Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Congolese born Atandjo Francoise Omanga is a British Fashion Designer, entrepreneur and CEO of KOYAWO, a UK based women'swear fashion brand, specializing in Ready-To-Wear, couture and made by order.

She graduated in BA (Hons) Fashion Designer and Development in women'swear at London College of Fashion. She did internship with Jil Saunders, internship and work as Designer Assistant with Giles Deacon then in 2012 she decided to start her own Fashion brand.

A signature style of natural confidence and sexy femininity are apparent in all Koyawo work. The brand's inspiration is more impactively based on current world issues, migration, displacement, injustice, the catastrophic side of the world like war, politics and the designer's own cultural background.

The use of exquisite quality materials combined with an interpretation of the Koyawo's inspiration and classic cuts result in sophisticated and timeless garments. The essence of Koyawo's design is very bold, innovative, creative, elegant and modern. The designer like to challenge every boundaries of tradition especially on fabrics to develop new ways.

Here in Koyawo, the Designer and her team work so hard to make very desirable beautiful clothing for women to love and buy.

As for Koyawo's customers, they are women who appreciate high- fashion, glamour and have a passion for fashion at any age.

Very professional, the designer like to prove her worth based on her qualities and abilities to design and let the clothes do the talking.

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