Thursday, 20 September 2018

Planning your Autumn wardrobe in 5 simple steps

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With the summer already a distant memory, now that the temperature has started to drop, many of us are diving deep into our wardrobes, trying to find last year’s coat.

You might already have your make up on point, with the best foundation, eye shadow palette and moisturisers ready to go, but while we still have the possibility of warm autumnal days, now is the time to plan your autumn/winter wardrobe before the cold weather really sets in.

Clear Your Wardrobe

It might seem like an arduous task, but sometimes you just have to tackle these things head on. Make a point to get rid of anything that you haven’t worn in the past year and anything that no longer fits or flatters you. Holding on to these things with the intention of being able to fit back into them is not good for your mental health! You can sell these items online and make a little profit or donate them to charity. Remember that you’re going to need some of your other Spring/Summer items for next year so make sure you store them away safely. 

Make a list of all the essentials that might need replacing. If you already have a pair of gloves that were barely used last year, then make a note of it. You’ll spend less!

Invest In The Essentials

During the colder months, our clothes put up with a lot. So any key pieces you purchase need to be a true investment and guaranteed to stand whatever Autumn/Winter can throw at them. The last thing you want is leaky boots on the school run or daily commute in the rain. Your statement pieces should include a winter coat, practical, high quality shoes, scarves and gloves, bags and then of course your more glamourous essential pieces for the Party Season – so dresses, jewellery and heels.

Get New Pieces

Head to your favourite online stores, or even hit the high street if you prefer. When looking for things like jumpers, knitwear, tights, skirts, dresses and jeans make sure you’re aware of the returns policy if you’re shopping online or haven’t tried things on instore.

Go For Quality Ever Time

As mentioned above, when shopping for your Autumn/Winter essentials, quality is everything. If the clothing you buy now is durable, then you’ll be able to save money by using it in the colder seasons to come.

Look For Inspiration

It’s normal to feel a little bombarded with all the fashion choices for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Whether you’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, heading to the high street, or even the supermarket. If you’re struggling for which pieces or looks to go for, then check out your favourite celebrities for a little inspiration. You might not shopping in their price range, but you can get some high quality imitations on the high street. Or even just take inspiration from the colours they’re matching. Celebrities like Kate Middleton or Holly Willoughby dress with style and finesse whatever the weather.