Tuesday, 14 April 2020

The 5 Skin Types and How to Take Care for Them

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Women and girls are obsessed with their skin. They buy various products and go for numerous treatments just to have beautiful skin.

And honestly, clear and soft skin makes 90% of a beautiful face.  But all of that depends on the skin type you have. 

Let's FACE it, many girls don't know how to properly determine their skin type. Besides that, a large part of the problem is not knowing how to treat different skin types. So, using inadequate products for your skin type can't bring you anything good. To prevent disasters from happening, learning about skin types and proper care for them is essential.

1. Normal Skin

Ah, normal skin type. Not too oily, not too dry, is what we all want to have. Identifying a well-balanced skin type is easy. It has a smooth texture and fine pores, it's not sensitive, nor it has too many breakouts.

Taking care for normal skin type is quite simple. You wouldn't take medicine if you don't have a headache, would you? But this still doesn't mean it's okay to binge on greasy food, unhealthy snacks and chocolate every night. Even though the extensive skincare routine isn't necessary, taking proper care of your skin is still desirable. It includes staying hydrated, wearing sunscreen, taking off your makeup before bed and washing and moisturizing your face regularly. Nothing you couldn't do in less than 20 minutes.

2. Oily Skin

Dealing with oily skin is tough. Greasy appalling appearance, big pores and occasional breakouts are everyday struggles for ladies with the oily type of skin. Luckily, the effects can be minimized, if not prevented. Oily skin is caused by various factors such as hormones in puberty or pregnancy, genetics, large pores, inadequate skincare routine and even climate.

To prevent your skin from producing too much sebum, that causes the greasy look, make sure your skin is properly moisturized. It keeps your skin hydrated and sebum under the control. Besides moisturizing, drinking enough water prevents your skin from producing excess oil. In addition to that, washing your face two times a day is a crucial step in preventing breakouts. It removes the dirt and bacteria, however, don’t mistake this for over-washing. Over-washing your face, especially with hot water, removes necessary oils that cause sensitive skin.   

3. Dry Skin

Gently tap your skin with blotting paper and hold it up to the light. Don’t see any oil on it? It’s because you have a dry skin type. Dry skin lacks moisture which causes rough and flaky appearance. Besides that, it usually has uneven texture and the skin may feel tight. Numerous factors such as genetics, season, long showers and age, can be the cause of dry skin.

If you’re seeking for the effective tips for glowing skin, you're on the right spot! The best treatment for dry skin is hydration. Make sure to drink enough water and moisturize your face daily to keep it soft. Don't spend ages in steaming hot water, and be careful while drying your skin up. Do not rub it. Gently pat it instead. If you want to go a step further, get an air humidifier to retain the skin’s natural oils easier.

4. Combination Skin

Is it dry, or is it oily? What if it's both? Oily T-zone, dry and sensitive cheeks, breakouts only on forehead, nose and chin- that's a charm of a combination skin type. Two major things cause this hard-to-deal-with mashup: genetics and products. You can't change your genetics, but what about products?

Harsh and low-quality cosmetics cause disasters on your face. But what kind of products are right for your face? For dry skin or for oily skin? Neither. Instead of applying chemicals that only damage your skin, consider getting organic cosmetics. While the pandemic is roaring through the planet, you don’t have much of a choice but stay at home. However, you can’t just neglect your skincare in the quarantine, can you? Instead of giving up on your skin, you can order high-quality natural cosmetics online, and have them delivered to your home. Organic products are made of natural ingredients, which makes them ideal for any skin type, especially sensitive and combination.

5. Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin reacts to every minor change in your environment. In winter it becomes dry, in summer oily, it reacts to skincare, flushes after eating something spicy, burns and becomes red after a hot bath… Oh, the "perks" are endless.

While caring for sensitive skin, it’s extremely important to do the patch test. Test any product on your hand first. If you don't have a reaction after 24 hours, it's good to use it. Besides that, overdoing a skincare routine is a big no-no for sensitive skin. Mild cleanser and moisturizer are more than enough for this skin type. Additionally, proper sun protection is a must!


As you can see, various products and skincare routines go down well with different skin types. So, properly determining what your skin type is, is an essential first step to a good skincare routine. Every skin type requires a certain amount of care, so it doesn’t matter if you have dry, oily or sensitive skin, caring for it is crucial for your overall health.