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Paguro Upcycle

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We curate contemporary fashion & home accessories that are made using reclaimed materials. All ethically & sustainably handmade by artisanal producers and social enterprises in the UK and across the world.

We provide a range of jewellery, bags and fashion accessories all made from distinctive recycled and reclaimed materials like tyre inner tubes, army tents, seat belts and bike chains. We work with a number of artisanal producers and social enterprises in the UK and across the world, each of whom share our passion for using reclaimed materials. Using such materials promotes environmental benefits by diverting 'waste' from landfill and by reducing the demand on new resources. We also share with our producers a common desire to promote social benefits in our communities, paying our teams fair wages and sharing our income with charitable causes in our local communities. The benefits of upcycling are not purely ethical however. I firmly believe that the creative challenge posed by using recycled materials results in more interesting products. We are an online retailer but also provide wholesale to independent shops and art galleries.
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