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Why We Love The Valentino Women's Collection

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Valentino, a brand of Italian origin, was created by Valentino Garavani and forms part of the Valentino Fashion Group.

After the first collection was shown in 1959, the designs by Valentino have become a sensation around the world. There are various design collections in Valentino's portfolio in different categories, and the Valentino women's collection is one of the most popular of all. If you enjoy Italian fashion with a mix of old values and modern attributes, you may want to take a look at Valentino's clothing styles.

Features Of Valentino's Women's Collection

The Valentino women's collection consists on different pieces of women's clothing. These include jackets, skirts and dresses, and accessories including belts, shoes and bags. They are designed to depict grace and elegance, whilst still upholding the values of the fashion house culture. The dresses, skirts and trousers are mostly loosely fitting, giving the wearer freedom to express themselves. The idea is to focus on class, not curves. The styles are embellished with minimal accessories, such as a small-sized, stylish bag and striking shoes, boots or sandals.

Valentino Design Collections

Until his retirement in 2008, Valentino himself designed numerous collections that were popular among lovers of haute couture and ready-to-wear high fashion. Many of these designs are classic and timeless. Since 2016, the creative director has been PierPaolo Piccioli, whose new collections coming out of the House of Valentino aim to remain faithful to the design heritage created by Valentino, while also remaining true to his legacy of setting trends in the world of fashion. As ever, the Valentino name evokes a sense of uniqueness and top-quality craftsmanship.

Inspiration For Valentino Styles

The majority of Valentino's designs were inspired by memories of Rome. Ancient Romans were known for wearing the toga, stola and palla, which are mostly free-flowing clothes made from soft materials such as wool, silk and linen. All these have influenced the styles and designs created by the brand. Valentino developed a love of fashion from a very young age, and has recounted how he attended performances in the operas and theatre, leading to a fascination with the costumes used in these events and how elegant they were.

Textures And Colour

Valentino designs are often made out of leather or wool. The leather is usually chrome-tanned, which makes it more lightweight and durable, and is mostly used for Valentino's clutches, belts, jackets and footwear. Wool, on the other hand, is found in the ready-to-wear category and includes cashmere knitwear and sweaters. Many of these wool pieces have a more bohemian style. Valentino's signature colour was red, but his 1967 "no colour" show, which also launched his signature V logo, caused a sensation - every piece was white, beige or ivory.

Why Is Valentino Iconic?

The success of Valentino's designs is largely due to the female devotees of his styles. Many of these were dignitaries, celebrities and socialites - the influencers of their time. This set of women was affectionately known as Val’s Gals. In fact, there was a time in Valentino's career that he had more celebrities wearing his designs than any other designer. One of his most influential clients, who had a huge impact on his career, was Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis - she wore Valentino for many of the special occasions in her life.

Valentino And You

Valentino's designs range from the formal to the casual; there is literally a different Valentino style for almost every occasion. The loosely fitting design of many of the pieces gives the wearer more room for personal expression while remaining at the cutting edge of fashion. The individual pieces use natural materials such as leather, silk, cotton and wool, as well as manmade materials like viscose - often in combination. While Valentino's signature colour was red, today's fashionista will find the collections contain pieces in a much broader colour palette.

If you are looking for timeless class and craftsmanship, then Valentino designs are made just for you. Valentino stands out in its simplicity with its use of colours, and whether you want a complete outfit for your red carpet event or just a statement accessory, Valentino collections have it all. Since 1959, when the first collection was unveiled, the Valentino name has become synonymous with luxury fashion. For top to toe Valentino, check out the Valentino women's collection to see the range of pieces, designs and looks available.