Monday, 11 April 2011

Fée Uhssi Designs

Fée Uhssi Designs is an ethical and multicultural fashion label offering womens wear created by combining African and European high quality fabrics.

Founded in the UK in 2010 by Felli Uhssi Ubrette aka Fée Uhssi. The brand name reflects the French / Nigerian designer double identity, Felli shortened to "Fée" means fairy in French, "Uhssi" her Nigerian name means "first marvellous girl".

Fée Uhssi loves playing with colors and prints, her work is a constant research on finding the harmony while blending colors, prints, textures, styles, looks, and cultures taking inspiration from all over the world. Her aim is to marry her interpretations of concepts from Haute Couture and fashion from Paris and London with African fashion to come up with truly unique designs. The brand is all about balance, harmony, beauty and unity in diversity.

The Fée Uhssi collection is divided into two separate clothing lines each drawing on their own unique points of inspiration.

The "Fée" range takes their inspiration from as much as haute couture then as modern fashion and trends. The result is a stylish line using quite classical cuts while standing out with a unique look. An elegant and stylish line with cuts largely inspired by Paris fashion with an African touch.

The Uhssi line is on one hand the fruit of the designer's research on art of wrapping in different cultures and civilisations from traditional art of draping from Antique Rome and Greece to art of wrapping from Japan, Africa and Europe. Here, Fée Uhssi creates a range of "clothing-accessories"; reversible and multi-function garments that can be worn and use in many different ways. The idea is to offer stylish, versatile and timeless clothing easy to mix and match with the key pieces of a wardrobe while reinstating the ancient sense of elegance by experimenting different ways of draping and wrapping fabrics around the body.

On the other hand, it is a research on the relationship between the body and the garment. Fée Uhssi believes that clothes should be designed to fit the natural and varying shape of the female form. Therefore, most of the garments are unisize and fit a size 8/10 to a size16/18. Fée Uhssi views the body as a precious gift and clothing as the packaging of this gift, which should emphasise the body. The aim is to make any women feel beautiful and powerful.

These two ranges combine to create the brand Fée Uhssi, a line of clothing that aims to make woman feel great in mind, body and soul.

Fée Uhssi is an Ethical Fashion label that works with organisations to help develop sustainable structures across the world and seeks out people and businesses that share and support the beliefs of the brand. Fée Uhssi works to promote the use of sustainable, eco-friendly materials and hand craft techniques and skills and to raise awareness of issues in fashion and textile industry.

Fée Uhssi has plans to expand the range to include childrens wear and menswear.
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