Saturday, 05 December 2015

Sabina Saga

Her parents loved art and they were huge influence. She started playing piano in early age and started painting school in the local art studio. In her early teens Sabina won award for classical painting. Her parents assumed she would be an artist, but she chose fashion. She realized that fashion was an expression of art, expression of identity, mood and cultural setting.

She chose New York. At the age of 19, She got a place on the fashion design course at Fashion Institute of Technology and spent next few years there doing BA degree. She learned all her technical skills there. FIT encouraged her not to be afraid of things that seemed abnormal or weird. School gave her total freedom to try new ideas. She threw herself into fashion-student lifestyle, hanging out in galleries, museums and high line, embracing the cultural energy and diversity of the city, its inventiveness and dynamic. From Manhattan’s lower east side to the Broadway, to the jazz and contributions of the Harlem Renaissance, to the cultivation of Hip Hop in the Bronx, New York’s cultural communities, have played a central role in fostering the diversity and the vibrancy in the designs that she creates. Her time in the capital was invaluable. “New York taught me that chaos was essential. The trick is to embrace the chaos and find a balance.”- She says. During her studies she worked with some of the most influential fashion houses including Oscar De La Renta, Carolina Herrera and Vera Wang.

Her work is a modern view on reciprocity of fashion and technology. Her designs are combinations that explore different materials, which include 3D printing with an integration of variety of textiles, and materials with various surfaces. She is able to transform any two dimensional pattern into a three dimensional applications on a wide variety of fabric for fashion and accessories. It is her unique way to reevaluate reality and to express and underline individuality. For her fashion has its own specific language, it is a way of self-expression and confidence. “Fashion makes me feel a certain way I can't explain. Like I'm on the top of the world, flying. I communicate through my creations and I don’t have to hesitate to say what I think. I can be my self, and don’t fake anything. I could express all of my emotions through my creations, and that alone is incredible.”-She says.

Her latest collection in Germany in October featured wearable designs with an integration of sculptural forms. She mixed angular shapes with soft fabrics, and classic silhouettes with rough textures.

The aim in the work is to bring a fresh look at how materials and technologies can reshape fashion at the most emotive levels. With the goal of unlocking the potential of 3D printing to change the design industry and make 3D printed accessories, jewelry and textile accessible reality. Visually dramatic, Sabina’s pieces are exquisite, hand and technology crafted works of art that speak to their innate, voracious strength while remaining chic, modern and delicate.

Remaining independent designer, she also works collaboratively with artists, designers and produces her own creative research work, gives talks and exhibits internationally. Sabina's work has been exhibited at venues including New York, Germany and China.

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