January 2021
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"Blue Velvet" By Spiros Stefanoudakis

The Spiros Stefanoudakis woman is the Dorothy Vallens of modern times. Both femme fatale and delicate at the same time.

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Presenting the SS21 collection from Juana Martín, entitled “Córdoba, patrimonio de moda”.

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The British Fashion Council announces their provisional schedule for London Fashion Week February 2021. 

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Thursday, 28 January 2021 16:44

Beauty Science In 2021

The science of beauty is perhaps as old as civilisation itself. From the stunning painted bust of Nefertiti to the glamorous court of Marie Antoinette to the inimitable style of Coco Chanel, we’ve long been fascinated by the beautiful.

makeup 402533 1920 resultSalina13, Pixabay

Across the millennia, we’ve been searching for the tools to enhance our beauty, tools to help us reach our fullest potential. For centuries, we’ve used paints and powders, unguents and ointments to bring out the goddess that had always lurked within.

The beauty industry, even before it became an “industry” per se, has always been married to science. Today, however, as we move into the second decade of a new millennium, the partnership between science and beauty has never been stronger.

Even more importantly, beauty consumers have never had more access to information or more choice when selecting the latest and greatest scientifically tested and approved products to add to their beauty regimen.

The Power Of The Beauty Influencer

freestocks JfJjQgXpXeM unsplash resultFreestocks, Unsplash

Perhaps one of the most important beauty trends to emerge in recent years isn’t a cosmetic, a skincare product, or an aesthetic procedure at all. Rather, it’s in the rise of the online beauty influencer.

In 2021, the authority of the influencer is likely only to grow, and it is not at all difficult to understand why. Today’s influencers aren’t just successful professionals in the media or the beauty industries. Many bring with them some pretty impressive credentials in some pretty formidable fields such as chemistry, microbiology, and even the medical and environmental sciences.

Now more than ever, we’re turning to science beauty influencers to help us understand the science behind our favourite products and procedures and to introduce us to promising new advancements on the horizon. The particular importance of these science influencers is that they are uniquely qualified to speak with depth and to provide empirical evidence on everything from product ingredients and sourcing to processing and use.

Best of all, because many of these influencers have their own careers, they’re often not on the payroll of the companies whose products they review. That means you can breathe easier knowing that what you’re getting is far more likely to be both objective and trustworthy than a company-produced advertisement or a paid endorsement.

The Power Of The Consumer

freestocks AFvUO61NlOU unsplash result
Freestocks, Unsplash

Of course, today’s beauty influencers wouldn’t be rocketing into the social media stratosphere if there weren’t a lot of exciting new products reaching the market every day. In the past, some distressingly dubious practices have been adopted by history’s most celebrated divas to help them cultivate their storied looks.

From the consumption of arsenic to achieve the pallor so prized by the Victorians to the use of lead-based cosmetics, or the application of Belladonna to dilate the pupils of the eye, the thought behind some of history’s most infamous beauty trends has been doubtful at best and dangerous at worst.

Thankfully, today we have far more resources and far greater scientific knowledge at our disposal. And that is only serving to grow an already expansive market of products deeply rooted in cutting-edge science and designed to meet the particular needs, interests, and expectations of a diverse consumer base.

Take, for example, the increasing demand for environmentally-friendly, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free, and even CBD-based options. Whatever the consumer demand, beauty scientists are working to meet it, using evidence-based approaches to develop new products and modify existing ones to meet evolving market demands.

Likewise, if you’re experiencing a particular issue or concern, finding evidence-based information is a snap, provided you know where and how to look, including evaluating the data that underlies the information provided and checking — and confirming — the author’s credentials.

For instance, medical researchers are increasingly recognising the role of vascular health in the appearance of the skin. Varicose veins, for example, are now understood to be a leading cause not only of skin blemishes but also of ulcers on the legs. Fortunately, there are plenty of credible medical resources available to help you treat, and prevent, varicose veins non-invasively and with minimal expense or effort.

And that means, no matter what your particular interests or requirements for your beauty regimen, odds are you have a litany of great products and invaluable science-based resources to choose from!

Even better, however, is the fact that beauty scientists are increasingly seeking to develop tools and products that can bring such product customisation to the next level. For instance, extensive research is currently underway into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technologies to help consumers define their individual beauty needs, identify products and procedures that can meet them.

The Takeaway

Beauty, at its heart, has always been a fascinating combination of art and science. Never is that more apparent than today. In 2021, beauty science is increasingly grounded in technology, in cutting-edge research, and the needs and interests of the consumer above all.

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Thursday, 28 January 2021 15:07

The UK's Bestselling Vegan Sugar Wax

Being stuck in the middle of Lockdown once again, we are all back to at-home beauty routines – including DIY hair removal.

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Introducing Hi’ Demand, the UK’s very first wrap around ponytail brand, made just for textured hair.

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Tuesday, 26 January 2021 11:34

Ziad Nakad SS21 Couture "Birds of Love"

Flying away from Beirut. Bruised by recent events, longing for escape, looking for dreams. Excited to travel.

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For many days and nights, in full lockdown, Farhad Re cuts and moulds the triple organza silk, the colour of virginal whiteness.

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It is no secret that when the temperature falls, people often find it challenging to pull together dresses that keep you warm as well as look both flattering and fashionable. Nevertheless, it can be done - despite the chilly and cold weather outside. Are you wondering how?

alesia kazantceva gj80u3CgKvM unsplash resultAlesia Kazantceva. Unsplash

Don’t worry, we have your back! We have curated a list of simple yet amazing tips to show you how to style your winter outfits fashionably.

Tip #1 Wear A Classy Leather Jacket

If you are a fashion expert, you would know that jackets make you look trendy as they reveal a bold statement about your fashion sense. And this is the reason why they have been popular among both men and women for a very long time.

Did you know that pairing your clothes with the right type of jacket can make you look elegant and help you stand out from the crowd at the same time? Although there are different types of jackets available in the market, like denim, bomber, etc., if you want to look good and protect yourself from the cold, a leather jacket would be the perfect pick for you this winter season.

Besides this, a leather jacket can give you a more stylish appearance and make you look impactful. All said and done while buying a leather jacket, it is crucial to ensure that you are buying from brands that offer genuine, high-quality leather jackets. This is because such types of jackets are not only durable, but their elegance is priceless. Apart from this, for a unique and bold style statement, you should right away buy a high-quality, black leather jacket.

Tip #2 Carry A Knitted Sweater

According to past studies, it is predicted that the global sweater market will generate 104.8 billion US dollars in sales in the year 2021. This is because people like wearing sweaters as they don’t just make them look stylish, but also make them feel comfortable and confident. However, many people find it tricky to choose the perfect sweater for their wardrobe. So, we have curated a list of some of the basic things that you should consider while purchasing a sweater that can make you look stylish this winter:

The Neckline

There are different types of necklines available in sweaters. So, firstly, you should see which one would look best on you. For instance, do you want a V-neck for a stylish look or a turtle neck for a comfy appearance?

The Length

The length of the sweater plays a critical role when deciding to buy it or not. You can either go for a classy looking cropped sweater or a long, traditional one, depending on the clothes you’d wear underneath that sweater.

The Volume

Similarly, one of the defining factors of a sweater is its volume. For example, you need to decide whether a fitted one would enhance your overall look or a relaxed, comfy one.

Tip #3 Find The Perfect Coat

It is no surprise that in case of cold weather, a coat becomes your best friend. It is your closet item that you can pair with most of your outfits, so you should find the perfect coat for yourself. You should choose the one that saves you from the cold and reflects your personal style.

Not sure how to choose the perfect coat? Here are a few expert fashion tips to help:

- There are many different types of coats available in the market, but you should go for high-quality ones if you want to look good.
- Select the color of that compliments your complexion.
- Go for the coat shape that enhances your body’s shape and figure.
- Make sure the coat of your choice has pockets.

ryan spaulding 6SdLUCe0wb4 unsplash resultRyan Spaulding. Unsplash

If you are still not sure how to style your winter coats fashionably? Here is an ultimate winter coat accessory guide.

Tip #4 Wear Your Show Stopper Boots

Buying the most suitable pair of boots can be difficult if you aren’t sure what you need to look for. But, don’t worry, we have curated some expert tips that can help you in finding the perfect boots that fit your feet so well that you will never want to take them off! And let’s face it, girls, don’t you love a stylish yet comfy pair of boots?

While looking for your ideal boots, always remember comfort is key. You need t be able to wear them for long periods of time, and you dont want to end up looking clumsy, walking strangely and feeling uncomfortable before the day is through.
One of the most significant tips for buying the perfect boots is their size. Pay extra attention to the size of your legs and ankles so that you can find a flattering style. Always make sure that you select the ones with the best material. For boots that you will wear often, it is best to go for the ones made out of leather.

Tip #5 Add A Trendy Scarf

We all know that scarves have been an essential fashion accessory since the beginning. This is because they make you look comfortable and stylish at the same time. Besides this, by adding a fashionable scarf to your outfit, you can protect your neck from chilly winds in the winter season.

Below are a few tips for selecting a trendy scarf to pair with your outfit:

- Go for a scarf with a longer length as it is easier to style a lengthy one.
- Don’t forget to check the quality and softness of the scarf’s material.
- Inspect both the front and backside of the scarf.

Tip #6 Layer Yourself Perfectly

One of the most important style tips is to experiment with a mixture of thinner pieces that offer maximum warmth, and at the same time, make you look fashionable. You can also play with shirts and sweaters of varying lengths for flattering your body shape.

The Final Word

Oftentimes, the best outfit is one of the simplest ones. So, if you want to make an impact and spend your winter season fashionably, you should choose a classic winter outfit that is easy to put together and carry by following the above-mentioned style tips.

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Arturo Obegero’s favourite flower, the red rose, is once more a key element of this latest collection.

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