The 'No Makeup Makeup’ is your way to look naturally fresh around the clock, your trick to get ready in a snap and a riding TikTok trend with over 918 million video views. Achieving this minimal look becomes an effortless art with Pearl Beauty.

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Wednesday, 14 September 2022 07:49

How to Use Jojoba Oil for a Radiant Makeup Base

A makeup trend like the 'Glazed Doughnut Skin' is certainly tempting, the 'No-Makeup Makeup' instead inspires freshness and simplicity.

Black woman wearing makeupPh. Ziphaus (Unsplash)

Do you know you can aim for a more radiant, glazier face with jojoba oil? Here is how.

UK makeup artist Wayne Goss revealed in a successful YouTube video how jojoba oil is a game-changer to get a real and luminous look.


Jojoba Oil: a Makeup Game-changer

Jojoba oil

Wayne Goss' reached 3.4 million views in his YouTube video where he showed how adding a drop of jojoba oil to your foundation "changes the texture of your foundation... the coverage is still beautiful but you can see real skin, it's luminous." With such a promising introduction, it is legit to wonder this makeup trick will take the 'Glazed Doughnut Skin' trend to the next level.

Makeup Expert Explains the Jojoba Oil Magic Trick...

Makeup expert and founder of OPV Beauty Opeyemi Adeyemo explains how the jojoba oil hack works:
"Adding jojoba oil to your foundation can make the foundation look more radiant, undetectable and melt into the skin, whilst also giving you beautiful coverage.

We all know that any oil texture doesn't really work underneath makeup, however, adding Jojoba oil specifically to a foundation is a match made in heaven. This is because Jojoba is not an oil; it's a wax. The jojoba bean is similar to the protective wax produced by human skin, which means that jojoba oil can mimic the skin's natural oils and can penetrate deep into the skin layers.

This also means this technique works on all skin types - yes even oily!"

How to Use Jojoba Oil for Radiant Skin

jojoba oil and OVP

"Adding oil only works with cream or liquid foundation, this method will not work with powder or mineral foundation", explains Opeyemi Adeyemo who knows about beauty trends.

"If you're using a liquid foundation, simply pump some onto the back of your hand and add a single drop of Jojoba oil and mix in together. For a stick or cream foundation, you can scoop some of the product onto the back of your hand or add a drop of Jojoba oil directly into the cream foundation pan.

Next apply it delicately in a gentle tapping motion with your brush, sponge, or fingers. You can apply as usual but you also want to be a bit delicate with it as the formula will be a bit sheerer, meaning any brush marks will show up if not applied/blended in properly.

After applying, sit back and enjoy the glow."

Tools of The Glowy Trade

This beauty trick is for everyone and it does not need too many products for nice radiant skin. Here is what OPV Beauty founder suggests...

The Jojoba Company Australian Jojoba - available online from £13.99 at
  • A versatile and pure Jojoba oil that is first-press, cold pressed and extra virgin. It will help build blocks in the skin cells, strengthening the skin’s surface layers for a smoother, healthier, and younger-looking complexion. This makes it more effective to use on your face and body.
OPV Beauty Stick Foundation - available online £15 at
  • Drying to a natural matte finish, OPV Beauty Stick Foundation is a multi-tasking cover-up that blends effortlessly, conceals, evens, and enhances the complexion.
  • Add a few drops of jojoba oil, an oil not oil, and start to glow with a little help from mother nature.

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Want tips to achieve the coverage you need on your hotter dates booked this summer? We know and desperately want to avoid the common pitfalls of melting globs of eyeliner and oil build up. If that already sounds like your worst nightmare, then keep reading. We got your back.

We share some hacks that address the heat of your destination, whilst feeling confident your makeup will not be letting you down.

We will be honest, if you want real peace of mind, you should consider rocking a natural look, even for the beach and boat parties. But don't worry, we’ll show you how and top secrets when packing for your travels.
The best way to make your makeup sweat-proof is to choose the right products and wear less makeup concentrating on skincare. Summer holidays on beaches are incredibly relaxing and so much more accessible as restrictions have been lifted.

1. Choose The Products Carefully

Choose waterproof products and special summer products before the season. Switch to oil-free moisturisers during the daytime to control melting makeup. Choose toners and serums with extra hydro-boost during summer to better moisturise. Selecting products with SPF of more than 30 helps you get protection from the sun. It is better to use less makeup and soak the skin in aloe vera and rosewater when on vacation. Don’t worry too much about any acne or imperfections on your face while on holiday. The fresh air will dry out acne and salt water does wonders!

Avoid bronzer and highlighter as it will give a sweaty look on your T-zone, and try to brush light pink on those areas.

2. Waterproof Eye Makeup And Milk Soaked Cotton Pads, Yes We Said Milk!

Use a good foundation and give the skin some rest from heavy makeup during your holidays. Avoid wearing winged liners or eyeliners in summer, and go with thick false lashes and mascara. It avoids the black goo spreading underneath the eyes after a few hours. Wear DIY waterproof fake lashes and mascara to get the best results during summer or beach holidays. Lilac St, Trish McEvoy, Eylure, and Sweed offer top-quality thick lashes. Clean your eyes at the end of the day with cotton soaked in milk to remove all the impurities and keep the sensitive area hydrated.

3. Experiment With Your Skin, Its As Unique As You Are

A moisturiser every celebrity swears by, might make you extra sweaty because our skin type is unique. A foundation that makes your friend look like a queen might melt in no time on your skin. Experiment with products that suit your skin during the summer and check which product
makes you sweat less. If you feel the products like serums and day creams irritate the skin, mix a small quantity of them with aloe gel and apply it on the face. It will control the harsh chemicals harming your sensitive skin, and you can still reap the benefits of high-end summer makeup. Try the waterproof versions of top makeup products to test whether they suit your skin during summer beach holidays.

4. Sweat-proof Tips- Primer Is Key To Set The Canvas

Many occasions require you to wear sweat-proof makeup, like summer weddings, special beach parties, and that holiday with your loved one on a romantic retreat. The best way to start is with a good primer before the foundation to make the makeup last long. Airbrush primers are the best because you can spray them to get an even coat on the face. Wear the primer on the eyelids before applying eye shadow to make it last long without smudging. Use a dusting powder with sunscreen on your face for touch up to control sweating. Choose a dewy makeup finish instead of too much shine, and go for more vibrant shades of pink and brown.

5. Things To Remember, Go Lighter Without Compromise

Red lipstick and deep-colored eye shadows or cheek tints are great for a party but not in summer. Use the same stain on your cheek and as eyeshadow to get a no-makeup, natural pinkish glow in summer. The pink contouring technique is best for spring and summer rather than getting shiny cheekbones that make your face look extra oily. Avoid using too many products in summer and choose products that serve many purposes at once. Tinted moisturisers avoid the need for foundation, and you don’t need a concealer with a sheer cover primer. Less makeup product usage automatically creates a natural look suitable for vacation and controls sweat.

6. Secrets For Non-sweaty Summer Makeup

-Always swap your costly lipstick for a lighter lip stain that goes well with any lip balm.
-Use a rose water-based setting spray and spritz often to avoid dullness on the face.
-Avoid powder blush and go for cheek stains in summer as they will not dissolve in the sweat quickly and last for a long time.
-Buy travel-sized products to check which one suits your skin first before investing too much in costly skincare or makeup.
-Touch up regularly and use blotting paper on your face to suck up extra oil before applying dusting powder.

It's about preparing the skin first, with good products and blending with natural ingredients to help them absorb and adapt to the conditions.
Are you already following these hacks? Share your selfie or beauty routine on instagram with us! @fashionsfinestuk #summerskinready

More beauty advice this way.

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Wednesday, 02 February 2022 19:39

For Eyeing Out Loud: Which Eyeshadow Colour Do I Need?

This is your guide to finding the right eyeshadow for your eyes, plus other tips and tricks to explore with the help of an artistic tool.

Woman with makeup brushPh. Annie Spratt, Unsplash

The number one factor of identifying which shade of eyeshadow best suits you, is to look at a colour wheel. Which colours are directly opposite to your eye colour?

If you have blue eyes, warmer tones like oranges will be perfect for you. Green eyes are best contrasted with reds; while brown eyes will pop if partnered with greens or purples. Now that you have understood what shades are suitable for you, we will get on to the tricks!

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are typically dark; therefore, the shades used need to brighten up your face, so that people will be attracted by your eyes. Bright purples are not only eye-catching themselves but, when paired with brown or hazel eyes, this abstract colour becomes more natural, while giving a sense of life to those dark eyes. Lime does the exact same: it will make your eyes look shiny and strengthen their brown hue.

woman with blonde hairPh. Nora Hutton, Unsplash

These shades are obviously quite bold and can be frightening when first approaching them, but you can also use bright purples and lime in a discreet way. A tip is to use a light brown or nude in your crease and apply purple glitter all over your lid. You will still gain the effects of this contrasting colour but in a subtle way.

Links to products: Urban Decay Naked Ultra Violet Palette,  Anastasia Beverly Hills Primrose Palette

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are brighter and there are many different varieties, but the biggest tip is – again – to complement your eye colour with an opposing shade that will accentuate your natural blue.

woman with blue eyes Ph. Charlie Octavia, Unsplash

Orange and warm tones are the best due to eyes being a cool tone: they are the complete opposite. Typically, blue-eyed people tend to have round doll eyes or cat eyes. Therefore, when applying the eyeshadow for a cat-eye shape, apply eyeliner and make the edges sharp to elongate your eyes. However, if you have doll eyes rounded both sides, this will create a more circular shape, making your eyes appear bigger.

Links to products: Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette,  NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette 

Green Eyes

Green and red make the perfect combo. Because green eyes are the most unique, the eyeshadow colour of your choice has to be bright and accommodate the green hue of your eyes.

Woman with green eyesPh. Nora Hutton, Unsplash

Warm tones like reds or orange-reds should be your number one choice. They will highlight your crystalised eyes, making them the main feature of your face. Due to the red being a dominant colour, no eyeliner is typically needed, because of how bold and abstract both the colour of your eyes and your eyeshadow are.

Links to products: Afflano Red Apple Eyeshadow Palette - Beauty

Makeup is also a game of opposites and attraction!

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Monday, 17 January 2022 13:59

How To Wear Pantone's Very Peri With OPV Beauty

The new year wraps up in a new colour: 'Very Peri', Pantone's Colour Of The Year 2022. You too can add this shade of royal purple with independent brand OPV Beauty.

Very Peri Pantone Color Of The Year 2022 - OPV BeautyCourtesy of OPV Beauty

With UK Google searches for Very Peri up by 5,000%, here is how to incorporate it into your beauty looks all year round, with the help of OPV Beauty...

About "Very Peri"

Pantone announced their colour of 2022 as 'Very Peri' describing it as "displaying a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit, inquisitive and intriguing PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri helps us to embrace this altered landscape of possibilities, opening us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives."

Just A Sprinkling Of 'Mild Peri'

Shift Loose Pigment by OPV Beauty - Very Peri makeup products

If you have opted for a more natural makeup look after all the lockdowns, add just a sprinkling of Very Peri to your eyelids, and customise it to create your own style. Whether it is a brush along the crease, a stamp in the inner corner, or a smokey blend out from the outer corner, this shade makes an impact.

Use the Shift Loose Pigment by OPV Beauty (£8.50 on, a highly concentrated pigment that is easy to apply and create whatever look you are going for, as well as also being vegan and cruelty-free.

Graphic Liner But Make It Metallic

OPV Beauty's Metal & Glitter liner in shade 909 - Pantone Color Of The Year

The Graphic Liner trend is going nowhere with #graphicliner having over 770 million TikTok video views!

Add to the colour of the year, the trend of the year with OPV Beauty's Metal & Glitter liner in shade 909 (£10). Long-lasting and smudge-free, this liner is perfect for adding a shimmer to your look or being your entire eyelid look. The precise applicator sweeps seamlessly for a smooth, professional finish.

Father, Son, And Purple Eyelids


 Lady Gaga stunned at the House of Gucci UK premiere with a floaty purple dress, and glitter purple eyeshadow to match - almost like she knew it was going to be the colour of the year.

If you are heading "out out" this year, make your eyes more eye-catching with Pressed Glitter in shade Gold Lust by OPV Beauty (£8). Cruelty-free and waterproof, this pressed pigment stays super sparkly for hours.

The Queen's Lipstick

Deepen 'Very Peri' with a full-on vampy purple lip like Anya Taylor-Joy. Perfect for those winter nights or summer parties (fingers crossed!).

 OPV Beauty Mystery Liquid Lipstick - Very Peri Pantone's Colour Of The Year 2022

Be bold with the Mystery Liquid Lipstick from OPV Beauty (£8) that gives you an effortless application, and your lips a tender coverage that dries to a gorgeous matte finish.

Very Peri will give you confidence and a halo of mystery and we are sure including it in your palette will give you much fun with OPV Beauty.

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Perfect Looks That Celebrity Makeup Artist Swear By

With all those YouTube tutorials and tips on the internet, it is now much easier to master applying makeup. However, it is not enough to just invest in expensive products.

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Friday, 15 March 2019 09:32

Cardi B's Makeup artist reveals her secret!

Make-up artist Erika La’Pearl has revealed her secrets to getting Cardi B’s latest signature make-up look using ICONIC London!

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Thursday, 21 February 2019 20:39

Get The Brit Awards Makeup Look

7513560730 d8f87f1367 o result
Photo from Flickr

Here’s the low down on the best red carpet looks from the Brit Awards last night. Showcasing the best celebrity makeup looks with Illamasqua and Eyeko.

The Classic Red

11792350 1224588790710611 red lipstick result
Photo from Illamasqua

Jess Glynne showcased a classic red lip on the carpet at the Brit Awards. The A-List staple can be taken straight from the red carpet and recreated at home with Illamasqua’s Lipstick Collection at a cost of £20.00 Available to buy here.

Smokey And Seductive
11723919 4054617049524264 Smokey eyes result
Photo credit Illamasqua

Maya Jama’s smokey and seductive eyes can be perfected with Illamasqua’s Elemental Pallete, at a cost of £38.00. Effortlessly transform your look with these highly pigmented shades that work for both day and night time looks. Available to buy here.

Framing The Soul

11728640 1094570350880008 brow game result
Photo from Eyeco

If eyes are the window to the soul, then eyebrows are the frame! Eyeco’s creamy brow powder in one end, with an angled brush on the other end define, shape and fill-in your brows effortlessly, for maximum impact, with minimum input. Available from here at a cost of £18.00

Thicker Lashes

11653526 1664570349622822 lash alert result
Photo from Eyeco

Dua Lipa took her eye makeup to the next level at this year’s Britt Awards, stealing the show on the red carpet. To achieve her look use the EYECO lash alert, at a cost of £19.00. A botanical fuelled energising formula, infused with caffeine and a double dose of fibres to lift the sleepiest of ‘bed lashes’ for perkier volume, curl and care all day. Lash alert will improve long term elasticity and resilience for naturally thicker lashes around the clock. Available to buy here.

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Natural Bridal Makeup Trends

taylor harding 504644 unsplash result
Photo by Taylor Harding Unsplash

Almost every bride-to-be says she wants to “look natural,” on her special day. The reality is, however, that appearing unfinished or as if you just woke up can leave you looking tired in your wedding pictures. Not to mention, with an elegant dress on, you want your face to complement your attire.

We want to help glam up your natural features while you get to still look like yourself. So, what can you do to look polished but avoid the caked-on makeup look? Here are a few simple ideas for how to rock the minimal makeup look.

Glowing And Radiant

anthony tran 368750 unsplash result
Photo by Anthony Tran Unsplash

There’s a special kind of beauty that comes from having sun-kissed skin. To pull off a glowing, wedding look, try using some bronzer where the sun would naturally kiss your skin – on your cheekbones, jaw, nose, and forehead. Don’t forget to add a little to your neck so everything looks even. After adding a dab of foundation and some concealer, it’s time to select your bronzer shade. Generally, your bronzer should be one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Brush a tiny bit on your wrist first to see if it makes your skin glow or if it looks fake.

If you have naturally dark skin, try using an amber bronzer. If you have a medium-complexion, try a rosy shade. For those brides with fair skin, stick to a honey colour. Always use a wide brush to apply your bronzer, as using a pointed or thin brush can create unsightly, defined streaks. For a softer, all-natural appearance, use an open fan brush and add the colour slowly, building up the shade until you’re happy with the look.

Metallic Glam

alvin mahmudov 172232 unsplash result
Photo by Alvin Mahmudov Unsplash

Eye-shadow can scare off a lot of brides who want to keep things simple. Everything from gradients, glitters, and layers of colour can become overwhelming, but your eye makeup doesn’t have to be complicated. When you’re going for a natural wedding look, applying a few shades subtly can look stunning.

Add some shadows and metallic accents around your eyes. These colours can elevate your iris’ natural colour and give you a stunning smoulder. Metallic shades like gold and copper look vibrant and glamorous. You won’t have to do much else with your face if you perfect your eye makeup game. Finish the look with some eyeliner, mascara, and matte nude lipstick.

Pretty In Pink

tim stagge 597500 unsplash result
Photo by Tim Stagge Unsplash

The reason a little rose colour on your cheeks looks flattering is that everyone, no matter their skin colour, has some natural, pink undertones. Once you find the right shade for your skin tone, add some blush and see how it can instantly make you look youthful and bright. The last thing you want is to fade in the background of your wedding photos.

Swirl a small amount of blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Don’t forget to buff the colour out by using large circular motions. Adding your colour this way should create a natural-looking glow that brightens your face. Have fun with your blush, but don’t go overboard with it either.

Goddess Brows

marius muresan 523999 unsplash result
Photo by Marius Muresan Unsplash

If you’re one of the lucky ones who was born with thick and beautiful brows, let them be your main focus. A natural brow with glowing skin and a neutral lip can make a statement without all the other products or contouring. If you want to achieve full, natural eyebrows but your hair is on the lighter side, there a few tools and tricks you can use to make them appear more natural.

Before filling in the gaps of your eyebrows, use a spoolie or angled brow brush to gently and repeatedly brush your eyebrow hair upwards. After you fill in the gaps with an eyebrow pencil, you can brush your natural hairs upwards again to blend in the colour and control any wild hairs. When shaping your brows, it’s important to remember to stay away from dramatic or loud lines. Instead, take the time to carefully apply your colour to even out your natural shape.

Testing, Testing

element5 digital 611421 unsplash result
Photo by Element5 Digital Unsplash

Nothing is more natural than confidence. Therefore, you definitely want to test your makeup look before your big day. When it’s your first time in the makeup chair, try bringing inspirational photos you want to emulate or some images you saved on Pinterest. If you choose individuals who share your skin tone, hair colour, and eye colour, it may be easier to replicate the look.

When you bring samples to your test run, the makeup artist can give you expert feedback if certain details will or won’t work for you. Be clear about what you want, but stay open to your artists’ creativity. Once you’re happy with the result, you can let the makeup artist do their thing, and you can sit back and relax.

Be Yourself

brooke cagle 193346 unsplash result
Photo by Brooke Cagle Unsplash

The last thing you want is for guests to arrive at your wedding and not be able to tell who is getting married. You want to look like yourself, no matter what makeup you choose to wear. For example, if you always sport a neutral lip, then stick to your signature look on the big day.

Perhaps even elevate the look and try using a lip stain in the colour you love instead of a lipstick. With all the drinking, dancing, and eating you will be partaking in, you shouldn’t have to worry about reapplying throughout the night. Also, try using a liquid, waterproof eyeliner instead of the one you regularly use so that your makeup stays intact, even if you tear up a few times throughout your big day.

The key is to look like an even more elegant, polished version of the person your significant other fell in love with. Be yourself, and you’re sure to wow the most important person at the wedding.

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2019 Makeup Tips: All About the Minimal

pexels photo 324657 result

Minimal makeup has become a huge trend recently. Was it ever really gone? Of course, bare face with nothing on it is not the same thing. The point of minimal makeup is to enhance your strengths and hide the things you are not too happy about, such as redness, pigmentation or spots. But how do you achieve the perfect look that can deceive somebody into thinking you really have nothing on?

pexels photo 324658 result

Take Care of Your Skin at All Times

This should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway because how you wash your face is important. Especially if you have an event coming up and you’ll like to do minimal makeup – there’s a lot of space for mistakes. So use a gentle soap or a wash and a flannel cloth. You don’t want to use an exfoliant at this point, as it can bring out the redness in your complexion. Other times? Yes, but don’t overdo it, as physical exfoliation can damage your skin.


For the minimal makeup, you want to make sure your skin is soft, supple and hydrated. So there’s a step you don’t want to miss: moisturizing. Apply just a pea-sized amount of moisturizer all over your face. Apart from feeding your skin, this step will ensure that your makeup sits right there, but it won’t make your face look greasy. Just what we need!

Use a Foundation Made For You

Okay, maybe you don’t have access to a whole team making shades for a major makeup company, but you do have access to all the shades... so all you have to do is choose the right one. This is a crucial step but so many people are missing it and end up using the wrong colour, which ends up looking funny on their faces, to say the least. Invest some time into choosing the right foundation, and not only when it comes to color but texture as well. What do you want from a foundation, perfect coverage or just a little help, glowing or matte finish? When you do end up choosing the foundation – and remember, the colour of your skin also changes from winter to summer – remember to blend well. You’re not going for the clown look, but the minimal one!

pexels photo 361755 result

Use Little Tricks for the Eyes

We understand if you’re a mascara lover who cannot get enough of coats, endless mascara coats! But minimal makeup is all about being... well, minimal. What you can do, though, to draw attention to your eyes, is curling your eyelashes. This can really do much more than just applying mascara, no matter how good it is. If you’re not too sure about your curling skills, or just don’t want to be doing it every morning, try looking into eyelash extension deals, as there are some really good ones that won’t take last pounds out of your wallet. By having eyelash extension, you get to keep perfect eyelashes for a long time, with no effort. Worth considering.

Conceal if Needed

If there are any problem areas after you’ve put on your foundation, reach for a good concealer. Sometimes there are no problem areas, but since the colour of our skin is not even in all the areas of the face, you might want to use it anyway. If you have any dark under-eye circles, swipe the brush under your eyes, where you’ve already applied the concealer, then pat with your finger to blend.

pexels photo 1083933 result

Don’t Use Bronzer

This might come as a surprise to bronzer-loving girls, but even though it can look extraordinarily beautiful, you will want to skip it when trying to achieve a minimal look. Minimal makeup is all about trying to work with what you’ve got already; you don’t want to mess with the natural colours of your face, just work with them to bring out the best.

But You Can Use Blush

A lot of girls have memories of their grandmothers telling them they look amazing when they blush a little, be it from embarrassment or running. So blush is allowed in the minimal makeup (minus the sweat from working out, or the overall feeling when you feel awkward!). but try making it as soft and close to your natural blush as possible. Cream blushes work best for the soft look you are trying to achieve. Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks – so exactly where you would blush naturally – and blend until you have a colour that’s very subtle, but still noticeable.

pexels photo 295821 result

Play with the Colour of Your Lips

Luckily, there is an abundance of shades that can work amazingly with the natural, minimal makeup. And a decade ago we thought nude is just one colour! You can use any nude shade you like, but you can also apply a little cream blush you just used on your cheeks to your lips – this will enhance their natural pigment, thus making them super lovely.

And Don’t Forget Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows can make it or break it – and by “it”, we mean your complete look. You don’t want them to have a very strong line. Actually, you want them to be natural, but with little help. So if your natural eyebrows are very light, blend a colour to give them a little shape. Bonus trick: use eyeshadow instead of a brow pencil. This gives you a much softer, more natural look.

pexels photo 192181 result

And there you have it – a natural makeup look that looks almost as if you have nothing on your face, but so much different from an actual bare face, and so much better. Enjoy the look and the compliments you will be getting!

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