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Sustainable, no-sew fashion experiment

Current sewing practice is seen as outdated, so the intention is to use more advanced machines which reduce exhausting manual labor and produce garments on demand. This way, the risk of piling up the stocks and having to waste them at the end of season is eliminated.

Pattern is at the core of the design. It is made in software, thus adjusted for laser cutting or 3D printing. As no sewing is needed, seams are made as joints, so the elements are later manually assembled into a garment. Such joints allow for modularity of design. Modular garments can be assembled and reassembled by ourselves, which ensures we will not discard them as soon as one part is damaged. This way, we can replace parts and re-make them locally, thus reassembling garments over and over again, making it last much longer. Digital patterns also have one more advantage: they can be easily downloaded at any place and printed out/laser cut at the nearest MakerSpace or FabLab. No transportation. No CO2 emission. No packaging.
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  • no-sew, 
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