Thursday, 01 December 2022

RINGANA: Travel Fresh, Travel Eco

Written by Valentina Chirico
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ravelling soon? Good news for you! Sacrificing your skincare to pass the flight checks and fit everything into your hand luggage is a far memory. You can travel light and enjoy fresh treatments on holidays and weekends out with RINGANA.

Bring your skincare and body care wherever you go and follow your sustainable quest outside of your usual paths with RINGANA and its (very) Fresh travel set.

About RINGANA Fresh Travel Set

The solution to travel light fresh and eco is all in one pouch (20x25 cm), it is RINGANA Fresh travel set, a smart solution to bring skincare and body care with you on the go with high performance and less waste. This travel set is a comprehensive kit with the basic steps for your skincare and essentials for your body care in a clear pouch and, most importantly for those who travel by air, in travel sizes allowed by companies

Inside each set, you will find three kits to cover your skincare, body care and cleansing needs and each travel Fresh travel set is customisable by skin type. There is a version for oily skin, for normal to combo, for dry skin and for men

About RINGANA Fresh Travel Set - Rich

The rich version is specifically formulated for dry skin, so you can change any climate without suffering from dehydration. RINGANA Fresh travel "Rich" set (£56.78) comprises the following kits:

  • The FRESH sample box face with FRESH cleanser (15 ml), FRESH tonic calm (15 ml), FRESH cream rich (10 ml), and FRESH anti-wrinkle serum (5 ml).
  • The FRESH sample box body with FRESH body milk (15 ml), FRESH foot balm (15 ml), and FRESH hand balm (15 ml).
  • The FRESH sample box wash with FRESH body wash (50 ml), FRESH shampoo (50 ml), FRESH stay fresh (50 ml), FRESH deodorant (5 ml), and FRESH tooth oil (15 ml)


When being sustainable sounds like a trending topic, the brand truly believes in what it does but we need to go back in time to understand this value. RINGANA story started in Austria in 1996 in a household with a tube of toothpaste brought back home by the little son of a couple, the future founders of the company. Seeing too many unknown ingredients and spotting many more in common skincare, they decided to do themself, to do fresh cosmetics. The idea of RINGANA was set, so the first fresh beauty company in the country was born.

In 25 years, RINGANA has expanded the "freshness" to produce more fresh products including healthy drinks, supplements, sport recovery solutions and meal replacements. From suppliers to RINGANA no day is wasted in order to maintain the quality of the raw materials used for the brand's offer.


The journey to fresh and natural well-being products could not be complete without a sustainable solution to pack and ship fresh items while preserving their properties without the use of preservatives. This is why RINGANA's skincare comes in glass vials, a durable material that helps keep products intact for longer, and it is relatively easy to reuse and recycle.

The so-called and famous 3 Rs of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle is key in RINGANA's skincare and fuel its recycling programme. Customers can send back their empty containers to receive a free thank-you-product when they reach a total of 10 empties. RINGANA, in the meantime, collects the packaging, disposes of what is not needed or damaged; professionally cleans and disinfects the good ones to extend the vials' life cycle.

This is not a new idea but it is perfectly executed and holistically planned into a balanced company philosophy.

Explore the fresh rages of RINGANA online and start using and reusing for the good of your skin and the planet.

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