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Summer is quickly approaching with these sparse glimmers of sunshine we occasionally get to see; and yes, Britain is getting very excited. 
Now that we're three months into 2014 and with the dreary winter weather starting to lift, it's time to start thinking about a new wardrobe! 
With still a few more months to go, this winter has already brought freezing temperatures and record breaking snowfall.
You may not be wrapping up in layers and padded parkas, but spring still requires outerwear.
Burberry has given the fashion world the gift of "Scottish spun cashmere" and beautiful "sheer English lace" for Spring/ Summer 2014.
Many believes that a new chunky fur coat is a must-have for this winter.
I for one have never been able to grasp the 'cutesy' frilly socks with sandals, boots, trainers etc. due to Primary school nightmares.
We are all very aware of the 'grunge' movement and the impact it has had recently on both the high street and in high fashion.
Everyone loves a good clutch. It's undeniable how handy they are for when all you need is money, your phone and your lip-gloss. 
The concept of animal fur and skin is always going to be a deep rooted fashion, cultural and ethical issue.
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