The seasonal wardrobe change can leave behind a pile of unused clothing. Donating is always a good idea and Oh Polly made donations easier and better for the community.

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Our throwaway society, and its addiction to fast fashion, are responsible for devastating environmental destruction across the globe. One businesswoman is holding the banner for change and challenge in fashion by promoting culture and tradition.

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Nike calls for a star, Manchester City’s Rubén Dias replies. The footballer stars in Nike's newest Underwear Autumn/Winter 2022 collection and campaign under the banner of sustainability.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2022 08:47

Wild Clouds debuts New collection

Disenchanted with the throwaway culture of the fashion industry, Wild Clouds founder Franny Collingham started changing her buying habits for the better.

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The latest toll on the environment confirms change must be made by fashion houses, business owners and consumers together in order to reduce emissions.

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Sunday, 15 May 2022 10:58

Sustainable footwear for every occasion

Each year, millions of people around the world take part in Earth Day to support the environment. With the climate crisis becoming more serious, every Earth Day becomes more significant. Brands of all kinds have made a commitment to their customers to make more sustainable and ethical products.

recycled canvas pumpsPh. Jakob Owens (Unsplash)

This Earth Day, UGG, Golden Goose and Timberland join the fight against the climate crisis with innovative sustainable products.

Some of the collections that caught our eyes were UGG’s, Golden Goose and Coronet and Timberlands. The footwear brands were crafting their products as part of their efforts to win over conscious consumers this Earth Day with some inspiring sustainable collections and showcasing the many benefits of participating in sustainable fashion.


UGG is now taking the next step toward a more regenerative future. Earlier last week they announced their second carbon-neutral impact collection. The collection features three styles, each adapting the UGG brand’s signature look and feel, crafted using low-impact materials. This collection's anchor material Is Uggplush™ Terry, a textured blend of responsible wool and Tencel™ Lyocell, among the best in sustainable fashion. Over 99% of the water used in the manufacturing process of the material is recycled, and the solvents are re-used. To make the materials carbon neutral, carbon offsets are purchased to outweigh the small amount of emissions created. They hope to prove that iconic UGG footwear can be reproduced in environmentally friendly ways, without sacrificing comfort or style, and to inspire future collections.

Golden Goose & Coronet

Golden Goose is moving forward with its sustainability plan by collaborating with Coronet, a leader in the research and production of animal free, bio-based, and recycled materials. Together they will launch Yatay, the first made in Italy co-action platform for sustainable footwear. The focus of this partnership will be on an innovative sneaker that is based on the most advanced technologies and bio-based materials, Yatay Model 1B. The gender-neutral sneaker will be made in Italy, utilising the Yatay B. This material is bio-based and entirely derived from plants with recycled polyester and biodegradable rubber. Compared to leather, this material reduces CO2 emissions by 90 percent and water usage by 65 percent. The best feature of the sneakers is the univocal code. Embossed on the left heel of every pair, when scanned, allows the wearer to take part in Golden Goose’s environmental activities. By purchasing them you not only add a stylish new pair of sneakers to your wardrobe but you are also given the chance to contribute in many sustainable initiatives


Timberland has a rich history of using recycled materials in their footwear, but this year they found a way to make fully recycled footwear from top to bottom. This Earth Day, the brand introduced the Timberloop™ Trekker City Hiker, its first footwear designed for full circularity. The unique feature of the collection is that the shoes are made to be taken apart and each part can be recycled and turned into a new product. The shoes' outsoles are designed with a unique construction that makes it easy to remove and recycle them at Timberloop's facility. There is also a removable inner bootie that is made of 100 percent recycled plastic. The brand has an outstanding reputation in creating high quality durable products that stand the test of time and now with Timberloop™ it can be said that Timberland is a brand for life.

Nowadays making a sustainable product is simply not enough. People need to be convinced of the many benefits of sustainability. UGG, Golden Goose and Timberland offer their customers not only a product but a chance to be part of the sustainability revolution. If we all want to be part of the change we need to talk about it and learn and what better way than networking with similar minded people. On the 18th of June we are organising a networking sustainable pop up event that will bring together small independent brands and give people the opportunity to explore, learn and enjoy the variety of sustainable fashion and accessories.

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A brand-new partnership introduces circular and more transparent solutions to implement sustainability in fashion retail. EVRYTHNG and Re-Fashion collaborate with New Look to make a change happen.

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Wednesday, 17 November 2021 13:24

Customers, brands and the environment: the green issue

The public concern about the state of the environment is not a temporary fashion trend, although they influence how people shop and what they ask their favourite brands.

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Wednesday, 10 November 2021 11:59

Accessibility for fashion sustainability

Fashion has a deeper impact on the environment than we may actually think. COP26 is highlighting the urgency of the climate issue and setting important goals to reduce carbon emissions worldwide. However, it is not just the way brands source their raw materials and produce their goods but also our personal choices that can leave a dark mark on the ecosystem.

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Burberry, Phoebe English and Stella McCartney, 3 of the leading British brands are joining forces with the British Fashion Council and the UK’s GREAT campaign at COP26 to showcase the UK’s commitment to climate action through fashion innovation. 

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