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Tuesday, 11 December 2018 11:12

Stylish Must-Haves

As 2018 comes to a close (gasp), I think back to what has or what can make me more productive and inspired as a business owner and creative. The list is long and is still being written; but fear not, I have my top six that I selected for your enjoyment (hopefully) and gift-search ideas. Enjoy!

Therapy Big Ideas Soft Bound Notebook (£10)
I 290631356 00 20180710 result
Picture source:

For those creative ideas or business plans that are yet to be realised, why not write them down? I have found that some of my greatest ideas were written on paper, not on a tablet or phone. Interesting, right? But for what it's worth, why not get a cute notepad that gives you reason to create new ideas in the new year?

Bobble Insulate Water Bottle (£21.99)
I 283059941 00 20171128 result
Picture source:

Drink water hot or cool in Bobble's cute insulate bottle- such a good money-saver! And you can keep beverages hot for up to 12 hours. It is eco-friendly and durable, with a double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel which is BPA free.

Biba Bag For Life (£8)

I 272799504 00 20170717 result
Picture source:

100% organic cotton tote, for your every day use. Do away with countless plastic bags and contribute to saving the environment. Also, think of all the pennies you could save in just 6 months when you shop with a Bag for Life.

Kiehls Glow Formula Skin Hydrator (£30)
I 3605971631689 50 20180607 result

This antioxidant-rich moisturiser hydrates skin and boosts its radiant look. Don't let the winter's harshness get to your skin!

Urbanista Seattle Wireless Headphones (£99.99)
I 294075455 00 20180503 result
Picture source:

Compatible with Android, IOS and Windows, these sleek and comfortable wireless headphones are a dream grab for anyone on the go. If the stylish design isn't enough to draw you in, how about the fact that you can manage both your music and phones calls?

Linea Etched Copper Box Range (£22)
G 292282349 00 20181024 result


Both stylish and practical! We know so many things can be stored digitally these days, but for those precious things that clutter your home or work space, these boxes are great. Boxes come in different sizes.

Visit for all items.

What are your favourite items this season?

Written by: Keji Ewuosho

Monday, 16 July 2018 12:25

Summer by Lela Rose

For the love of all things colourful, eccentric and romantic, Lela Rose definitely gives us the summer vibes we need. Whether you want to take a stroll down the artistic streets of Venice, or attend a garden show near Hampton Court Palace, Lela Rose definitely ups your fashion game. Effortless sophistication and I'm definitely designer-struck!

What are your thoughts?

00006 lela rose vogue resort 2019 pr result

00009 lela rose vogue resort 2019 pr result

00017 lela rose vogue resort 2019 pr result

00026 lela rose vogue resort 2019 pr result

For more Lela Rose, visit (also featured in Vogue).

Thursday, 03 May 2018 12:32

As Told by Kiki Kamanu

Lupita Nyongo shared a cute bag on her social media page, during her recent trip to Lagos. Imagine seeing the name of your hometown proudly flagged on a bold and beautiful fashion piece, and adorned by one of the most profilic black actresses of this generation. I fell in love with Kiki Kamanu almost inmediately. And wait until you see their Wakanda bags!

Kiki Kamanu, named after its brand owner, is described as distinctive chic. The brand prides itself in well-crafted, exclusive creations. For more information, visit

There's so much to love about this brand. I've shared 3 of my favourite pieces below- check out their website and let me know your thoughts!

2018 05 01 22.14.56 result

#Lagos Fave Things Leather Trim Tote (tan)

2018 05 01 22.14.19 result

#Wakanda Fave Things Leather Trim Tote

2018 05 01 22.13.45 result

Velvet Appliqué Luv Lagos Hoodied Hi-low

Follow @kikikamanu on Instagram!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018 16:04

Holiday Wardrobe

Nothing like having an organised holiday checklist for your wardrobe style! We all want to look good in our holiday snaps, but we don’t really want the fuss of spending hours each day thinking of how to slay in those holiday photos. I picked some of my favourite staple pieces for a good holiday: easy to style; and effortlessly snap-worthy. I am currently in love with items from Mango and have picked items from there. enjoy!

kv holiday wardrobe

Tuesday, 16 January 2018 14:18

New Year's Fashiolution

2018 promises to be a great fashion year. From Versace's show stopping styles, to Chanel's signature pieces. Highstreet names have done well to capture the trends of this season. So, what styles should every fashionista own in the new year? I'm sure the list would be diverse and unending. My top picks below and in no particular order...

1. Cropped, Multi-shade Jeans

It's a comfortable and versatile item - can throw on heels or cute flats to pair with these jeans.

5252201400 6 1 1

Mid-Rise Contrasting Jeans by Zara

2. Over-knee High Heels

These 90s/early 00s boots are back! Whether yours is glammed up, with textile, or leather, the more extravagant the better.

2017 12 28 01.14.46 result

Tartan High Boots by Off-White

3. Tailored Trouser Suit

Nothing says effortless style like the right matching item with a flattering sillouette.

FB IMG 1514399788998 result

Striped Trouser Suit from the Versace Resort 2018 Collection

Monday, 20 November 2017 12:42

Fantasia by KV

This summer, I was working on my third collection, Fantasia by KV. A lot of hard work and passion went into every part of it, and I'm glad I can share it with the FF readers!

Fantasia by KV is my first collection away from my afri-western signature mix. I explore the different ways to add exotic and artistic patterns to every day wear. There’s something for everyone.

It's the perfect style balance. Fantasia encompasses the Woman's idealistic sillouette: stylish, practical, comfortable and romantic. This collection boasts of trendy and flattering cuts; for every occasion; with comfort fit and a feminine and exotic touch on the fabric. Every touch, every stride in a Fantasia piece is magnificent, bold and adventurous.

You can view the full collection on the Keji Victoria website -

Check out a few pieces below...

dsc 6137

LOLO Jumpsuit with the HONEY Blazer, long length, fitted, with padded shoulders, sleeveless jumpsuit, comfort fit.

dsc 6208

The Fantasia Dress, peplum midi dress with print details.

dsc 6019

The SUBY Dress, full length A Line dress, cap sleeves.

What are your thoughts on the latest collection?

Keji x

Monday, 25 September 2017 19:34

Kaia on Fire

Cindy Crawford's look-alike, protégé daughter, has become a fiery force to reckon with. At just 16, Kaia Gerber has achieved huge milestones in her modelling career, and shared platforms with those ahead of her in years and experience - such as Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls and Anna Ewers. Something tells me Gerber is going to have a rather long and successful career.

To celebrate her debut catwalk appearance at this season's Calvin Show, here are some of Gerber's most noted accomplishments that put her on the map to leave a legacy, just like her mama. Cindy Crawford must be the proudest model mum!

Also, what are your thoughts on the SS18 shows so far? Share in the comments section below!

Kaia Gerber Alexander Wang Campaign Spring 2016

 Kaia in Alexander Wang Spring 2016 campaign

kaia gerber pop magazine 1

In her first solo magazine feature (August 2016)

1487231731 1487185748 hbz kaia gerber marc jacobs

Kaia as the new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty (September 2016)

kaia on runway Kaia Gerber Makes Her NYFW Debut With Calvin Klein main image 1000x600

Her New York fashion week catwalk debut was at the Calvin Klein show this September

Friday, 28 July 2017 11:31

I Like To Mule It

Mules mules mules!

They are officially back! I remember when my mum reigned in her mules back in the 90s; one in almost every colour. They have officially become a millenial trend, a catwalk feature and a highstreet staple.

3 reasons why we love mules:

1. They are versatile; you can rock them with a cute pair of jeans, or a stylish frock.
2. They are comfortable; no need to change into flats while out, when you have a cute pair of mules!
3. Ofcourse, they ARE trendy, which means you should probably hop on them before they become a thing of the past -again.

2017 07 11 23.41.00

Visit Shopbop online for some stylish mules!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017 17:51

Summer Free Styles

If summer had synonyms this season, it would be light, minimal and free. I'm in love with these minimal,  A-line styles. We no longer see them solely on the catwalks but highstreet stores have made it accessible, affordable and super stylish.
What are your favourite looks this season? 

 A classic linen dress in dusty mustard, by Camelliatune Craftsman. 
 A-line stripped linen dress, from the Whit Spring 2017 collection.
roxane med 16 208 copie
 Light Summer dress with a strong influence from simplicity and fluidity, by Roxane Baines (SS2017 collection)
 A lightweight strappy dress in linen and cotton, by Edit.
Monday, 08 May 2017 11:31

Stylish Storage

For lovers of interiors, and those who those who admire modern and minimal interior design - here is some inspiration! Lately, I have fallen in love with some unique interior storage designs, for these reasons:
- they create the minimalist design for the modern day home
- reduce clutter, create more space
- your guests will believe you're the tidiest person on the planet.






Photographs Pintrest

I've had so much fun on Pinterest just getting some storage ideas. Here are some really handy tricks there if you're an interior designer; renovating your home; and/or crafting a new home!

Share your favourite interior storage tips with us!

Monday, 27 March 2017 10:41

My Lagos Retail Experience

Grey Velvet Jewellery
Photo taken from Google

If you are a fashion lover or simply enjoy retail therapy in your spare time, then you may be very conscious of the different retail experiences out there. Visiting the motherland, Nigeria, is never short of an experience to remember.

In Lagos, the fashion hub of Nigeria, the latest trends are everywhere, and shopping is a luxury that everyone will afford-by any means necessary. As you drive through Lekki, away from Lagos mainland, you will notice the conscious effort of everyone to make the streets their own personal runway. Consequently, malls and boutiques lavishly splurge on cutting edge and off-the-runway inspired designs; and you'll find both luxury and low-end pricing. There is really no excuse not to be on trend- this is Nigeria, after all.

Photo taken from Google

You can't really share a Lagos experience on one page- time doesn't permit; nor does one claim to know it all. But this is why it's a personal experience. So in a nutshell, happy reading!

'The early bird catches the worm' describes moving around in Lagos perfectly. Particularly if you want to get to the island (Lagos consists of an island and the mainland), setting out early in the day allows you to shop to your heart's content and gives you enough time to head back to the mainland before rush hour creeps in. Lagos is rich in culture and activities, and it's also heavily populated. Make sure traffic doesn't put a dent in your plans. Also, once you've mapped out and decided where you want to go, don't hold back on your purchases! I'm not saying splurge or be wreckless in buying the unnecessary- but if you love it, go ahead and buy it. Boutique items are sourced from so many different parts of the world, and from so many fashion seasons- there's a small chance you'll find the exact item elsewhere and at a better price. Having said that, the market is a great place to haggle, look around, and return if you wish to make a purchase. Balogun market on Lagos Island is known to be one of the most resourceful and most loved open markets to shop. They say you find everything in this market: from designers, to wholesale, to machinery parts.

Make sure you indulge yourself in some good icecream spots if you're out shopping the whole day! I recommend Chocolate Royal if you're on the island; or browse Ikeja mall on the mainland for a good spot.

Saturday, 25 February 2017 19:59

Made With Love

In the world of Fashion and Beauty some things come across pretty standardised and impersonal. So it's always good to know that there are brands out there that carry alot of personality , and truly do have their end-consumer in mind. The last 5-10 years have witnessed this growing trend of sustainability and social responsibility. Brands that tell a story, one personal to the creator, are definitely winning in my books. These are brands made with love.


So in no particular order - 

1. Keji Victoria Designs - a bespoke and Ready-to-wear collection by yours truly, is inspired by my cross-cultural journey between Africa and the West. The latest collection, #madewithlovebykv draws inspiration from the names of locals in Northern Nigeria; as well as pays homage and solidarity to local businesses in that area.

2. Shea Moisture - a hair and beauty brand that has a family history and African heritage: shea butter, a rich home-grown plant is the selling point of this kind-to-the-hair brand.
Sofi Tucker was the forerunner to selling shea butter (that inspired Shea Moisture); and the grandmother to one of the brand's co-founders.

3. The Honest Company, founded by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan, makes pure and harm-free baby products their priority. Once again, the most cherished brands are ones who the owners are also proud consumers of the goods.

4. Alex and Ani - an eco-conscious accessory brand that exists to give back to the planet. What I love about this brand is the recycle qualities in its manufacturing processes. The accessories are made with some recyclable elements, and the aesthetics are not compromised.

5. Studio 189 is a fashion social enterprise founded by Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah. The Ghana and New York based platform works with award-winning artisans in Africa. 'Fashion Rising' has been notable campaign of the brand, which uses fashion to create more opportunities and empowerment for communities particularly in Africa.

6. Two-Thirds clothing brand - takes its brand inspiration from the ocean, which is known to take up two-thirds of the planet. Every collection is designed with lovable sea creatures and donations are made towards keeping our blue seas clean and safe. How lovely!

Can you share any brands in the industry that exist to help their community and make a difference?

Keji x

Tuesday, 31 January 2017 09:21

Go Glam for Winter

When Winter sinks it's ice teeth in, we bring out the accesories. There's no need to wait till you're flaunting your summer style again to glam up! So, while the stylish tops and skirts are buried under during the cold months, you can invest in these special Stella and Dot pieces. Spice up your wintry wardrobe with some shiny emblems! Check out some of the jewellery pieces here:

2017 01 21 21.50.55

Drape Ear Jacket
2017 01 21 21.48.38

Pavè Sphinx Cuff

2017 01 21 21.49.58

Odeon Pendant Necklace

2017 01 21 21.49.08

Alila Lace Cuff

2017 01 21 21.50.26

Bliss Statement Necklace

Share your thoughts!


Friday, 30 December 2016 08:58

Fashion Writing: Why I Write

It's been a few years now since I've been a contributor to Fashions Finest blog; and I've been privileged to share my views on a blog platform that is growing and constantly evolving. As a designer (Keji Victoria), I chose to write alongside my craft and share personal views of the industry? Why? While this may be a pretty simple equation, giving that fashion bloggers are poised to also be stylists and trend and design experts, it's good to reflect on real perks of fashion blogging....

04 instagram it girls

(Photo from Instagram)

1. You are connected to what is trendy and relevant

When it comes to writing you really need to stay relevant. I learnt this the hard way- spending so much time digging in to find material, but not always completing the last research stage- is it relevant to my viewers? Years of writing has definitely helped me appreciate the value of of the viewers' interests and needs. It makes writing worthwhile!

2. You are encouraged to share unique opinions and views

While staying relevant is crucial, my blog page isn't the only one that exists to be relevant, and neither is yours. People are always looking for something unique and refreshingly different, it's a battle of the fittest (so to say). I remember some years back, I shared a post on my favorite ways of using a wrap to cover the hair (as seen on Solange); I remember my house mate at the time came to me saying how much she enjoyed reading my FF post and how she sat down attempting the differenthe wrap styles. At that point, I realised that people are definitely interested in what I have to say- useful, relevant, yet unique. Although simple, my research on head wrap styles was a unique compilation.

3. You appreciate the work and accomplishments of others

Since being part of the FF blog family, I have had several opportunities to attend Fashion shows; participate in media and blogger events; and the likes! That is definitely a perk of working with a great platform. The journey has put me in the company of people whose views and styles are as different to my norm, as they could be. When you are set the task of covering a show or collection, you move from simply admiring the work to appreciating the hard work behind it.

4. You step out of your own comfort zone and work

The parallel work of designing (Keji Victoria) and writing constantly keeps me on the edge of my seat: designing keeps you locked in your own world and writing brings you out of it- not to talk of mastering the skills that go behind blog-style writing. I'm never short of inspiration!

Happy new year fashion bugs!

Thanks so much for stopping by my page!Keji Ewuosho X

Sunday, 27 November 2016 17:57

Winter's Line & Dot

2016 11 27 00.53.15 result

'...classy yet eclectic silhouettes that encourage women to express their individuality...' This is the very reason why Line and Dot have successfully been able to attract above-the-highstreet trendsetters. For a Sunny-California-based brand, they also manage to design some stylish coats for us Winter folk! Enjoy my favourite pieces!

(From top to left)

- Blanche Eco Fur Jacket; faux fur jacket with whiskey colour block
- Dalida Moto Sweater Jacket; black ribbed knit with vegan leather Moto jacket
- Wren Maxi Coat; wool and acrylic with polyester lining

What are your thoughts on Line and Dot's collections?

Monday, 17 October 2016 09:34

Shop Minku

I met Kunmi, founder and designer of MINKU, at a local handmade designer market in Barcelona. It was by far my most interesting encounter at the market that day; a designer who uses the rich and unique attributes of the Nigerian culture, and infuses it into handmade and practical goods. Each Minku item is covered in handmade love and personalised features. It seems that no Minku item is designed exactly the same way. A Minku bag is definitely a lifetime and unique wardrobe piece! Enjoy some of my favourite pieces....

The Ebute Metta Fringe Clutch:

100% leather exterior and strap; with hand-stiched expandable sides.


Palerin Walet:

100% leather exterior, with aso-oke coin-pocket lining.


The Ibaka Work and Weekend Bag:

Mustard yellow vegetable-tanned cow leather with a mesh lamb-leather side pocket

IbakaBag side

Visit for more beautifully handmade leather goods!

Saturday, 20 August 2016 09:28

You Are What You Oil

Skin care regime can be tasking; and with the overload of information circling the Internet, it's hard to find the right stuff.

Solution: educate yourself and the skin care ingredients and their benefits. Like the body, the skin needs the right nutrients. We should take advantage of the information age, and know what we are feeding our skin. The Internet can be your best friend (if you use it properly).

Feel free to share your recommended products!

1. Red Flower Kinmoxei Wild Lime Silk Oil.

This contains (amongst several others) rice bran oil, which is an antioxidant.


2. Mukti Antioxidant Facial Oil

As its name suggests, it's a great antioxidant product. The pomegranate and carrot seed oils give it its nutritional boost.

3. Your Best Face Private Reserve Antioxidant Oil

With a simple base of meadowfoam oil along with vitamin E, your skin is sure to have the basic nutrients.


Keji x

Monday, 25 July 2016 08:59

Lux in the Sun

Loving the minimal looks by luxury designer, Joseph. I came across this brand a few years back, and I absolutely love the comfort-luxury style! My take on Joseph's creative direction is that it uses a canvas of quality and luxury; and allows the individual to add and personalise as they wish.

2016 07 23 23.26.56

- Check Jacquard Nicol Blouse
- Nappa Leather Scandal
- Scuba Jog Pants 

What isyour favourite Joseph piece?

Tuesday, 14 June 2016 09:32

Made By Keji

My latest collection, #madewithlovebykv, puts sustainability at the heart of fashion. Being rooted and connection with my hometown, I am able to source supplies and fabrics from local businesses in Kano, Nigeria. I'm constantly inspired by the textiles found in small local businesses- it's almost certain you won't see it anywhere else. Being able to support these small enterprises and give back to my community definitely drives what I do.

Where did the name for the collection come from?

Being a part of the whole making of the collection; from sketching to sampling, means that every piece has my customer in mind. What makes the KV person comfortable, bold, and unique? Personal touch sometimes gets compromised when making multiple pieces and we sometimes get too focused on following a theme or following trends that do not necessarily reflect our customers needs.

file 09 06 2016 23 41 57 result

keji skirt

file 11 06 2016 23 57 27 result

New features in the latest collection include:

• Real model size for guidance
• Plain colour fabric options available to customise your order
• Easy-to-access Size chart



Thursday, 19 May 2016 19:22

Sustainable Style

Maison de Mode, a US-based online luxury fashion retailer, prides itself in showcasing fashion that represents sustainability. Unfortunately, sustainability has been an ambiguous word thrown around to make products more appealing to consumers, lobbyists and other members of the public. But what does it really mean? Is sustainability relatable and directly linked to the consumer? And the big question for fashionistas- is style comprised on the platfotform of ethical standards in fashion?

Maison de Mode does a great job in bridging the gap between consumers and such standards: it is now easier to understand how your every day fashion choices can make an impact in our society and environment- without all the sustainability jargon!

See what it's designers are doing to earn the sustainability badge:

Evernote Camera Roll 20160512 125624

Achu Parpat Vintag (by Mola Sasa)

Mola Sasa used artisanal techniques with beautiful intricate woven details in this bag. Creating handmade pieces means artisans can compete in a world of homogenised mass production. Let's not forget the recycled materials used, which means we can be more responsible for the materials we consume.

Evernote Camera Roll 20160512 134913 result

Kimono Dress Shirt (by Maiyet)

It's great when high-end designers promote small, artisanal designers. Many companies take advantage of work factories in developing countries- it's nice to see that individual designers and dress makers can be paid decently for what they do- without compromising on quality. Maiyet also donate a portion of their proceeds to ocean-related charities. Not bad!

Evernote Camera Roll 20160512 140403 result

Oversized long coat (by Shipper)

Shipper partners with organisations that help sustainable businesses which allows them to grow and make profits. So as you lavish yourself in this tweed coat, you'll feel even better knowing that you also contributed to the success of other sustainable businesses!

What are your thoughts on sustainable businesses in fashion?

Friday, 08 April 2016 10:43

Give the cold shoulder

This season loves the bardot style - the off-shoulder. Whether you're going somewhere fancy, or just hanging out with friends, there's pretty much a bardot suitable for every occasion.

The off - shoulder style is definitely flattering; but if you don't enjoy baring all shoulders and collar bone, you can opt for ones that hang on the hinges of the shoulders or the cut out styles.

2016 04 07 20.34.17

What's your favourite bardot style?

Monday, 29 February 2016 09:23

Styling with Stella

Some months back I came across the Stella&Dot brand; a New-York based luxury and high-street jewellery brand. What stood out to me the most about Stella&Dot is it’s universal element: you can get some ladies together across different generations and everyone will find something to their liking. The timeless qualities inherent in these pieces is the sophistication and simplicity of the gold, silver and copper colours; attractive to anyone who appreciates effortless and easy-to-coordinate jewellery.

IMG 1372IMG 1371

IMG 1370

IMG 1369

A great mother’s day gift idea!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016 18:46

Wardrobe Staples For 2016

Whether it's the oversized boy-cut blazer; a tassel-embellished accessory; or the block-heels sandals, retro fashion has made a come-back and is here to stay!

Comfort and style - what's not to love?

2016 01 26 21.23.09

Handmade Wool Coat & Mule Sandals - Zara
Fringed Suede Bag - Mango

What new season pieces are you adding to your wardrobe?

Keji x

Sunday, 06 December 2015 19:29

All I Want for Christmas...

There's something about the festivities that makes us want to do something special with our wardrobe style. More so for those of us who spend Christmas time celebrating the birth of Christ- the reason for the season!

So, as my custom is, I'm sharing a few 'must - buy' pieces that include both Highstreet high-end and mainstream prices. Rather than break the bank to look good for the special occasion, why not mix it up? It's amazing how styling your wardrobe can really bring out class and elegance - all on a budget!

2015 12 06 1959

Gold Tone Woven Necklace (
Light Grey Low Rise (
Layered Print Blazer (
'Wizard' Low Heeled Boots (
Block Tote Bag (

What are your favourite pieces this season? Let me know your thoughts!

Friday, 30 October 2015 12:12

Fall Girl

We are enjoying the mild Autumn weather so far, and it's by far one of the best fashion seasons! There is something effortless and yet graceful about Autumn and it definitely reflects in the trends.

Check out my top 3 fashion picks you can treat yourself with!

2015 10 29 22.25.58

- Boot leg jeans (Citizens of Humanity)
- Silver brogues (Meandher)
- Black back-pack (Burberry Prorsum)

What are your wardrobe treats this month?

Keji x

Wednesday, 16 September 2015 15:31

Fashionably Autumn

Autumn could possibly be favourite fashion season for many designers. You an play around with layering while using earthy, rich colours.
Check out my top picks for this new season below.

What are your favourite autumn pieces? Let us know by commenting below!

Evernote Camera Roll 20150915 201810

From top left:

Zara cropped sweater
Topshop Velvet skirt (by Unique)
Mango Carla coat
Vero Mod 2-pack necklace
Zara Suede platform ankle boots
Mango stud cross body bag

Tuesday, 11 August 2015 21:10

My Fashion Africa


This year's Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) didn't fail to meet our expectations once again. 2015's designer list was well picked: selection of diversity, creativity and culture. Here are some designers of AFWL 2015 that made my cut:

Kilumba apparelnew2

Joanna Mitroi Photography

Kilumba apparelnew1 


Joanna Mitroi Photography

 Njema Helena

Joanna Mitroi Photography

Njema Helena1

Njema Helena

Joanna Mitroi Photography

mary martin 4

Joanna Mitroi Photography

mary martin 3

Mary Martin London

Joanna Mitroi Photography

 caroline beyll

 Joanna Mitroi Photography

 caroline beyll1

Caroline Beyll

Joanna Mitroi Photography

steve mandy 1

Joanna Mitroi Photography

steve mandy 2 

Steve Mandy top dress

Joanna Mitroi Photography

What are your favourite picks from 2015's AFWL?

Designer details can be found on:

Wednesday, 15 July 2015 19:42

Keji's Picks: Summer-time cool...

Summer trends are about the whites and blues! Here in the UK, we've witnessed one of the hottest, clearest summers in a long time (holds breath). There is no better time than to clean out your wardrobe and reach out for summer-stylish pieces before the greys set back in.

Kejis picks july20150710 231542

From top-left: 

  • Shoes: Chloé Navy Leather Slingback Wedge
  • Dress: Miguelina Brudgette Crochet Caftan
  • Skirt: See By Chloe Denim A-Line Skirt
  • Top: Nicholas Lace Crop Top
  • Choker: Jennifer Fisher
  • Bag: Valentino Rainbow Striped Flap Shoulder Bag

Let me know your thoughts on my favourite High-Street-inspired pieces!

Thursday, 07 May 2015 18:35

African Fashion Conference

A big congratulations to Jacqueline Shaw and the rest of the Africa Fashion Guide team for organising this event. As a designer, I definitely left being more informed, more connected to the industry and more inspired to take my fashion brand, 'Keji Victoria', to new heights. Every guest panelist gave a unique and seasoned insight into the Africa Fashion industry. Enjoy my highlights below!

*Please note that all content including those in speech bubbles have been paraphrased for the purpose of this blogger platform.

Highlights of the Africa Fashion Conference

African Fashion Market

This segment of the conference was insightful in highlighting the highs and lows of the African fashion scene as a whole, and the individual businesses within it. The panel of guest speakers celebrated the opportunities that fashion players have to showcase their businesses. For example, Lagos and Johannesburg Fashion Weeks are quite large in scale, and a great way to showcase national and international talent. However, the scheduling of these Fashion Weeks could be more organised and structured-perhaps parallel to the existing international shows.


'The Africa Fashion Market' section at the #FAConf2015

Beatrace Oola, the Founder and Managing Director of Africa Fashion Day Berlin (AFDB), shared why such opportunities for designers, buyers and sellers to meet and network are created. By bringing different aspects of the supply chain together, the Africa fashion scene can begin birthing reliable and sustainable production and selling structures. Buyers or sellers who are committed to attending and making transactions at trade shows such as 'Premium Berlin', will be treated with respect in the industry, which will translate into committed clients and services in the long term.

Sustainability and environmentally aware designers are definitely the future of Africa fashion. Abrima Erwiah, co-founder of Studio 189, shared an insight into her business vision. 'It's not just about trends, it's about quality. We focus on the local artisans and the supply chain contributing to the quality of every item'. She went on to give some business advice- 'don't try to do everything by yourself; focus on your strengths and collaborate with others who possess things that will compliment yours'.
Rosario Dawson, co-founder of Studio 189 along with a remarkably diverse portfolio, added, 'take time to work on what you have. As a designer, do the ground work and emphasise on quality. Presentation is key, and the story that goes behind your work is equally important and interesting'.

Samson Soboye, owner of Fashion and Lifestyle store, Soboye, gave a refreshing aspect to the consumer-side of the fashion industry: 'the visuals, image, and quality of garments are the foremost important things when selling to consumers. Before the consumer hears the story behind any work, they would have made up their minds on whether they like it or not, based on the above criteria.' Soboye left us with thoughts to ponder on; 'A business is not a business without money! What infrastructure do we have? Are there resources to get to the next level? Is it sustainable in the long term?'

Africa is Open for Business

This segment gave great insight into how far Africa has come in being receptive to the Fashion business, and whether fashion players still experience barriers to building successful businesses. The host, Hannah Pool of The Guardian Newspaper, asked the guest panellists what they believed to be the key challenges in doing business in Africa;

Jordine Bartlett, of Financial Times Lifestyle, stated that, 'time is of the essence! Working to time is needed, so that we can be recognised and respected on a global scale'.

Sindiso Khumalo, brand owner and Creative Director of Sindiso Khumalo, added that time and quality control may be lacking in certain places. She advised the need to invest resources and time in the actual market of operation. Some people spend little time studying and investing into their market- which can be the reason why quality is lacking.

Yemisi Makualu, of Hatch Africa, went on to emphasise that African consumers may lack patience. Most of these consumers want to make quick money. Business takes time, and sometimes it's not just about putting something out, but about investing in the right places.


Networking at the #FAConf2015

Sourcing From Africa

The final segment I attended focused on the supply chain within the industry.

One of the questions asked by host, Abi Rushton, of Aid by Trade Foundation, was 'what determines your sourcing decisions?'

Daphne Kasambala, owner of Sapelle, shared that having a network of people all over Africa helps because there is little budget to physically travel and meet with different suppliers. She went on to say that Kenya has great potential for sourcing, drive and the curiosity to create from raw/local materials. They are good at taking things from their raw state and recreating something unique.
Paola Masperia, owner of Mayamiko, said that her company is committed to sourcing locally, 'which means we can't always source all the fabrics we wish for. But we are contributing to the local economy....' She highlighted that the trading agreements need to greatly improve in Africa. For example, it's easier to trade and supply fabric around Europe due to the existing trading blocs; but this proves very challenging between African countries.

Another question was put through the the panelists; 'how do small businesses find cost-effective ways to produce in small quantities?'

Paola: 'there are great initiatives available so that you can collaborate with other designers and businesses when ordering to off-set extremely high costs. Otherwise, focus on your chosen market and customers for your collection'. Paola noted that focusing on your consumers allows you to order according to demand- which may be for a short term basis.

Daphne: 'diversify your portfolio, search for different manufacturers so you are not limited to one way and terms of production'

Madeleine Rosberg, of Responsibly Africa, also added that 'some African markets are open to small businesses- such as Kenya, Ethopia, Uganda, etc. In such places it is easier to find the right manufacturer who can produce the smaller quantities you desire. It's about searching for the right manufacturer.'

How did you find the #FAConf2015? Please share your comments below, and feel free to share this post!

Sunday, 01 February 2015 21:01

Keji Picks: Winter Greys

Winter is stereotypically for dark and neutral colours. They can be minimal yet striking; easily accessorised; and flattering to a lot of body shapes. So while some people cannot wait for this 'brrrr' season to be over, it's great for style- and some of us look forward to digging out some winter love!

Our main pick today is River Island's Grey Draped Jacket; below are descriptions of how to complement this piece!


1. If you have a special do but do not want to brave the cold bare, try a midi body con dress which perfectly compliments the draped jacket. Why not add a funky clutch bag?
2. For the chick-girl-next-door look, sophisticated heel boots (which are great with skinnys) always puts a kick to any girl's step!
3. Adding print to your winter wardrobe can be pulled off well when minimal.
4. Add splash of colour in a simple yet striking way. You cannot really say no to lipstick prints (black tunic)!

What are your favourite winter pieces/accesories?
Sunday, 28 December 2014 17:36

Keji’s Picks: New Year Style

Got a New Year's eve celebration party? Working with a budget? Don't want to compromise style for comfort? Well, I've got 5 picks from our favourite High Street brands that are sure to turn heads (but not your wallets!).

When it comes to styling, I'm all up for convenience- I almost loathe the idea that I have to spend hours tossing and flinging clothes from my wardrobe to find the perfect outfit. An easy way is to pick your favourite/must wear item, and then pick a few items that go with it. This season, I LOVE the Lipstick Mule heels by Miss Selfridge (middle of collage); enjoy my favourite picks! Let me know your thoughts...
What are your favourite items, and how would you match them?

1. Asos Jumpsuit & Topshop Necklace
2. Topshop Bralet & Miss Selfridge Skort
3. Topshop Bralet & Miss Selfridge Midi Skirt
4. Lavish Alice Shirt, Miss Selfridge Midi Skirt & River Island Leather Jacket
5. River Island Leather Jacket & OML London Dress
Sunday, 30 November 2014 15:08

All Shades of Glamour...

Got that special end of year/new year party do? A lot of thought and effort goes into glam and style- and sometimes we just want that look that will keep our #selfie game strong. Whether it's the dark smokey eyes, or the bronze tone, here are my favourite looks from 2014!

Let me your thoughts...
Fiery Soul

Solange's Wedding, November 201. 

Subtly dark eyes with fiery red lips is the perfect blend of the day and night look.
Young & Free

Blake Lively in the Cannes Music Festival.

Playful yet flirty look suits every 'girl next door': effortless but stylish!
Black Gold

Kelly Rowland at the Billboard Music Awards.

Dark and gold colours-both as makeup and accessories are classics for the party of the year.
Natural Glow

JLo at the Atelier Versace Show. 

Stay forever young with natural colours and bronze tones. You just can never go wrong with a minimal glow.

What are your favourite looks?
Friday, 29 August 2014 20:01

Black on neutral everything (VMAs2014)

My fashion highlights of 2014's MTV Video Music Awards in no particular order; it was only after selecting my favourites that I spotted the trending black, whit and neutral colours. Even trend setters need to use neutral shades to consistently get it right. And as they say; less is more. I definitely give a 10/10 to these stars that played it colour-safe. Each style is exquisite, timeless and fashion-call worthy!
Beyonce in a Nicolas Jebran gown, Lorraine Schwartz jewellery and Christian Louboutinworld shoes.
Holland Roden in Rupert Sanderson pumps.
Kendall Jenner in La PerLa, Jennifer Fisher and Giuseppe Zanotti
Kelly Rowland in Lorraine Schwartz jewels.
Solange in H&M studio suit.
Chanel Iman in Balmain.

What were your favourite looks from the VMAs? Sound off on the comments below!
Wednesday, 02 July 2014 16:16

Zara's Print-on-the-run Sale!

New print campaign #afroprintspirebyk will share my LOVE for Afrocentric prints. Feast your eyes on these ankara-inspired prints in #Zara's 2014 Summer sale! Sometimes it can be hard to match your African print with your day-to-day clothing. But when it's summer, there really are no rules to matching bright colours!

How would you rate each piece? Comment below!

Casual slouch print

Day time chic print
Play date print
Boyfriend vest print
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 21:01

Paris in The Fall

The Adama Paris Collection for Fall 2014 is amazing by every standard. What Africans typically associate with carrier bags, the designer has used the woven loincloth to create outstanding art statements for the body. The Senegalese influence and wax lining strengthens each piece as a stand-alone wonder.

Feast your eyes!
Wednesday, 26 February 2014 16:16

Mama Nyah!

Those who know me personally, know that if you ever get me started on my year abroad in Germany (oh, what did I tell you...), I could easily have you as my captive audience for the next half an hour- but I resist digressing! When I stumbled on the brand 'Nyah und Ich' some time back, you could almost imagine my excitement and instant connection with them. The language presentation, use of first person and bold statement of ankara, is a bona fide statement of culture and style. And that's before we even look at their work in detail; the beautiful hand-made crafting and delicate finishing on each piece.

It's always good to see ankara and African-inspired fashion come to life through Western eyes and taste. Some times its hard and impractical to wear a clash of bold colours just to head down the street, or to go pick up a few necessities. But 'Nyah und Ich' is fashion that speaks 'convenience in unique style'. The regular person just wants something comfortable, easy to style and accessorise with and trendy. No longer do you have to compromise style for comfort; throw on a slouchy (or fitted) piece of 'Nyah und Ich', and feel good about your style.

Love them as much as I do?! Check them out here: 

Modestly stylish and classy!
Saturday, 28 December 2013 22:22

That's so 2013 - Fashion Flashbacks!

This year has seen some unique and trend-setting fashion pieces. While some have been in full view of the public at large (mainly blared on our TV and laptop screens), some have definitely gone under the radar. Regardless, it's worth celebrating style and those who graciously embodied it. Enjoy my favourite pieces as I mark down the year 2013!

January's Pick; the beautiful Alicia Keys in a Michael Kors number. This dress almost went under the radar during the inauguration with Michelle Obama, Beyonce and a few others taking centre stage at different times. Red dresses are always statement pieces when rocked in the right way, 10 points to Alicia!
Dress by Michael Kors

February's Pick; Guiliane Rancic looked elegant and suave in a nude Carlos Miele gown! Great detail and well draped around her petit figure.
Gown by Carlos Miele

March's Pick; in this vogue cover, Beyonce looked fierce decked in Givenchy. And check out those plexiglass cone high heels with elastic straps!
Givenchy ensemble

April's Pick; Zoe Zandala wearing a Calvin Klein piece in Berlin, Germany this year. Zoe is definitely my April girl...effortlessly classy!
Calvin Klein ensemble

May's Pick; Sarah Jessica Parker at the BAFTA Awards. In love with this Ellie Saab jumpsuit choice! It sits on her body like a glove, and definitely a worthy substitute to an Awards-fitting dress.
Jumpsuit by Ellie Saab

June's Pick; LOVE Emma Watson in this ensemble, at the 'This is the End' premiere. 2013 was definitely the year of jumpsuits.
Top by Roland Mouret, pants by Phillip Lim and heels by Salvatore Ferrangamo

July's Pick; The Chanel Show at the Paris Fashion Week Haute-Couture 2013-2014 event. Alexa Chung may just be my golden girl for 2013. That may be because she chose to wear two of my favourite things; lace and velvet! My fashion forecast is- the reign of cute velvet dresses. Talk about vintage galore.
Lace by Chanel

August's Pick; subtle and elegant make a mouth-watering pair in this ZAC Zac Posen dress, worn by Crystal Reed at the MTV VMAs last August!
Dress by ZAC Zac Posen

September's Pick; Kate Middleton with Prince William at the Tusk Conservation Awards, wearing a dress by Jenny Packham. On a side note, has Kate ever worn an ugly dress (since she became the Duchess of Cambridge)? I think not.
Dress by Jenny Packham

October's Pick; Blake Lively looked sweet in a Olivier Rousteing Balmain Paris 2014 collection. Nothing says classic-retro than an off-shoulder, quilted touch and a box pleated skirt!
Dress from the Olivier Rousteing Balmain Paris 2014 collection

November's Pick; Chanel Iman at the Screening of the movie; 'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom'. No words! But to name a few stunning attributes in this appearance; the geometric cuts and draping, the fish tail drop, Iman's gorgeous skin...!
Gown from J Mendel's 2014 collection

December's Pick; putting aside the 'deep' amount of flesh-baring, this Antonio Beradi two-piece suit is a 'jaw-dropping', 'all-eyes-on-me' piece. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks fearless, and it's hard not to in that suit!
Two-piece by Antonio Beradi

What are your favourite pieces of 2013? Comment below!

Modestly stylish and classy.
Monday, 04 November 2013 22:08

Trending with leggings

We've become more and more fascinated with leggings than every before. More so 'treggings', but I'm really not so fussy about terms, especially when they only seem to keep evolving by one or two letters each time. But for the curious, treggings, in my opinion and in the most simple way, give a trouser fit but a leggings' feel. Its great really, no longer do we have to walk around with leggings that do nothing for the shape; the 'treggings' evolution now allows us to portray a slim, figure-hugging posture in the most flattering way.

But I'll keep it simple; we are loving the figure-flattering leggings! The patterns of what seems like a re-vamped wardrobe piece has been sculptured to fit unto the human body, in just the right places. And while we love to keep up with what's hot in fashion, its not always easy to find the right outfit for our leggings. Here are a few ways to keep recycling our fashion-favourite while looking chic and stylish every time!

Ofcourse, there are a lot more ways to wear your leggings (or skinnys), but I find these four ways to be pretty distinct and easy to create. So whether you are going for a smart/casual look for a semi-formal function (1), wanting the comfy, casual, yet chic look (2), up for a snazzy 'ready-to-hit-the-town' look (3), or just the retro girl on the block (4), its leggings all-day, every-day!
How would you style your leggings for a 5-day week?
Thursday, 19 September 2013 16:36

Let's hear it for Minkoff, New York...

My favourite runway from the New York Fashion Week so far is Rebecca Minkoff's Spring 14 collection. There are three Cs that I believe make up the best wardrobe for the working, up and running 21st century lady; Class, Chic and Comfort! We have gotten so used to associating 'chic' with Victoria or Kim's 8/9 inch heels and skin-tight leather pieces. However, some of us want to be able to run around in some comfortable loafers without loosing the much-desired chic and classy attributes. Rebecca Minkoff nailed these three elements in each of her SS14 runway pieces. The subtle boyish and care-free cuts do not compromise the feminine touch that the floral and delicate prints create. Not to talk of the soft colours Minkoff uses, which screams, 'the elegant lady of Spring'. And finally, Minkoff's Spring collection should be our number 1 inspiration for our High-street buys because of its multi-functional use. You can either wear a Rebecca Minkoff for an up-town shopping spree, or doll up and add some stilettos for a formal do.


Sound off your comments on your favourite collection/s of the week so far!
Wednesday, 14 August 2013 17:15

AFWL - An African Explosion

I attended the Day 1 exhibition of the AFWL 2013 show and met with a few designers and their unique brands. Engaging with each designer and getting to learn about how they started, their inspirations, and where they hope to be in the near future, was definitely the highlight of my time there. Take a look at a few of my sneek peeks.

Vou Brown is a boutique that houses a wide range of designers. I had to take a few snaps of my favourite designer pieces; accessories in ankara are always favourite wardrobe piece to brighten up any staple number.


I was privileged to meet with Dionne, the owner of another unique accessories brand. I fell in love with a few items that had particularly afro-centric prints, which are also a great blend with every day wardrobe items.

Kiyana Wraps is a revolutionary brand that makes head wraps a convenient go-to piece, and a permanently styled accessory. The variety of colours and textures of these wraps also means head wraps aren't just for particular garments. Not to mention that these wraps can be re-styled!