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How To Wear Your White Jeans This Summer

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how to wear your white jeans this summer

White denim is a great alternative to your everyday blue or black denims and are just as comfortable and easy to wear. Best of all they add a touch of sophistication to your everyday look So here are some handy tips to take them to the next level. Distressed jeans are the on trend jeans. So to give your white jeans a more casual feel distressed them. You can DIY it or just buy it on the high street.

Distressed white denim

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distressed white jeans

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For an edgy street style look pair your white jeans with a leather jacket.

white jeans with leather

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Splash it out with color and prints. This is the best way to liven up your look and as white goes with most colors, you can go wild.

white jeans and color

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color and white jeans

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Keep it fresh and neutral, pair it with other neutral pieces to create a chic and simple minimalist look.

fresh and neutral

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Go white on white or just stick to black and white because when all else fails, monochrome is always best.

white on white

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white jeans

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black and white

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