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Meet Our Student Illustrators


As a part of our commitment to celebrating new talent, we invited three fantastic emerging artists to illustrate their favourite SS20 catwalk designs. The results were overwhelmingly beautiful, and we are excited to share their creative work with the world!

Marianne Hernandez

A British Filipino illustrator, heavily influenced by fashion and own cultural themes, she is entering her final year of BA illustration at UCA Farnham. Marianne has loved drawing since she was a child, and built up her skills through an education in Fine Art and Textiles while at school. She has a newfound love of digital illustration, and is currently exploring and developing her style through this medium. Marianne hopes to eventually create a name for herself within the creative industry, where she can combine her love of traditional and graphic styles.

Laura Shanon 1 result
Designer Laura Shannon Copyright ©Marianne Hernandez

Laura Shanon 2 result
Designer Laura Shannon Copyright ©Marianne Hernandez

Evelina Anglickaite ruffle result
Designer Evelina Anglickaite Copyright ©Marianne Hernandez

Cabrini Roy braid result
Designer Cabrini Roy Copyright ©Marianne Hernandez

Cabrini Roy cream result
Designer Cabrini Roy Copyright ©Marianne Hernandez

Kepaza blue result
Designer Kepaza Copyright ©Marianne Hernandez

Marie Sansome blush result
Designer Marie Sansome Copyright ©Marianne Hernandez

Tuncer green result
Designer Tuncer Tonun Copyright ©Marianne Hernandez


Molly Shaw

A third-year illustration student at UCA, Molly’s current work centres on femininity.  She endeavours to portray the finding of comfort within the strict confines of what is perceived as womanhood. Molly specialises in digital artwork and portraiture.

fashions finest 3 result
Designer Laura Shannon Copyright ©Molly Shaw

fashions finest 2 result
Designer Shokushu Boutique Copyright ©Molly Shaw

fashions finest 1 result
Designer April Banbury Copyright ©Molly Shaw


Nika Mamedova

A full time BA student studying Illustration, and currently in her second year of university. Most of Nika’s works are influenced by the everyday routine, specifically the small things we do that are easy to miss, as well as those things we should be doing in order to look after ourselves.

Untitled Artwork 1 result
Designer Shokushu Boutique Copyright ©Nika Mamedova

Untitled Artwork 2 result
Designer Tuncer Tonun Copyright ©Nika Mamedova

Untitled Artwork 3 result
Designer Kepaza Copyright ©Nika Mamedova

Untitled Artwork 4 result
Designer Tuncer Tonun Copyright ©Nika Mamedova

Untitled Artwork 5 result
Designer Evelina Anglickaite Copyright ©Nika Mamedova

Untitled Artwork 6 result
Designer Laura Shanon Copyright ©Nika Mamedova

Untitled Artwork result
Designer Kepaza Copyright ©Nika Mamedova


Please join us in supporting independent artists, and if you see anything you would like to purchase from any of these talented young ladies contact Fashions Finest:, or the individual illustrators themselves.

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Thursday, 23 May 2019 20:13

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Thursday, 14 March 2019 09:57

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Friday, 01 March 2019 09:58

The Future is Female!

A new exhibition, showcasing multidisciplinary artworks created by international female art leaders in the 21st Century, opens this month at the Dellasposa Gallery in London.

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Creative Industries Minister Margot James will today announce a cash boost to turbocharge the UK’s international trade in the creative industries.

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Monday, 31 July 2017 09:54

Tahra Nketia

Tahra Nketia comes from a family of seamstresses and designers most notably her grandmother and aunt who had a huge influence in her formative years. Tahra's first design experience came in the form of designing mini couture collections for her Barbie dolls as a child. Tahra was also heavily influenced by the glamorous black and white movies and shows of the 70’s such as Charlie's angels, which she would watch obsessively dreaming up her of adaptations to what was on screen.

Tahra Nketia later studied at LCCA before branching out to start her own label and follow her dreams.

Tahra has strong ethical and environmental beliefs and well as being a staunch advocate for the empowerment of less economically privileged people. She first started out designing having the designs sewn by under privileged seamstresses in Ghana. Going forward Tahra hopes to reintroduce this initiative to further develop the brands ethical ethos.

Within a year of the brands inception it has gained notoriety through numerous social media outlets such as popular blog Baller Alert. The brand has designed for the host of Hermes crazy carre event, social media celebrities including NFL player Cam Newton's fiancé Kia Proctor as well as a host of other online personalities.

Tahra Nketia's pieces tend to be opulent, embellished and heavily beaded. They are differentiated by her unique choice of fabrics and stunning designs.

The collection Tahra will be presenting at Fashion Finest SS18 LFW shall continue the theme of intricate, heavily embellished yet delicate women’s wear. She will also be introducing pieces from her menswear, some inspired by Art Deco.

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