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What Goes Around Comes Around?

New oxfam study reveals shocking environmental impact of the uk's fast fashion culture.

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Fashions Finest welcomes Emily Alexandra Cosmetics as their latest sponsors for their SS season taking place on the 14th of September 2019 at the Congress Hall, 28 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS.

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Friday, 16 August 2019 18:14

Rose Brown

Rose Brown grew up in Welsh countryside and graduated from the Manchester School of Art in 2018. Her goal is to create things that are truly never seen before, using unconventional textiles and concepts derived from the weird and wonderful place that is the inside of her head. She strives to find out what it means to be truly different and to be it.

Her collection is called Aprés Lunar, which means ‘After the Moon’. Taking inspiration from 1980s skiers and WW2 flight suits, it brings the excitement of adventure from the Space Race, back to the 21st century.

The main inspiration is a light art installation by Christopher Schardt, which was displayed at the festival Burning Man. The piece is called ‘Firmament’ consisting of a series of LEDs, draped in triangular form across the sky.

This inspired her angular pattern cut and her use of reflective materials that represent electric light.

Her realisation moment was when she was dancing on a stable in the French Alps. It helped her to understand how skiwear can morph into party wear and vice versa. She had to live it, to make it.

Each look has reflective properties that come to life under the flash of a camera, transforming the collection. Her metallic spacemen dance the night away, lighting up the slopes as the go.

The six look collection is a glowing series of blues, coppers, silvers and metallics. It is outerwear heavy, mixed with shining leggings, scuba tops and salopettes. She made her own fabric by bonding aluminium and copper onto cottons to create garments treading the line between wearable and unwearable.

After graduating, she was selected and flown to China for the International Youth design competition (IYCD) in the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. She has also attended charity fashion shows with her collection, in London, Glasgow, Manchester and Wolverhampton. Glasgow raised £34,139 for Simon Community Scotland. 

She now has a studio space so that she can continue her work, with a new collection to be released AW19.

Instagram: rosebrownlangtry

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Thursday, 15 August 2019 16:11

How to Look Good With Little to No Makeup

How to Look Good With Little to No Makeup

Makeup is an integral part of almost every woman’s life, no matter how much she says that she hates it. It’s used to cover blemishes and other imperfections, and also to enhance all the good features. But to do during hot summer days when wearing too much makeup cause clogged pores and other skin issues? Or if you’re simply into a more natural look? Well, in that case, there are other ways that will help you look radiant without wearing layers of foundation, so if you’re planning to ditch all the unnecessary makeup, here are some tips to still look great with little to no makeup:

1. BB cream is your friend

BB cream is your friend

Everyone knows the importance of covering skin imperfections, and many also turn to heavy foundation for help. But, in fact, using the BB cream will make your skin look even, soft and covered, while also being nourishing. This is especially important if you have acne-prone skin, since in that case, using foundation can clog your pores and make your skin look worse. What’s even better, many BB creams also contain some level of SPF which is great if you spend your days outside. The only downside to BB creams is lack of diversity, considering that foundations often come in many tones.

2. Take care of your skin

Take care of your skin

If you truly want to rock minimal makeup look, you need to make sure that your skin is clean and moisturized. That’s why it’s important to remove all traces of makeup before going to bed and use a night cream or oil, so your skin will have a chance to rest and get nourished during the night. Similarly, removing all traces of night cream and sweat in the morning is a great way to prep your face for the day ahead. Keeping your skin in good condition is the only real prerequisite if you want to wear little to no makeup.

3. Use highlighter for more glamorous look

Use highlighter for more glamorous look

Highlighter can freely be considered a godsend among all makeup products, since it is the main product responsible for adding glow to the face. It is mostly applied on cheekbones, but some women also prefer to wear it on the bridge of the nose, centre of the forehead and above the cupid’s bow. So, if your skin is light to fair, then it’s better to choose icy silver or champagne those, and in case your skin tone is medium to olive, then it’s advisable to stick to golden-bronze shades. And for deeply dark skin tones, it’s much more recommended to use rose gold or bronze since pearly tones can make the skin look dull.

4. Apply some bronzer for the sun-kissed glow

Apply some bronzer for the sun kissed glow

As you probably know, bronzer is one of the go-to products if you want to achieve sun-kissed summery look. Now, considering that contouring has become popular, many are still confused by bronzer, so it’s often used it for the wrong reasons. That’s why it’s important to choose the bronzer that will make you look like you’ve spent the whole day lying in the sun. Australian women know it best, so that’s why they choose creamy bronzers as their go-to product whenever they want to add a bit of shimmer to their face. Therefore, it’s no surprise that there are many various bronzer shades and brands so any woman ordering makeup online from Australia can easily find her favourite bronzer and other related products.

5. Opt for natural tones

Opt for natural tones

Any makeup guru will tell you that, if you want to master no makeup look, you need to stick to natural colours similar to your original skin tone. That way your whole face will look even and radiant, and you won’t need to experiment with various colours. Instead, stick with what looks natural on your face, almost like you have no makeup at all. Light pink, sand and peach colours are all great choices for natural look, and try to steer away from too much mascara, especially if you already have long and thick eyelashes.

In conclusion, wearing little to no makeup is achievable, but before you opt for this look, you need to take care and nurture your skin. Also, always remember that less is more, so instead of using every makeup product, just use those that will help you cover your imperfections and accentuate the positives.

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Thursday, 15 August 2019 14:12

Steal their Style & Make It Your Own

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Photo by Nicole De Khors

Influencer marketing has seen massive success over the past few years, with both global brands and startups using it to promote their business. At the same time, the influencers who are behind the tremendous success are quickly becoming one of the best sources of inspiration for millions of people who are obsessed with their fabulous fashion styles.

Fashion influencers not only alert us to exciting new designers but also give us ideas for some fabulous outfits and accessories. If you’re looking for inspiration from influencers, here’s how you can steal their style and make it your own.

It’s All About the Details

They say that how you look on the outside is a direct reflection of who you are on the inside. So, what you wear should match your attitude. Most influencers embrace a free-spirited, adventurous, and eccentric fashion style that is defined by small and unique details. Whether you’re a modern hippie, a party girl, a plain Jane, or a low-key dresser, you don’t have to spend too much time overthinking your outfits to look hip.

To stand out, pay more attention to the small details. Pick something that speaks for itself. For instance, if you love cute casual, maxi, or short dresses, you could choose one with colorful prints, ruffles, or unique embroidery. Just keep in mind that the louder the dress looks, the simpler your makeup should be. The goal is to stand out with one stylish focal element. 

Let Your Accessories Make a Statement

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Photos by Godisable JacobSamantha Hurley & Anıl Görkem Özşan

With so many bold accessory trends on catwalks and fashion stores, choosing accessory pieces that make a statement can sometimes be a huge challenge. But with influencers seemingly able to create magic from any accessory, it doesn’t hurt to find some inspiration from some of your favorite fashion influencers. Instead of relying on your clothes to make a statement, picking cleverly curated accessories can easily elevate simple attire to a stylish look.

Accessories are key to stylish dressing. Uniquely designed pieces like a gold-tone necklace, a clear tone bracelet, or a luxury watch featuring gorgeous mother-of-pearl dials are all great accessories that bring a high-fashion flair to any outfit. There’s a delight that fine accessories can bring to your overall look. Be an expert observer of how your favorite influencers accessorize.

Embrace Your Body Type

Fashion influencers have one thing in common: they embrace who they are, including their body type. We’re always excited to see how people interpret specific designs so we can try them out, but what you choose to wear should be something you’re comfortable with. Take a quick peek at your favorite fashion influencers, and you’ll realize they’re not afraid to try something new.

What matters is picking something that flatters your body type. From bold designs to lots of colors, and even classic fashion, there’s always a fuss-free way to look stylish without looking like you tried to put too much effort into it. If you’re dark-skinned, creating that chic look you desire is even easier when you choose the right hairstyle for your outfit.

Sharp and Well-Fitted Tailoring Rocks

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Photo by Sarah Pflug

Sharp tailoring is the one fashion style that manages to rock for both men and women. From uber-hip mums to stylish men, going for well-fitted tailoring allows you to easily move between different styles without looking boring. Even the simplest jeans and shirt combo can look amazing so long as the tailoring and fitting of each fashion piece are done perfectly.

Find an Exciting New Influencer

If you’re curious about the fashion influencers you should be following, there are so many of them to check out, including Nicolette Mason, Jenn Im, Chiara Ferragni, Bryan Yambao, and Susanna Lau, as well as other new trendsetting influencers with styles all their own. Rock an influencer style you admire and inject more fun into your outfits with these simple fashion tips.

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LQ Liquid For a healthier You!

We are all in search for the most effective supplements on the market, for longer, stronger hair, to ease your aching joints, to help aid your digestion or to help you with a skin complaint such as acne.

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Everyone wants their skin glowing in summer. It’s just one of those things that no one talks about, but everyone craves.

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Wednesday, 14 August 2019 11:17

Cabrini Roy

Cabrini Roy represents a new age of luxury ready to wear fashion, with her innovative way of creating bold silhouettes whilst staying true to her minimal style. Emerging from London College of Fashion, Cabrini explores ways to visually represent her story whether that be drawing inspiration from her childhood to create contemporary streetwear or taking influence from her filipino culture. The garments create a distinct style yet stays comfortable enough to be worn every day. Each design includes a touch of Cabrini Roy, a woman who hopes to empower through her pieces, with an emphasis on setting your own trends with no boundaries on the numerous amounts of ways to style each essential piece.

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Tuesday, 13 August 2019 17:37

Lingshan Fan

Fan Lingshan graduated from the University of Central Lancashire. She believes that in creating a design, it must resonate with the viewer, and awaken people's sense of social responsibility, such as with the environment, culture, etc.

 Her graduation designs are inspired by the child’s nature of liking the new and hating the old. This behavior will cause many toys to be thrown away. On the other hand, in order to meet the children's consumption needs, manufacturers quickly update products and environmental pollution caused by overproduction of toys.

 The work takes the doll as the entry point, through the child’s perspective,

Design use the colorful print, A large number of discarded dolls, the resulting silhouette of fingers, torso, and arms, the She uses her knitting and crochet skills as the texture to expressed the shape. In the series, the head of the doll is used as a bag and accessories, and the eyes of the doll are also as prints and the decoration of the clothes. The design was earned runner-up of David Textiles award and Finalist of fashion Design portfolio award.


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Tuesday, 13 August 2019 15:40

How fashion and beauty tackles waste

Our consumption of fast fashion clothing and throw away plastic products is taking its toll on the world and environment.

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