Tuesday, 02 September 2014

No Fixed Abode

No Fixed Abode is a urban streetwear fashion brand, designed and Made in London, England.

Unique, Individual Fashion garments for people that like to be different and get noticed, the rebels, the individuals and anarchists.

Small capsule collections of designer garments that are premium quality.

Founded and designed in the UK 2013, We live by Individual Anarchism.

We are Individual - We like to stand out from the crowd, do things differently. To be ourselves, freedom of expression to really be me. Life by my own set of rules and make my own way in the world. We believe clothing is an expression of who you are, like an extension of your personality.

We love music as this is another large influence in our brand.

We hero music talent and are currently working with HypeMan Sage a London based MC/lyricist/hip-hop artist, he is also part of a music duo called Subculture Sage, who are moving from strength to strength in the UK.

We are also going to be sponsoring a UK punk all girls band tour in 2015.

We are Unique - exclusive designs that are not mass produced and definitely no sweatshops!

Our new SS14/2015 Women's and Mens Collection is Made in London. The T-SHIRTS are Made in L.A. and printed in Shoreditch. By people that are paid decent wages and that have good working conditions.

The one thing we want to say is NO FIXED ABODE, INDIVIDUAL ANARCHISM.

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