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9 Ways to Find Body Positivity When You're Plus Size

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Almost all of us, at some point in our lives have not liked our body or a particular part of it and have remained preoccupied and conscious about it.

We start hating our bodies, and end up having eating disorders, health issues and low self-esteem and confidence. To avoid these ill effects, there is a new movement of body positivity. Being body positive is about accepting and celebrating all body types and sizes as beautiful. It’s all about loving your body despite stretch marks, sagging skin, acne, cellulite and achieving self-confidence. This movement is evident with trend of many brands using plus size model, clothing, mannequins and many other ways.

With being constantly reminded that we not good enough it’s very difficult to maintain body positivity. So, we have put together below some ways to feel good and positive about your body while being a plus size -

1. It’s All In The Mind

In order to embrace your body just the way it is, you have to start with the right mindset. What we think is what we become! Remember your body is a vehicle in which you have to travel in your entire life. So, you have to give it that love and nurturance. Avoid hating on your body and calling yourself names. Instead whenever you feel like doing this, think of 1 thing you love about your body. In fact, every day you could practice gratitude, by stating 3 things you are grateful for. Be grateful you woke up, you have a working body, good health, etc. Embrace positivity and it will affect all areas of your life, even in terms of your body.

2. Wear Your Crown

Once you’ve got your clothing sorted, it’s time to focus on your hair do. Give yourself a little makeover. Did you know by just getting a haircut and styling your hair different, you can enhance you plus size look. The best hair styles for plus size ladies with a round face are bobs, pixie cut, long layers, bangs, etc.

 3. Detox Your Social Media

We are continuously bombarded with images of skinny model and actors all over the Internet. As much as you’d want to, remember that these pictures are photoshopped and far from reality. Comparing yourself to other is a being a thief of your own happiness. Instead of cursing yourself for your weight and feeling low, I would suggest you revamp your social media feeds. Follow people who actually believe in body positivity. Just google – ‘accounts for body positivity’ and you have. This will have a drastic change on your outlook and your body image.

 4. Ditch The Scales

When we are unhappy about our weight of when we are planning to lose weight, we have this tendency to keep weighing ourselves and taking our measurements. And then we get stressed about the weight we’ve gained and take drastic steps like strict diets, fasting, detox, etc. Ditch these habits of regularly checking your weight and in fact do it as rarely as you can. This will reduce any stress related to your weight and also help develop a positive body image.

 5. Swing In Style

This the most important advice – wear what you love and want to wear. Don’t let you weight be a barrier for you clothing preferences. Don’t shy away from trying latest trends. As long as you are comfortable and confident in what you wear, you can wear what you want. Develop your own style with the kind of person you are and your preferences and comforts.

Don’t think that just because you’re a plus size that you have to always hide your body in loose-fitted outfits. In fact, wear clothing that flatters your best features and your body type. You can find various charts and write ups about what suites what body type. High waisted pants and simple layered outfits are way to go.

A general rule to keep in mind is if you’re wearing a fitted top pair it with loose pants and if you wear a loose top wear a fitted pant.

Also, on terms of size, many brands differ in their sizing so it’s better you still try the out to see if it fits. In fact, a lot of brands now offer a great collection and style in plus size garments.

 6. Inside Out

Your outfit may be on point but something doesn’t feel right. Invest in good inner wear. Get a bra or underwear that fits you well and is comfortable. If you wish you could also invest in good shape wear. A nice sports bra, corset or shape wear can enhance and flatter your features. This is completely your choice. Do whatever make you feel comfortable and feel good.

 7. Get Inspired

It important for you to look up to people who have embraced their plus size and garnered body positivity. Read on their journey, how they made it to who they are. Look for outfit and hairstyle inspirations. Search quotes on body positivity. There will be days you feel shitty about your weight and the way you look; those days are when these inspirations will help you get over the negativity.

8. Make Some Pals

Don’t surround yourself with people who put you down because of your weight and size. Try finding people who are positive and accept you for who you are. If possible, search for people who are plus size and on the same journey of body positivity as you. In this way you could form a small community where you’ll could support and motivate each other.

 9. Health Over Appearance

Accepting your plus size is important. But not doing anything about it, is not. Don’t just be a couch potato and say I am happy about my weight and everything is ok. This is not body positivity! Don’t use body positivity as an excuse for remaining obese. Remember being overweight has many health risks. So, give more importance to your health that your external appearance. Add some form of exercise to your daily routine. Choose something you enjoy and something that will make you feel

Love your body and cherish it!