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Simple ways to remove dark circles

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Where once eye skin was treated just like every other part of skin on your face, this area needs more specialized help with the passing of time.

Its physiology is making it more vulnerable to signs of skin aging, including dark circles.

Dark eye circle origins: Where to begin?

Avoid dark circles by knowing exactly what causes them first. A solution that involves an RoC Eye Cream is barely scratching the surface of this perennial skin problem. Below is a run down of what is causing your skin to develop these marks:

- Tired, unrested eyes. Whether its chronic lack of sleep or too much screen time, these all exert unnecessary pressure on your eyes.

- Chronic stress. It’s not only bad for your health but worrying does show up on your eyes too.

- Constricted veins. Stress, tiredness, wrong sleeping positions and even chronic eye irritation can all cause veins under your eyes to become swollen.

- Stuck blood and fluids. Veins underneath your eye are very thin, fragile and prone to breaking and fluid leaks.

- A more serious health problem. Poor eye health and appearance could be a sign of dehydration, fluid retention, thyroid problems and liver diseases.

Relieve dark circles

Follow these 8 tips to healthier looking eyes, without the dark circles:

1. Never allow your eyes to dry out. Dry is never bad for skin around your eyes nor for your vision. Use a moisturizing eyedropper whenever you feel like your eyes are heavy and dry.

2. Keep eye skin clean. Always start the day by taking off the grease and dirt on your eye skin, and always cap the night by removing all makeup and products that can hurt and irritate your skin. Exfoliate with mild exfoliants, particularly alpha hydroxy acids, for a deeper clean. Do this every week and only up to twice weekly. This aids skin to turnover faster so that skin is healthier, thicker and more radiant.

3. Moisturize. A basic moisturizer will be helpful but, may not be enough to address the dry, dark skin concerns you have around your eyes. Use only hypoallergenic eye creams like RoC Eye Cream, to soothe tired skin around these areas. For brightening dark circles, make sure to sign up skin lightening ingredients like kojic acid, Niacinamide and Vitamin K.

4. Moisturize and relax your eyes some more. No amount of moisturization can ever be too much to promote eye skin health. Make sure to get plenty of antioxidants and moisture-rich ingredients. One way to do that is by using eye masks, particularly those made with ingredients well-known to whiten skin, such as Vitamin C and licorice. Whenever you feel your eyes are swollen, relieve your constricted veins with a cold compress, using either two slices of cucumber or your cold eye mask.

5. Promote better eye health through your diet. Eat healthier, fresh veggies and fruits, while also taking in hot, newly cooked meals only. Stay away from preservatives laden microwaveable food and canned goods which contain high levels of sodium and preservatives. Eat less sugar as well to prevent glycation which destroys your skin.

6. Promote better nutrient circulation with regular exercise. Avoid dark circles by finding time to exercise and whenever you just can’t, simply keep moving.

7. Give your eyes a break. Your eyes need enough time to stay shut so it can be refreshed and have more time to lubricate your dry eyes. Turn your gadgets off when its time to hit the sheets.

8. Schedule a regular R&R. Nobody else will take better care of you than you. There should always be time set aside to take your mind off stressful concerns and just enjoy every minute of doing a hobby you enjoy or dinner with people you care about the most.

9. Consider getting a non-surgical procedure. If none of the tips above work, your choices range from the usual chemical peels to laser treatments to dermal fillers.


When you want to see flawless skin, start by asking yourself what is it that you’re doing that may be harming your skin. Almost always, the real culprit is the lifestyle you lead.

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