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‘Nothing wasted, nothing in vain’

Mindful Mode is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle portfolio curated by Natalie Fenning, it’s Founder and Copywriter infuses Japanese philosophy 勿体無い“mottainai” into modern business and living.
“Mottainai” means waste nothing. A value Natalie is ranked amongst her fashion network as the conscious collaborative who advocates effortless sustainable practice from the model to the runway.

How do you tell your story or convey a set emotion in your collections, media, digital copy for momentum and loyalty? You need a copywriter who understands your brand and your people.

Natalie will be assisting you with art direction, copy and branding to launch your next look book.
Copywriting services includes digital copy, editing, captions, product naming, user experience (UX) and physically reviewing your pieces- all in line with brand objectives.

Mindful Mode offers all the above services with a free introduction of the Japanese philosophy “mottainai”. To enhance your business model and save you some money, if you want to.

Join in with listeners of the co-hosted Podcast The Look Book Lab with Deborah St. Louis
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