Monday, 11 July 2022

Le Parfum des Nuages, FOVARI's A/W 2022/23 collection

Written by Hulin Boulais Romain
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Fovari's launch at the latest Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week is a statement of fashion eco-responsibility, graceful but vital like clouds in the sky.

If clouds had a scent, Fovari would describe it as airy but palpable taffeta: Le Parfum des Nuages A/W 2022/23 haute couture collection.

Le Parfum Des Nuages: The Message

The message is strong: being eco-responsible is no longer an option. Producing while respecting life is impossible: we must change the paradigm because it is no longer a question of "producing." Humanity will only be able to survive by placing back at the heart of its activity the only notion that should have guided our lives: art. "Create" instead of "produce." This is what Fovari wants to remind us through its latest haute couture collection presented during the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week. Nuages - Clouds are the concept materialised in light volumes and flowing pleats.

About The Collection

La Parfum des Nuages is the scent of clouds. For Fovari clouds are the cycle of water, and therefore of life. Their perfume is our soul, that of humanity. Materials are ethereal.
Architecture is the red thread of the wardrobe: vaporous cloud sleeves in taffeta, airy skirts in silk and organza, high-waisted satin pants, crepe tops. From milky white to black with sparkling accents like that of a starry night, from the pale pink of dawn to the silver of the zenith, passing through the purple, blue, and orange of summer rain, the choice of eco-responsible materials emphasises refined elegance and timeless chic.

The lightness of the materials, their aerial, soft, moving beauty underline the impermanence of all life, like fleeting clouds which, through a cycle that we thought was immutable, make life rain down.

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