Monday, 14 February 2022

Peaches Pearl: Grace Loves Lace's New Eco Wedding Dress

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Grace Loves Lace

Leading Australian bridal giant, Grace Loves Lace, is ready to launch its new eco wedding dress on the sweetest day of the year, Valentine's day.

Peaches Pearl is the newest bridal gown revealed by the Australian wedding label, Grace Loves Lace. A romantic style reimagined to be 100% recycled and eco-friendly.

About The Launch

On 14th February, Valentine's day, Grace Loves Lace launches its newest wedding gown: Peaches Pearl. This is the second model in GRACE's eco-friendly line following the launch of Lumi in 2021.

The mermaid silhouette is Grace Loves Lace's signature style and it has been reimagined with the brand’s 100% recycled, GRS certified pearl lace, contributing to the gown’s overall composition of 95.5% recycled materials. Championing a non-mass produced, ethical and Australian-made business model from day one, Founder and Creative Director, Megan Ziems, has always looked for ways the brand can improve its environmental impact. Revolutionising business practices, expanding the GRACE conscious product offering and introducing new and sustainable fabrications is important to Ziems, who invented the 100% recycled lace used in the eco gowns over two years.

“Knowing that up to two-thirds of the sustainability impact of fashion happens at the raw materials stage, we made the decision to source and develop our own 100% eco lace in our signature pearl design. We were inspired to take materials that would have been otherwise discarded and use modern technology to create a luxurious fabrication that brides can feel proud to wear on their wedding day”, said Ziems.

Peaches’ mermaid silhouette is reinvented with the luminescent eco-pearl lace that supports and highlights the female body. Featuring fabrics and trims expertly engineered and developed in-house, the gown’s construction is eco-friendly and hand-crafted with pieces internationally recognised and GRS certified. From the exclusive lace to the inner lining and the satin covered buttons to the eyelash trim, each part of Peaches Pearl is a conscious choice for the planet.

“We knew we wanted to launch more styles in our eco lace and with so much customer love for our classic Peaches gown, we knew she was ‘the one!’ The pearlescent threading and scale of the floral pattern really revolutionise the style, making her a standout gown”, continues Megan Ziems.

A Happily-married Eco Initiative

The unveiling of Peaches Pearl coincides with the launch of a new recycling initiative the brand has announced in partnership with the Australian-based recycling firm Upparel. The initiative has the goal of recycling 100% of fabric waste, leading the brand to a more circular model.

“Our partnerships are revolutionising the way that textiles are upcycled and recycled and we are excited to start working with Grace Loves Lace and embark on this sustainability journey together”, says Sonia Konstantinou, Partnerships Manager at Upparel.

In addition to innovation, Ziems has always valued keeping her finger on the pulse. Her ability to stay nimble and listen to brides has allowed the brand to thrive over the past two years – despite the global pandemic: “Responding to the wants and needs of brides during these uncertain times has been extremely important. We know that the pandemic has required couples to change, move and morph their weddings (often more than once!), which is why we’ve added Peaches Pearl to our ready-to-wear collection – ensuring we can accommodate the brides who are ready-to-wed NOW”, said Ziems.

Shipped within three days of the order being placed,  a GRACE ready-to-wear gown wants to be the fastest and easiest way to be bride-ready. The newest eco wedding gown replies to every bride-to-be's wishes and it also concretises the eco commitment felt by modern women.

“It’s exciting to see just how far we can go with not only being ethical but also creating fabrics that have less impact for the planet, whilst not losing any design, quality or construction elements that we need”, said Ziems.

Pencil the date: Peaches Pearl retails for £1,600 and launches on 14th February in sizes XS – XXL, along with the brand’s recycling partnership with Upparel.
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