Wednesday, 31 May 2017

4 Ways To Add More Volume To Fine Hair

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Everyone wants quick and doable ways to volumize fine hair, even if they don't have fine hair.

They're looking for that perfect sense of pouf that crosses the line between a flat head and a billowing one, and it can be done with a number of strategies and techniques, four of which are given here.

1. Root Volumizing

Root volumizing products will lift the area around the roots of the hair and provide volume and support to maintain full looking hair. Products should be those that are specifically formulated for fine hair and contain ingredients that will create lift rather than weighing down the hair and giving it an oily, stringy or dull effect as opposed to fullness. Simply apply the volume booster to damp hair over the entire scalp area. Volume boosters are not effective used on dry hair, so make sure the hair remains damp when using the product. Blow drying will add even more fullness once the volumizer is spread throughout the scalp area.

Other volumizing products, such as mousse and sprays can be added to this technique for a product layering effect. Take the mousse or spray and finger or spray it through any lengths of hair, which will help to thicken individual strands.

2. Changing your Part

Changing the way your hair is parted can make a big difference with fine hair. Years of parting the hair in the same direction can produce a flattening effect, which can make fine hair appear volume-less. A simple switch from say a middle part to a side part can make a world of difference. The change will lift the hair away from the scalp and give the crown of the head more volume and body. It's best to make the change when the hair is wet to allow it to take hold rather than dealing with hair flying in every direction, which can happen with fine hair.

3. Back-Combing (Not Teasing)

Back-combing doesn't mean 1960s teasing, which can create a mound of unmanageable and damaging tangles. Real back-combing or back-brushing entails creating soft volume through back-brushing at the roots using a large flat type brush. Upper hair lengths can be pinned up or rubber-banded and the remaining hair underneath back-brushed in sections. Each section should be held tightly away from the head and a downward motion made at the roots with the brush in three strokes. The volume will last if each area is sprayed with hairspray. Once all the sections have been back-brushed and sprayed, the remaining top hair can be let down to cover the sections leaving a smooth and volumized finish.

4. Blow Dryer Magic

This little tool has come a long way in solving the problems associated with volumizing fine hair. To get a fuller effect, simply flip your head and wet hair upside down and prepare to dry the hair. The roots of the hair are away from the scalp, which is the best way to dry it. Usually running the hands through the hair during the blow drying process helps, but any more advanced blow dryer should allow for control of lifting and volumizing. According to Nourish Your Hair, ceramic hair dryers are best for fine hair because they don't hair down like ionic dryers can. The lifting effect is usually better achieved when the hair is almost dry and can then be finished and smoothed off with a round brush. If bangs are involved, it is best to dry them beforehand without bending over.

These four (4) different ways to add more volume to fine hair are workable for almost anyone with fine hair, and they are not only easy but do help in adding volume to fine hair without a lot of time, expense and hassle. Fine hair will love its newfound fullness through any of these volume-busting ideas.