Thursday, 29 March 2018

9 Super Tips To Ensure Healthy Hair Growth

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Meighan Sembrano

Whether it’s a half-up hairdo, a long braid, a wavy style or a straight, layered cut, long hair has been a favorite trend amongst both men and women for thousands of years.

At some point in time, long hair dried up as a trend amongst men, but modern-day society has, once again, brought back the pattern. For millions of women, long hair is a must – it gives them the ability to experiment with a massive variety of hairstyles, and also offers many of them a pleasant boost in their confidence.

Many women with short hair desire a more extended, luscious hairstyle. Unfortunately, hair doesn’t grow very fast naturally. In fact, on average, a person can expect approximately 15 centimeters of hair growth each year – and that’s when you take care of your hair. For a lot of women (and men), this is an inconvenience – they wish to achieve that longer hairstyle faster.

Luckily, some useful strategies can be implemented to help speed up hair growth and, ultimately, achieve that hairstyle you dream of in less time. Let’s consider some of the most useful strategies and tips that can be implemented to get your hair to grow faster.

1. Skip The Shampoo

Most people get used to the idea of shampooing their hair every time they enter the shower. It comes as a distinct part of a cleansing routine – you want to clean your entire body, and your hair is part of the areas you wish to clean.

Shampoo is the most obvious way to clean your hair since these products are made to remove any dirt, product buildup and other waste material from your hair. At the same time, however, shampoo also strips away natural oils from your hair – and these natural oils are good for your hair. Don’t shampoo every time you get into the shower – give your hair a break and allow your natural oils to work their magic.

2. Take Some Vitamins That May Help To Improve Your Hair Health

If you keep your hair healthy, then it will naturally grow faster. While using expensive treatments and serums can be helpful, promoting hair health needs to happen from both the outside and the inside.

Numerous vitamins and nutrients have been linked to healthier hair – taking supplements containing these vitamins for hair growth, and health can help you out on your journey. Some particular vitamins that are helpful include vitamin C, D, E, and A, as well as all of the vitamins that form part of the vitamin B family.

3. Don’t Overlook The Importance Of Conditioner

While shampooing is known to be damaging when done too often, it is important not to overlook the many benefits that using a conditioner regularly can have for your hair.

Conditioner helps to replenish the proteins, lipids, and moisture of your hair, while also sealing your hair cuticles to prevent further damage. These effects can help to keep your strands healthy and also make your hair start to grow faster.

4. Consider A Hair Growth Supplement

In addition to knowing about the particular vitamins that can promote healthy hair, there are also a number of supplements on the market that contain the perfect blend of natural substances, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that can help to promote hair growth. An excellent example of such a supplement is Foligen. Look for supplements that have some positive reviews to back up the claims made, and always consider the ingredient list before buying.

5. Visit The Hair Salon Frequently

While it may seem counterproductive to cut your hair frequently, it is essential to find the dreadful effects that dead end, and split ends can have in the long run. If you fail to cut off split ends frequently, then the separation can lead to hair breakage, as well as affect your hair higher up. This means that, when you finally decide to pay a visit to the hair salon, you would have to cut off an unpleasant amount of your tips to save your hair.

6. Do A Final Rinse With Cold Water

After you have completed your routine shower, washed your hair and used a good conditioner on your hair, finish the shower by rinsing your hair one final time – this time, however, use cold water. This is a practical step that can provide you with a significant benefit when it comes to hair growth. The cold water helps to smooth the outside layer of your hair, preventing a loss of moisture and also adding extra protection against heat damage.

7. Practice Good Brushing Techniques

Some people brush their hair too often, which can cause damage and hair breakage. Others, however, clean far too little. One of the best home remedies for hair growth would be to educate yourself on brushing. You need to find a right balance in the frequency of brushing your hair, while also practicing the right type of brushing techniques.

Start from the bottom of your hair, and slowly work upward. Aim for a boar bristle brush, as these brushes help to better distribute the natural oils of your scalp throughout your hair and the bristles of such a brush are gentle on your hair.

8. Avoid Overusing Heated Styling Tools

For many women, using a hairdryer and a straightening tool, or perhaps a curler is essential to help them get ready for the day. The problem is, the continuous heat being placed on your hair is causing excessive damage – even though you may not notice all of that damage right away, in time, it will undoubtedly cause complications. Try to use these tools less often – perhaps choose to avoid using heated styling tools on three or four days a week.

9. Switch To A Satin Pillowcas

Cotton pillowcases are the most popular option when it comes to shopping for linen, but the fabric used to produce these pillowcases can be harmful to your hair. While sleeping, friction occurs with every move you make, which leads to tangles and even damage to your hair. Using a pillowcase that is made from a satin fabric will reduce friction and damage while sleeping. Silk is another option if you do not prefer satin fabric.


Hair plays a significant part in how we look, with every person striving toward a hairstyle that will make them feel more beautiful and, of course, add to their confidence. Unfortunately, when a long hairstyle is desired, it can take a considerable amount of time to achieve such a goal. In this post, we provided some helpful tips that can help you grow your hair faster, giving you the chance to reach that long and luscious hairstyle in a less amount of time.