Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Isossy Children Autumn/Winter 2013 Look book

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Founded in 2010, by Amanda Rabor, Isossy Children is a celebration of colour, vivacity, global influences and fashion.

It offers children and their parents' choice, style and design, and I believe Custard's customers would be interested in purchasing Isossy Children pieces. Issosy Children was shortlisted in the "Junior Magazine" Awards an in March 2013 the label took part in Global Kids Fashion Week.

The brand is honoured to stand by its 'Made in England' manufacturing ethos, combined with the international African, Asian and Western cultures. The fabrics and styling of these countries are evident within this vivacious collection. Many of the pieces are limited edition prints in order to keep the brand's style unique and fresh.

The collection is traditionally separated into Isossy Classic, Play and Occasion, covering a fantastic array of styles in wonderfully vibrant and ethnic colours. Isossy Children prides itself on catering for the ever changing needs of its customers, and the new collection for Spring/Summer 2013 has just a little bit of everything to make it truly special.

Isossy Children spring/summer collection