Press pause and breathe deeply. Reach a calm state of mind with "In The Zen", the newest New Earthy Nail Polish collection.

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Salicylate overload is becoming a common issue in a delicate scenario where sensitive skin rates are increasing across the UK. Would salicylate-free skincare change the game? FaceWise replies.

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Friday, 22 December 2023 09:06

Top 7 Outfit Tips for the Winter Season

During the harsh winter season, there's nothing more inconvenient than heading outdoors and realizing your clothing isn't sufficient for the freezing temperatures. Not only can it spoil your day by constantly reminding you of the cold, but it also poses potential dangers.

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The deep amber colour and the full flavour of timeless whiskey would make a perfect gift for Father's Day. We have found a solution for non-alcoholic presents with CleanCo.

Your Father's Day gift will have all the taste and the experience of the classic bar favourites without compromising with CleanCo.

CleanCo Premium Non-Alcoholic Spirits for Father's Day Gifts

Among the many possible gift ideas for Father's Day, the promise of time spent together sipping a favourite drink is an evergreen. A stylish bottle of spirit is a safe choice when in doubt but what if alcohol is not the best idea for your father? CleanCo is the answer with its selection of bar classics with all the feeling of the traditional drink but without the alcohol and nastiness.

About CleanCo

Giving up on alcohol gave Spencer Matthews more time to enjoy his life and family to the fullest. His experience literally changed his life and it inspired him to found CleanCo as a way to give a choice: spirits that have the feeling, mixability and flavour of real spirits but without alcohol and sugars.

CleanCo offers a selection of premium non-alcoholic drinks across gin, rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey so that everyone can enjoy a drink and the social interaction connected with it.

Clean W, The Alternative Whiskey For Father's Day

CleanCo suggests an alternative gift idea for Father's Day: Clean W (£16). Clean W is like the traditional Bourbon Whiskey your father knows but without alcohol, sweeteners and sugars. It can be mixed with coke for traditional and easy-to-serve cocktails on the rocks. Its characteristic Bourbon nose with classic notes of oak and sweet vanilla, underpinned by rich spice, apple and figs, together with a smooth finish make Clean W a friendly gift.

Its classic bottle will steal the scene in all of its amber-warming glory on your father's drink cabinet!

"What a deliciously clean Woody, amber flavoured drink to enjoy if you are taking a month off drinking alcohol or just looking for an alternative. On it's own with ice or mixed or the drink of your chosing. I mix mine with with my favourite drink,  gingerbeer. A wonderful refreshing gift for #dads, #father's or father figure in your life on #father'sday" - Deborah St. Louis - Director

CleanCo premium non-alcoholic drinks are available online at CleanCo and in leading supermarkets.

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Taipei Fashion Week is back for the Autumn/Winter 2023 season and it started with the Taipei Sustainable Collections, the show arrived at its 3rd consecutive year.

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Tuesday, 21 March 2023 18:55

The ABCs of False Lashes Explained

Falsies: these beauty staples come in many shapes and styles but to choose the best one for you it is good to know the ABCs of false lashes.

ARDELL Brand Director, Jennifer Johnson, teaches us the False Lash ABCs because there is a B curl but also a C and a D...

The ABCs Of False Lashes

It is not just a matter of style, the ABCs of False Lashes is about the magic curvature of your falsies. When you find the right one, your false lashes will accentuate your eyes turning them into mesmerising magnets. Jennifer Johnson, brand director at ARDELL, is a real expert in falsies and she has shared with us the differences in curls and which one to choose to achieve a perfect look with the best lash fit.

J Curl Lashes

"J curl lashes are the straightest lash style, they mimic the slight curvature of most people’s real eyelashes, meaning they are ideal for creating a very natural effect. Choose J curl lashes for a subtle, conservative look that’s perfect when you don’t want people to know you’re wearing false eyelashes. They will still add plenty of gorgeous length and volume, just not much of a curl. Avoid if you have naturally downward-pointing lashes as they'll make your eyelids look heavier and your eyes smaller."

B Curl Lashes

"The B Curl style is long, doll-shaped lashes for an eye-opening effect. Best for deep set & almond-shaped eyes, they provide a gentle uplift that subtly opens up the eye. If you curl your eyelashes on a daily basis, choose B curl lashes for a natural look that will match the shape you’re used to."

Extension FX B Curl lashes

ARDELL Extension FX B Curl Lashes, Superdrug £6.49

C Curl Lashes

"C curl lashes provide a fabulously uplifted curl that gives you a wide-eyed gaze without crossing over into being overly dramatic. They have more of a ‘flick’ than the B and J curl types. Although the shape and thickness of the overall strip can make them look either more natural or more striking, in general, C curl lashes are a great ‘in-between’ choice that works well for both day and night and are universally flattering."

Extension FX C Curl

ARDELL Extension FX C Curl Lashes, Sephora £6.99

D Curl Lashes

"D curl lashes are for when you’re craving total drama. They really define and open up the eyes, thanks to their deep, upward-sloping curl. This is the perfect curl choice for glamorous photoshoots and nights out when you want your eyes to make an unforgettable impact. Avoid if you have deep-set, hooded and ‘droopy’ eyes, since the tight curl can end up brushing against the upper eyelid, which can be quite annoying."

Extension FX D Curl
ARDELL Extension FX D Curl Lashes, Superdrug £6.49


"A more extreme version of D curl, U curl lashes get their name from their practically 180° curvature. There will be no mistaking these for natural eyelashes – they’ll make your eyes pop for sure. They're particularly flattering on monolid eyes, but should be avoided if you have deep-set, hooded and ‘droopy’ eyes, for the same eyelid-irritating reason above."


"L curl lashes sometimes get described as a ‘Barbie’ curl. Unlike all of the eyelash curl types described above, L curl lashes begin with a horizontal section and then curve sharply upwards. They are a better choice for achieving a glam, wide-eyed look for those with monolid, hooded, deep-set, and 'droopy' eyes."

Extension FX L Curl
ARDELL Extension FX L Curl Lashes, Superdrug £6.49

A gentle flick or a dramatic curve - now you know the ABCs of false lashes and which magic letter to look for.

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Sunday, 29 January 2023 18:08

5 Active Skincare Ingredients Trending in 2023

Do not miss these 5 active skincare ingredients if you want to (re)start the year with the best for your face and body.

Ringana Overnight products Ph. Ringana

Fresh skincare brand RINGANA tells us the 5 active ingredients trending in 2023 and why they should be on your radar.


RINGANA, vegan and natural cosmetics brand, unveils the 5 skin-friendly active ingredients that will be big this 2023 and why. Where to find them? In their FRESH range.

5 Active Ingredients Must-Try This 2023

1. Niacinamide To Fight Against Skin Ageing but not only...

Ringana fresh 125ml body overnight Treatment

Niacinamide is one of 2023's versatile active ingredients. Derived from nicotinic acid, this active ingredient is a form of vitamin B3, essential to our metabolism. Thanks to its many properties, it fights skin relaxation – which allows it to fight against ageing, irritation and inflammation of the skin – while maintaining continuous hydration levels. In addition to these virtues, it evens out the complexion, reduces brown pigmentation spots and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

With the FRESH overnight body treatment (125 ml – £62.81), niacinamide and the other components of this body care product address the problem areas by stimulating collagen synthesis, cell renewal and lipid metabolism in the skin overnight. The figure is reshaped and smoothed, cellulite and stretch marks are reduced, and the skin remains soft and supple thanks to the nourishing oils. This massaging body treatment is the ideal complement to a sporty lifestyle and a balanced diet.

2. Squalane: One Of The Active Ingredients Most Similar To Skin Lipids

Ringana fresh 30ml tinted moisturiser

Squalane, this olive oil-based active ingredient used by RINGANA, is becoming more and more popular because it helps to reconstitute our hydrolipidic film and it is easily absorbed without leaving any oily residue. It helps to strengthen the skin's barrier and maintain its hydration.

Squalane is in RINGANA FRESH tinted Moisturiser (30 ml – £40.80), where it has a low oiliness and a pleasant texture. The FRESH tinted moisturiser creates a radiant, perfectly even complexion. It covers the skin with a delicate tint, obtained thanks to mineral pigments that adapt perfectly to the skin tone and erase small defects, redness and pigmentation spots. It is an everyday, lighter alternative to foundation. Its active plant ingredients ensure immediate hydration, refine the skin texture and protect against external aggressions.

3. Hyaluronic Acid: Your Skincare Essential

ringana fresh 30ml anti wrinkle serum

Hyaluronic acid will be essential in 2023 to deeply moisturise the layers of the epidermis. Its benefits to the skin include plumping the skin, keeping it deeply hydrated and regulating sebum production. A combination of low, medium and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid forms a reservoir of moisture and it increases the elasticity and tone of the skin. HA is one of the active ingredients you will find in FRESH anti wrinkle serum (30 ml – £63.16), a revitalising serum from RINGANA, which stimulates the skin and smoothes wrinkles by activating cell regeneration and renewal for skin that looks instantly fresher.

4. Aloe Vera, Nature's Source Of Vitality For Your Body

ringana fresh soap

Aloe Vera has been a key skincare ingredient for many years and it remains an essential plant with moisturising and soothing properties. It helps the skin's cell renewal and improves its elasticity. This is one of the main active ingredients in FRESH soap, a hand-cut and hand-stamped soap.

FRESH soap (100 g – £8.87) is pure handmade! As soon as it is used, it creates a particularly cleansing foam and, thanks to its formulation, it results perfectly suitable for frequent use. Its exclusively organic formula contains precious oils, including almond oil and black cumin oil, as well as saponified coconut oil and olive oil.

5. Hemp Oil, Rich In Essential Fats For Moisturising Your Skin

ringana fresh 50ml moisturiser for men

Moisturising, regenerating and revitalising, hemp oil is an oil for dry, mature, irritated, tired and dehydrated skin. Rich in omega 3/6, vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it restores the skin's elasticity by renewing the hydrolipidic film.

Combined with the other active ingredients in RINGANA's FRESH moisturiser for men (50 ml – £40.54), it firms the skin and helps it regain its radiance by reducing redness. Balancing and highly antioxidant, it protects the skin from external aggressions. Blemishes and irritations are reduced and the skin immediately looks fresher and smoother.

Find your 5 active helpers in the freshly made FRESH skincare by RINGANA online.

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Discover the industry’s most exciting emerging talent at Fashions Finest AW23 Collections runway show.

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Shakeup Cosmetics proudly unveils their first brand partnership, a golden collaboration with TEAM GB Olympic gold medalist swimmer Calum Jarvis MBE.

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The time to be merry and share goodness is awaiting, but we could not wait to launch our Christmas gift ideas compilation with you. Our 2022 edition is painted green...

Christmas gifts Ph. Freesstock

Christmas teaches you to be good to one another, and our Christmas gifts guide shows you how to be good to the planet too. Find our sustainable gift ideas.

We know sustainability can be a big, complex word but do not drop it at Christmas time. For 2022, we have been looking for sustainable presents and stocking fillers made through eco-friendly approaches: with recycled, upcycled, renewable materials...

Your Sustainable Christmas Gifts Guide Starts Here...

Yawn Nightwear

Yawn love heart pjs 

Yawn is made for those people who love comfort and cute prints head to toe and at night time too. With Yawn nightwear, someone is going to enjoy the Christmas holidays relaxing with hot drinks and films in these stylish Yawn PJ (£96). Yawn is a small business that uses GOTS-certified organic cotton produced in partnership with environmentally and socially fair textile companies. Its yarn production uses 88% less water and it consumes 62% less energy resulting in breathable but resistant and toxic-free fabric. Its nightwear is also low-maintenance and made to last, meaning less waste in the future. Its sweet note is in the tiniest details: each print is skillfully hand-drawn and each PJ pattern hides little details to discover.

Find a PJ for many sweet dreams online at Yawn.

Douvall's Argan Skincare

Duvalls oils

Put under the tree the gift of glowy skin with Douvall's Rescue Ritual Cleanse & Nourish Gift set (£56), packed with all the anti-ageing benefits of first-pressed argan oil. The kit consists of two star products from the brand: the multiuse Argan Cream Cleanser and the Milky Argan Active moisturiser with a 100% cotton muslin cloth in an eco-friendly box. The mother-daughter wellbeing company is active in social and ecological campaigns: on one hand, it works with a small female cooperative for the harvesting and production of its argan; on the other, it has joined Eden Project and its reforestation project. Each sale equals a tree, and more planted trees mean better living conditions for the local communities.

For more good rituals and to plant your tree, head over Douvall's website.

PrimaBerry London Cork Bag

Primaberry London bags 

A new bag is always welcome but this one is nothing but unconventional. What do PrimaBerry Map Collection crossbody bag (£29.99) and a bottle of prosecco share in common? Cork but not a regular cork. PrimaBerry created a range of handbags completely cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable made of raw cork from Portugal. The cork used by the company comes from the outer layer of cork oaks growing in Southern Portugal, and it is shaved from the tree every 9 years. This is a feather-light, biodegradable and durable material with an earthy shade and sensory feel that you can see and touch in this daily bag. PrimaBerry is inspired by cultures all over the globe and embraces the quest for sustainable materials for its creations, such as bamboo, organic cotton, banana fibres and even recycled coffee pods.

Unbottle your curiosity for cork accessories and sustainable gifts at PrimaBerry London.

Sculpted by Aimee Makeup

Sculptured by Aimee beauty products

As a rule of thumb, beauty gifts always hit the target and this is no exception. Created by makeup artist Aimee Connoly, Sculpted by Aimee is a cruelty-free makeup brand. This year, Sculpted by Aimee makes you build your own gift with the Jubilee Bundle (£55) with a 12-pan eyeshadow palette, and two products to customise in shade (lip duo and cream blush). It is a gift for a jubilee; in fact, someone is going to sparkle with joy!

Discover the brand and its world of colours online at Sculpted by Aimee.

Paguro Upcycled Bag

Pagrou Upcycled bag

We want to surprise you, again. This upcycled bag gave new life to a very common object... this spacious tote bag looks perfect for city life and bikers who love the shiny texture of leather, but it is not made of it. Paguro made its Anna Tote Bag (£145) with reclaimed inner tubes which would go to waste otherwise. Rubber gives this bag its shine and pattern, and it is handcrafted so that every bag is unique and irreplaceable.
Paguro is a collective, a house for creative and sustainable designers who explore the creative potential of recycling and upcycling against modern consumerism and fast fashion.

Join the house of Paguro and get lost in its vast collection online.


Therapie skincare produsts

This is not skincare, this is "soulcare". Therapie is a small well-being company founded by aromatherapist and reiki master Michelle Roques-O’Neil to heal the soul with the help of oils that connect you to your inner self and give a sense of peace in troubled times. For this Christmas, Therapie Cherish Skin Repair Elixir (£68) will be a restorative gift for the skin of body and face and a revitalising tonic for the spirit. The whole collection is made with a low carbon footprint in the small Portobello distillery with 100% natural oils and recycled packaging, so you can be sure this is good for your skin, your mind and the planet.

Unlock a new way to care about yourself with Therapie.

8000Kicks Shoes

8000kicks vegan pumps

8000Kicks presents its first sustainable sneakers made of hemp and algae and out of a revolutionary idea. The casual Explorer V2 (£107) have comfortable insoles made of anti-microbial and anti-bacterial hemp fibres and seaweed soles. This green combination gives comfort to the feet and "breath" to the marine ecosystem thanks to the removal of proliferating algae.

These shoes can do miles and they do not fear the rain! These must be tried to believe!

Hemp makes accessories to last, find more online at 8000Kicks.


Environs Body EssentiA

Beautifully packed in this silver box, there is a preview of radiant and healthy skin. Environ's Body EssentiA® Complete Care gift set is a body care trio boosted with the brand's high-tech formulation with Vitamin A to smooth and improve the look of tired, dry and dull skin.

This 2022 edition gift set comprises of Environ Tri-Complex Contour Cream, Alpha Hydroxy Derma-Lac® Lotion (full-size and free) and Vitamin A, C and E Body Oil.

Find Environ solutions for radiant skin through its stockist.

Sustainable Stocking Fillers

A meaningful gift can be small like a stocking filler! These presents could look small but they have an equally big impact on the planet and people's habits.

Earthy Nail Polish

A happy palette of colours in a sustainable formula, free from 21 big chemicals and guaranteed to ISO 16128. Earthy Nail Polish really loves your nails and the environment with its gentle nail colours! Find the gift set or bundle that speaks of your friend online.

Nearly New Cashmere

Nearly New Cashmere is more precious than cashmere from high-end stores. The brand was born with a clear mission: saving cashmere from waste. The company recycles and restores second-hand cashmere; it looks for textiles everywhere and it receives some from its customers. In this way, everyone contributes to giving new life to cashmere. Give a second chance to a newly restored cashmere pair of gloves (link to because at Christmas we are all good.

Thought Socks

Fill a Christmas stocking with some playful socks. The Thought range of bamboo socks are anti-bacterial and very durable. They come in a huge variety of designs for the whole family, in pairs and in ready-to-give gift boxes for a little smile.

Explore Though's designs online.

You can fill Christmas day with joy and keep your green intention big with our sustainable gift ideas that go way beyond the giving moment.

So we wish you happy holidays and we invite you to share love and respect for Mother Earth with your loved ones!

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