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Beauty in 2022? Tia Roqaa's exclusive predictions

No crystal ball is needed to predict the biggest beauty trends for next year! We have Tia Roqaa, beauty expert and founder of beauty subscription box Roccabox, doing the job for us and sharing her expertise.

2022 Beauty industry trends - Ph. Ron Lach, PexelsPh. Ron Lach, Pexels

What has the beauty industry in store for us in 2022? Roccabox founder and CEO, Tia Roqaa, foresaw the hottest beauty trends we will see and wear next year.

Tia knows well which products and beauty trends will be hot next and you should not be surprised by her foresight. Tia Roqaa is a real beauty expert, a woman who turned her passion for cosmetics and experience in PR into a curated and elegant beauty experience. In this blog, Tia delighted us with her 2022 beauty predictions.


Inclusive beauty and no-gender makeup. Ph. Rodnae Productions, PexelsPh. Rodnae Productions, Pexels

“Inclusivity across beauty is really gaining pace, which is great to see. From race to gender, identity to ability, the beauty scene is finally responding to our very unique sets of needs and we’re seeing certain brands becoming genuinely more inclusive – rather than just talking the talk. It’s a conversation consumers have been having behind the scenes for a while, and it’s great to see brands are joining the narrative. At Roccabox we champion and support this movement, having already worked with some beauty brands such as Jecca Blac – a gender-free make-up collection that’s truly authentic and innovative in its brand mission of inclusivity.


Scalp-care and beauty products trends 2021. Image courtesy of RoccaboxImage courtesy of Roccabox

“There are plenty of trends within the clean beauty movement that show signs of becoming even bigger and more exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing waterless products grow and innovate. Waterless products are products where the water has been removed which make them more sustainable. Water within a product requires a preservative to prevent bacteria from forming, so immediately you’re taking away the need for this preservative, making a cleaner product. You’re also reducing the need for plastic packaging, making them naturally more environmentally friendly. The result is a formula that is more potent as it’s undiluted.

I also love the growing trend for emo-beauty: products that have an additional impact on our emotional wellbeing as they perform their beauty function. It’s a beauty space with so much potential: in fact, we’re planning a limited edition emo-beauty Roccabox for 2022. I also think our fairly recent interest in scalp-care and our shift in perspective on the importance of treating our scalp for better hair health will continue to grow.

Trends To Leave In 2021

TikTok will remain a fun outlet for showing off beauty tips but I don’t think the beauty trends emerging on the platform will continue to hold much weight. They provided a fun distraction during the 2021 misery of lockdowns but I think in 2022 as lives get busy again we will leave those behind.”

Blue Light

Blue light skin care and 2022 beauty industry trend - Image courtesy of RoccaboxImage courtesy of Roccabox

“Just as we came to understand how the sun damages our skin, and now protect it daily, it’s time to now consider other ways our living environment is impacting our skin and how to better protect it. We work in such a technological era - we’re sat in front of multiple screens for most of the day - so it’s time to adapt our skincare to protect ourselves from its potentially skin-damaging effects. Blue light is now proven to increase inflammation, prevent collagen production, and increase hyperpigmentation, particularly in darker skin tones. Both mainstream and smaller niche brands have already brought out some great protective products but I think we will soon start to see blue light protection added commonly to our daily moisturiser – in the same way, SPF is often added. I also think additional protective products, such as serums that offer blue light protection will become far more available, with brands offering us greater choice.”

Nostalgia Beauty

Lipglass - '90s nostalgia beauty and glossy lips. Image courtesy of RoccaboxImage courtesy of Roccabox

“The emerging makeup nostalgia trends seem to be all about being as extra as possible: I think it’s a natural reaction to us all socialising again, and wearing all the make-up we sent into hibernation for a year! In 2022 I think we will see elements from different decades that favour high-octane glamour, look-at-me colour and playful looks. So for example high-shine plastic-looking glossy lips will be huge next year: a look that is borrowed from the ‘90s, ‘80s and the disco ‘70s. High-shine nude, lacquered red, vinyl berry tones: we’ll see it all next Spring. Victoria Beckham does a great line in super-glossy clear lip gloss, which we’ve been raving over at Roccabox, as does Fenty Beauty. I also love MAC’s range of lip glosses, including their classic Lipglass.”

Less Is More

“For many reasons, we’re seeing consumers looking to scale down their skincare and reduce the amount of products they use. We’re craving a ‘less is more’ approach to skincare right now and I believe this will continue. It’s going to call the beauty industry into creating more streamlined product lines, for sure, but just because we’re favouring a more simple and more gentle approach to skincare doesn’t mean we don’t expect to see the same results. So I expect brands will create more hybrid multi-functional products and will create cleaner formulas to reduce the chemical load we’re applying to our skin.”

Shopping Online

Shopping online and 2022 beauty industry trends. Image courtesy of RoccaboxImage courtesy of Roccabox

“The online beauty shopping experience has definitely improved - online beauty retailers really had to up their game over these last 18 months and now shopping for both make-up and skincare online is no longer as challenging as it once was. Ingredients-search tools are always a handy way to navigate skincare purchasing and a good starting point for skincare shopping. Sites with visible independent reviews of products play an important role too, as customers often want to know how other consumers found the product in real life.

Colour-matching can be tricky online but I’ve seen some really innovative and effective colour-matching options on independent brand websites – the ‘find my shade’ option on ILIA’s website for example is particularly effective: it cleverly gives examples of hair and eye colour, as well as undertone, to help you determine your most seamless skin tone match.”

In 2022, the beauty industry will continue along the path toward inclusivity and holistic wellbeing seen during the pandemic. How Roccabox will reflect the new state of things in 2022? We asked Tia again...

Tia Roqaa, CEO and founder of Roccabox. Image courtesy of RoccaboxImage courtesy of Roccabox

Roccabox 2022

“We’ve confirmed some of my personal favourite brands for 2022 – including Murad and Oskia. We have some incredible limited edition boxes in the pipeline – I can’t reveal much but they include some brand exclusives with a handful of hero brands that I think many of our customers will be really surprised to see! Our monthly boxes will continue to introduce our customers to really effective, results-driven skincare brands. This will include cosmeceutical brands, such as Doctors Formula, which we’ve already started to introduce our customers to – their products are second to none for seeing a genuine change in your skin. We know our customers might not otherwise have discovered this type of beauty brand, or they might have been reluctant to invest in their products given their higher price point, so we think what we do and whom we introduce customers to is really important.

We also plan to introduce our customers to the skincare ingredients that are set to be huge in 2022 – niacinamide is one that springs to mind – with ingredient-focused products that our team of experts have chosen for our boxes because they truly live up to the hype. I’m also really excited about the themes of our boxes for next year: I don’t want to give away any spoilers but the concepts we’ve chosen really tap into what customers are looking for in their beauty purchases right now.”

Meanwhile, In This Month's Roccabox...

December 2021 Roccabox 'Winter Wishlist' - Image courtesy of RoccaboxImage courtesy of Roccabox

December Roccabox is the editors' wishlist in a box. This month's beauty box contains three full-sized products from brands Laritzy, Doctors Formula and Figs & Rouge, and two deluxe mini samples. This skincare and makeup chest is worth £180 and available for just £15. The beauty experts at Roccabox put these five products together after a year of testing and digging into the best and newest from the industry. December Roccabox 'Winter Wishlist' is all a beauty enthusiast would like for a glowy complexion ready to party and face the cold.

Roccabox monthly boxes and limited-edition boxes are available to purchase online starting from £15. (roccabox.co.uk)

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5 Skincare Trends Coming in 2021

5 Skincare Trends Coming in 2021Image source - Sora Shinazaki (pexels.com)

Even though 2020 initially seemed like the year of new possibilities and opportunities, it turned out to be anything but. We were hit with a global pandemic, forced to spend all our time at home, and adjust to this unfamiliar situation. And even though the effects of the pandemic have caused certain issues of their own, many have found peace and solace in maintaining routines, which might explain while the skincare industry continued to grow and evolve throughout the year.

To that end, here are some of the biggest skincare trends we can expect in 2021, impacted by last year’s new changes:

1.    Efficient “Maskne” Solutions

Efficient maskne solutionsImage source - Sora Shinazaki (pexels.com)

Acne and breakouts caused by prolonged mask-wearing have been some of the biggest skincare issues many have faced since the beginning of the pandemic. And considering the fact that most of us will be forced to wear face coverings for the foreseeable future, it seems like the problem of inflammation isn’t going anywhere soon. For that reason, efficient solutions for fighting “maskne” are rising in popularity.

While ingredients such as salicylic acid and retinoids are becoming more prevalent, the most notable maskne-fighting option in 2021 will undoubtedly be skincare products packed with probiotics. These products are formulated with good bacteria that help balance the skin’s microbiome, leading to a healthy, balanced complexion, as well as reduced acne and inflammation.

2.    More Chemical Peels At Home

More chemical peels at homeImage source - Karolina Grabowska (pexels.com)

From wondering when businesses will fully open up to living in cities constantly going in and out of lockdown, last year has been quite an unsteady and unpredictable period. For this reason, many skincare enthusiasts were forced to forgo some of their favorite salon treatments, and instead attempt to perform them safely at home.

Among the most popular at-home treatments currently are chemical peels, great for fighting hyperpigmentation, uneven textures, and even wrinkles. While some DIYers decided on gentler options like daily exfoliating toners and pads, others have opted for a more professional solution with specific kits made for at-home peel treatments. No matter what you choose, a fresher, more even, and more glowing complexion thanks to chemical peels is a trend you must try out this year.

3.    Great Upper Face Procedures

Great upper face procedures
Image source - Gustavo Fring (pexels.com)

While face masks have certainly shifted the focus to our eyes, a new phenomenon called the “Zoom Effect” has also encouraged people to look for new beauty solutions. Apparently, seeing their reflection on video calls more often than ever before led people to seek new ways in which they could address any imperfections in their skin, particularly the eye area.

This is exactly why upper face treatments such as an efficient non surgical eyelid lift have increased in popularity, and are set out to be some of the biggest beauty trends in 2021. As non-invasive procedures that offer natural results, these eye lifts are ideal for getting rid of wrinkles, sagging, and a loss of volume in the skin, helping to achieve a more polished and youthful complexion.

4.    Blue Light Protection Options

Blue light protection optionsImage source - Pavel Danilyuk (pexels.com)

Another consequence of working from home is the increased exposure to blue light that’s emitted from our screens, whether it’s computers and phones, or even TVs. Although blue light is known for being particularly harmful to the eyes, many argue that it could affect your skin’s health as well, leading to hyperpigmentation and other signs of photo-aging, similar to the sun’s dangerous effects.

For this reason, a new trend that has emerged this year is also focusing on products that contain blue light fighting ingredients, such as zinc oxide, iron oxide, niacinamide, and some other vitamin and antioxidant formulations. However, other professional treatments aimed at combating the consequences of blue lights, like lasers and microneedling, might also be popular in 2021.

5.    A Rise In Injectable Treatments

A rise in injectable treatmentsImage source - Sam Moqadam (pexels.com)

Even though we might have lived through a number of unprecedented situations, the recent years have brought some positive aspects as well, including the fact that the stigma around cosmetic procedures is slowly fading. The amount of information and knowledge we now have available at our fingertips, combined with constant face examinations on video calls, led to a higher demand for injectables than ever before.

From wrinkle-refining Botox to volume-balancing fillers, cosmetic injection therapy will undoubtedly be one of the biggest beauty trends this year. However, instead of over-exaggerated features that were popular before, “less is more” seems to be the main motto of 2021, focusing mostly on a subtle, naturally beautiful appearance.

Evidently, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all aspects of our lives, including our skincare regimens, leading us to seek simpler, more efficient, and more beneficial solutions in 2021.

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