Monday, 07 September 2015

Yana In Style

Yana is the first tribal jewelry and one of the most renowned designer of Arunachal Pradesh ,India. Her designs have made a benchmark in the fashion industry of India today. Her feather and tribal earrings became a rage in North Indian when she showcased her collection in North East Fashion Fest runway show. She is also known for her crazy head gears all over!

Yana did her first show when she was in her eleventh standard. She is a self- taught designer and her affair with designing began at the age of 12. As she belongs to one of the tribal community and grew up seeing her mother making her own ornaments and loin looms , her affair with designing began at the age of 12. Attributed to her childhood and community, Music, art, photographs and the festival of North East India have always inspired Yana to get into innovative designing. This is typically reflected in her work. She believes she has a karmic connection with tribal designing and artwork.

Her Label “Yana In Style”- As the tribal world is full of vigor, festivity, boldness and wilderness, so is her creation!

Yana In Stlye is the pure reflection of sensual silhouettes, Boho and tribal inspired flowing fabrics. Her line of cloths and accessories are for the woman who love vibrant hue, free spirited and are wild yet wonderful. She uses homespun fabrics like Moonga and Eri and accessories which are eco friendly.

Artmanship and Philanthropy- Yana In style intricate process is signature to the brand, creating every product individually by hand makes each design a timeless work of art. Every cloth and accessory is proficiently made with quality fabric, hand tooling, silver coins, brass and limited edition textiles sourced locally in Arunanchal Pradesh, India.

For her show at Fashions Finest London Fashion Week, she is working Nabam Aka, who is one of the most revered weaver of India and has employed many local artisans .

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