Friday, 23 October 2020

Winter Is Coming: Your Top Fashionista Tips

Written by John Liverstone
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The catwalks may have been closed, but that doesn't mean that fashion is at a standstill.

On the contrary, the four seasons remain, and the changing styles that come with them are here to stay as well. As we creep towards the winter months, trends are certainly changing. There is naturally a degree of practicality about this, but there are also some key differences when compared to previous winters.

As such, if you want to put your ear to the ground on some of the hottest fashion trends, we’re here to help! You can take inspiration from what we cover here today or check out some of the latest styles in Covent Garden. Both options are perfectly valid!

Suits Are In (but in with a bang)

As most people working in the city will testify, suits are certainly nothing new. The winter trends have signaled a somewhat different direction for this garment though, with big and bright ones being the talking point.

Whether it's bright orange or bright blue - they all count. The louder the better although if we were to give any specific advice, try and match the color to your skin tone.

Boots And Wide Leg Trousers

There is a two-pronged approach to this next trend, which features the combination of wide leg trousers and boots. The trousers are tucked into the boots and while this is done purely for stylistic purposes, one should remember that it's quite practical as the temperatures start to drop as well!

It's not quite as loud as the previous suggestion, but it's most definitely up there. Let's not forget that there are umpteen different types of trousers out there and for the more conservative out there, something like beige can still work to striking effect. Remember that the 'loud' element arrives courtesy of the boots and trouser combination, and the color can just act as an emphasizing tool. On their own, wide trousers and boots are nothing new – but in this combination it’s a daring step into modern-day fashion.

The Beauty Of Beige And Blue

We've touched upon beige and blue already through today - but with the aim of using them individually.

This next tip is about taking your winter wardrobe one step further and combining the tones. Natural and blue is the go-to choice for winter fashionistas and the possibilities are endless. One can attempt to pull off the wide trousers and boots appearance we have just looked at, or you can go for something much more conservative such as a slender suit and blue clutch bag. Either way, compare these tones and you'll be the definition of 2020 winter fashion.

Keep Warm With A Maxi Coat

When it comes to the crunch, most of us just want to wrap up warm. This is where this final suggestion comes into play as we introduce the Maxi coat.

Maxi coats are nothing new, they've been around for years. This winter, the yellow Maxi coat is completely on-trend though. For those of you who have studied this article, it won't come as a surprise. After all, boldness is a key trend, but when combined with a Maxi coat the effect is amplified and you can rock either a stroll down the high-street or through the office doors. Try it out for yourself.