Sunday, 10 April 2016

Hey Dude Shoes

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With the sunshine finally creeping into our lives I am sure that you have been through all your winter clothes and shoes and either thrown them out or put them to the side?

I know that I have, doing that made me realise that I have no shoes for the summer weather and this just will not do. I visited Hey Dude Shoes online to fix my shoe problem and maybe pick out a pair for Father’s Day while I was looking.

Hey Dude Shoes was founded in 2010 and they pride themselves on providing people with not only stylish shoes but shoes that will provide our feet with all the comfort they need. I found some shoes for my Father the only problem was that when they arrived I could not wait until June to give them to him. I can honestly tell you that I have never seen my Father excited about a pair of shoes before, he was jumping around in them like a child on Christmas Day. He loved them and swore he had never worn such a comfortable pair of shoes. As my Father is rather fussy this was high praise indeed.

If I was not convinced before that this was the place to get my summer shoes I certainly was now. Style and comfort was something that I was fond of. After picking out a few pairs to treat myself to I had a look at the children’s section to see if there was anything my girls would like. Of course I found a few pairs that they would like too.

My favourite shoes that I found would have to be the Tyler Mesh Kite Slip On shoes. They come in funky colours and will be perfect for when I go on summer walks with the children.