Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Freedom for petites, Jennifer Anne's luxury choice

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Jennifer Anne

To mention a popular saying 'good things come in small packages' but being 'petites' is actually not that easy. The young label Jennifer Anne set the goal to make the life of petite women easier when it comes to finding the right outfit.

Founder Jennifer Anne knows by experience that there has been a limited fashion choice for petite women in the UK, this is how Jennifer Anne was born as a unique petite-focused womenswear brand.

'For too long, petite women here in the UK have had a very poor choice available', Jennifer Anne says. Being petite caused Jennifer - a lawyer from London - not a few shopping troubles because small sizes were often not fitting as they should have. She realised that the clothes available in the shops and online, even in the smaller sizes, were mainly designed for taller women. It was time to change.

Moved by the urge to create a solution for women like her and feeling passionate about designing a stylish, modern and versatile women collection, Jennifer Anne founded the brand bearing her name. Jennifer Anne established itself as a premium online womenswear brand designed and made in the UK exclusively for the petite woman with perfectly tailored clothes and classic outfits. It is the petite woman’s frame the starting point for every and each design.

A very personal idea crowned by success. The brand has been recognised by the Independent for the second year running as one of the top petite brands in the UK and Jennifer Anne was recently picked out by the Fashion Editor of You Magazine as one of her five favourite petite brands.

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