Wednesday, 01 September 2021

7 Knitwear Styles Your Wardrobe Deserves for Autumn/Winter 2021

Written by Rosanna Beecham
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Tanya Trukyr

As summer comes to an end, many of us are starting to think about getting our autumn/winter wardrobes out and investing in some new items to bring it up to date and make sure it reflects current trends and fashions.

For many people, shopping for boots, jackets and chunky knits is the best part of the season, and as much as we want to keep warm as the weather turns, we also want to look our best and enjoy the best autumn fashions.

Here’s a look at some of the best knitwear trends for 2021.

Vintage Tank Tops

Tank tops are often on the brink of fashion, worn by the kinds of people who claim not to care about fashion or the latest trends, or ironically by those that do. This year, however, they are very much in. For the most on-trend tanks in eye-catching patterns and colours, check out They stock a range of tank tops in varying styles, colours, and patterns. A soft cashmere tank top is the perfect way to layer your favourite tops and blouses, adding warmth, but also style and sophistication.

Knitted Co-ords

Co-ord outfits really hit the height of fashion in lockdown, when we all wanted comfortable, easy choices. This autumn/winter, however, co-ord knit dresses and cardigans are set to hit both the catwalks and the highstreets as we make bold statements with our knits while staying warm and comfy. Opt for fitted dresses and chunky cardigans for the ultimate in winter fashion.

Breton Prints

A staple of most of our spring/summer wardrobes every year, is the Breton print t-shirt. You might have Breton stripes on everything from your summer bikini to loose-fit tees and smarter shirts. This year, don’t leave your Bretons behind with the summer; instead, find Breton print jumpers, fleeces, and sweats.

Ribbed Basics

Ribbed knitwear can be a great way to show off your curves while staying warm. Short sleeved ribbed jumpers look fantastic teamed with jeans and boots, and long-line ribbed cardigans are a great way to layer your favourite dresses.

Retro Embroidery

Embroidered flowers, fruit prints and delicate patterns are very feminine and a great way to complement your basics and add some colour.

Zingy Colour Blocks

Most of us have a habit of sticking to dark colours, and autumnal shades like plum, navy and burgundy when the weather starts to turn. These colours are warming, and flattering, but are they fun? This year, we’re all looking for ways to cheer ourselves up, and so autumn/winter knitwear trends are filled with oranges, yellows, and other zingy shades. Wear these colours in blocks to really make a statement.

Knitted Tube Skirts

Knitted tube skirts are sexy, empowering, and the perfect way to dress up a basic long-sleeve tee, or your go-to lumberjack shirt and cami combo.

Heavy Crochet

When it comes to household fashions, crochet is very wintery. We line our chairs with heavy crocheted blankets for comfort and cosiness. But for some reason, this hasn’t carried over into fashion. We wear crocheted tops in the summer, over bikini tops and vests.

This year, however, things are changing. We’re seeing more and more heavy crochet when it comes to winter knits. Go for bold patterns to create an eye-catching look. This is the perfect time to update your knitwear collection, ready for the colder weather. So, why not check out some of the latest trends before you hit the shops?