Sunday, 19 December 2021

Lace Copperwood

Iria Ponte, artist and designer born and raised in the West Coast of Spain, has started her path as independent designer after gathering years of varied experience and knowledge across the fashion industry in London while consolidating a solid idea of own fashion values, identity, and style.

In 2014 she started studying pattern cutting and garment construction to grow her brand identity, collection, and portfolio. After years of study, along with her inner creativity she designed collections named “Vintage Exposure” and “Classy Boho” where the names refer respectively to the high exposure photographic art direction along with the Vintage character of the collection as well as the Classic and Chic garments' fits and shapes harmonized with rustic fabrics which gives the airs to the boho style.

In 2018 and in the search of new collection design creativity she attended informal studies of “creative fashion collection design” in London, where she receives certification and learns how to join art, TV, and fashion together to create a vibrant fashion collection based in a strong visual and detailed TV inspirational research. It is then she releases her third portfolio of fashion design development with a TV show merchandising collection named “Stranger 80s things”, based on the first season of the TV show “Stranger Things” where prints, t-shirt messages, textures and seasonal fabrics, colours, exposures, and lights of the garments play altogether a song that redirects the viewer to every iconic moment of the TV show.

In 2018 Iria Ponte gives name to her first fashion label Lace Copperwood in the search of a feminine, sophisticated, sensual still natural, introspective, and intuitive expression of a cosmopolitan and urban woman.

Iria Ponte's brand is inspired by her roots, regional traditions, nature, feminine aesthetics, wild landscapes all in all influenced by her experience of living in a green Scotland and in a cosmopolitan, urban, fashionable, and trendy city as London can be.

This year, in September 2022 she releases her first Label physical collection as an official independent designer within the London Fashion Week Schedule and launches this collection to the market, available to purchase it exclusively from the catwalk or onwards from the online store.

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