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SUMB0D1 digital showrooms, fashion is 'phygital'

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Fashion smashed a barrier during the London Fashion Week and it seems like nothing will be the same ever again. Physical constrictions highlighted the potential of digital techs and SUM OTHER, in partnership with SUMB0D1, replied by pushing fashion to the extreme with its 100% digital showcases.

SUM OTHER collaborated with SUMBOD1 during LFW 2021 to launch a brand new experience enjoyable via laptop. It is SUMB0D1, a set of digital showrooms showcasing 6 emerging designers in a 100% virtual and immersive environment.

Digital showrooms might feel alien to the more traditionalists of us but the philosophy of SUM OTHER cushions the first shock: 'f*!k normal, yet strike a balance'. As a sustainable agency, SUM OTHER aims to fuse physical and digital in an innovative and eco landscape. SUMB0D1 unleashes the power of the newest technologies in its 'phygital' shows, offering the designers a bespoke 4D space where to introduce his/her/their brand stories, an avatar model and accurate 3D reproductions of clothing and full collections.

SUM OTHER has decided to take action by creating an essential, virtual educational toolkit for the fashion world.’ - GAY TIMES

SUMB0D1 digital showrooms are immersive like a videogame but entrenched with social purposes with a section dedicated to Black Lives Matter and the fashion designers supporting the cause. The first-ever virtual launch included clients such as Luis de Javier, Elzinga and Duran Lantink, and it showcased 6 new designers: Alter Designs, Ten Motiwa, Desree & Sabina, Icelynne Yeo, GORM and Pat Equilux.

Meet The Designers

Alter Designs

Founded in 2018 by designer Pauline Ducruet. Alter is a visionary brand born to embrace and inspire the freedom of self. Progressive in nature, wearable and playful, Alter exists not to define by gender but transcends individuality. A responsible label, Alter’s sensibilities celebrate respect, tolerance, freedom of expression and love.

Ten Motiwa
As a contemporary fashion brand, Ten Motiwa takes inspiration from current issues and cultural influences. Our beliefs and experiences enhance the work we create, thus creating an original language that reflects the state of our society. We use art and fashion to awaken fresh ideas and create a new dialogue in the artistic community and in the view of those interested in our brand. We believe in creating fashion and art that is meaningful. We imagine creating art and fashion that can lead the discourse on everyday politics, economics and culture, our work aims to be used to inspire.

Desree & Sabina
The brand itself came together with two friends who have love for fashion and art. The pieces made are unique and bold, expressing individuality through print. Each print has a story that is personal and special. Our garments are very versatile and can be worn to something from a little brunch to a fun evening event. We represent fun, bold and feminine power which is how we want you to feel when you wear our pieces.

Icelynne Yeo
Icelynne Yeo is a Malaysian born Chinese fashion designer who is Melbourne-based. She is currently undertaking the Bachelor of Fashion Design (Honour) 2019 at the RMIT University Melbourne. She has always been inspired by her surrounding that she then explores in many different creative ways. She often experiments with many different types of fabrics - such as silks, wadding, wool and cotton - to create her final collection. The design process for each of her collections takes many months.

Where the lost are found and reimagined into the gaudy or unusual to tell a story in an imaginative way. GORM is derived from the word 'gormandize' for a reason: at its core it's about overindulging; making items that are not mundane but rather ones that allow for true expression.

GORM's new collection, 'Sleepless In...', is a beautiful 'Nachtmare'. It's a collection inspired by Eastern European castles and Czechoslovakian fairy tales from my adolescence. Made completely from vintage pillows and bedding, it is a dreamy affair taken from my love of camp and folklore. It feeds off of nostalgia and is presented in an otherworldly feel, taking dreamy to a whole new level.

Pat Equilux
'All of us are Mona Lisa
It might sound like a cliché, but if we were asked when we knew what 'the Mona Lisa' was, none of us would know the answer exactly. Through this, we realize its great magnitude. We travel for her, we stand in endless queues to worship and adore it. But, why? Probably because there is no work of art in the world comparable to it. We don’t know if it is because of how it was created, what it hides when you look at it, by whom it was created or even if we talk about its great beauty. The only thing we know is that it is simply unique.

Now, I am asking you, what is the difference between you and the Mona Lisa? You are incomparable and ephemeral too. In fact, you are like her because of what you hide when you observe yourself, because of your beauty or even because of who created you. In short, you are simply unique. It is incoherent to worship art without first worshipping ourselves for the great art that we are. Believe it, and you will be unforgettable.

The SUMB0D1 digital showroom is a new playground for designers, where sustainability tests the possibilities of virtual reality. While creating game-alike educational spaces, these 4D showrooms are designed to cut environmental costs and long queues requested by the production. In this world everything moves fast: the 3D looks will be stored, then created and shipped upon request.

If the London Fashion Week went digital, it is legit to wonder: is digital or ''phygital' the future of fashion? We let SUM OTHER answer the question. It is about the way it works:
'[...] the job gets done together because every challenge is different and there is no clear law and order when it comes to playing and creating in the fashion world.'