Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Fashion agency CeeDee debuts to celebrate the heritage and culture of Africa

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Larry Jay (IG @larryjayghana)

In this fashion era where the beauty of multiculturalism is celebrated and exalted, a new fashion agency makes its entrance. CeeDee has recently debuted to celebrate the 'heritage and culture' of African style with its selection of independent fashion brands.

CeeDee is the project of Chibby Dangana who aims to promote and embrace African culture via its material expression: fashion. The newly launched fashion agency gathers unique brands that mix traditional patterns and modern language.

About The Company

CeeDee has its base in Cambridge and is the spin-off Zera PR&Events, a PR agency active in the fashion, lifestyle and entertainment industries. Its mission is to celebrate the heritage and culture of African style through fashion, a form of self-expression that has always played a major role in social interactions and status establishments within human communities. To reach its goal, CeeDee handpicked 6 meaningful independent brands.

Chibby Dangana, founder of CeeDee, said: 'many Africans in the UK are happy with a more contemporary style of clothing, but I do believe there is a gap in the market for a fashion brand that truly celebrates a more traditional African look, and also supports contemporary-style clothing made in Africa.'

About The Brands

The brand starting list includes R1Sixteen, Zibah by Ann Ekwueme, Sista by Eyoro, Aeymoda, Larry Jay and 14zeroseven. These labels have been brought together under CeeDee because, as Chibby explained, they 'are testament to the timeless quality of African fashion'.

R1Sixteen creates ready-to-wear pieces inspired by Bible quotes, with a proportion of proceeds going directly to charities that feed and mentor children spiritually.

Zibah by Ann Ekwueme aims to bring out the 'royalty in every woman' with fashion pieces and mentoring.

Sista by Eyoro is a ready-to-wear company established in Nigeria in 2017. The brand is founded on the principle of creating pieces based on the freedom of 'being true to self... keeping it simple but sophisticated.'

Aeymoda comes as well from Nigeria and has been selected for the way it harmonically fuses African fabrics into contemporary fashion pieces focused on being stylish, comfortable and functional.

Larry Jay is an ethical and unisex brand that finds its source of inspiration in traditional African culture, nature and textile patterns and combine them with modern lines.

Heritage, modernity, freedom and empowerment meet in CeeDee and its idea of everlasting personal style: 'to be truly stylish you have to be comfortable in your skin.'

Find more about CeeDee online and stay up to date with its activity on Instagram.