Sunday, 19 December 2021

Toomey & Koko

Toomey & Koko Ph. Toomey & Koko

Kofo was born in Ile-Ife, the cultural birthplace of the Yoruba people and she grew up being inspired by the unique colours, textures and fabrics of her culture. Since childhood, Kofo has drawn to creative design, often drawing, painting and decorating from a young age. She then started sewing in her teens and moved to the UK to further pursue her passion and share her love for her culture in her designs. 

About The Pieces

Toomey & Koko presents their premiere collection- Collection I. The designs are brought to life in vivid Adire fabrics, which use a resist-dyeing technique involving indigo and other natural dyes to create bold, eye-catching patterns. Adire originated in southwestern Nigeria and the tradition of indigo dyeing goes back centuries among the women of West Africa. The collection is a unique mix of old and new, reimagining traditional Nigerian fabrics and clothing in modern styles, creating wearable, fashion-forward designs.

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