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Charlotte Rhys

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Kind to You, Kind to Nature

For years, Charlotte Rhys’ fragrances have adorned elite retreats and luxury hotels across South Africa. And now, the range is available to fill UK homes with unique aromas which can be enjoyed as a single scent or layered to help elevate your wellbeing, making your home look and smell divine continuously.

Developed to be ‘Kind to You and Kind to Nature’, Charlotte Rhys products are vegan friendly, cruelty free and created with sustainable practices such as biodegradable packaging. Each item will enhance any décor and is available in a range of signature scents including Oud Noir, Under the Leaves, Spring Flowers, Pure Charcoal and St Tomas to set the mood for either Green & Clean, Warm & Spicy, Citrus or Floral.
  • Sustainable Beauty and Fragrence

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