A groundbreaking collaboration has been announced combining heritage of vintage clothing with technology to integrate transparency and circularity in the retail world.

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You can feel the spirit behind this refreshing capsule collection with its easy going pastels and loose fit designs elevating the natural attitudes and terrain purveying District 93 of France.

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New data revealed through Productsup's study finds consumers need more product information to make purchases in the physical, digital, and virtual world. Very insightful on sustainable buying power too.

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Believe it or not, but right now, all the Parisians are placing their winter staples away in storage and selecting their spring capsule wardrobe for the brighter days ahead.

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Monday, 14 March 2022 16:36

Is the fashion industry really broken?

As fashion consumers, our currency really does count. Small conscientious purchasing decisions can help grow the small section of the industry that puts ethics at the top of their agenda. As consumers we have to lead the way, here is who, how and why.

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Tuesday, 09 November 2021 09:11

Summer Tips: How To Choose The Perfect Caftan

The caftan is a perfect garment for warm months. Scour the beach or the resort you are staying in for the summer, and you will find a woman in comfortable, breezy, and flowy caftan attire. But this summer garb is so versatile. You can dress it up and be suitable enough to wear to a party. You can also match it with fitting pants and shoes, and it would be good enough as office wear during the hot summer months.

If you want to look trendy this summer but do not want to compromise on comfort, you should consider wearing a fabulous caftan.

Here are some top tips to help you choose the perfect one:

1. Go For A High-Quality Brand

AdobeStock 381994183 resultPhoto: Adobe Stock

Caftans are supposed to make you feel effortlessly chic. So, if you want to look your best without sacrificing style, you better not skimp on cost. Getting this attire from internationally known brands that specialise in this summer fashion staple may be more expensive. But you will not regret your decision because you will surely enjoy your quality caftan for many years to come.

For example, if you are looking for a classic but fashionable style, you may want to consider shopping for luxury caftans by Natori. This global fashion company is known for its silk and cotton tunics, robes, and caftans that are lightweight and made notable by their bold and beautiful designs.

2. Buy For Your Size

Kashmir Silk Embroidery Caftan Black by Josie Natori 3 10464.1627597571Photo: Natori

One mistake that most ladies make when selecting a caftan is not buying for their built and size. This type of summer attire is typically loose-fitting to let air circulate freely inside the garment, so you will feel comfortable during the warm season. Hence, even if the caftan fits, if it does not give you the ability to move effortlessly, then the size may not suit you. Once you have found a caftan that perfectly fits your body, you will forever want to include it as one of your go-to travel dresses for summer, along with a wrap-around dress and a backless mini dress.

3. Know Your Purpose

As mentioned earlier, caftans are excellent summer attire because they are adaptable. Some Hollywood celebrities even wear caftan-inspired gowns during red-carpet or awards nights. In the 2021 Emmy's, Elizabeth Olsen wowed the crowd with a trendy but straightforward white caftan-esque gown designed by her sisters. So, wearing caftans for various occasions - even formal ones - is doable and appropriate.

For example, suppose you are going to a beach wedding and want something comfortable but still classy. In that case, you should consider buying a caftan made of luxury fabric like silk. Remember to pick one with bold and elaborate colours and designs. However, if you want to own a caftan just because you think they are stylish, then you can pretty much pick any design, colour, and fabric you want.

4. Match With Your Available Accessories

Young beautiful african american woman standing wearing elegant colorful caftanPhoto: Adobe Stock

If you want to look classy effortlessly, buying a caftan made of excellent quality fabric would be preferable. It may be more costly, but you can save money on other fashion items. In other words, splurge on the caftan itself and not on added fashion accessories.

For instance, always consider what accessories and shoes you already have when choosing your summer caftan. So, instead of buying a new pair of sunglasses or new shoes to match your attire, it would make more sense to search for a caftan design and colour that would look perfect with the accessories you already have in your wardrobe.

5. Mind The Length

Couture Black Silk Embroidered Caftan Black by Josie Natori 80114.1630611824Photo: Natori

You should also have the length in mind when buying a caftan. By doing so, you do not need to go to a dressmaker to have your garment altered. Fortunately, caftans come in various lengths and sizes, so you will find one that is ideal for your purpose.

So, if you want caftans for casual and loungewear, you can pick one with a short or medium length. You can even use short caftans to work if you pair them up with leggings or slim-fitting jeans. However, if you are eyeing to use this go-to summer garb for a formal party, you may want to get a floor-length caftan or one that can at least reach your mid-calf. Remember to dress everything up with a small clutch and beautiful jewellery.

6. Know Your Fabric

The most common fabric used for caftans is cotton because it is breathable and ideal for hot and humid weather. However, you can also find some made from rayon, satin, or even wool. That said, if you want to feel elegant and luxurious, pick something made of silk. Just feeling that smooth and silky fabric touch on your skin would already make you feel like a million bucks.


Caftans are a versatile summer outfit you can wear anytime and for any occasion. However, if you want to feel unique and fashionable, you should take the time to choose the right one for your body type, purpose, and accessories you already have in your closet.

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Thursday, 21 October 2021 10:58

Jana Simone SS22 - “God’s Creation”

Fiechter’s “Monks of The Monastery” echoes through the old ST John’s church, while one after the next model slowly strolls down the catwalk, showcasing a six-piece collection.

It could not have been a more fitting location and scenery, featuring a huge golden altar, high ceilings and Christian stained-glass windows depicting Biblical individuals and stories.


89F5AAD9 B891 4CCB 9C9C 3E45FD0A2CC5 1 resultPhotographer Mikey San

Irish designer Jana Simone showcased her new faith and religion inspired collection. The 23 year-old studied fashion and textile design at Ulster University Belfast where she acquired her bachelor’s and master’s degree. The name “God’s Creation” references her incorporation of nature as an inspiration. Overall, each individual piece and the collection as a whole are very personal to herself, as she is a dedicated Catholic and was strongly shaped by her upbringing and surroundings in a small secluded Irish town. She is keen to broadcast that she respects every kind of religion and culture but aimed to express herself through this collection, therefore focusing on her personal belief system, Christianity. Accordingly, myriad forms of iconography, be it in hand applied embroidery or the extensive accessories like lace veils, crosses, crowns, or jewellery to name a few.

Naturally she also drew on historical influences as Britain’s history has always been closely intertwined with religion.This can be seen in  A massive old rosary necklace from roughly 60 years ago belonging to her grandmother. Lots of crucifixes in various sizes were part of every piece. Moreover, Simone uses a great variation of textiles to create movement and consciously aimed for an older touch with a multitude of carefully hand embroidered parts.

She regularly watches old catwalk shows from infamous designers like Versace, Alexander Mc Queen and Vivienne Westwood online in order to stay up to date with trends in the fashion industry. Another source of inspiration are fashion magazines and of course social media like Instagram and TikTok. So, what can we expect in the future? Jana tries to do each collection differently, depending on what sparks her interest at the moment. With the previous collection being all about sustainability for instance, it is apparent that this young and passionate designer has considerable far reaching ideas and is always eager to create something new and unique.


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Shokushu Boutique’s SS21 runway collection continued the playful commentary surrounding ideas of femininity which encompassed FF's LFW show. 

With the backdrop of St John's Church, Notting Hill, Shokushu Boutique chose the K-Pop song Actuallymymomisalien by Uyeon (유연), underlining the 'East meets West'.


4598D400 3C78 4E79 B1F7 5FBA458DCDCA resultPhotographer Mikey San

Created for people not afraid to stand out and be different, Shokushu's Boutique was an exaltation of the use of latex. The notions of latex as an oversexualised material is transformed in this collection through the Boutique's palette of pastels and delicate embellishments of illustrations and lace. The collection demonstrates how latex can, indeed , be cute as well as empowering. And the models' dynamic walks in the pastel latex collection, down the nave of St John's Church, proved this. The brand is generally inspired by an ‘East meets West’ culture clash, which includes influences from Harajuku street style and Korean Pop and Hip Hop, coalescing into something completely unique. 

The SS collection draws specifically on the fantastic pink interior of the French colonial Tan Hinh Han Catholic church in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In tandem, the collection is also inspired by big name designer collections from the last 30 years, that themselves draw on Christian iconography: such as Lacroix’s AW’88, Versace’s AW’97 and AW’12, Jean Paul Gaultier’s SS 07, and Dolce and Gabbana AW’13.

Fashions Finest debuted Shokushu Boutique’s SS22 collection which will be ready to buy in November 2021. Shokushu Boutique prides themselves as being an independent brand that sources their fabric within the UK whilst committing to reducing material waste to zero through a bespoke service. Make a custom order from them through www.shokushuboutique.com or to buy from bulk by checking out their stockists www.shokushuboutique.com/stockists

The collection displayed a new way to challenge notions of femininity through a dialogue of conflicting textures and contrasting reference points. The textural and visual polyphony of Shokushu Boutique SS22 collection on the runway at Fashions Finest’s LFW show was a reminder of the power of materiality in fashion, after 18 months of being behind a 2-dimensional screen.

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Thursday, 14 October 2021 16:17

Elisha Quarman SS22

Recent graduate, Elisha Quarman, showcased her final year project at Fashions Finest LFW event.

Having studied Contour design for 3 years at De Montfort University, Leicester, the only UK university to have this specialisation, she became interested in lingerie and the potential of leather as an intimate material.

The structure and the material of the designs are intended to empower women through lingerie.


ELISHA QUARMAN SS 22 FF Joanna Mitroi Photography0920 resultPhotographer Joanna Mitroi

Quarman also plays on the conventions of lingerie through incorporating historical Chinese symbols. She says that the figurative symbols she incorporates into the leather material hints at the history of desexualisation of women in China. Collating the contours of lingerie, the fetish material of leather, and a historical context of desexualisation, Quarman subtly challenges the material history of women’s global battle with oversexualisation and desexualisation.


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Thursday, 14 October 2021 16:04

Ad Astra SS22

Moving between Rome and London over the last 18 months, Giulia Valeri of Ad Astra has been continually inspired by multiple sources. On the day, Valeri wears Ad Astra knitwear which typifies her approach to her collections: the white ribbed puff sleeve knitted blouse is accented by a multicoloured zigzag hem around the wrists and the neck of the blouse.

Choosing bold elegance, her collection is a dynamic conversation starter rather than a bold declaration of being present.


AD ASTRA SS 22 FF joanna Mitroi Photography0716 resultPhotographer Joanna Mitroi

By combining tassels, bows and frills to standardised uniform of trousers or skirt and blouse, the collection highlights the malleability of feminine contours. A black mini dress is not simply that but embellished with a subtle flounce on the shoulder strip, thereby exaggerating the character and silhouette of an individualistic approach to this classic. Valeri's designs are simplistic, yet on a closer look rich in details and never boring. Every single piece is gorgeously figure hugging and favourably accentuating the female silhouette.

A constant theme throughout this collection are geometric bold cuts and colour pattern combinations, most prevalent in three designs merging a fiery red, nude and rosé tone. The unusual pairing with lavishly embroidered tassels in varying length make the pieces interesting and unique, adding an unexpected twist to their form. They especially come to retribution whilst in movement, steadily flowing in accordance to walking speed.

Structured knitwear that inverts with the corset, draws attention to the waist rather than restricting. Ribbed shirts feature adjustable sleeves, numerous fabrics are hold together by bows, and corsetry tops can be freely adjusted in width. Thereby, Valerie minimises stiff fabrication closures like zippers and buttons and allows the customer to individually contrive the pieces to their best comfort. This collection contrives new daring and fresh ideas by adding distinct twists to established silhouettes and forms.


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