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Thursday, 24 November 2022 20:29

The Beauty Choices Of Gen Z

Gen Z has a clear idea of everything, true beliefs and strong commitments. Unsurprisingly, the youngest generation does not take its beauty routine that lightly either.

Thursday, 24 November 2022 19:52

The Waste Of Overproduction

The public lens is on the costs and waste occurring in different industries, including fashion, and raising awareness of the production chain issue or many issues within it.

Fashion brand, From My Mother’s Garden, has won the prestigious BRITISH BRAND OF THE YEAR at an industry awards event held at The Mayfair Hotel in London. 

With COP 27 currently taking place and the environmental matter being even more under our attention, there is still much confusion around which brand is really sustainable according to the younger consumers, Gen Zers.

Wednesday, 02 November 2022 18:44

WAWWA 1+1 Collection Keeps Less Fortunate Warm

Sustainable clothing company WAWWA just introduced its new knitwear collection to give warmth to everyone, really everyone.

Tuesday, 01 November 2022 09:00

Winter Skincare Tips From Skin Experts

As we welcome the comfort of knitted jumpers in preparation for Winter, the change in the weather can wreak havoc on our skin, causing it to become dry, chapped, and tight. Dry skin is not comfortable, what to do?

LABELL-D launches more options to share the love for fashion and the environment. The world’s first closed-loop fashion ecosystem allows consumers to buy new and pre-loved clothing, rent, repair and resell, all on one platform.

Saturday, 29 October 2022 13:08

A Gen Z Habit: the Cost of Trend Z

Gen Z could be the most conscious generation ever met so far but zoomers like to spend more than others, maybe too much. Is all that glitters gold?

As we pack away our treasured summer dresses, shorts, and skirts, many of us might be feeling a little miffed that the warm weather is slowly disappearing. But, with so many amazing Autumn and Winter trends to look forward to this year, you’re undoubtedly going to feel better about the colder weather setting in.

Autumn winter trendsPh. Jakob Owens (Unsplash)

2022 is embracing a whole plethora of awesome trends, from cowboy fringing to tiny miniskirts, a major leather comeback and bold splashes of hot-off-the-Valentino-runway pink.

Here are just some looks that you might want to incorporate into your autumn and winter wardrobe this year.

White Tank Tops

girl in a white tank topPh. Stocksnap (Pixabay)

It turns out that white tank tops aren’t just for summer! And what welcome news that is. Brands are investing in quality staples more than ever before and consumers are following suit. Make your staples collection bulletproof with a quality white tank top that provides a solid base layer during the colder months.


Lady wearing a maxi skirtPh. Esther Ann (Unsplash)

Whether you’re buying skirts, dresses or coats, the fashion gods have spoken: the longer the better. Add a touch of glamour to your evenings with an elegant maxi dress and combat those chilly evenings with some layering underneath. Make your maxi the focus of your outfit and pair it with fitted garments for a silhouette that looks flattering on all body types.

Fuchsia Pink

Thanks to the Italian brand Valentino, fuchsia pink is having a major moment. Gone are the days when pink is just for young girls and Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods. Women of all ages are stepping out in the season’s hottest colour and brightening up the high street whilst doing it.

Step back predictable greys and blues. Pink’s coming through!

Micro Mini Skirts

Micro Mini skirtPh. Lensabl (Pxabay)

When they say mini, they mean mini. Hemlines are more daring than ever this season and thanks to thermal tights and leggings, micro miniskirts are cold weather-proof too! Pair them with a killer pair of knee-high boots for a truly head-turning look.


Swish sway, fringing is here to stay! It’s the thing we never thought we needed. With fringing, your clothes have a language of their own, moving with your walk and bringing some serious attitude. Mini -skirts are being elongated in a there-but-not-there way whilst sweaters are graduating from cosy staples to outfit showstoppers. In a similar way to your maxi silhouettes, make one fringing piece your centrepiece and pair it with understated accessories.

lady in a leather jacketPh. jonathan francisca TugncRa (Unspash)

Bringing some high-octane drama to your life is leather. No longer is the material limited to biker jackets, boots, and bags. Tailored leather is making a splash with corsets, tailored trousers and fitted dresses taking over the runways. Sophisticated and sexy at the same time, say hello to your new occasion-wear staple.

There are so many different trends you can incorporate into your winter wardrobe this year to feel stylish and on-trend. Whether it be leather, fringing, micro mini-skirts or maxis, there’s a trend to suit everyone. Which one will you try out?

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When choosing a new perfume or aftershave, the amount of choice can feel overwhelming. The first step towards making a decision is to make sure you understand the different fragrance scent profiles out there.

Woman smelling flowersPh. Ruslan Zh (Unsplash)

This guide will talk you through all the basics you need to know about different fragrances, from the different scent families to the scent wheel.

Scent Families

There are four main scent families - Oriental, Woody, Fresh, and Floral.

Oriental Scents

LiliesPh. Earl Wilcox (Unsplash)

Oriental scents are decidedly unisex, as they are equally as sweet as they are rich and powerful. Inspired by eastern aromas, Oriental scents are frequently used when the sun has set, giving off sensual vibes, and long lasting enough to keep up with your dancing.

Oriental scents span from sensual cinnamon, to warm chocolates and vanillas, to rich sandalwood.

Woody Scents

Woody scentsPh. Ph. Ju Desi (Unsplash)

Woody scents are typically associated as being more masculine, thanks to their earthy base, and thus play a huge part in most aftershaves. However, some of the more aromatic scents are unisex, boasting a mature calmness to them.

Woody scents consist of the aromatic warmth of cedar wood, earthy oakmoss, smokey notes and leather, to aromatic herbs like lavender.

Fresh Scents

Lavender flowersPh. Debby Hudson (Unsplash)

Fresh scents are lively, refreshing and vibrant. Think about the smells of summer - sun, sea, zesty notes and fresh herbs. They are one of the most popular scent profiles in perfumery due to their versatility, crispness, and infinite combination opportunities.

Common fresh scents span from zesty citrus fruits, to aquatic notes, light and bright herbs, to juicy berries and fruits.

Floral Scents

Fresh white floral flowersPh. Anthony Delanoix (Unsplash)

Floral scents are most popular for women's perfume, boasting a wide variety of soft feminine aromas. They can either have a singular floral fragrance or combine several flowers as an aromatic bouquet. Due to their floral base, they are often associated with the smells of spring.
Popular floral notes range from freshly cut flowers like rose, powdery florals like jasmine, to oriental florals like orange blossom.

What is the scent wheel?

Starting at the top, and working clockwise, the scent wheel consists of the following scent families and subfamilies touched on above:
● Oriental →
○ Soft Oriental → Oriental → Woody Oriental →
● Woody →
○ Woody → Mossy Wood → Dry Wood → Aromatic →
● Fresh →
○ Citrus → Water → Green → Fruity →
● Floral ↻
○ Floral → Soft Floral → Floral Oriental ↻

The bordering families blend into one another since they share similar scent profiles. For example, ‘Woody Oriental’ is the natural middle ground between ‘Oriental’ and ‘Woody’.

However, opposite families on the scent wheel have opposing properties. For example, Oriental scents are often dense and powerful, whereas Fresh scents are light and airy.

For this reason, the subfamily that falls exactly opposite another often blends with it particularly well. Just look at orange from ‘Fresh Citrus,’ and clove from ‘Soft Oriental’ - a classic Christmassy combination!

Another option is to find three subfamilies that create a triangle with one another. For example, lavender from ‘Woody Aromatic’, rose from ‘Floral’ and honey from ‘Oriental’ are a fantastic combination both for perfume and dessert flavourings!

With these things in mind, you will be one step closer to understanding which fragrances suit your tastes. Don’t be afraid to try out a few blends before settling on your favourite.

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