Thursday, 25 January 2018

Brands to Look Out for in the Gym

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With the new year comes new motivation to attend the gym, but the gym might not be the same as you remembered it.

Smaller clothing companies are becoming more popular for having unique design ideas and making people feel more like individual whilst working out. everyone likes having their own spin on fashion and if you're looking to avoid some of the generic big brands, here's the top 5 brand to look out for this year.


The insignia on Tracksmith clothing is a small running hare, subtle but easy to spot if you notice it. Tracksmith's key selling point is that their clothing isn't based on the modern trends, but instead offers a retro 70's/80's look. Their activewear uses the latest in materials suitable for gym use, but Tracksmith doesn't tend to offer fitted clothing, as it doesn't match their culture. Tracksmith wants everyone who wears their apparel to release their amateur spirit whilst exercising, the motivation and determination of newcomers is the attitude Tracksmith want to encourage.

One Athletic

A gym lovers perfect brand, One Athletic is a standout brand that promotes health and wellbeing. Best known for their iconic tracksuits and caps, One Athletic prides itself on heavy branding that anyone into fitness will naturally like. It's all premium fitted apparel that helps define muscles and helps with workouts. The brand picks darker toned colours and complements the colour with bright block banding to define the manufacturer. You should be able to spot their brand easily, their clothing is made with a large 'O' with an 'NE' sat inside it, but the One Athletic name is usually designed onto the muscle fit hoodies and gym joggers too.

Physiq Apparel

Launched in London, Physiq Apparel is a high-quality fitness brand that offers reasonably priced products for the masses. They started with the essentials in gym wear, but have quickly expanded into offering all the apparel and accessory needs for health and fitness use. It's a brand that prides itself on not just its practical use but to also make the user look and feel great. Their range is diverse, and naturally, any shopper will be able to find the simple essentials or something eye-catching that isn't common at their local gym. Physiq's range uses innovative technology to help it excel above other brands, their storm tech range offers superior comfort and warmth without the weight, at a fair price and aesthetically pleasing fit.

Outdoor Voices 

A harder brand to spot in the gym but its unique take on gym clothing ensures its place on this list. A brand that mainly leans towards catering for women, however, does also have men's range, Outdoor Voices is a subtle brand that focuses on pastel colours and alternative patterns rather than branding its name on their clothing. Outdoor Voices wants their shoppers to be comfortable whilst working hard at the gym, they have ranges to suits all figures too, the apparel has loose and fitted designs depending on your preference.


The easiest brand to spot in the gym, Puma has a lot of history in the fitness and sports industry and recently they have released new trainer ranges that competes with the footwear leaders. The Puma Ignites have been a popular running shoe in recent years, offering a range of colours and materials to tempt most people who taking running seriously. At the end of last year, Puma unleashed the Jamming trainer, a sole designed with extra cushioning and a unique design to compete against the like of the Adidas Boost and Asics Gel trainers. The full trainer is premium and regardless of what you intend on doing in the gym, this is sure to make the experience better.