After a brief debate with our Editor at Fashions Finest we decided to visit in the capacity of a reporter with the intention to update our Blog.

On arriving in Fairlop Essex, oh yeah! That feeling of being in the open countryside confirmed good shoes was a must as the Lake View Marquee was accessed by what could only be deemed as a country lane. Any other shoe of a softer type might have needed a good scrubbing after wear.

We arrived a little early than norm just to see the organisation and transformation of the event for the attending public. As done when seeing something new, there is a pause in front of the Marquee and to say, it was admirable.

On entering into the registration, I would say that arriving early might have thrown the organisers a bit. I was promptly vetted and given the all clear VIP classification with a warm feeling that they understood why we attended and to ensure we had a great time. Knowing that this Fashion Week was apart from the London and other Fashion Weeks around the world, we didn't know what to expect from the attendees to this event. I am use to situating myself during fashion week around Somerset House with the droves of fashion seeking public dressed stylist, off the wall, bazaar, avant-garde, ect. But the view by most people attending a typical Fashion Week could be taken as dress to impress.

Well, did Essex Fashion Week deliver? That is for you to decide. We just made sure we captured the most stylish and fashionably dressed visitors.
Designer on the night were Dentelle Bleue, Jane Norman, Dirty Angels, Tresor, Freeport Braintree, Matthew Hubble, Tryme To Live, Confetti Couture, Kryolan.
Friday, 03 October 2014 12:35

Kaoska Fashion Show

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After towing and froing to nail that agreement in place for iDeLick Media to become the principle media service for Kaoska Fashion House at this event. We arrived in the capacity of a Reporting to focus on various people that serviced this event.

If you haven't been to the Hilton Hotel or any of their many brands, The Double Tree was just a short jaunt from Marble Arch underground station. Entering the building, Nomy Khan the Director of Fashion at Kaoska, laid on for his guests an extra ordinary fruit-filled Champaign courtesy of John Squibb, Pommarina brand. The refreshment did not take long to work as the guests went fully into networking and the 'hello darling' kissy kissy. Pictures were taken on the Kaoska red carpet backdrop and photographers hustled and haggled to get their pictures of the finely fashionably dressed ladies and suited gents.

Our first encounter was with Fashion Designer Hirika Jagani a graduate from London College of Fashion. Hirika from India engaged us with her travels around India to produce a collection of evening wear. She took us through the steps taken to ensure the full process used in the production was ethical and sustainable. She laid emphasis on the production of the dye that was made using only organic material. Hirika informed us that her careful overseeing of the dye production process was to ensure no products or ingredient was used that would harm anyone or the environment.
We also managed to have a brief word with two other Fashion Designer who also had made garments that were shown on the runway. Aina Brence gave us a treat with her dresses designed to inspire confidence and empower women.
It was Fashion Designer Suzanne Nicolson who brought humour and ladishness to the show with her collection of man's scarfs and woolly cardigans. Aina had the guys take to bicycles to add a rememberable spectacle for her segment of the show.
Show Director of Fashion at Kaoska Nomy Khan giving a personal touch to the models before they entered the runway.
Thursday, 02 October 2014 22:09

Around the streets - SS15 london fashion week: part 2

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Yanin Namasonthi & Oliver Taylor, Bloggers

Yanin is wearing: Jumper – River Island, Bag – Saint Laurent, Shoes – Hobbs, Hat – Daisy Street

Oliver is wearing: Shirt – Uniqlo, Blazer & Glasses – H&M, Shoes – Zara, Hat – Reiss

Photographs Boonya Rodpunyar

Written by Fashions Finest Blogger Boonya Rodpunyar
Thursday, 02 October 2014 09:53

Dear Frances

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My first impressions of Dear Frances latest collection, SS15: Girl Of My Dreams were very sophisticated, modern and wearable. I've never heard of this brand before (but I have now, obviously!), so upon my arrival I spoke to the designer, Jane Frances, a little bit about her background, which Jane also explained that the brand is quite new. Actually, I was very surprised to hear that, as I can honestly say that the designs and the quality of the footwear are right at the top against many successful luxurious brands. I have to admit that it's very rare for me to go back home and constantly think about a brand, unless I was totally blown away by what I saw.

I've recently developed more interests in minimalism. And I'm currently searching for a perfect pair of shoes (most preferably a pair of boots) for autumn and winter seasons, which I already have my eyes set on a pair (or two) from Dear Frances. I don't really like online shopping either, unless I've seen that product with my own eyes before (then constantly dream about them, haha). I don't really get influenced to buy something online - retouched images does not persuade me well enough. I rather try things on and view them closely, you don't get that personal experience viewing them on the internet.
Of course, I picked up a few pairs of Dear Frances in the showroom and viewed them up-close. The most amazing part was when I found out how light they were! Usually, shoes that are made out of thick wooden heels or wooden platforms are meant to be quite heavy, but Frances did an amazing job as every pair were light-weight and the leather were soft. I can imagine myself wearing most of this collection next summer; the open toe clog-style heels (which you can choose between low or high), cute flats, sandals and even trainers. They are simple yet stylish pieces that any women should own, the neat and sharp cuts are combine elegantly with see-through glass or fabric. They are made for this era, very contemporary and most importantly so wearable! 

Written by Fashions Finest blogger Boonya Rodpunyar  
Sunday, 28 September 2014 19:34

The secret to luscious locks

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Being a make-up artist is a fast paced hard job. I'm sure I speak on behalf of all artists when I say we are rushed and pushed to create a look in very little time. I recall working on a film a couple of years ago and being given 20 minutes to create glamorous hair and make-up. Luckily for me I had an assistant who was recently qualified in hair and make-up so the pressure was took off me. My assistant curled the actresses hair while I applied make-up. But I'm not always lucky enough to have an assistant to help out, and I'm not always fortunate to have enough time to style the models or actress hair myself. So what's my secret??


The word wigs often pops up thoughts in people's minds of theatre, Halloween, costume or someone who has no hair. But wigs in the fashion industry are very big news and a massive helping hand to us hair and make-up artists.

If you think about it, almost all young girls out there use or have used hair extensions, clipping or glueing in fake hair to make their own hair appear longer or fuller so why not use a wig?

Wigs do exactly the same thing. They give you long flowing bouncy girls or super sleek locks. But they also give you much more variation than what a hair extension piece would do. You can completely change your colour, length and style by simply pulling back your own hair into a bobble, popping a wig cap over your head and sitting that wig on top. And by magic your hair and overall look is completely changed!

As a hair and make-up artist working mainly in the fashion industry it is important that I use top quality wigs. If I used something that wasn't great then that would have an affect on my name and reputation and in this business I cannot afford to do that. That's why all my wigs come from the same company. Annabelle's wigs.

Annabelle's wigs is a UK independent online retailer of wigs and hair pieces. They offer full wigs, ¾ wigs, hair pieces, Clip-in hair extensions, clip-in hair pieces and ponys, fringes and accessories. They even have celebrity hair stylist Lino Carbosiero with his exclusive Lino Range that is heat resistant up to 120 degrees.

But what I really love about this company and their wigs is the amazing quality. The hair is super soft, glossy and very natural looking and they last! I can use the same wig over and over again. I can use products to create different affects and textures and the hair still remains in the same perfect condition as it was when I took it out the plastic bag. I wash the wigs after use, especially if Ive used a product medium and simply let them dry on top of a wig stand available from the company and the wig bounces straight back into shape ready to be used again. There is over 300 styles and colours available, they're stylish, affordable and current.

They have a great area on their website called 'get the celebrity look' where they have pieces to match the stars hairstyles. You can choose from Victoria beckham, Cheryl

Cole,Rihanna, Kim Kardashion and many more. As well as that you can also find your colour by using 'colour match wizard'.

These wigs are a must in my kit and have been used on so many jobs. I love them and couldn't work without them. I,m not the only one, I'm seeing more and more make-up and hair artists within the industry The team is super friendly,helpful and interested in your needs.

So there you have it. My secret to gorgeous hair to the match the gorgeous makeup on the beautiful models is by popping on an incredible Annabelle's wig.
Model: Nadia Nichole, Photographer Deborah Selwood and wig Kerry
Photographer Yhun Suarez and wig Monica 
Saturday, 27 September 2014 15:40

Around the streets - SS15 London Fashion Week: Part 1

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As I wandered around the city during London Fashion Week, I knew I was in for a big treat – street style! This season I had my eyes on outfits that are wearable, yet unusual. I'm always more into colour, patterns, textures and different combinations of layering. Although, I'm starting to feel more interested in minimalistic and sharp tailoring too, but when it comes to street-style, anything quirky grabs my attention straight away!
Photographs Boonya Rodpunyar

Written by Fashions Finest Blogger Boonya Rodpunyar 
Thursday, 25 September 2014 11:09

Pink Parcel

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If you are like me and you have that one time in the month when you are not feeling one hundred per cent then Pink Parcel is available to pick you up and lift your spirits. Starting at only £5.95p for your first box and then going up to £9.95p a month should you choose to continue, Pink Parcel is indeed a bargain.

Your Pink Parcel will be delivered straight to your door so you will not have any reason to rush to the chemist every month. You will receive a supply of tampons of your brand choice in a small black bag ready to take out with you and another two boxes full of them. If that doesn't make you happy then I am sure the extra treats will.

Once you sign up and give information about your period and when the next one is due that will be all Pink Parcel need to track your period times as long as you are regular. Your box will be with you 2-3 days before.

I have just received my first Pink Parcel and I am over the moon. I received a chocolate bar from Doisy and Dam that was dark chocolate and orange, a peppermint Teapig's tea bag which is great to relieve cramps, an Elizabeth Arden Maximum Volume Mascara, a Witch anti-blemish moisturiser to get rid of your unwanted spots that may appear at this time and a Garnier 5 Second Blur Perfecting Primer. There was even a voucher for a glass of champagne at Café Rouge.

As you are going to buy sanitary products anyway Pink Parcel makes it easier for you and also thinks about what else you may need at that time.

Written by Fashions Finest blogger Hayley Sweeney  
It was all a go at this years Fashions Finest fashion event at the Connaught Hotel, Covent Gardens. Right next door to the heavily visited Freemason Hall where Fashion Scot hosts world top designers as part of the off schedule London Fashion events.

It's Fashions Finest second year at this illustrious venue in contrast to the Bauhaus architecture of Freemason Hall. I wonder if the said ghost ever entered through the walls and over to the Connaught. But that's will be another discussion some other time. I wonder how they'll be dressed.

Vicky (Mahogany Model Management Model and Sebu (nominated for Male Model of the year at Fashions Finest Awards 2013) have both walked for Fashions Finest on a number of occasions.

We were really please by the attention the designers made to ensure their originality and vision come alive on the runway.

If we were going to focus on a particular design feature, we would say the pelted long skirt stood out for us. Watching the models giving a glimpse of their bare leg brought a touch of class and sophistication on the runway and brought about the odd goose bump.

Miss Boss Fashion

I was almost brought to tears where Wearing Memories show entered the runway with what is believed to have been missing form runway shows since the conception of 'ready to wear'. They actually gave a performance to remove the mundaneness of just passively sitting in a chair and watching endless collections go by. If it wasn't for the many glamour's models and the adventurous designers on the runway at Fashions Finest, I think I would have fallen asleep.
Wearing Memories
Friday, 19 September 2014 18:32

London Fashion Week S/S15

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Wow what a weekend I had!!!!

For another season the famous fashion week hit London along with thousands of celebrities, pro models, designers, photographers, stylists, hair and make-up artists to name a few from a long list of creative talent from around the world. Once again London did not disappoint!!

On Sunday I along with my chosen team; the immense photographer Ryan Davies of Monocolour Photography Ltd and his assistant Richard Snelson attended the most sought after show during LFW for their 8th season.... 'Fashions Finest'. We attended the show as press for 'Vernal Magazine', where some of you may already know I work as Beauty editor and Head Hair and Make-up Artist, but of course I couldn't not write about my experience on my very own blog on the 'Fashions Finest' website.

As we all know Fashions Finest is renowned for discovering new and upcoming talent and giving them the opportunities that they may not yet be able to afford when it comes to participating in the large shows during fashion week season. With this in mind Fashion Finest has become the show to watch every season during London Fashion Week allowing celebrities, buyers, fashionists and press to get the first glimpse of the collections from some of the biggest future fashion names.

Sunday's show was very close to my heart as a designer I met previously at Africa Fashion Week London, and then went on to work as key make-up artist for her look book was showcasing her first collection at her first ever London Fashion Week Show. Izelia opened her show with the talented Leon from Versatile dance crew performing a street dance which perfectly introduced the street vibe of Izelia Fashion. Izelia Fashion's style is all about transforming African prints into contemporary, stylish and flattering wearable styles.
Photographer Ryan James

Other designers showcased on the Sunday show were; Rhona Anne, I.Kollection, Charon, Koyawo, Dentelle Bleue, Kass Kouture, Sofia Douruari Coutre, Itsy Bitsy Vintage, AfroFashion, Made of Carpet, Farah Fashion Design, Miss Boss Fashion and Wearing Memories.
Make-up by AOFM Pro, Make-up - Mehron at Treasure House of Make-up, Photographer Ryan James

Being a make-up artist myself, I could not leave without going backstage and talking with the make-up team on the looks they created over the weekend for the Fashions Finest shows. Fashions Finest team up every year for their London Fashion Week show with the renowned make-up school in London AOFM. AOFM, send their graduates from their school on shows like Fashions Finest to give their past students opportunities and the experience to work on big shows during London Fashion Week.

This year they gained the make-up brand 'Mehron' from 'Treasure House of Make-up' as their sponsor for the shows in which they were involved in. I too work with Mehron products on a weekly basis and have also had Fashions Finest shows where I have been the key Make-up artist sponsored by Mehron. Mehron is an incredible brand and many of their products are my go to products in my professional kit. You can find previous blogs right here about Mehron and their amazing products.
Make-up by AOFM Pro, Make-up - Mehron at Treasure House of Make-up, Photographer Dayo Awe

While speaking with Karla Barchieri a tutor from the AOFM Academy and the key make-up artist over the weekend, she explained how she organised her team and what looks they created over the two days.

Karla had a team of 12 girls, all of who she had taught at the school and decided to split them up into three areas of, make-up, nails and media for AOFM.

On Saturday Karla and her team presented a classic look of defined brows, nude lips with strong contouring on flawless light skin on all female and male models.

Sundays look was fresh natural skin using rosy tones and highlighters that weren't too strong. The brows were still defined but much softer.

Towards the end of the show they adjusted the look making lips stronger and red and intensified the contouring by using extra highlighter.

Overall Sunday was a successful day and enjoyed by so many.

My time at London Fashion Week was incredible as it is always and I cannot wait for next season where I am already booked to work at key shows in New York and of course I am taking pro photographer Ryan Davies and his assistant Richard Snelson with me.
Tuesday, 02 September 2014 10:40

Bradand Angelina secret wedding

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally put a ring on it, as they married secretly in the south of France on Saturday. Since then, the world's media has gone crazy over this surprise wedding, with many desperate to know the inner details of what should be a private event. However, here's the full scoop of what we do know...
It has been almost ten years since the couple first met on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith, causing a controversial whirlwind romance which saw Pitt divorce his then wife, Jennifer Aniston. Six kids later and Hollywood's golden couple have finally married, without all the bravado celebrity weddings usually entail. Firstly, this was a top secret venue, with only 22 close family and friends attending the intimate ceremony – even Jolie's father, Jon Voigt was not amongst the guests present, causing even more of a media frenzy. It is believed that Angie was walked down the aisle by her adoptive sons Maddox and Pax, while her other children acted as ring bearers and petal throwers. As for the dress, details are pretty sketchy, though it has been reported that Angelina wore a traditional white gown with lots of lace detailing. So much for all the rumours that Donatalla Versace was busy designing a custom made gown!

Brad and Angelina chose the south of France as they have a holiday retreat there, Château Miraval and it said that the $35 million home is a very special place for the family. Angelina apparently promised her mother that she would one day marry in France. Yet, there was no romantic honeymoon for the newlyweds as Pitt flew over to the UK to promote his new movie in Devon, causing quite a standstill when he visited the local Tank Museum.

A happy ending for a beautiful couple. Congratulations to Brad and Angelina!

Written by Hannah Last Fashions Finest Blogger 
Friday, 29 August 2014 20:01

Black on neutral everything (VMAs2014)

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My fashion highlights of 2014's MTV Video Music Awards in no particular order; it was only after selecting my favourites that I spotted the trending black, whit and neutral colours. Even trend setters need to use neutral shades to consistently get it right. And as they say; less is more. I definitely give a 10/10 to these stars that played it colour-safe. Each style is exquisite, timeless and fashion-call worthy!
Beyonce in a Nicolas Jebran gown, Lorraine Schwartz jewellery and Christian Louboutinworld shoes.
Holland Roden in Rupert Sanderson pumps.
Kendall Jenner in La PerLa, Jennifer Fisher and Giuseppe Zanotti
Kelly Rowland in Lorraine Schwartz jewels.
Solange in H&M studio suit.
Chanel Iman in Balmain.

What were your favourite looks from the VMAs? Sound off on the comments below!
Friday, 29 August 2014 19:45

3D Hair stroke brows

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If you are unhappy with the shape or even the thickness of your eyebrows then permanent makeup by Lucy Foster is a must. Eyebrow pencil is good for a while but if you are constantly rushing around then it is likely to come off when you sweat.

Lucy's permanent tattoos can last up to 18 months and then you can have top ups. When you first arrive at whichever one of Lucy's salons is closer to you, she will kindly offer you a hot or cold beverage to drink while she puts some numbing solution on your eyebrows which will stay on for twenty minutes. After this time has passed Lucy will take to you into the room where she will transform your eyebrows. You may go into that room looking like a seven but after Lucy has worked her magic, you will come out a ten.

The first task that Lucy will do is measuring your eyebrows to check the length and height to ensure that no mistakes are made. After this Lucy draws on what she thinks your fuller eyebrows should look like, this will continue until you are a hundred per cent happy with how they look. You then move on to the tattooing, you lie down and Lucy will set to work. It feels nothing like a tattoo that you would get on another body part and you just feel a slight scratching but as Lucy continues to apply numbing solution throughout the procedure in the end you barely feel anything. After you have looked at yourself in the mirror Lucy will wax and pluck away any stray hairs you have, as she strives for perfection.

The time you spend there is about an hour and a half and will cost you £395.00; this is a small price to pay when you think of how much time and money you will save on tint and eyebrow pencils. After a few weeks you will have to return to check on the pigment to make sure it held and to also make changes to the colour and shape if necessary.
For more information go to 
Friday, 22 August 2014 20:42

KENZO in Galeries Lafayette

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A few weeks ago, I visited Paris for a short getaway and decided that I wanted to spend my time wisely; shopping and checking out some of the fashion brands I admire the most up-close. I was immediately surrounded by KENZO newest collection at the mall, where I constantly responded, 'I'm just browsing' to the sales team. Luckily, they were very kind and didn't mind that I took some photos of the collection, as I mentioned that I was very inspired.

I've been loving the design of eye-prints ever since I first spotted the 'eye-dress' by Zara. Sadly, as this high street brand is in high demand, I couldn't get my hands on one as they were sold out everywhere! By the time I found one (in my size), everybody has one, so I don't want one anymore. Because I happily purchased an adorable looking eyes print shirt from Lavish Alice a few months ago instead!

Anyway, I'm not usually a lover of the colour green - I'm very picky when it comes to that shade but definitely not a fan of deep green. But as soon as I saw this KENZO jacket with a huge eye-print design on the back, I had to bite my tongue as I fell in love with it! The leather was super soft, and when I looked at the colour properly, it looked so stylish in reality - I'd say this is a head-turning piece indeed! I went a bit crazy over the scarves collection as well, they were also available in red, blue and black eye-print designs! They also had other patterns to choose from as well, such as their iconic tiger print and a colourful abstract print. I love that KENZO never fails to express the artistic side of fashion, that's why it's a definite to be one of my all-time-favourite brand from Paris!
Written by Fashions Finest blogger Boonya Rodpunyar 
Thursday, 21 August 2014 18:33

Keeping it natural at Africa Fashion Week London

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African Fashion Week London 2014 brought natural hair to the forefront of African Fashion.

Natural hair blitzed the runway sending out a message that natural hair is the latest fashion to be reckoned when dressing to impress. But it seemed that this amazing fashion was picked up by some of the attendees at the show that also did their homework to expressing their individual style. Donning the natural hair gave a genuine feel of African fashion and style with Afros, braiding and hair-ties that groomed African influenced designs throughout the first day at African Fashion Week London 2014.
Event Styling by Malaika Mwaniki, Fashions Finest

Direction of Hair Team, Allan Henry, House of Glamour

Direction of Makeup Team Abbie May Hopkins

Mia by Mia Nesbit
Thora Jewels
Kass Kouture

To see the entire collections from African Fashion Week London 2014, visit the gallery page on the Fashions Finest website.
Sunday, 10 August 2014 12:08

Fun on the catwalk at Africa Fashion Week London

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The Ije experience...

Ije Shop brought the catwalk come to life with music, dance and can you believe it cultural food such as Yams, peppers, bananas and more. It was inspirational and fun to see the models enjoying the moment and the crowd roaring with laughter.

Well done Ije Shop!
Photo Credit: Trevor Fogah - Griffiths iDeLick Media
Monday, 04 August 2014 21:39

Swimming Cap Trend

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I've been drooling over the Nars Cosmetics Adult Swim collection for weeks, the beautiful pastel shades on the eyes and lips teamed together with a shocking bright swimming cap. In fact myself and one of my photographer friends have been planning on a swimming cap shoot for what seems like forever. We've been bouncing off eachothers ideas and collecting inspiring images to create the perfect series of looks based around a 'swimming cap'. Very soon we will finally be putting weeks of planning into action and shooting what we both know will be an incredible day and shoot. But me being me, and obsessed with make-up and work I had to do a mini taster at a recent shoot with one of my long term model friends Nadia and and the amazing photographer, Yhun Suarez. The look was made up on the spot, no planning went into it, we just went for it and of course, the results were outstanding as they always are when I team up with these two talented creatives. So today I'm going to share all on how I achieved this look. It's not too late to take inspiration and re create your very own.. We still have a good month of summer left...but If we go by the British weather of the last couple of years a good 3 months.
Model: Nichole Model UK Model, Photographer & Retoucher: Yhun Suarez

1, As always with any make-up job I do I prep the skin. Nadia has amazing flawless skin and is an absolute dream to work on, but that doesn't mean I can skip skin prep. Make-up will never sit on skin that isn't clean or primed as well as if it was. So we began by prepping with 'Bioderma cleansing water', Simple moisturiser and 'Illamasqua Hydra Veil'. On the lips I used Lush sugar scrub and Vaseleine.

2, I then moved onto the base. It was a hot summers day when we shot this so I didn't want to cover Nadia in massive amount of thick foundation that would simply melt. I opted for 'Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion' foundation. I absolutely love this foundation, it's light and feels like silk on your skin. But there is a knack to how to use it and it's not suitable for everyone. It's oil based so it needs oil to make it really work. A good primer is essential else you'll find it will stick to dry patches. I would only use this on oily or combination skin with a good primer. If you get it right the results are incredible. I applied with my fingers and a beauty blender to finish off. I then covered any dark circles under Nadia's eyes with 'Illamasqua Skin base lift concealer' An absolute essential product in my kit!

3, Next I filled in Nadia's brows with an eyeshadow from the 'Mehron Instense palette' to give the eye, shape ready for the eyeshadow application. Unlike the Nars campaign I opted for a dark sultry sexy eye on Nadia so that the bright coloured swimming cap would really pop out in the image. I used the incredible 'Precious Gem Powder in shade Black Onyx'. I did a full wash of colour and blended out very slightly over the crease. I then highlighted the inner corners to make her eyes look bigger with 'Bourjois Light 01 eyeshadow'. Applied lashings of 'Mehron Black mascara' and finished off with some winged out long lashes.

4, Next it was time to contour and highlight Nadia's face. I decided to go for a bronze look only, to work well with the swimming cap theme. I contoured underneath her cheek bones with 'illamasqua Bronzer' and then above the bronzer with 'Bare minerals Pure Radiance' powder. I finished off by highlighting with the lighter shade of bronzer from the Illamsqua palette. I then highlighted the key areas of the nose, chin and forehead again with the lighter shade of bronzer.

5, To finish the look I wanted popping colour lips to match the swimming cap. So, as I do regularly I pulled out my facepaints to work that bright popping green lip. I use 'Superstar Facepaints from The Facepainting shop in Essex'.

On went a wig cap followed by the bright green swimming cap from 'speedo' and there we had it. My first Swimming cap look.

In retouching Yhun added an image he took whilst out in the Philippines of a beautiful beach and our look came alive. Hope you like the results.

Make-up & Skin Prep:
Bioderma Cleansing Water £9.99
Simple Moisturiser £3.99
Lush Lip Scrub £5.50
Vaseline £1
Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation £39.00
Illamasqua Skin Base Lift Concealer £17.50
Mehron Intense Palette £51.00
Mehron Precious Gem Powder £5.71
Bourjois Light 01 eyeshadow £6.99
Mehron Mascara £7.10
Illamasqua Bronzing duo £26.00
Bare Minerals Pure Radiance £19.00
Superstar Facepaint £3.83
Saturday, 26 July 2014 19:52

Colour me bad!

Written by
With a little dab here and a splosh there, fashion has been under siege of an explosive art attack this year. Now, I hate to say it but, but back in London Fashion Week in February 2013 when I first saw Brian Chan's art/ fashion extravaganza at Fashions Finests' show at the Westbury hotel, I did think we would be seeing more of him and, sure enough, I was right as usual!
Brian's debut show for Fashions finest at the Westbury hotel London Fashion Week February 2013. Photograph: Stoyanov and Jones photography
Brians' recent show on 'Britain's got talent' Image

Who could forget his debut show on Britain's got talent and the mixed reactions he got from the judges! Albeit Simon Cowell wasn't his greatest fan, but Alicia Dixon wasn't seeing red when she complimented Brian on his bright and colourful work and put him through to the semi-finals.

Stating from the outset that he wanted to make fashion an art form, Brian certainly got us thinking about moving art into our wardrobes and talking about whether this was a good or a bad thing. I'm sure that a lot of us were probably too scared to wear Brian's art work and maybe some of you didn't get it but, to me, he was on the money, I did get it. Brian was delivering a very fashion-forward prediction and a much more Avant-garde take on this year's flourishing paint splash trend. To me it was a 'no-brainer', we had to take note and use his art work as inspiration on how to dress this season.

Following on from Brian's ground-breaking fashion show during London fashion week, more art was then in store for us at Paris Fashion week 2013. First we saw bright paint splashed garments from the YSL fashion house and then, Chanel's legendary Karl Lagerfeld showcased yet another memorable art show in his less than shy trademark style!

True to eccentric form, Lagerfeld entertained audiences with his art/ fashion exhibit which even incorporated original artwork adorning the walls to compliment the art work walking down the catwalk and other giant walking pieces of art work such as a giant robot and bottle of Number 5. Clothing wise, as if undecided as to what colour pallet to use, white fabric on key garments displayed a range of paint pallet tester cards in bright hues of primary colours. like the after math of a trip to a DIY store to select bright paints for a teenager's bedroom, the fabric invited you to pick out your favourite colour scheme and choose between a range of contrasting colour schemes thereafter.
Image: Bing

And it worked! I particularly like the playful nature of the fabric and the way your eye gets drawn to your favourite shade and colour panel. For me, the blue and the purples sandwiched between the yellows catch my eye, and I can imagine that this dress could be enjoyed by a variety of different people for a variety of different reasons and visual benefits. The handbag too, being the perfect accessory to provide more paint pallet drama to the rest of the outfit. What was there not to like about this colour extravaganza?

Above, our crowd pleasing fabric then takes centre stage upon more familiar silhouettes such as the skater skirt, midriff bearing top and skirt set and who could not like the combination of the iconic red box jacket dressing the fifties style striped swim suit?

Moving forwards from last year's geometric pattern clashing trend, we are also introduced to the art of pixel pattern clashing, using the same print but in opposing directions and then style clashing produced by adding unusual components to clothing such as the unexpected lace edgings and ruffles.

And before I finish this write up it must be noted that Lagerfield had not only succeeded in making art from something we would usually dispense with and not see as art but, he has done one thing that no other man has done successfully before and that is to combine the black hi gloss stiletto with white socks!

Now, I'm sure that very few of us can honestly say that a man wearing white socks under sandals would not rouse a giggle or fits of laughter from us but, white socks under stilettos... no problem! We're not laughing here!

Perhaps it was the mild winter or maybe Brian Chan and Lagerfeld sensed that we were growing old too fast and we needed some fun this season. For years now Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicky Minaj have been dazzling us with their bright fashions. Colours we have sported but combinations many of us dared not to endorse. Some side line trends copied by the high street such as Gagas' iconic glasses and bright block coloured separates but never have we had so much colour crammed into single garments as now.

With so many rainbow fashions available right now, we can but not chose to partake in this colour invasion this season and become a walking and work of art. So, dare to be brave this season and colour every day with these beautiful garments I have found for you.
Dress from for a mere £16.00 White dress just $11.95 from

Make a Technicolor statement in these Vans £57 or bring on the sunshine when it rains with this rainbow jumper Wild fox White Label £100.00 found on Asos market place.

Last but not least, don't out rule this eighties and those iconic primary hues adorning this dress, famously sported by Michelle Keegan during ITVs Lorraine awards, just a mere £25.99 from Zara.
Tuesday, 22 July 2014 21:56

8 summer trends to try

Written by
1. Floral Prints
Window display in Paris (Photo by Eva Fydrych)

Flowers are everywhere this summer. If you are bored with traditional floral dresses, invest in a statement bag or a stylish swimsuit instead.

2. All Shades of Orange
Window display in Paris (Photo by Eva Fydrych)

Orange is the new red. This energetic colour was present in many Spring/Summer 2014 collections. Don't be afraid of taking it to the next level - with the right accessories it will also look very stylish in the evening.

3. Mixed Patterns
Window display in Paris (Photo by Eva Fydrych)

Perfect for everyday! Colourful prints & patterns are still in fashion and they will instantly brighten up your mood.

4. Fuchsia
Window display in Paris (Photo by Eva Fydrych)

Bright pink is one of my favourite colours and I was happy to see it on many SS 2014 runways. It looks amazing combined with black and white accessories.

5. Marine Style
Window display in Paris (Photo by Eva Fydrych)

Marine style is no longer reserved for your sailing vacations.

It looks great in the city too. Easily combined with jeans, shorts or A-line skirts, this look will make you feel young and full of energy!

6. Cartoon Prints
Window display in Paris (Photo by Eva Fydrych)

This look is all about strong vibrant colours and interesting prints. The bigger and bolder, the better.

7. White + Sport Chic
Window display in Paris (Photo by Eva Fydrych)

White doesn't need a special introduction. This season however, try it in a new sport luxe version instead of the usual romantic look. Choose sportswear basics and simple dresses in luxe materials. Go for an all-white look or spice it up with a splash of colour.

8. Oversized Handbags
Window display in Paris (Photo by Eva Fydrych)

Chic oversized handbags come in a variety of colours and patterns. Good news for women who love carrying their world with them.

Enjoy your summer!
For those who aren't already hooked on the social site Instagram, then now is the chance to get signed up, especially if you're looking for fashion inspiration.
Photo sourced from Instagram

Whether you're aware or not, people are now making a living from their Instagram pages, something people would never have predicated happening just a few years ago.

Nowadays, people with a lot of followers are inspiring people around the world, including celebrities, a prime example of someone who does this is the fabulous Antoinette Marie.

Antoinette is a fashion stylist, creative producer and all round beauty from Sydney and just recently, she has been the talk of the town, not only for her magnificent sense of style, but also for inspiring Khloe Kardashian into copying one of her fabulous frocks.
Photo sourced from Instagram

This inspirational frock is by designer Constantina and Louise and Khloe wore the embellished gown to the wedding rehearsal of her sister, Kim Kardashian this year which gave the designer a lot of public attention, even making their website crash several times!

One of the greatest things about Constantina and Louise is that they believe all women belong on their runway and their mission is to infuse a 'Dare to Dream' sense with their collections, which make women feel and look beautiful.

The Constantina and Louise collections feature easy to wear designs with a hint of ethereal fantasy and extravagance which beckons women all over the world to lift the veil and illuminate their inner goddess.

Antoinette is the epitome of the Constantina and Louise's outlook on women and her Instagram proves this as it shows off her wardrobe full of to-die-for clothing, accessories and shoes, which many women would love to wear, and you can find an excellent selection of designer brands at Hurleys.

Each of her outfit choices will easily inspire you to take tips from her style as her unique and eclectically assembled outfits, picture perfect posts and breathtaking beauty will make your eyes turn green with envy.
Photo sourced from Instagram

With over 600,000 followers it was no surprise that such a huge celebrity was drawn to Antoinette's Instagram page and this is why all the top designers are eager for her to wear their clothes.

Antoinette might be inspiring designers to work with her and women into wearing fantastic her clothing items, but she is also inspiring people in a sense that she you to work hard and succeed, as luxurious fashion items don't come for free unless you earn them.
Tuesday, 22 July 2014 14:16

Top 5 Autumn/Winter 2014 Trends

Written by
With the summer in full flow it is the perfect time to start thinking about your autumn wardrobe. Yes, the autumn/winter 2014 fashion is coming in thick and fast from some of the most recognised and loved designer names. So what do we have to look forward to some September? We here at Cavells have put together a list of top 5 autumn/winter trends to look out for.

60s fashion has been slowly coming back into our lives season after season and autumn/winter 2014 is no different. Expect to see plenty of 60s inspired midi-dresses on and off the catwalks. Take a page from the books of Saint Laurent and Miu Miu, but wear your pieces without tights or without a jacket to make the dress more summer-appropriate.

Novelty Prints

Don't worry fun fashion lovers, just because autumn is coming doesn't mean you can forget about having fun with prints. This autumn/winter season is going to be filled with novelty prints, so you can get your fill! Even on the most casual pieces, bright, loud, novelty prints bring looks to life, proven by the likes of Issa or Markus Lupfer. Summer is the perfect starting point, so raise your proverbial voice with colours and graphics that aren't afraid to be seen.


We're not talking about bringing Adidas "poppers" back from the 90s, no; sportswear reefers to quilted mini-dresses and silk shorts, such as the latest pieces by Miu Miu and Fendi show us. In place of jackets or sweatshirts, opt for a tank top or t-shirt – or even make the look somewhat office appropriate by pairing shorts with a button-up blouse.


The gothic look is one which crops up very often in autumn/winter fashion, and 2014 is no exception. For those of a darker disposition, just channel the uncompromisingly glamorous Marlene Dietrich and her very real brand of romanticism, by indulging your love for buttery soft black leather, flashes of red, and inky languid silks, as seen at Lanvin, Prada and Givenchy.

Fairy-Tale Inspired

Fairy-tale inspired fashion is thriving in the fashion world. Designers such as Alexander McQueen offer airy fabrics and stunning embroidery, whilst Valentino showcases floor-length sheer styles which are embellished with flowers. Dolce & Gabbana have also turned storytellers with their dark, unctuous take on traditional fairy tales for AW14. Think huge fur hoods, jade green embellished capes and enchanting Little Red Riding Hood thick ruby coats.
Monday, 21 July 2014 19:10

Shake off the Summer Heat

Written by
As you're reading this article, chances are you've been hit by the overwhelmingly hot weather which has engulfed Britain this last week. Sticky, humid and with a couple of cracking thunder storms thrown in, the new hot climate has sun blathers reclining in their bikinis while others shy away to a shady spot to keep cool. Whatever your feelings towards the weather, it looks set to stay pretty warm so you should defiantly invest in some of the summers coolest pieces to shake off the heat.

First of all, you should have a good decent pair or shorts. Shorts come in an array of styles and sizes, yet for sweltering weather you should opt for a pair of white linen shorts as they don't absorb heat and will allow your skin to breathe easier. H&M have a great selection, with pastel and khaki colours while for more long lasting pieces, head to Joseph for a pair of tailored perfection. For added comfort, make sure that your desired shorts fall at a reasonable length (are not hot pants basically!) and you are free to move around with ease.

Summer dresses are also a must. Primark, New Look and Bershka always do amazing cotton dresses for this time of year, with light fabrics and cute designs. Halter necks, spaghetti straps or just a simple boob-tube, it really doesn't matter, just as long as it looks and feels good. Try not to choose a dress which will force you to wear a slip of vest top underneath; remember the less layers the better. And New Look currently have a fantastic sale on at the moment, so get shopping!

To shield your eyes from the piercing sun, a good pair of sunglasses are crucial - plus they add glamour to any outfit. It doesn't matter on the shape or design; it could be cats-eye, round or square, just ensure they have protected lenses to stop your eyes being damaged. I like the cute yet costly Max Mara sunglasses range, which has only just hit select luxury department stores, like Selfridges. Defiantly worth checking out.

But the most important thing this summer is that you have a great time and stay safe. Holiday across the country at beachside resorts and enjoying tasty ice creams while relaxing. And if you have time why not treat yourself to some retail therapy!
Photographer Mert & Marcus for Vogue Paris June 2011.
Photographer Mert & Marcus for Vogue Paris June 2011.
Isabeli Fontana wearing a variety of Versace, Prada, Moschino and Emilio Pucci.

Photographer Mert & Marcus for Vogue Paris June 2011. 

Written by Hannah Last 
Monday, 14 July 2014 13:10

Cheryl Cole Ties the knot after 3 months!

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Cheryl Cole marries Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, who she has been dating since April.
Saturday, 12 July 2014 01:02

festival Face.Lace

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Some of you may of seen or heard of Face.Lace before, especially if you were recently at Glastonbury where the new festival Face.Lace designs were a genius alternative to hiring an avant garde Make-Up artist and were made to stay on through the mud, sweat and tears. But for those who've not, rest assured as I'm about to tell all on these amazing creations.

So what is Face.Lace and where has it come from?

Face.Lace was founded by the Make-up Artist Phyliss Cohen, famous for her intricate designs and staggeringly bold fashion feats. Phyliss has a huge portfolio including advertisement, magazines and even designed tattoo designs for Jean-Paul Gaultier. She was often asked by many "How can I do make-up like you?" With that in mind, she took her previous illustration background and MA fine art degree along with her passion, talent and drive and produced the incredible brand Face.Lace.

Face.Lace comes in many designs and colours and are vinyl shaped cut out adhesives. They can be applied to anywhere on your body but most commonly on the face for a quick avant garde look looking like you've spent hours perfecting that design or hiring your own personal Make-up Artist. Because they are stick on adhesives they are non-smudge and ready to wear. Your natural look can change in a minute by simply peeling off the designs on the sheet and sticking to your face giving you that mind blowing look in minutes.

There is a large range of designs from the original designs of 'Masks' and 'Demi-Veils' which are designed to cover half of the face or eyes, medium designs names 'Mehndoodles' and smaller 'eye laces and doodles'. For true creatives Face.Lace also do 'play sheets' and 'beauty sparks' which are small shapes of coloured super shiny mirror finished foils. Then there's the new 'brow lace' which Make-Up Artist's love, me being one of them! These designs can be mixed up and added to the other designs to create something really unique and magical.

What's more if you really want to create your own custom design just contact Face.Lace through their website and they will create your own bespoke design.

I simply love Face.Lace and it is always a product that is in my kit. I was very lucky to of met the very talented creator Phyills and her team at this year's IMATS in London. Phyliss then went on to do a presentation on the main stage where hundreds of her fans sat and watched her create her magic.

You can buy or inquire about Face.Lace on their website

Phyliss on stage at IMATS London
Face.Lace Beauty Sparks and Festival Eyes £4.95 and £9.95

Face.Lace Rocco Playsheet in white and Eye Lace Swirlyqueue £15.95 each
Face.Lace Lace brows in Gun Metal Silver and Dappled Gold £4.95 each
Face.Lace Whiplush Brow Lace and Dresserenity Brow Lace £16.95
Friday, 11 July 2014 13:40

Pretty Pastel Pieces

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Summertime is the perfect season for injecting a boost of colour into your wardrobe, and this also means your jewellery collection too! We love the sugary sweet blue, pink and yellow shades that seem to be everywhere at the minute, helping you pick out the perfect outfits for your summer holiday. Take a look at some of our favourite pieces in these shades including gorgeous Ti Sento jewellery.

Pretty in pink

Bright blue

Yes to yellow

Items in the images are available from Jewellery and All That, New Look, River Island and ASOS. 
Wednesday, 09 July 2014 16:08

The French Fancies with killer style …

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One of the worst things about fashion nowadays is that no one has a mind of their own, instead people turn to high street stores and wear what the retail industry is telling them is 'in' to wear.

It is the fashion icons from decades ago, whose children you need to be looking at, as these are the people who ooze class, sophistication and timeless style – which you can't buy from any typical shop – you are born with it.

An example of some of these iconic children are the off-spring of the sensational beauty and 60s icon, Jane Birkin. Two of her girls, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon, are the epitome of style with their French femininity and edgy rocker looks.
Image source:

As you may be aware, Birkin was the 'IT' model of the 60s, not only known for her beauty, modelling and acting career, but also for her choice of men, whom over time fathered her three girls.

First of all it was the James Bond Composer, John Barry, whom she had the talented photographer Kate Barry with – which ended in tragedy as she sadly died earlier this year.

Then there was the magnificent, French God of music and sex appeal, the mighty Serge Gainsborough whom she had Charlotte with, and then came along Lou whose father, Jacques Doillon was a very famous director.
Image source:

With all the beauty, talent and reputable statuses each of the parents shared in the celebrity world, it was no shock that Charlotte and Lou would end up following in similar iconic footsteps to their mother and fathers.

This is shown today, as the sisters are often featured in the fashion Bible, Vogue and modelling for top end designers such as Givenchy. Their whole lifestyle and look will make any fashion day dreamer want to move to the star's homeland of Paris and swoon ...
Image from:

Charlotte who was born in the UK, was brought up in France, and is therefore fluent in both French and English – meaning her acting and singing is adored in both countries.

The natural beauty is rarely seen wearing make-up and she always looks as though she has thrown things together, but in a way that always looks effortlessly chic, a look which not many women can pull off.

Her extremely petite frame is often covered in jeans, Converse or boots and tailored shirts and jackets, a look which she describes as "not very fancy", which of course is extremely admirable considering her wealth.
Image from:

Charlottes younger sister Lou has carried on her mothers remarkable beauty, and even sports the same hair style her mother was known for in her hey day.

Lou, like her family, hasn't escaped their lucky streak of having sensational style, and when she isn't strutting the catwalk or playing her music, she can be found roaming the streets of Paris in a nonchalant fashionable manner.

Her style is similar to her sisters, except she has more of an indie, boho vibe as she often wears quirky hats, over sized jackets and braces with her jeans.
Image from:

Both sisters, like many Parisians, stick to the same colour palettes, which often consists of navy, black, white and grey and these colours are the ones to opt for if you want to mimic a look like theirs.

Ultimately though, the greatest thing about Charlotte and Lou's style is because they don't flash their wealth in their clothing and they don't show off and flaunt their figures, they wear 'regular' clothing, but in a way that when they team it together, they are just that cool, they make everything look superb.
Image from:

If you're looking for a touch of the French fancies look, then look at the footwear on Elia B – simple, classic and chic, just like Charlotte and Lou.
Monday, 07 July 2014 15:21

Summer Styling for the Curvy Lady

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For all of those fabulous curvy ladies out there, plus size fashion retailer, Elvi, has graced us with a gorgeous summer collection to get your summer wardrobe off to a flying start. With an aim to help plus size women express their inner confidence, Elvi cater for ladies sized between 14 and 26.

The summer collection is infused with a sterling range of pretty pastels, flattering cuts and luxury detail. We've put together three chic outfits to inspire your new summer wardrobe.

Brunch with Friends
Tuck a classic cami into this lovely coral A-line skirt and complete your attire with a further pop of colour with this mustard handbag for the perfect brunch ensemble. We would suggest wearing a pair of block heel sandals to help extend your pins.

A Day at the Races
As one of the most popular trips of the summer, an outfit for ladies day at the race is a must. Elvi has a beautiful collection of plus size dresses for you to choose from. Ooze elegance and be right on trend in this lilac dress with a black lace trim. Finish the look with a black fascinator and black accessories.

Shopping Trip in the City
Achieve comfortable yet stylish attire for a shopping trip by opting for a pair of soft jeans and a cute pastel top – we love this floral lace one from Elvi! Keep your look classic with a neutral tote and a pair of casual pumps.

Monday, 07 July 2014 15:04

Spend Summer With Clarks Shoes

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With summer already upon us, most of you will have already sorted your wardrobes for the season. But for those who have booked a late summer holiday, now is time to organise that suitcase and start choosing outfits for your trip.

Clarks, a name that has been synonymous with the shoe industry for a number of years now, has a fantastic selection of summer staples which every girl should be adding to her footwear collection. With sandals, heels, wedges and more available in their current seasonal range, you would be forgiven for wanting the whole lot in your suitcase this summer.

So, what are you planning on wearing on your holidays? Well if you are stuck for ideas, fear no more! We have picked out some holiday perfect outfits that will add style to anyone looks. Spending the summer stylish has never been more simple.
Sophisticated Day Wear

Need to look smart in the heat? Want to add some sophistication to your day wear? Then why not layer a blazer over a vest and denim shorts combo and add a pair of Clarks Gin Crush Leather Shoes to your ensemble.
Summer Nights

Every girl needs to pack an outfit for a night out in her suitcase and this look is ideal. A cami dress will keep you cool, while a simple solid bangle and a prim clutch will add evening glam. The Clarks Ornate Jewel Leather sandals make the perfect finishing touch.
Poolside Attire

If you are looking for a stylish yet casual look, a maxi skirt if the way to go. Add a Cropped vest and a bold necklace to make your look standout. A pair of Clarks Romantic Moon Nude Leather sandals will keep you comfortable and stylish too. 
Wednesday, 02 July 2014 18:49

The Make-up Artist's magic tool

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If you follow my work or any other make-up artist's work then it's no secret how much us make-up artists love our brushes. A make-up brush to a make-up artist is a magic tool. I'm always asked on make-up jobs why I have so many brushes and I can honestly say that every single brush I own has a purpose. Without the right brush you couldn't acheive a certain look that you may be trying to create. For instance, how would you acheive the perfect cat eye eyeliner trend with a pot of gel eyeliner with out the right brush? Even the most experienced famous make-up artist's in the world would find it difficult.

So today i'm going to give you some info on some amazing new brushes from one of my favourute brush brands that are now nicely sitting in my expanding brush collection waiting to be used.

Crown Brush are by far one of my favourite brush brands. I have so many of their brushes in my kit and they never fail to dissapoint me. They have been manufacturing brushes for over 20 years and the quality, price and customer satisfaction is second to none. They offer many different ranges ensuring that everyone can find their perfect brush.

One of my favourite ranges is The Infinity Range.

The brush hair is so soft and feels silky smooth on your skin. The hair is made of vegan soft synthetic bristles that are designed to create a flawless make-up application. The brushes are perfect for a make-up artist to create high definition work essential for camera work in film, TV and photography or perfect for anyone at home wanting to create a flawless perfect make-up look everyday.

Because the bristles are synthetic they don't soak up the product meaning that your product, whether it be foundation, blusher, eyeshadow, lipstick will last much longer than if you were to use a natural hair brush. Overall verdict = the perfect brush range!!
Infinity C453 £12.99 (angle blusher brush)
Infinity C450 £16.99 (Foundation brush)
Infinity C456 £5.99 (Pointed blender)
Infinity C460 £4.99 (Blending fluff brush)
Infinity C463 £2.99 (Angle liner)
Infinity C465 £2.99 (Silicone glitter applicator)
All brushes can be bought online from Crownbrush Uk
Wednesday, 02 July 2014 16:16

Zara's Print-on-the-run Sale!

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New print campaign #afroprintspirebyk will share my LOVE for Afrocentric prints. Feast your eyes on these ankara-inspired prints in #Zara's 2014 Summer sale! Sometimes it can be hard to match your African print with your day-to-day clothing. But when it's summer, there really are no rules to matching bright colours!

How would you rate each piece? Comment below!

Casual slouch print

Day time chic print
Play date print
Boyfriend vest print
Tuesday, 24 June 2014 16:09

The Best Ways to Accessorise Your Bridal Gown

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Diamonds are said to be a girl's best friend, whether they are real or fake when placed on accessories. When it comes to these gems and jewellery, the combination provides the perfect pieces to add to your bridal look. It doesn't matter if you have plenty of cash to splash or are limiting yourself to a tighter budget, you can get gorgeous bridal jewellery at a range of costs that will all look stunning.

Some of our favourite pieces are silver, as they have a clean and elegant appearance that work well when paired with traditional white and cream bridal gowns. Below are some of our favourite pieces from UK based brand Jon Richard. The name has everything from pretty dainty pieces for a subtle style, to some stand out jewellery that will bring any dress to life.

Fab florals

Flowery pieces are a must have choice when getting married during the spring/summer seasons. They give a look a really feminine feel, especially these earrings with the mix of a pearl and crystals.
Glitz and glam

If you love to be centre of attention and have all eyes on you, adding some standout jewellery will tie your outfit together perfectly.
Pretty pearls

This more traditional looking piece of jewellery is very ladylike and has a regal feel to it. You will feel really classy wearing pearls, and you can find coloured styles now too if you wanted a modern twist.
Crown of jewels

Whether you have chosen to wear a veil or not for your big day, adding some pretty jewels in the form of a tiara, headband or slide will look gorgeous. You can tie them in with so many different hair styles; they really stand out when placed in an up do.
As we approach the summer season, it's time to let the holiday shopping commence! Whilst most of you will be opting for the teeniest shorts to team with a bikini top, you may want to reconsider your summer attire slightly. If you are looking to keep cool during the soaring temperatures, you should consider wearing loose-fitted clothing like those of a lagenlook style.

If you don't already know, lagenlook is simply a type of style that involves layering clothes. The best thing about lagenlook fashion is that everybody can participate in the trend as there are no size restrictions. You don't have to be super slim to get away with lagenlook clothing, in fact the layered trend is extremely popular amongst plus size women.
If the thought of wearing layers in the summer scares you, then don't let it! Garments of this style are made using luxury fabrics such as fine chiffon and linen which are lightweight and perfect to wear in the summer sun. You will find that wearing layered, loose-fitted clothing will actually keep you feeling cooler than wearing your usual tight summer gear.

I Dare To Be are specialists in lagenlook fashion and stock an excellent choice of quirky, artistic patterns in a range of fresh and breezy shades that are sure to keep you cool during the hottest of temperatures.
Shop plus size fashion from I Dare To Be at:
Shopping for your new summer wardrobe is always a fun and exhilarating process but if you don't know where you start then shopping around could get a little bit tricky. To help you stick to your budget and prevent yourself from over-stuffing your wardrobe, you need to make a concise list of things you will need – this should include everything from scallop hem shorts and caged swimwear to embellished sandals and floppy hats.

To make life a little bit easier, there are three key themes you should follow throughout summer 2014.


Summer is often associated with luxury paradises far, far away. With summer holidays on our mind, we can't help but think about the tropical paradises we will be visiting over the summer. What better way to prepare for a holiday abroad than to shop for pieces that will get you excited and that you can wear whilst you are away. Think vibrant tropical colours such as turquoise and orange.

For the girly girls out there, florals are another essential addition that should be worked into your summer wardrobe. If you are looking to make a real impact, opt for large floral prints – the bigger the better! Whether you go all out and wear a ditsy floral print dress with a kimono, or would prefer to subtly incorporate the theme with ribbon wrapped around your floppy hat there are plenty of ways you can work the feminine theme this summer.

Powder blue, mint green and lilac are the key shades to be rocking this summer. The light and cheerful shades resemble candyfloss from a fun fair which will instantly uplift your mood. Pastel colours are light, elegant and are sure to keep you cool during the summer months. Try clashing your pastel shades to make a greater impact whilst sunning it up on the beach.
Take a look at Vendula London for a brilliant selection of quirky Vendula bags and accessories for the summer season. 
After years of preparation, controversial decision making and a whole load of excitement generated across all seven continents, the 2014 World Cup is finally here! Now for those of you who aren't the greatest football fans, you'll be surprised to hear that the world of fashion has been embracing their inner sporting fanatic too...
brazilbrazil1Brazilian supermodels, Alessandra Ambrosio, Isabelli Fontana, Raquel Zimmerman and Adriana Lima have posed for the June 2014 issue of Vogue wearing specially designed Stella McCartney designs whereas Giselle Bundchen has posed alongside footballs, adorned with her native Brazilian colours. It's not only the models who have embraced the football spirit, with singers Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte offering their vocal talents to the official soundtrack of the competition, adding their own signature style to Brazil. Jennifer Lopez took to the stage at the opening ceremony, wearing a show girl outfit by Lebanese designer Charbel Zoe which completely stole the show, adding that speical sparkle to get things going, while Shakira has notched up an impressive Vevo certificate, by scoring over 100,000,000 views on YouTube for her 'Dare La La La' World Cup anthem. Girl power or what?
As households worldwide hang up patriotic flags from their windows, the high street has also been swept into the World Cup buzz. From the official England football kit sold in JD Sports and Sports Direct amongst others, to Fred Perry's personalised shirts and Primark's extensive display of official merchandise; everyone seems to be going all out in the name of football. New Look have launched a wonderful swim wear collection bearing the Brazilian colours to set your summer holidays on fire, with kaftans and accessories to compliment your overall look. While H&M, Topshop and Bershka have based their summer style on classic Brazilian staples, like pretty cotton dresses to keep cool in the heat and teeny tiny shorts decorated with studs and lace designs.

One of my favourite Brazilian fashion labels, Hipanema will most defiantly get you into the football spirit with their creative and bright bracelets. From catchy beaded logos to embellished string friendship bands, these accessories are great arm candy and will look perfect with a hot little black dress or for causally lounging about on the beach. The truth of the matter is, the World Cup is everywhere; it is inescapable. So, for the next month we should embrace and celebrate the power of football... with a little fashion thrown in for good measure!

Blogger Hannah Last 
Sunday, 15 June 2014 17:25

Jordan Dunn At Topman's London Collections: Men Show

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We love what Jordan Dunn is wearing as she joins the A list of celebrities attending the Topman show on the first day of London Collection: Mens.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014 17:47

Summer Fragrances to die for

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Summer is officially upon us and what better way to enjoy the sun feeling and smelling fresh of floral fragrance.

I love fragrance, in fact I'm obsessed my shelf contains over 30 different bottles and I'm forever stocking up on the latest smells. Whilst out shopping at the weekend I took the chance to go and check out the latest and newest smells for summer. Here are my top 5.

Jimmy Choo Exotic £44.00 60ml

The main ingredients in this fragrance are blackcurrant sorbet, pink grapefruit, tiger orchid and passion flower. The smell is very exotic and fruity. Simply divine and even more so comes in a beautiful coral and snakeskin print looking fab on that shelf.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight £44.50 50ml

I'm a massive fan of the Marc Jacobs fragrances and this one hasn't let me down. Bursts of quince flowers and Iris with crisp red apple makes this fragrance smell delicious.

Juicy Couture Malibu £34.00 40ml

Get the glamour of Los Angeles with this fresh jasmine and pink passion fruit fragrance making you feel fresh.

Escada Born in Paradise £35.00 50ml

A beautiful exotic refreshed fruit fragrance made form delicious cocktail ingredients of pineapple, watermelon and guava to refresh.

Marc Jacobs Daisy £52.00 75ml

The Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So fresh is a lush fruity, floral fragrance that gives a twist to the original daisy by adding a rush of blood orange flourished with exotic tiare.
Sunday, 08 June 2014 17:04

Mercedes Benz StyleWeek Jamaica 2014

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Mercedes Benz StyleWeek Jamaica is one of the premier fashion shows in Jamaica created by the model agency Saint International. Dweight Peters, CEO of Saint International in recognition of the sleek and slender build of Jamaican models built a platform that alerted the world's modeling agencies around the world of the talent held in Jamaica and showcased them with designers at Mercedes Benz StyleWeek Jamaica.
CEO Dweight Peters, Designer Kevin O'Brian and Business Development Manager Sloane Jackson

Saint International are proud of their many models located around the world and are featured at most of the Fashion Weeks held in Paris, London, Milan, New York just to name a few.

StyleWeek has been the platform for breaking new models and designers to give them the chance to show their talent to a multitude of fashion ambassadors from Model Agencies to Buyers and the general public.

iDeLick Media began their coverage of Mercedes Benz StyleWeek at there first event called Glam, Glits n Style:
International Super Model – Sosheba Griffiths (Cousin of Trevor Fogah Griffiths) Wearing Donovan DePass

Design by Donovan Depass worn by Muse Model Agency NY and a former Elite Model Agency, Shena Moulton

Day two of StyleWeek took us over to two venues to view and enjoy cocktails and entertainment which included breaking plates at Opa Restaurant on Old Hope Road, Kingston Jamaica. Yet, day three of took us to the ball of Mercedes Benz SyleWeek Jamaica where everyone dressed in white and enjoy bevarages from well known manufactures at an event called International Mecca of Style.
Designer: Neahlis

Designer: Donovan DePass
Avent Garde Designer: Kevin O'Brian from Paris

Mercedes Benz StyleWeek Jamaica 2014 concluded out in the streets of New Kingston Jamaica. It was conceived to involve the public in an event called FashionBlock with the longest runway known in the Caribbean that is 150 feet long.
Neahlis with International Hairstylist Desmond Murray
The Runway
New Saint International Male Models
Designs by Kevin O'Brian, Avent Garde Designer
Saturday, 07 June 2014 09:20

Graduate Fashion Week: Ones to Remember

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For many years Graduate Fashion Week has provided an important platform for various graduate designers to promote their work. With previous award winners including notable designers such as Stella McCartney, Matthew Williamson and Julien McDonald, the four day event provides graduates with the opportunity to launch a successful career within the fashion industry. Hosted at the Old Truman Brewery, just off of Old Spitalfields market, this year's Graduate Fashion Week showcased the work of students from across over 40 universities. With so many original and creative collections, who should we expect to see more of beyond Graduate Fashion Week? Perhaps the answer lies among the top 25 students whose collections were selected to join the Best of Graduate Fashion Week catwalk show on Tuesday evening.

Crowned the winner of both the Best Womenswear Award and the George Gold Award, it goes without saying that Grace Weller's beautifully executed romantic collection showed real potential for Weller's future within the industry. The Bath Spa University graduate revealed a stunning gothic collection with a dark colour palette consisting of navy blue and red alongside subtle hints of orange. Exposing her technical capability with elaborate hand-embroided lace garments, Weller's collection married such skilfully crafted material with floral designs, promoting a delicate, elegant image.

Grace Weller wasn't the only graduate celebrating as Graduate Fashion Week drew to a close late on Tuesday night. Nottingham Trent's Aimee Dunn was awarded the prize for Best Menswear with her controversial collection influenced by 1980's British politics. Dunn's monochrome collection blended loose fit trousers with casual black slip-on sandals, adding a slight touch of nonchalance to her formal collection. Amongst displays of chunky knits and various examples of clean tailoring, Dunn's collection featured a neat black sweatshirt hosting a large white pop art style image of Britain's first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. This design alongside various slogans imprinted onto selected garments, such as 'Thatcher took our milk' and 'Goal not Dole', highlights Margaret Thatcher's politics as the key inspiration for Dunn's work, primarily the impact her political actions had upon the north.

Birmingham City University graduate Wai Keung Lam presented us with an alternative approach to menswear with his Autumn Winter collection. Inspired by an ancient Chinese philosopher, Lam combined a neutral colour palette of beige, black and grey alongside glimpses of red to illuminate the elements of historic Chinese culture which influenced his collection. Lam's neatly executed pieces exhibit his ability to produce clean cut tailored garments which we hope to see more of outside of Graduate Fashion Week.

Presenting a powerful, vibrant collection suitable for Antarctic conditions, Lauren Lake's garments were governed by various striking shades of pink. The Kingston University graduate used a variation of materials and texture such as shiny PVC and faux fur to create a striking contrast against the predominantly white and pink colour palette, revealing an elaborate, fun, girly approach to winter fashion. As soon as Lake's first outfit stepped out onto the runway, a stir erupted amongst the audience, showing immense promise for the future of this particular graduate with this visually appealing collection.

Opting for a softer variety of colours, Bath Spa University graduate Keziah Newlove's Spring Summer collection is constructed using pastel tones ranging from a soft yellow to a fresh pale green alongside glimpses of metallic appliqué, giving us a tutorial on modern elegance.

Northumbria University's Hannah Donkin displayed impressive technical skills when revealing a glamorous black collection. With faces covered with intricately crafted lace masks and veils combined with structured black dresses, Donkin presents this year's audience with a sophisticated womenswear collection. The graduate's visually potent yet fragile designs make her a strong competitor for future success amongst the hundreds of graduates who attended the event.

However, not all designers showing artistic talent made it to the catwalk this year. Inspired by the often uncontrollable adaptations which take place in nature, such as the development of animals and changes in water movement, Leanne Johnston revealed a collection sporting earthy, natural tones and detailed prints which were produced following close studies of water and butterflies. These particular features help to evoke the illusion of movement and progression through her garments, exposing the creative aptitude of this particular graduate. By combining her separate removable pieces with statement jewellery, the University of Sunderland graduate presents us with numerous wearable outfits to welcome the summer seasons.

With many established fashion designers already producing outstanding collections, these graduates prove with their innovative, expertly constructed designs why they have the capability to make a similar impact upon the fashion industry; watch this space.

Written by Sophie Beresford 
Friday, 06 June 2014 10:56

So Hot Right Now: SS/14 Key Trends

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Trendville is burgeoning as this summer's most covetable items land in designer boutiques and high street collections across the country. Get your new season wardrobe in order by brushing up on what's hot for SS '14.
Image Source: Sandals, Sunflower Skort, Lurex Cardigan, Rain Mac

Metallics are all the rage this season. When it's raining in June but you don't want to compromise on seasonal colours, metallics are the easiest way to make the days brighter. Invest in a high impact rain mac for the festival circuit or introduce a shimmery skort to your party wear collection. Directional, futuristic and spring ready, this trend is ideal for rain, shine and every climate in-between.
Image Source: Erin Clutch, Carnaby Tote, Artemis Shopper, Dixie Clutch

Unleash your playful, colourful side this summer with sugary handbags. It's true that pastels are no secret in the fashion world, they come back around time and time again in the form of playsuits, lace dresses and crop knits. Nonetheless, this year handbag designers are honing in on the Neapolitan craze and giving classic styles a burst of egg shell blue, candyfloss pink, ginger orange- or perhaps a mix of all 3.

Add a splash of peach to your usual monochrome ensemble with a Modalu tote bag such as the Artemis Shopper in melon. A roomy bag with capacity to hold payday purchases or errand buys- it's ideal for shopping in style. And if you're looking for something a little more daring, it also comes in azure blue.
Image Sources: Oversized B&W, Celine Tee, Isabel Marant, Kenzo Tee

The slogan top enjoyed its fair share of the limelight some 4 years ago, and now it's back with a vengeance. Like a temporary tattoo, celebrities everywhere are championing the slogan revival, whether it's Millie Mackintosh's 'no photos please' t-shirt or Naomi Campbell's risqué 'Naomi hit me' pullover, celebs are leading the slogan parade.

Whether you like to wear your heart on your sleeve or not, there are plenty of ways to channel the look. Say it with a voguish Celine tee, loud statement jacket or understated knit piece.

And there we have it, 3 key trends for SS '14. How will you be championing this season's key trends?
Wednesday, 04 June 2014 22:18

Sunkissed Glow

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This past weekend just gone I was very lucky to be part of a talented team of professional models, photographers and hair and make-up artists' on a 2 day shoot in the beautiful resort of Marbella in Spain. The incredible photographer Biggi Ayo who I had previously worked with twice before put the team together a few weeks back and before we knew it the trip creped upon us and we were all soon flying out from various airports around the UK. The weekend was a high impact non-stop working challenge with little sleep, little food, little rest but plenty of make-up, costumes and camera flashes. I think it's fair to say everyone involved wouldn't of had it any other way. We rushed about in a hire car to beach locations, pool and even a private yacht. The images we created were incredible, sunrise, sunset to name a couple. But how did I make my models look like they had been sunbathing for a week? With a delicious sunkissed glow, or how did I hide the fact that they had been awake over 24 hours??

I'll let you in on my secret...

For anyone who already follows me or my work, you will already know how important it is for me to prep any model's skin before make-up application. Spain was no different. Using Biorderma cleansing water and simple moisturiser I cleaned away all dirt and make-up so that the model's skin was clean and fresh. I primed with the amazing Mehron Velvet Serum Primer which I have raved about so much to all you readers previously. A matte primer is essential for the summer to keep away that shine and make your make-up last longer in the heat. Lush lip scrub and Vaseline to the lips as I do on every model.


When applying make-up abroad it's important to use the right foundation. You don't want layers and layers of a thick cream foundation that will simply melt under the heat, but instead go for a light foundation, tinted moisturiser or simply add moisturiser to your favourite foundation to make it thinner. I used Mac Face and body foundation, a light liquid foundation that glides on naturally but is buildable to achieve the coverage you desire.


To hide those tired eyes I used Illamasqua Skin Base Lift concealer. I love this concealer, it instantly lifts and illuminates the skin perfect for bags and dark circles as well as covering any imperfections. You would never have known the models had had very little sleep.


On the beach it's all about that sunkissed glow. We dream of that perfect healthy looking tan and skin. Well, it's so easy to achieve even on the palest of models like our lovely Sophie in Spain. Simply make a glow with Make-up. I began by using Illamasqua bronzing duo sweeping it back and forth under the cheek bone and up over the temple and blending. Once I was happy, I took my Bare minerals pure radiance and simply swept the peach lustre powder over the bronzer across the cheeks only. By doing this you are brightening and enhancing that sunkissed look on the cheeks. I then took my Illamasqua Sculpting powder duo which I tend to use for natural contouring to the face and with the Illamasqua fluff brush I swept the champagne highlighter above the bronzer across the high parts of the cheek bones to create a highlighted illuminate affect.

Using fellow make-up Artist Nafan's Nars Body Glow, I simply spread the oil over Sophie's body to give a rich shimmer natural glow.

I recommend finishing off with coatings of waterproof mascara and either a nude lip or an in season colour like coral or orange. On our shoot I opted for Kryolan's high shine gloss in shade Catwalk and applied Vaseline to the eyelids for a gloss affect.
Spain Team - all Manchester based

Photographers: Biggi Ayo and Ryan James Davies

Models: Sophie Smith - of PHA models Manchester, Kira Martin - previous Shameless actress, Mamzy Ahmed

Hair and Make-up Artist: Nafan Neil Beanz and myself
Thursday, 29 May 2014 21:08

Gentle skin care in the sun!

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The hot summer days are nearly upon us and so is holiday season. I love the sunshine, the light evenings, sunbathing, cocktails sipped by a pool or on a beach while I work on that tan. But we ladies all know how harmful the sun can be on our skin. It's a known fact that sun, sea and chlorine have damaging effects on the skin and can make skin problems become a nightmare.

So whether you're off abroad, to the English coast or simply enjoying the sun in the comfort of your garden or Local Park why not try Biorderma cleansing water.
This product was created to suit the needs of those who experience skin redness and irritation. ( sensitive skin ) but it perfect for those summer months where everyone's skin is extra dry and sensitive from too much sun. It's an alcohol-free product that soothes and cools as it cleanses the skin. Designed to be used on both skin and eyes it cleanses and removes impurities and dirt while keeping the skin's natural ph balance. It removes all make-up including waterproof mascara.

I always have this product in my professional make-up kit and will be my go to product this coming weekend while working away on a photoshoot in Marbella, Spain. My models skin will instantly feel fresh and perfectly clean with no irritation. I may even use it on myself ;)

This product can be bought at any good local pharmacy.

Come back next week for my tips and behind the scenes images from my Spain trip and how to create that golden goodness look for summer.
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