Wednesday, 08 September 2021

LacunaFit launches its denim eco collection for petites with 'Kate' jeans.

Written by Laura Lismore
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The journey towards inclusive fashion also passes through 'petites' and their underestimated necessities. Today, petite fashion sees more protagonists like LacunaFit which is ready for a denim-tinted launch.

LacunaFit, UK luxury athleisure brand created by a petite for petites, introduces its new line of sustainably produced denim with 'Kate', comfortable jeans for small shapes.

About The Brand

Founded in 2020, LacunaFit is a young brand created by Lucy ScottBrown for women under 5'4 like her. Lucy, a very active person, found herself struggling particularly with athleisure and its unfitting lengths and sizes but she was not alone. Statistically, women in the UK are under 5'4 on average! Lucy decided to get into action by exploring designs and fabrics until she launched her own company with the perfect Petite Resolute Leggings. Less than a year from the launch, LacunaFit has expanded its colour palette and introduced its Resolute Tanks and now a new denim range with more to come. LacunaFit focus on flattering petites' proportion but also the impact fashion has on the environment. Luxury goes hand in hand with sustainability at LacunaFit's with plastic-free packaging and carbon-neutral products.

About The Launch

From fitness to spare time, LacunaFit is happy to launch its new line of denim for petites with the same attention to quality, fitting and sustainability. The team at LacunaFit worked hard to ensure the newly launched 'Kate' Jeans is made with sustainably sourced raw material and ethically produced with a reduction and compensation of any carbon emission. In the making of its Kate jeans, any carbon emissions have been offset throughout the whole lifecycle by funding projects that capture or store at least the same amount of CO2 emitted via reforestation or renewable energy projects.

'We are so excited and proud to launch our denim collection with the Kate Jeans', says Lucy ScottBrown, co-founder of LacunaFit. 'The secret between achieving legging-like comfort but 100% denim style structure that you'll find with our jeans, is in the two-way stretch fabric... compared to four-way stretch fabric as seen in ‘Jeggings’ or leggings. Every single element of the design process has been handled with precise attention to detail. Even down to the minute details, such as seams that are tactically placed to enhance, shape and sculpt the petite bottom... even the pockets are rotated and placed to add to the effect.'

'Kate' jeans opens the way to LacunaFit's new denim collection and is priced £ 90. A pair of 'Kate' Jeans has been made with the petite frame in mind and features peculiar designs such as custom zip length and pocket sizes, which mean smaller features for a smaller person! Designing clothing for petites differs from standard fashion. In fact, a high waist on a petite frame is not the same as a high waist in normal jeans, and the same applies to leg length. Shrinking down the leg length is not like trimming it so that the knees are accounted for in the right part of the garment. LacunaFit denim collection has also a light colour fading on the front and back of the upper thigh and bottom, adding to the shaping of the garment and giving them the resemblance of your most worn (and most loved) pair of jeans. The mid-blue 'Kate' Jeans are soft to touch, but built with structure.

'kate' Jeans In Detail

  • Stretch denim giving all-day comfort with no restrictions to movements.
  • Durable fabric that retains shape and properties over a prolonged period.
  • Sustainably sourced raw materials including 71% responsibly sourced cotton from mills that follow BCI principles, 24% REPREVE (recycled plastic bottles) and 3% Rayon (regenerated wood pulp).
  • Curve hugging and sculpting design coupled with 2-way stretch fabric for a secure, lifted look.
  • Thick, smoothing fabric that is hand-stitched to the highest quality.
  • Small details that ensure maximum comfort, such as using screenprints, rather than scratchy labels.
  • Streamlined shaping lengthens legs for the smaller woman.

Find more information and the whole range for petites designed by LacunaFit exclusively online.