Saturday, 09 July 2022

La Métamorphose and Le Secret d’Empédocle A/W 2022/23

Written by Hulin Boulais Romain
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La Métamorphose

La Métamorphe presents their newest haute couture collection for the season Autumn/Winter 2022/23 and tells a secret: "Le Secret d’Empédocle".

The duo sisters of La Métamorphe unveils their haute couture womenswear collection for A/W 2022/23: Le Secret d’Empédocle.

Le Secret D’empédocle: The Concept

This superb collection is an attempt to answer the questions raised by the recent upheavals of the world: the Love and Hate governing the universe reminded Ewa and Margarete that Empedocles was surely right when he imagined the infinite cycle, generating for him the four elements.

According to him, water, fire, earth and ether constitute everything. Hate seeks to destroy, to divide these things, while Love brings them together, tends towards harmony, and seeks their communion. La Mètamorphose recreated and presented Empedocles' universe at the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week.

About The Collection

For the Siceliot philosopher, water, fire, earth and ether make reality as we experience it. Each of these elements is represented in La Mètamorphose A/W 2022/23 haute couture collection and materialised with the high sartorial skills of the Maison. Le Secret d’Empédocle emphasises the primaeval entities with colours and textures: luscious green, explosive red, glistening sands, airy veils and plumes. Bright colours, 100% made in France and made in the Parisian atelier of La Métamorphose.

Among all the creations, the infinity must stop for a nanosecond at the technical prowess of the wedding dress imagined in 3D, produced in 2 months and available in NFT.

The DNA of the house is further underlined by entirely handmade embroideries and by ever more technical patronage.
La Mètamorphose of increasingly flamboyant femininity, season after season.

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