Sunday, 15 April 2018

Vegan Leather Materials Perfect for Summer

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Becoming vegan is the latest big trend, but did you know that this not only encompasses what you eat but your entire lifestyle?

Vegans do not buy any products contain anything from animals, which means you have to brush up on your fashion knowledge and know where exactly the materials are coming from that make up the new top, dress etc that you are purchasing!

One material that many new vegans can struggle to give up is leather, however, there are now plenty of amazing alternatives for you to choose from this summer. Fake leather is a great alternative that is cruelty free while still giving you the stylish look that you want, for a good price and great quality. If you are struggling to find great vegan leather options for your new leather jacket, leather summer bag, or leather summer sandals, then carry on reading to hear all about the different options that are no available to you.

Using Paper as A Leather Alternative

This leather alternative may surprise you as it definitely surprised us. Paper is a fantastic leather alternative and is used in many pleather fashion items. What’s most surprising about using paper is how strong it is as it is just as strong as real leather. Fashion companies are now just catching on to using paper after discovering that it was strong enough to make handbags with. One of the most popular types of paper used is washi which is a delicate paper that is made from the bark of the Kozo tree from Japan. Once it has been made, this delicate paper is then cut and its edges are left raw and carefully woven. You never know, your new summer bag this season may just be made out of paper!

Using Cork as A Leather Alternative

Cork has long been used as a water-resistant, organic material. You’ll probably know it more from being used in floor tiling, however, this material is actually extremely eco-friendly and is taking the fashion world by storm. Cork can easily be recycled as it is a completely natural product and is made from Cork Oak forests. This also helps prevent deforestation of our forests and works to prevent global warming! You’ll find that cork mainly comes from the South of Europe and the Cork Forest in the Iberian Peninsula plays a huge role in protecting endangered species within the area. Cork has been used recently in number of large designer fashion brand accessories and can also make a great option for your new summer bag. You can also keep an eye out for the latest trend which is the cork umbrella as we all know that this is probably still needed in the British summer weather!

Using Recycled Rubber as a Leather Alternative

Another fantastic vegan leather option is rubber! Rubber has a similar feel, density and texture to real leather, making it a great option for bags too. Recycled rubber can be used to imitate the appearance of many different types of leathers including matte leather and fine grain leather. This material can provide you with a gorgeous basis for bags and accessories.

Using Plastic as a Leather Alternative

A popular option for vegan leather is plastic which is commonly known as pleather. This is a combination of plastic and synthetic leather. They definitely rival the appeal and feel of real leather and are a fantastic option for any form-fitting, tight clothing. What’s more, pleather is very soft and is a more flexible and lighter material than real leather with tear resistance. It is the perfect material for summer as it allows great air flow where there is skin contact. If you are looking for a new bodycon dress for warm summer nights, but still want that cool edge with pleather panels then you can find great bodycon dresses online that are affordable, stylish and look amazing at those summer parties.

Using Waxed Cotton as a Leather Alternative

Another great leather alternative is waxed cotton. This is a great substitute for leather and patent leather in particular. This material is also waterproof, pliable and is also easily easy to wash which is an advantage compared to other materials on this list. This also means the item of clothing will be cheaper in the long run as you don’t need to invest in any specialist cleaning bills. This material is great when used in summer bags, jackets and fake leather trousers.

Using Pinatex as a Leather Alternative

Have you heard of pinatex? Neither had we! This material is really cool and unique as it is actually made from using the wasted parts of pineapple bushes. It is 100% cruelty free, eco-friendly and is completely ethical as it also funds the pineapple farmers with another source of income for their crops. The feel of this material is very much like real cowhide leather, plus it’s durable and watertight!